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The Network introduces profession based learning and the educational model developed by the Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) to educators and entrepreneurs. We explore the 5 CAPS Core Values through conversations with stakeholders, partners and community members.
23 Episodes
Julia Freeland Fisher, Director of Education Research at the Clayton Christensen Institute, joins Corey in a conversation about the value of networks. This episode focuses on Feeland Fisher's studies of how building networks benefits students by creating broader exposure and opportunities for their futures. The conversation helps identify the different types of relationships and how they can best serve students.
No better way to wrap up 2020 with the resilience and inspiring stories from this week's podcast guests! Corey is joined by three students from the MET Professional Academy outside of Phoenix, Arizona: Sylvia, Josh and Mason. These three students share a series of stories that captures the true power of the CAPS Network - connection. You will hear examples of profession-based learning, community ties, mentor relationships and students teaching and learning from each other. 
This episode is a deep dive in to the "why" behind profession-based learning and the CAPS Network model. Corey is joined by Robert Hall, Executive Director of LAUNCH outside of Milwaukee, WI and Todd McLees, Founder of the Pendio Group, also in Milwaukee. Robert and Todd talk about the very real ways in which the CAPS Network is preparing young people for tomorrow's unpredictable and ever-changing work environment. They stress the importance for students to develop the skills to become lifelong learners. This episode is full of hard data and laughs - a great combination!
Funny stories and compassionate facilitation abound in this conversation between Corey and BV CAPS Instructor Rebecca Snodgrass and BV CAPS Simulation Coordinator Robin Bacon. Robin and Rebecca share their experience building a medical simulation experience for a variety of medicine and healthcare classes. They explain how this hands-on learning prepares students for industry by giving them a space to explore, grow and risk.
In this episode Corey catches up with Steve Radley, President & CEO of NetWork Kansas to talk about the power of community and network as change agents. Steve joins the conversation from his offices in Andover, Kansas and helps Corey draw parallels between entrepreneurial networks and educational networks. 
In a bucket filling episode, Corey talks with Helen Pereira-Raso, the Head of School at Holy Trinity School in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Helen shares her perspective about the power and possibility of profession based learning and teaching. Helen also shares the reasons she sought a CAPS Network partnership and how her students and teachers leverage the power of the Network.Don't forget! Today is also the launch of The Network Art Challenge. All CAPS Students are invited to participate in these rapid fire, art challenges. Check out The CAPS Network social media for more info.
Corey talks with Jeff Vizenor (Summit Academy) and Erik Sill (MN CAPS) talk all things Network...and a little sports too. This episode is packed with energy and visions for the future. Corey, Jeff and Erik cover the roles of community, business partners and teachers in the CAPS model as well as share vision for connecting traditional education to the power of profession based learning.
What is the difference between leadership and authority? Join host, Corey Mohn and our guests Dr. Tammy Fry and D.J. Whetter. Dr. Fry is the teacher education instructor at Blue Valley CAPS; she shares her expertise in embedding leadership as an ever present activity in her curriculum. Mr. Whetter, from the Kansas Leadership Center, shares his perspective on leadership, its many forms and the impact it can have on your own community.
Host Corey Mohn and producer Alisa Morse talk about the upcoming season of The Network. You don't want to miss Corey and Alisa nerd-out about the current climate of educational innovation and how they see the CAPS model leading the pack.
CAPS senior Ashlyn Kennedy joins Corey to talk about her CAPS experience. Ashlyn recounts the tremendous work she has done at CAPS to innovate, design and code her own tech wearable. Along the way she has won several competitions and has created a large network of innovation and business professionals. Corey and Ashlyn also discuss Ashlyn's plans for her future and how the pandemic has affected her outlook. This conversation captures the power and potential of the CAPS experience; you don't want to miss it.
Mike Poore, Superintendent of Little Rock School District, talks with Corey about his experience starting CAPS Network programs in not one, but two school districts in Arkansas. Mike focuses on the importance and success of the CAPS model in an urban school thanks to strong instructors and community buy-in. If you are considering starting your own CAPS program, you won't want to miss this!
During his travels, host Corey Mohn meets administrators, instructors and students. On today's episode, Corey was able to record an impromptu conversation with Washington CAPS student Colton Cozza. Colton explains how his CAPS experience is giving him hands-on, professional experience working on projects that align with his passions.
Corey is joined by Northeastern University's NExT co-leader Dr. Chris Unger. The Network is all about reimagining what high school can look like and this episode digs into the possibilities. Dr. Unger and Corey discuss what it means to be an entrepreneurially minded instructor, to use the world as a classroom and demonstrate the true power of The Network. 
Before Blue Valley's spring break, Corey sat down with Blue Valley superintendent, Dr. Todd White. Dr. White provides his perspective on incorporating the CAPS Model and Network into a school district, including how to approach getting started. These two leaders continue by discussing the changing way we see education from all levels of leadership. Given the rapidly changing educational environment, this conversation highlights the need to pull student voices into the conversation around experiential learning and educational intent. 
In this timely episode, Corey talks with Blue Valley CAPS Veterinary Medicine instructor Kelley Tuel. Kelley shares with us her background and approach to integrating current events into her students' experiences. We will hear about Kelley's experiences in fellowship with the CDC, her exposure to how infectious diseases are studied and how she brings that knowledge back to her classroom. She also shares with us some of the ways in which her class partners with local and international business partners to create a unique animal science experience.
In a Network first, Corey is joined by Bella, Nate and Lillith. These three are CAPS students from 3 network schools in the KC metro area. The students describe their experiences with profession based learning. They tell us about their projects, internships, reflections and dreams. As if having three of CAPS brightest weren't enough, Bella is the guest producer of the episode! She interns at 90.9 The Bridge, a local radio station, where The Network was invited to record this episode. Nate is working with his client, Team Cura, and launched his own products and innovations as a result. Lillith is an intern at the Kansas City Zoo where she has worked with animal nutrition and in the education center.
Corey travels to Cedar Falls, IA to talk with Ethan Wiechmann and Nate Clayberg. Amid a busy CAPS visit, Corey, Ethan and Nate discuss the strategic partnerships that have helped launch CF CAPS to a position of success. Education for life is showcased as Nate and Ethan share students' stories from the CAPS program, high ed, and in the working world.
Corey is joined by Indigo Project CEO Sheri Smith to talk about the CAPS Core Values. They focus on the value of Self-Discovery. Indigo Project is a self-discovery tool that enables students to understand their motivations, values and skills. Sheri argues that all students have super powers, but it is up to organizations like CAPS and Indigo to help them uncover it.
Corey makes the trip to Northland CAPS to chat with Director Brett Kisker. Northland CAPS services students from 9 school districts just north of Kansas City, MO with a different take on the CAPS model - fall semester in the classroom and spring semester embedded in the workforce. Brett and Corey talk about the importance of professional experiences and out-of-the-classroom opportunities for students considering their next steps. 
Host Corey Mohn rings in the new year with a very special guest. Clifton Taulbert, sometimes referred to as the CAPS Ambassador, joins Corey to talk about inquisitiveness, teaching and learning in the 21st century, and imagining the future. These big topics and more can be heard in the first episode of The Network in 2020.
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