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The Network introduces profession based learning and the educational model developed by the Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) to educators and entrepreneurs. We explore the 5 CAPS Core Values through conversations with stakeholders, partners and community members.
41 Episodes
We are back for the second half of season three and we are starting off with an inspiring conversation with Superintendent Dr. Susan Enfield of Highline Public Schools in Seattle. Dr. Enfield shares her philosophy about creating a learning environment in which students are educated, advocated for and celebrated in order to be given equitable opportunities to reach their goals. If you are interested in hearing the diverse possibilities of secondary education and how leadership can shape the movement toward equitable and choice driven access, stop right here. This episode is an eye opener!
What better way to wrap up the first half of season 3 than with the high energy of a student conversation? Corey recently visited CAPS affiliate Highland Park MAPS and got the chance to speak with two students. Noah Lilly and Ben Salter from the Business Design & Leadership class describe their experience as young professionals connecting to community entrepreneurs, focused on future visioning. Highland Park MAPSThis is the last episode from The Network until the new year. We wish you and yours a very happy holiday season!
Corey is joined by Sara Allan from the Gates Foundation in this powerful episode. Sara outlines the ways in which systems and individuals are pursuing equity and transformation in education. This is another episode where you'll want to take notes! You'll hear examples and wisdom about the work the Pathways team is doing to accelerate education into the future.To learn more and engage with the Gates Foundation Pathways work visit their website.
All classroom educators: here this! Shopping mall ethnography. On-The-Spot speeches in a bandstand to a group of strangers. Dinner with executives. Danielle Bukal and Michael Krill, two CAPS Network team teachers share their stories from the field. Danielle and Michael tell Corey about the myriad ways they get their students into the community to interact with professionals, business owners, and fellow citizens. These examples of students work are fantastic guides to building confidence and professional skills in students. Get ready to take notes and use your brainstorming power!
Explore the radical potential of profession-based learning in this episode with Corey and guest, Crystal Everett. Crystal is the Manager of Career and Technical Education for Kansas City Public Schools. She gives us clear examples of how profession-based learning transforms the outlook and mindset of the students in her district. Underneath it all, Crystal reminds us that learning is fun and transformational, especially when we blow up the expected model of education.KCPS CTE Programming
Gregg Brown, CAPS Network Coordinator, is back! Corey and Gregg share the insights they have gained about how the CAPS network is making an impact on the entire education industry. Network growth goes beyond our member organizations. Individuals, communities and industries are being impacted by the work the CAPS Network members are doing. Gregg reminds us that the work is about the journey - student, instructor, community - not about the destination.
Corey is joined by Stephanie Short, VP of Partnerships at America Succeeds, to discuss how we cultivate career ready learners. In addition to sharing her passions for connecting business to education, Stephanie introduces The Network to the Durable Skills resource. This episode will provide resources and motivation to help young people hone in on the skills and attributes to get them hired and elevated in their field.Episode Notes & More Information:America SucceedsDurable Skills - Image and explanationAge of Agility - Research and Report
In the season 3 opener, host Corey Mohn is joined by Chief Storyteller & CEO of Menlo Innovations, Richard Sheridan. Richard is not stranger to the CAPS community and he joins the podcast after making a high impact on our Summer Bash participants. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Richard tells the stories of his company and the people who make it powerful. This episode is the perfect kick-off to our season - this discussion gets at the heart of what we do: making education exciting, transformative and future ready.Richard Sheridan is a sought after author and public speaker. If you are interested in asking him to speak to your group, you can find more information at You can also learn more about Menlo Innovations in Ann Arbor, MI by taking their virtual tour at Menlo Innovations Tour.The Network team is crazy about Richard's books: Chief Joy Officer and Joy, Inc. These books dive into several of the topics Corey and Richard talk about during this episode.Our new podcast music comes from: Forever by MusicbyAden Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0Free Download / Stream: promoted by Audio Library
In this short preview of season 3, Corey and Alisa talk about their expectations for the third season of The Network podcast. You can anticipate conversations about growth and the future of CAPS, education and the workforce. Plus, now you can catch our conversations on video! The first episode of season 3 drops on Wednesday, September 8! Look for it wherever you get your podcasts and now check out video from our conversation on Instagram and LinkedIn.
As season 2 of The Network draws to a close, we bring you this bright, encouraging and hopeful episode in which Corey talks to KC based entrepreneur, Diana Kander. As an author, speaker and entrepreneurial coach, Diana has great insight into how formal education and educators can foster the entrepreneurial and growth mindsets in their students. This episode talks about the vast potential of the future of education.To learn more about Diana, to purchase her books or to explore more of her work please visit
Chris Unger is back! Corey and Chris share their explosive energy about revolutionizing education. Chris constructs a metaphorical layer cake that builds on past episode topics like student-centered learning, educational ecosystems, entrepreneurial efforts, disruption and innovation. This work is an effort to make profession- and project-based learning equitably accessible and available for any student who wants it.  Chris shares his big ideas on where and how leaders in the field can push education into the future.
Launch into the future of education with this highly imaginative conversation between Corey and Kelly Young, President at Education Reimagined. Kelly describes the game of education that Education Reimagined is working to rewrite. This conversation invites you to imagine an ecosystem of education; one where students are the directors of their own experience. Start reimagining!Episode References:Education Reimagined Website: Voyager:
Corey is joined by good friend, CAPS teammate and Blue Valley Academy Principal, Scott Kreshel. In the final installment of our 5 Core Values mini-series, Scott and Corey talk about the importance of connecting students with meaningful learning experiences via the value of Self Discovery and Exploration. These experiences include community partner projects, life-connected problem solving and self-discovery. Scott shares his experiences as a coach, helping young people find their paths. This episode will empower you to empower your community.
Back from Spring Break, Corey Mohn is back on the mic talking with Pascack CAPS Executive Director Joe Orlak. Corey and Joe talk about CAPS Core Value: Responsiveness both in and out of the classroom. Joe's stories depict ways in which CAPS is responsive to its students but also how Pascack coaches students and instructors to be responsive to their community. This episode has the high energy we all need as we head into the fourth quarter of school.Plus, be on the lookout at our social media accounts @capsnetwork and @networkcaps to hear from Pascack CAPS students about their own experiences.
It is Spring Break time and a time for reflection and renewal. In a mini-episode of The Network, producer Alisa Morse compiles a list of podcast episodes to check out depending on your listening and reflective mood. Feel free to skip to the times listed below to find some of the episodes we would recommend re-listening too.After this week's special episode, be sure to check back in two weeks as we pick back up on our mini-series about the 5 Core Values of the CAPS Network.Suggested episode categories:3:45 - Reimagining Learning on a Grand Scale6:50 - Learn More About the CAPS Model9:20 - Inspiration From and For the Classroom15:15 - Stories from Students
In the latest episode of our mini series on the 5 Core Values, Corey chats with Victor Hwang about the importance of the Entrepreneurial Mindset. Hwang, founder and CEO of Right To Start, shares his experiences in the world of entrepreneurship. Hwang asserts that we all have the right to be an entrepreneur and that the ability to take an idea from whiteboard to market is a skill everyone entering the job market should have.You can see more of Victor's work with Right to Start at their website (linked here), his website (linked here), and look for his written work here.
In the second episode of our mini-series on the 5 Core Values of the CAPS model, Corey talks with Amy Ewell, Jill Riffer and producer Alisa Morse about the ways CAPS delivers on  Professional Skills Development. The guests share insights into how this core value is directly incorporated into the daily activity of learning environments. They also share power stories of the impact these skills have on students' futures. This episode is filled with concrete examples of implementation, big ideas and encouragement for all educators. 
In this energy and experience filled episode, Corey kicks off a new mini-series about the 5 Core Values of the CAPS Network. He talks with our guests from Bentonville Ignite's Global Business program: Instructor Jessica Imel and students Claire Hamilton, Kendall Jasper and Sam Crain. This quartet of voices give us a rich look at how community connectivity happens through diverse business project sprints, mentorships and internship opportunities. Plus, Corey gives us a mini-economics lesson! You won't want to miss hearing the stories these students tell.
Julia Freeland Fisher, Director of Education Research at the Clayton Christensen Institute, joins Corey in a conversation about the value of networks. This episode focuses on Feeland Fisher's studies of how building networks benefits students by creating broader exposure and opportunities for their futures. The conversation helps identify the different types of relationships and how they can best serve students.
No better way to wrap up 2020 with the resilience and inspiring stories from this week's podcast guests! Corey is joined by three students from the MET Professional Academy outside of Phoenix, Arizona: Sylvia, Josh and Mason. These three students share a series of stories that captures the true power of the CAPS Network - connection. You will hear examples of profession-based learning, community ties, mentor relationships and students teaching and learning from each other. 
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