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Michael is back! He spent the last several months traveling the US to see what the country had to offer.  During his journey’s he learned about many struggles on finding people for work or getting people back to work.  In this episode, he shares some of his experience, talks about hiring in small-town America, and introduces us to the coming season!  Do not forget to subscribe, like, share, forward, and review!GLINTER SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTACT INFO (Email) (Podcast) (Linked In) #MichaelAGlinter (Twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website)
Special Guest - Tanika MccullochTanika has been in the HR field for two decades and has had the opportunity to work with several Fortune 100 companies.  She has an amazing perspective and approach to HR that would drive any company to rethink their way on how they handle diversity and inclusion.  She is a diversity and inclusion expert.Today's Podcast PerspectiveWhat companies are NOT doing right about InclusionDiversity is more than how you lookCompanies and how some think they aren't readyWhat about when companies say - the non diverse people are the ones qualifiedEnvrionmental and early age social impact effects people long termStereotypes even HR people haveDo trainings on diversity and inclusion workHolding people accountable to Diversity/Inclusion Splitting performance reviews split 50/50 - 50% How well your operations perform and 50% your people and driving inclusionCreating an inclusive environment and how it effects your poductivity and profitabilityPeople stop and judge at someone's look and have a bias, but Diversity goes beyond looksIf you are wondering the ethnicity of the girl in the picture on my post on 3/20 @ 2:30pm  - she is HispanicTanika HR Leader with experence with several Fortune 100 Companies SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTACT INFO (Email) (Podcast) (Linked In)#MichaelAGlinter (Twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website)
Special Guest - Joel HowellJoel Howell, MBA, "Living Life Full on Purpose", brings 20+ years of industry experience along with 15 years working for PWC.  Joel brings a level of creativity, innovation, and style to everyone that crosses his path.  He has an array of talent and expertise in HR leadership, employee engagement, talent development, diversity & inclusion (local/global), coaching for high performance, motivational speaking, and advanced facilitation.  His goal in life is to live full on purpose and to pass that energy on to everyone that he comes in contact with.  Today Joel will introduce our new series on my podcast around Inclusion and Diversity in the workplace.  Joel brings a tremendous track record of excellence in this area and will add significant value in laying the foundation for our new ongoing Highlights from Today's PodcastDifference between Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives (NOT Programs)You can't separate Diversity and Inclusion - you must have both.How can you drive a successful Diversity and Inclusion Initiative when you have all white males at the top of your organizationGetting executives engagedStarting an inclusion or diversity programFocus groups and people being comfortable to speakGovernment views on diversity and inclusion and how it effects our abilities to drive these programsWhat has PWC done right?Are these Initiatives keeping stereotypes and discrimination alive?Mentors in the workplace helping drive inclusionJust because someone looks a certain way doesn't mean they identify a certain wayAre the EEO Questionnaire's people fill out - outdated?Generational gaps holding us back.Special Guest - Joel Howell SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTACT (Email) (Podcast) (Linked In)#MichaelAGlinter (Twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website)
Season 2 is Here!!   After 21 years of working in the staffing industry, I decided to start this podcast to help people be more successful in finding jobs and companies/recruiters finding people.  It has grown just a bit outside the box to include working environments and dealing with the ever-changing dynamics in the workplace, along with Diversity and Inclusion. I was initially going to start the season with Bad Bosses 2. However, I decided to do this episode since it’s a little more light-hearted and funny. Today – We will enjoy the top 10 funniest candidate moments I have experienced over the last 21 years! Special Note: I am actively recruiting for Season 2 Podcast Guests.  If you want to be apart of our journey, want free advertising for your business or company, or like to banter with a guy like me on my show – please reach out to me at  GLINTER SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTACT INFO  (Email) (Podcast) (Linked In) #MichaelAGlinter (Twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website) 
Special Guest: Valentina CrossonAge has been used as a crutch for many people when it comes to not getting a job or being involved or comfortable in the workplace for many years.  However the argument can be made there are a lot of other factors that come into play beyond age. Today we will explore the dynamics of age and how even older people can have more opportunities to get hired than younger people, and do better in the work place if they are included in the day to day.  Breakdown of today’s podcast:Stating age in a job interviewMost of the time it is about other thingsUnderstanding technology can play a major roleThings you can't ask in the interviews or in the workplaceKeeping up with technology is up to the candidateOverqualified doesn't mean they are talking about age!Changing titles on your resume AND LinkedinBaby Boomers are actually a bigger target for hiring with companiesEnvironments effect employee work ethicINCLUSION in the workplaceWorking for a boss that's 20 years younger than youResponsibility for both the employee and the company to be open mind Companies discriminating employees in their companies based on age - not treated the sameThinking more collaborative and teams to be inclusiveGuest InfoValentina CrossonVCI Innovative Solutionsvcrosson@verizon.netGLINTER SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTACT (Email) (Podcast) (Linked In)#MichaelAGlinter (Twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website)
Special Guest: Jade Alexander-EstevesJade has been a Champion for Change in the workplace.  She has been teaching people and creating envrionments which address cultural inclusion from all identities for many years.  She talks about a perspective of both visual and non visual discrimation and biases which we use every day and how we can create a better inclusion focused environment.Jade's JourneyExposure to diversity challenges closer to the topJade's push to instill Diversity in the workplace and the strugglesHow people's view on "looks" impact limitations on inclusionSociety exposure - growing up in a white conservative environmentHelping educating people Religion in the workplace Accepting a position and accepting the employee policies and standards outweigh any social protectionsInclusion in the workplace and why keep it alive or not? Supporting stigmas?What about days or months specified to celebrate stereotypes?Generational?  No - Baby Boomers are teaching their grandkids their valuesMillennials are more focused on Social ResponsibilityBarriers to enter the executive board Making biases based on what we seeAsking people about kids, family, chilldren is NOT illegal if it is not a violation of protected classesVisual Looks and Attractiveness comes up as a very common issue in the workplace and how they identify - ADA violationsHidden Identities and stopping biases/discrimination - it's not just the way you lookDouble edge sword hidden and not hidden stereotypesDisclosure isn't permission to disclose to others Would disclosing to your boss or HR help youJade Alexander-Esteves SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTACT (Email) (Podcast) (Linked In)#MichaelAGlinter (Twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website) 
Special Guest Shauna Horn-Saucier  We often talk about disabilities as being a physical disability which someone can see.  Unfortunately we really do not address hidden disabilities with regards to mental illness or mental health.  Shauna is going to bring us an amazing look at both someone that has a hidden disability but also having children with developmental disabilities.  Breakdown of today’s podcast:Shauna talks about her disabilities along with her kids disabilitiesAssimilation of PTSD to Veterans How undiagnosed PTSD can impact a person in the workplace and lifePeople do not understand PTSD and how to connect with people with PTSDDisclosure in the workplace and when to say somethingWhen is it a good time to discloseAccommodating Mental DisabilitiesHow should employers respond and what is acceptable as far as outreach and inquiries to the employeeIs it OK for your boss to ask if you are ok?Retaliation with disclosing mental health disordersHow does a person with a mental disability handle having children with disabilitiesResources available to companiesAdvice from Shauna to CompaniesAdvice from Shauna to People with Disabilities Guest Info Shauna Horn-Saucier  GLINTER SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTACT INFO (Email) (Podcast) (Linked In) #MichaelAGlinter (Twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website) 
Special Guest: Ryan VaughtRyan is a National Guard Reservist Veteran, Millennial, who moved around 9 times throughout his childhood. He brings some very interesting perspectives to how military service is applied, the stigma many people have with military follks and his views on inclusion in the workplace. Ryan will give you a perspective on military veterans which actually Breakdown of today’s podcast:Ryan tells us about his path militarily, education, and work wiseWhy Real Estate and National Guard?Diversified his options in college to find his pathVeterans stigma, stereotypes, and unconscious biasOperating in two different worlds (Army vs Civilian) at the same time and how this created a better personHuman beings are human beings Military veterans in the real estate worldMilitary experience actually enhances leadership 20 year military vs 8 year military vetsUnderstanding the 20 year vets real experience and trainingHow are companies changing and his view on hiringView on the stereotype Focus on hiring should be about what is going to make the company money - period.Unconscious Bias exists but it is how you address it.Old vs Young; New Guard vs Old GuardStop putting people in bucketsYou have twice as many ears as you do a mouth Guest InfoRyan VaughtCommercial Real Estate - Managing Directorryan.vaught@colliers.com SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTACT (Email) (Podcast) (Linked In)#MichaelAGlinter (Twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website)
Special Guest - Andrea AhlsenEvery day we read articles about the fight to get women equal pay for what they do in the workplace.  However, no one really understands the expansive problem it has and how broad of an issue it became. We also do not really understand how hard it will be to change this mindset.  Andrea will help us bridge the gap and find ways to drive change in thiMost important issue in the workplace - women vs men disparitiesAndrea's view on major disparities and micro-inequitiesRole of women in the workplace and being a homemaker Hardest business to manage - the HOUSEHOLDStatistics around uncontrolled differences in men vs womenPay for men vs women based on educationMen dominated industries vs Women dominstaed industriesWomen choose the industries or roles they pursue - does this limit their pay?Politics playing a role on the workplace and the treatment of genders and movementsStatistics women have to file bankruptcy more than men - why?Identify the challenges and inequities and put programs in place Attraction/Appearance and discrimination Andrea Ahlsen SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTACT INFO (Email) (Podcast) (Linked In)#MichaelAGlinter (Twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website)
Special Guest: Chris Merida, Global Search Network (Staffing Company)Every day I have people contacting me on why they are not getting calls or replies to their resume.  I try to explain why and often times it is met with anger or defensiveness.  I decided to bring in another staffing professional to help solidify some of the issues with candidate's resumes and why they hear nothing back.  SYNOPSISTop 10 Resumes MistakesChris Merida - Who he is and what he doesBad Resumes - what do recruiters do?Why don't recruiters tell people why?Generic Posting - reason why candidates don't get a responseResume Mistakes! What is missingWhat recruiters and companies look forJob changes / trying to deceive the companiesAgeism - why it doesn't matter and why you may make it obviousCertifications - They should be on your resumeChris MeridaGlobal Search NetworkTalent Acquisition Leader Office: 813.832.8300 x 204 Chris@globalsearchnetwork.com  GLINTER SOCIAL MEDIAL AND CONTACT INFO (Email) (Podcast) (Linked In) #MichaelAGlinter (Twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website)
This is a story of how a person who started out bagging fries for McDonalds continued to drive himself to find his passion and become a self-made millionaire.  While success is not soley defined by money, money can motivate someone to find their passion and developing a purpose in life. Today we will explore what it takes for a person to figure out his why in life and what methods and processes he took to achieve success.  Top things that made me successful1.Set long term goals 2.Work Hard – put in the hours, the time, and the hustle – however work smarter not necessarily longer3.Time Management4.No matter what I had to do, I always wanted to find a way to do it better than anyone else5.Records were made to be broken6.Life is a step ladder not a ladder7.Learn how everyone else has done it and what didn’t work, and then find a way to do it better than everyone else8.Be the first 9.Never accept No.  10.You don’t get if you don’t ask – Take Risks11.Constantly raise the bar12.Ask for forgiveness, not for permission13.Set backs only delay your success, they don’t prevent success14.Have passion for what you do15.Don’t just define life on just money but also experiences16.Servicing – discover what you are good at and meant to do and strive to be the best at it17.Don’t follow other people, define your own path and be true to yourself.GLINTER SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTACT INFO (Email) (Podcast) (Linked In)#MichaelAGlinter (Twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website) 
Special Guest - Caterina Gooch Every work environment has toxic and difficult employees.  Unfortunately often times we cannot screen this out during the interview process.  While we can make attempts to keep them out of the workplace, once they are in the workplace we have to manage through the challenges.  In this episode we will talk to those challenges and how to overcome them. Toxic Employees and how they impact our organizationCatching toxic and difficult employees during the hiring processSpecial Guest - Caterina Gooch - Staffing Leader discussing managing workplace challenges with toxic and difficult employees.How does toxic and difficult employees ultimately affect the work place. Steps you can take to manage through these types of challenging employeesGLINTER SOCIAL MEDIAL AND CONTACT (Email) (Podcast) (Linked In)#MichaelAGlinter (Twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website)
Special Guest: Sonnie Rivera - 20 years in staffing and spent most of her career supporting the host within his division.  Sonnie brings unique perspectives to the client and candidate world.  You think you have the right candidate; or you find a company you are excited about, and then you lose interest.  Why?  This is a deep dive into why companies and candidates decide this is not the right fit. The worst response you could ever giveQualities that you never want to see in a candidatePreparing for an interview - getting the information you needin person interviews - what causes the candidate to lose the jobRed Flags candidates see with a company causing them to not move forwardCONTACT/SOCIAL (Email) (Podcast) (Linked In)#MichaelAGlinter (Twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website)
It is a forbidden topic that few people want to talk about.  People lie.  Candidates, Companies, and Recruiters.  A lot of times it is not with malice intent.  But it happens.  This episode tells you the unfiltered unwritten topic of lies in the industry.Why do people lieCandidates - What do they lie aboutCompanies - Why do they lie to candidates and what is their reasoningRecruiters - Friend or Foe? While recruiters can be your biggest advocate; remember they have motivations too.How do you catch people in a lieCONTACT INFORMATION/SOCIAL (Email) (Podcast) (Linked In)#MichaelAGlinter (Twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website)
From a Staffing/Talent Aquisition professional perspective, we get 100s of resumes a day.  For those candidates that don't get calls; many times they blame the staffing professional rather than themselves.  If they are lucky enough to get a call, if they don't get the job they blame the process, the market, the hiring people.  This episode is focused on what job seekers really need to know about what they can do to change the results.Listener response - blaming companies, lack of jobs, and recruiters for people not getting jobsUnderstanding the market today - recapWorst thing a candidate can doReasons why people don't get call backs and don't get selectedWays to change things - taking control and getting results.SOCIAL MEDIAL AND CONTACT (Email) (Podcast) (Linked In)#MichaelAGlinter (Twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website)
Special Guest Wes Shorter - Leader in the Manufacturing Industry   Throughout our life we are consistently influenced by the environments we are surrounded by. From an early age through adulthood, bias is imbedded into our everyday lives and unconsciously effect every decision we make in life. While unconscious bias can be hard to identify, they often times can influence decision creating a fine line between bias and discrimination.What is unconscious bias and what is the most common bias.Welcome Wes Shorter - Special GuestIntroduction to Unconscious Bias vs DiscriminationRacism is a political concept - discussion about Melanin which causes changes of color of skin making color an invented argument that makes racismMisuse of labels to create a group to rally against anotherHow do we address racial bias in the workplace?Training and educating employees Special Guest InformationWesley Shorter 513-907-5746    GLINTER SOCIAL MEDIAL AND CONTACT INFO (Email) (Podcast) (Linked In)#MichaelAGlinter (Twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website) 
Special Guest: Logan Marsh  SYNOPSISHow does a company get started Determining the company needsIdentifying the resources needed to build the infrastructureRemote vs On siteBuilding TeamsIdentifying strong recruiters - what to look forGood recruiter profilesTA's focus on candidate experienceValue and Challenges with automated resume screening programsBuilding a pipeline and employee brandingHiring Manager's need to be more involved with the searchCompanies posting fake roles - ongoing recruitment Logan Marsh  GLINTER SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTACT INFO (Email) (Podcast) (Linked In) #MichaelAGlinter (Twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website) 
Special Guest: Jordan R - Extensive background in HR Negotiating Salary can be one of the hardest and most challenging things for both parties. Everyone wants to be paid fairly, however companies don't have unlimited pocket books. So today we explore the why's and why not's of the salary negotiation.Breakdown of today’s podcast:States where you can't ask about compensationWhy candidates don't want to disclose compensationCandidates expectations can change after interviewingAdvantages telling 3rd party recruiters your compensationStarting to Negotiation - Go High may push the company away Candidates do not like the back and forth eitherJordan R brings insight to SalaryPaycheck Stubs or proof of salary/employmentLaws protecting candidates Companies limitations to pay Equal pay vs marketplace/market analysisTitle does NOT always dictate the value of a positionCompensation evaluation within the industryUnderstanding pay based on the scope of responsibilities.Guest InfoJordan Rjlr94@cornell.eduGLINTER SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTACT (Email) (Podcast) (Linked In)#MichaelAGlinter (Twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website)
Special Guest: Kader AlcodrayIn our previous Bad Bosses episode we talked about some of the characteristics of a bad boss, how to work with them, and how to ultimately handle or deal with the environment created by a Bad Boss.   Kader brings an extensive background in leadership and is going to take the opportunity to talk to us about the makings of a Good Boss and what things we can do as a whole to grow strong leaders!Breakdown of today’s podcast:Intro to Kader AlcodrayDrivers for employees and how you connect with your peopleUnderstanding your people - connecting on a personal levelDeveloping a corporate cultureCompanies have to be willing to accept changeDifference between a Leader and ManagerEmployees want to learn more but sometimes they are afraid to speak upBe willing to give more responsibilities to make employees feel more involvedIs micromanaging ever a good thing?Recognize the employees on what they do give them creditQualities in leaders and managersWorking remote presents challenges but it is part of the ongoing trendsCompanies teaching their people how to manageGuest InfoKader Alcodray alcodray@gmail.comkader@cadregroupllc.com SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTACT (Email) (Podcast) (Linked In)#MichaelAGlinter (Twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website)
Special Guest - Jamie EmeryWe spend a lot of time looking at how candidates preform in the interview process, but what about the company?  The overall experience that a candidate has in the process of looking for a job and engaging a company can cause candidates to not pursue a role.  Today we will take a look from the candidate perspective on why companies need to do better when engaging Jamie's perception on the candidate experienceWhy can you interview for 100s of jobs and not get the right roleThree or Four rounds of interviews and hit rejectionProcess takes too longRecruiter Experience and why they don't give feedbackHow do recruiters view candidates Candidates need for prep materialsWho is looking at resumes and evaluating background? Or is it automated?Two critical pieces of advice on resumesSpecial Guest - Jamie EmeryIndustrial Engineering/ Business ManagementAshford University/Forbes School Of BusinessJamieEmery25@gmail.com SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTACT (Email) (Podcast) (Linked In)#MichaelAGlinter (Twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website)
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