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The “Service Without Excuses” Podcast with Rob M Lyon is based on building, growing, owning, and running a number of service businesses with sales in excess of 35 million dollars collectively. As a lifetime entrepreneur in the Northeastern United States markets such as Northeast Pennsylvania, NYC, Long Island, Ny and The New Jersey Metro region over the past 20 years. Currently I run a full service business multi-truck firm serving the Residential & Commercial sectors in Carpet, Rug, and Tile & Grout serving the Jersey Shore and Central New Jersey as well as a coaching, training, and consulting firm working with service businesses all over the world. Both business models are based heavily on the motto of “Service Without Excuses “ and giving our clients the best automated experience they can possibly have. I am considered a strategic positioning expert helping independent and franchise companies alike with employee, marketing, and business growth strategies in the service business industry such as Carpet Cleaning, Disaster Restoration, HVAC, Plumbing, Commercial Cleaning, Pest Control etc. I am blessed to talk with some of the best guests on the planet in this podcast.
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Hello everyone and I hope you’re having a great Monday and start of your normal week. This time of year if you’re in a disaster restoration field you’re probably pretty busy, but I hope a few minutes come your way so you can listen to some of the value information located in this podcast. A couple weeks ago we talked about when holding onto an employee for too long is a bad thing and that you should make the move typically more swiftly than dragging it out. In this situation I discuss the efficiency and the true leader ship skills of an effective manager. One of the questions I was asked for me during my consulting with a service company not long ago was just that, and her statement was my manager just sucks lol. Now I’ve heard over and over about problems with managers or leaders and how they make their day very difficult as well as many other things, but to come out and say my manager sucks caught my attention and therefore the title of this podcast. And it we discuss the primary roles of a manager or even a leader for that matter and what their job title is and how they are supposed to complete their job for my experience and service business. If your manager or direct leader does not know how to balance the time and affectively Lead and manage it correctly or as we even got into have your back when you were pushed too far Above the amount of workload that you can handle with the staff that you have. It is their job to be a direct liaison between you and the senior leader ship or ownership when this happens, if they can’t for whatever reason yes I would say they are a lousy manager. Even if they are good to day-to-day tasks and able to communicate someone effectively, they are no different than a coach and a football game. His or her job is to be the direct leader ship to you, but also know when you’re pushed to max or can risk injury that you should not go on the field. It’s their responsibility to go to their general manager or owner and say they’re at their maximum limit this is as far as they could be pushed and actually some relief is in order. The primary role of an effective manager is communication bar none, and I communication goes to all sides. As always we want to thank our sponsor For the constant steady support of this podcast, we ask that you visit them and check out the worlds greatest review management software for the service business sector. I will go even as far as to say any business needs to develop this as a system in their business of growing and maintaining the relationship you have between your current customers, and your future clients as well. Also feel free to visit us on my website at or you can even email me a question as many do to
In our next segment of asked the coach, I’m going over just that and what exactly is a couch and what is a consultant. They both have some similarities and many common points, however they are actually completely different from one another. A consultant as a person that works on a project usually something long-term that has an end goal that is extremely measurable upfront for the most part. It can encompass everything from leader ship training to tactical training with your front line technicians. It has a clearly defined plan of action that usually becomes part of multiple levels in the business, for instance if senior leader ship needs to reach an objective that can be part of the long-term consulting portion of hiring a professional. A coach can follow up in format and can help the person maintain what has been accomplished by the consulting portion in advance, just like in sports coaches needed to mentor and help lead even the best. There’s no mistaking that Tom Brady is probably the greatest quarterback if not one of the greatest players to ever be part of the NFL, however Brady has an onslaught of coaches that help them achieve the end goal at the end of the game THE WIN!! No I think we can all pretty much agree that Tom knows how to throw the ball and knows how to score a touchdown in the clutch every single time without anyone’s advice, but there are things that Tom or any other pro athlete does not see when they’re on the field and that’s where their coaches come in. Think of a consultant as much like a general manager for sports team that gets the talent put together and gets the organization stable in order to grow the company. Once that consulting side is done the coach comes in and helps get the team to the super bowl in their perspective businesses. In this podcast I break down in great detail including examples of what it should be doing for a company, and it gives you a great insight on when or if you need to hire a professional to help you get to that next level. As always  we also want to thank our sponsor for continuing to graciously sponsor our show, feel free to go out and check them out to explore what we feel is the worlds greatest review management software. It’s a corner stone of what we do here in New Jersey’s best and can’t see any reason we would ever change. Please also like and subscribe wherever you’re listening or watching to this podcast at or visit today!!
And this weeks edition of asked the coach, we discuss when is the right time to move on from a particular employee, and maybe even when it’s a good time for them to move on as they are not happy as well. There’s an old term higher slow, and fire fast and I don’t believe this is any different. In a business you’re supposed to take your time to make a logical and rational decision like anything including personal relationships, but sometimes it’s best to put in an to things that inevitably won’t have a great outcome for either side. You never want someone working for you that is just going through the motions while trying to make the employer happy while not getting fired in the process. You should look for certain measures or benchmarks when it comes to how an employee is doing on their job, and if there are certain things that are sticking out when it comes to your company. We discussed for just a few minutes this very topic and when it might be the right time, we also discussed and I definitely will not be the right time leading into a poor situation for everyone involved. Want to thank our sponsors as always Well you could test out the worlds best review management software. Here at New Jersey’s best we have a new and already influenced in a positive manner buyers that are ready to hire a company. As always please stay safe out there and subscribe to the Service Without Excuses podcast wherever you listen to or at today!!
Most of our service businesses can make mistakes and go back the next day to fix them, but in the wedding entertainment business that’s not possible. It doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect because as most of us know perfections to death of any business, however making something memorable that can’t be re-created a second time means the margin of error needs to be kept to a minimum. When you were working with your clients to give them a day that is even beyond the imagination and for the most part a day or they will never forget for the rest of their lives you know you have to be a cut above most. In this podcast episode number 10 of season 3 we discuss this with my friend Joe Baracata leader the very popular wedding and private event band that bears his name. Over the years Joe and the members of his group have built a reputation of impeccable levels of service and delivery when it comes to the music and entertainment they deliver, and then this podcast we discuss many key elements to what I believe is the hardest business in the world the music business and even more importantly the live entertainment wedding business. This podcast was action packed for nearly an hour and 40 minutes of incredible content coming from Joe’s many years of experience and dedication hard work he has to mastering his craft. Now many would think in the music business mastery net craft would be being a great musician, now that is part of it but the other part is the music business side. There are a ton of great stories loaded into this podcast that is one of the longest on record we have done to this point. I want to thank Joe for his incredible generosity with time and as always I want to thank our sponsors so tell us or to test drive the greatest review management software I believe on the planet and a key pillar to the foundation behind Feel free to subscribe when you listen to your podcast app or to Rob M Lyon on YouTube as well as Also to learn more about Joe Visit as well as 908-890-3040 
When it comes to talking about scale or scaling a business the long term question is when is it right, and when is it not. Companies like Shake shack I’ve gone the route of the IPO and a become a publicly traded entity on Wall Street therefore growing your business through this method, and then there’s companies like five guys burgers and fries which are growing their business model through franchising. Both can work very well and both started with one single location before scale was even a thought. I tried to bring questions that I get from my coaching and consulting clients into the podcast when they been asked multiple times, and even though everybody’s a little bit different There are definitely some similarities between each. Do you want to scale profitably and efficiently and that require systems and training in order to get there. As I’ve talked about in my past podcast with people like Al Levi Who have mastered this and train companies all over the country and how to become an efficient machine for business, this is a personal decision you need to make between you, yourself, and you. There is no quick overnight answer and there shouldn’t be, but as always we give potential clients a free 30 minute evaluation to discuss this before we ever talk about working together. In this episode of the podcast we discuss scaling, the economy of scale’s, and if and when this direction is right for you. We want to thank our sponsor as always so tell us at  for the tremendous sponsorship of this program and helping it to come to life, without that help most likely this wouldn’t be possible. Feel free to like and subscribe at whenever you listen to your podcast at or visit today and subscribe to our email list. Ty again and please enjoy!!
One of my colleagues just bragged  to me about his natural born leader, and how lucky he was that he found this person. As I said in the podcast I took a step back for me to say such a thing does not exist. People can have great leadership potential having a type personality, but true leader ship comes to experience, mentoring, and training. If natural born leaders existed, everyone fresh out of Boot Camp would be a general in six months,, we know for the most part less this person was a prodigy that would be impossible. Making tactical battlefield decisions does not come easily, and neither does running a company. We talk about the fact of being respected not necessarily liked, you’ll get much more with a respect hopefully mutual than any or all of your staff liking you as the perfect boss. We again want to thank our sponsor so tell us at to test drive the best review management software on the planet and one of the true powerhouse systems behind Please like and subscribe at your favorite podcast site as well as our YouTube channel Rob M Lyon. There’s also a ton of great resources at
We all feel there are  a million different working parts to our business that need to happen all at once and on schedule. Would you be surprised to find out they’re actually only seven. In this episode with industry icon Al Levi of the seven power contractor explains it it’s action packed podcast what you need to spend most of your time focusing on. He comes from a diverse background of serial entrepreneurs, even though he was financially comfortable at the age of 50 he decided to teach others how they grow their businesses with "Less Stress & More Success". He gives a common sense no holds barred interview and breaks down in a credible amount of information to help you grow your service business. We want to thank Al again for taking a little bit of his valuable time with us. As always we want to thanks our sponsors to test out what we feel is the best review management software on the planet. Also visit for your favorite New Jersey service provider. Enjoy and thanks again Al and to find our more about his go to today!!
We have spent some time on this in the past talking about the major differences between what marketing your service businesses, and the selling of your services. In this episode I talk about some simple examples of what the differences from my perspective, think of marketing as the framework of your home that’s being built. You have a vision of what you want and frame by frame as well as piece by piece become the base for what you’re about to do next. When you arrive at the next point you’ll be selling yourself on the extra items you want for your house, that could be a certain bathtub, a type of kitchen cabinets as well as appliances pretty much anything that you decide you want to put into the house after it’s been built. Without that proper framework you wouldn’t be able to put the items in the house in the places that you choose, think about marketing much like this with the after effect which is selling. I even talked about examples of our lead singer in the band I play in which has a habit of going out talking to people that come to see and support the band, he is extremely good at it talking about what we can do and more about us. He has always seen that in the past as selling, which in fact he is actually marketing very well with the final result at the backend of being a sale of hiring a high-end party band. I also talk about examples from marketing mentors like Joe Polish that really has to find a difference between the two so well in the past, even examples of what direct response marketing is and how effective it is at proceeding for sale. We also want to thank all of our sponsors whom  without we could not do this podcast. Please visit to test try this incredible system and how other peoples feedback will help you gain market momentum. Also check out for the best service professionals in the garden state. We also appreciate it when you go to a website to subscribe to our email list or as well to our YouTube channel Rob M Lyon!! Thank you again for spending your valuable time with us!
One of my coaching clients asked me a rather odd question, in particular the fact that he runs A multi million dollar business. His question was I don’t understand what cash versus accrual accounting is, and I’d really like to understand it because my financial people have not explained it to me. Because this to me seems so much it became a great topic , we did one for this episode of the service without excuses podcast. Having a simple financial education and understanding core concepts in your service-based business is crucial to keeping your company afloat day and day out. I just thought of a story an episode of Dave Ramsey which I have a ton of respect for, but in this particular instance he was telling somebody that wanted to open a food truck business, which God knows has a ton of liability on it that they did not in fact have to set it up as an LLC. On this particular factor I could not disagree or shout louder from the hills that that is an absolute moronic thing to do and honestly to say.. This person that was interested in opening their own food truck business was already prepared that that was the common sense way to do it, even though you don’t technically have to you would be a complete idiot to do it any other way. That advice might have gotten them in big trouble down the road if God for bid a lawsuit was ever in sued and they had no protection against their personal assets. This is coming from an extremely credible financial expert which again I have a ton of respect for. But let me ask you something if somebody like Dave Ramsey can make a statement that is actually foolish, is there a good chance your financial experts are giving you everything you need to know? In this episode I talk over and over about getting to know a simple financial education, and how to understand basic numbers in your business including things like simple accounting. We want to thank her sponsor again so tell us, you can visit them at to test drive again what I feel is the worlds best review management software. Also go to to subscribe to our email list or even our YouTube channel Rob M Lyon
When we think of systems, most of the time it’s spent on logistics part of the daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly parts of the business. But did you know your business much like the curves in the Mississippi river have turns around major and minor cities and that’s all back in the day goods and services were moved from one location to the other. Your business is absolutely no different it needs to hit these ports or these sections of your business to become part of your operating Stream. And this podcast I talk about a couple of examples of how systems are implemented into a business, in fact I’ll have my friend Al Levi from the 7power contractor on it just a week or two. Al is a true master of this and will be a huge wealth of information. I do expect this podcast to go past 30 minutes so make sure you have a pen and paper or notepad together. Again we want to thank our sponsor so tell us at to test drive the amazing review software platform they have developed. We also ask that you like and subscribe or episodes or visit our website at Thank you again and please enjoy
There were very specific reasons that people are successful in this world, none more important in a mindset along with a great strategy. We have to make sure our companies have a culture of growth as well as teamwork. My guest  today Ryan Mathews of my guy Plumbing here in New Jersey is a true definition of this, he made sure his company culture was the most important thing therefore his customers will be treated with the utmost respect. His company is growing at lightning speed much due to the determination of both himself as well as his wife Jena. Their reputation is absolutely incredible in the market at shows not just in the positioning and branding but in their online and offline reputation.  There’s an old saying work hard, play hard and this is truly a case of that. They are also very active in the community helping to get back because of their success. You can find out more about them at .
Is there a secret that you were not aware of when it comes to what your customers want indeed? When it comes down to it your customers time is valuable just like yours and if you like a sense of urgency meeting you demands they will clearly go to your competition for does. And season three episode four we go into a deep dive of why a sense of urgency is needed along with many stories and reasons they should be at the forefront of your business. I always knew a sense of urgency personally as I was raised that way, but when I started my disaster restoration career many moons ago it became all more real because people relied on us 24 hours a day seven days a week number to respond to their emergency. They certainly did not wanna hear any excuses about why they couldn’t get there or why we weren’t able to handle their need, they trusted us and looked at us as a valuable asset but they needed to clean their damage quickly and to get their home back in order. With 2020 behind us and not be able to use that as an excuse anymore as well as a quick launch to the economy customers demands have come back. Think about how many people use Amazon, Just on the merit alone that they will get the product quickly and efficiently as well as without any excuses of why it’s not been delivered. Think about your business and if you have a sense of urgency, does your staff have it, because your customers will demand it going into the future. Please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube page as well as iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcast apps at. Also feel free to go to and sign up for email as we give tons of goodies away as well as an e-book and a bunch of free information of how you can increase the profits and grow a successful service company. We also want to thank her sponsor so tell us or at to test drive this incredible service that is a game changer for your business. Also be in lookout for my book that will be coming out shortly call welcome to the review society that talks a great deal of the need for your reputation to be above all. Ty again
Less than 1% of the American public makes the decision to join the US military, within that less than 1% make it to the level I guess today has. This gentleman has a distinguished 26 year career of which much of it was a seal team operator, in particular this gentleman was a sniper instructor with missions that can only be approved by one person “The President of The United States”. William Branum tells us a fascinating story of how we came from meager  beginnings growing up in Mississippi to becoming one of the most elite individuals in the country, and has no doubt gone through many things that most of us can’t even imagine even on the worst nightmares. He gave himself selflessly to defend our country and it’s a true honor to have him on the service without excuses podcast today. In this episode of season 3, episode 3 we discuss a great deal many of the tactical decisions as well as strategic decisions the guided him thru his career defending our great country. Many other things you were here in this podcast are lessons that can be applied to every business no matter what field or want industry you may be in.  William also discusses details behind dealing with anxiety and as he calls it baggage as well as  how he would self medicate with. Alcohol and prescription medication to help resolve many of these issues only to find out it was right back where it started the next day. He is now a successful entrepreneur with his own high-grade CBD Company that has been founded by veterans for veterans called He talks in great detail about what “Get Naked” means and it’s not what you think. His life and warrior lessons are invaluable to anyone I was truly a great privilege and honor to listen to his story and the teachings that he’s been able to bring to all of our listeners on the service without excuses podcast. William has also graciously given our listeners a huge discount when you go to his website again at and put in the promo code (LYON20) when you check out!! Please subscribe and also sign up at our website for Ton of free resources at today!!
One of my coaching clients asked me about diversification adding additional services, they asked me if it was a smart move and a nutshell I explain to them exactly what I do in this episode of season two / episode two of the service without excuses podcast. Diversification can be an awesome thing, however can also be a complete nightmare if done incorrectly or ill prepared to put the time and investment into adding a service.  Adding things that are related and can be done within the capacity of your current business model can be a huge benefit up a strategic way to grow your business, however many times a large investment of both financial and sweat equity can really bring down the core business. Understand what you do best and what becomes the most profitable and efficient thing in your business and then go from there. If you’re a carpet cleaner adding air duct cleaning services sometimes would make the most sense, however the little research and time you find at the investment to do it correctly is substantial as well as the education and technical training in order to serve your customers and clients effectively. If you’re a plumbing contractor I don’t currently do any HVAC work that might be a possibility, however it might be more impactful to develop a commercial division to your business or light commercial. If you’re a painter, you may want to consider doing the power washing or soft washing aspect however there can be a substantial investment in doing that correctly as well the chitppIf you’re a plumbing contractor I don’t currently do any HVAC work that might be a possibility, however it might be more impactful to develop a commercial division to your business or light commercial. If you’re a painter, you may want to consider doing the power washing or soft washing aspect however there can be a substantial investment in doing that correctly as well as A complete change of business model going forward. As always you want to sync so tell us for the sponsorship of this podcast, without them it would not be possible to sustain the growth and the both of information that we have been able to produce and are nearly 80 episodes. Please go to to test drive it today, it’s been a tremendous and reliable source of growing a reputation and our revenue at New Jersey Best services. Also sign up for emails at and you’ll receive a packet of incredible resources to help grow your service business. As always we ask you to like and subscribe at our YouTube channel Rob Lyon or on iTunes and Spotify as well as all other platforms. 
They used to say that a pictures worth 1000 words, well with the advent of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Google it is now become worth 1 million words literally. Are you constantly looking to build and maintain a company culture similar to we spoke the other day with our guest Ivan Turner about, are your customers getting the full picture of what you were doing for them, even or your employees getting the full picture of what your company is all about. In season three episode one we discussed in great detail with many examples of what you need to look at to grow this part of your business. It tends to be something I was very neglected when Companies get wound in a logistical issue and recirculating the same thing over and over again without realizing one huge factor, the human one. At the end of the day your creating A full snapshot for your customers to make a determination about, where they wanna spend their money and who they want to spend their money with. We all like to feel that we do the best that we offer the most that we are the greatest, and sometimes it’s very true however many times it’s not because we neglect that personal connection we have with our customers and clients. I am not stating at all anything it’s not completely professional and on a professional basis, but I am suggesting is growing that million dollar snapshot for everyone involved. By September at the latest things will change dramatically and many new people will come back to the workforce, we now have the opportunity to rebrand not just our business for the better but to rebrand our culture as well. If you haven’t already please like and subscribe or podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or whatever you listen to your podcast app, also please like and subscribe on YouTube and as always want to thank our sponsor So Tell Us. You can take a test drive of this incredible platform that we use in New Jersey’s Best everyday with consistent success at today!! Fell free to also visit for a ton of resources to help grow your service company. 
One of the biggest things going on right now not just in the service business industry but in every industry is hiring the right help. We know competing with the government is a lost cause when it comes to employee loyalty. Because of this we have to take something we can’t control and turn into a positive that we can, having the right company culture is crucial coming out of the pandemic of 2020 into 2021. How good is your company culture, do you make them feel welcome and needed as a true part of the bricks and mortar in your business? There’s an old saying that the fish rots from the head down, and I found more times than not the company culture is killing its self from the top internally due to poor management and leadership, therefore causing a fast rate of attrition. It cost a fortune to motivate, train, and develop your employees into the well oiled machine they need to be. The question is everybody on the same page, more often than not that’s where the disconnect happens. And his this podcast episode of Season 2/ episode 48 we discuss this with my friend Ivan Turner of show me solutions and disaster brigade USA in great detail, even going to do some bantering that will help you break through some of the stumbling blocks that many of us run into every day.  As always want to think our sponsor so tell us, feel free to check them out at
We have all had overwhelming and stress in our daily life at some point, in particular as an entrepreneur it can  seem like a never ending circle of things “hitting the fan” time after time. It’s how we deal with moments like those that define us and truly define our success. We have also heard the term take a deep breath with something that is turning into chaos, however Dawna Campbell explains how to break down these rushing thoughts and rebuild and re-train your thought patterns correctly leaving you feeling like a breath of fresh air has just given you the ability to relax and think Rationally. In Season 2/Episode 48 Dawna takes a deep dive into this incorporating her background as a financial expert and how she personally rebuilt her life to be one of peace by changing just a few poor habits. We have all had those days or something goes wrong, and then everything else seems to fallow down a bad rabbit hole. I want to thank Dawna for her wisdom as well as the lessons she has given to us in this podcast. As always want to think our sponsor so tell us with their tremendous continuing support of this podcast. Please go to Defined out more about this incredible review management software that will get you more work and build up your reputation better than you ever thought possible to re-collective system that works on auto pilot.
Are you making the most of the opportunity and commercial carpet cleaning today? This industry is huge and unlike the residential industry is very recession resistant. It’s been proven over time this is one of those profitable parts of the cleaning and restoration industry and if done correctly can you hold a huge boost to your  bottom line.  We’ve had a very turbulent 2020 definitely a crazy start to 2021, in this podcast we discuss strategies and examples of how you can maximize the opportunity to be a professional commercial carpet cleaner going forward. Even if you’re in the residential sector, don’t feel that you’re limiting yourself by not taking on these opportunities. In this podcast Rick Gelinas (or the encap man) of Excellent Supply describes many ideas and strategies you can implement to build up this division of your business to become a major revenue stream and more importantly a major profit stream. This is a podcast episode I wanted to do for several months I’ve been glad that we can tie this all down into this one episode of season two episode 47. Feel free to check out more about Rick at As always you want to think so tell us for being a gracious sponsor of the podcast and making this possible, anyone putting  a podcast together  knows this is a ton of work, but we love it!! Please visit our sponsor site at today and find out about the best review management Platform on the market bar none. I can’t tell you how many jobs we get in a given year and New Jerseys Best but it’s substantial just from Barb reviews that people read about it online. Also be on the lookout for my new book welcome to the review society coming out shortly. Thank you again to Rich Gelinas for his generosity today!Tags: #Commercialcarpetcleaning#Encapsulationcarpetcleaning#Encapman#Excellentsupply#RickGelians #RickGelinasEncap#Robmlyon#Servicewithoutexcuses#Servicewithoutexcusespodcast#Podcast#Businesspodcast#Carpetcleanerpodcast#CommercialcleanerpoEpisode is LivePublished: May. 20, 2021 @ 3PM Edit
Is your company behind the 8 ball when it comes to you operating system. Many successful companies have a number of things in common, and one of the largest is the CRM or operating system that has the most value to you value. If your business is at one million, you most likely don’t need to worry about this right now as you have a ton of other things going on, however if you plan for your company to scale up and do larger amounts of revenue you need something specific and simple to use so your company becomes more streamlined and efficient therefore more profitable. In this episode we discuss the need to be proactive with Trevor Ewin of the Southport Technology Group here in New Jersey. If you truly want to scale and grow your business Trevor can be a great resource to talk to about how to plan for your short and long term growth.  You can find out more about Trevor and his firm at always we want to thank our sponsor to test drive the best reputation management software on the planet!! 
Have you ever had an employee or a member of your office staff had a bad day, maybe you yourself has had a rough day and then a potential customer calls. Now if you’re really good you could turn all that background noise off and deal with a customer with a brand new face and smile, however if your like the rest of us (LOL) I t’s very difficult to do that especially when you’re very busy. And this podcast of season two episode 44 we discuss a simple easy and automatic system for having your customers book online 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year and in less than five minutes for the most part. I saw this program when I went to the experience in Charleston a few weeks ago and was really floored, now I understand this gentleman‘s company is working with two of the largest carpet clean franchises in the world and implementing this system. We go into example after example of how this simple system of having your customers being able to book you with ease at any time, and here’s the best part you could still keep your office staff and have it as part of your business toolbox to automate your customer scheduling process. As always we want to think our sponsor for helping this podcast grow and to all of our listeners for subscribing to our email list at or on your podcast service!!
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