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Its 2020 and we are in the process of relaunch! So many great sounds we are bringing to you with our live DJ sets by Philly's own DJ Mechanic "@djsaynomore_ and the one and only Nina Capone as the Host. This combination is lit as they get! So stay tuned drop a line request a music era and support good music and great conversation.
6 Episodes
In this episode we will cover current events local and national getting our guest point of view!
Let's take a moment and talk. How are you feeling about the reopening of states and those that are quickly shutting back down? What's your take in going back into the office? What's your feelings on the black lives matter movement? Call In To join The conversation to drop it in the live feed for the host to read
Topic #1 Answering tough questions from collegues in the workplace. How did you or do you plan to handle that?Topic #2 Being a black cop and dealing with BLM protestors of other races. Topic #3 On July 2nd 1853 There is a Flyer / Ad for Negroes for sale at $1200, what's the significance of $1200?Topic #4 Mental Health What are you doing to care for the mental health of your self and your family?
Did you hear the footage? I'm playing it live tonight
Tune in now call in 610-857-7780 to talk
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