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An attempt at shedding light on a seemingly dark world. Where one can find words of encouragement, of inspiration, and maybe a few tough words to motivate those who need it.
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Ep45 - David Bennett

Ep45 - David Bennett


In our country today there exists tensions which require amicable and mature conversation. Unfortunately, there exists a serious inability to have the kind of discussions necessary to decrease to aforementioned tensions. In this episode of the "This Way Out" podcast, my friend, David Bennett, do our best to demonstrate the kind of communication necessary to:1)Listen and appreciate differing perspectives on a given topic, and 2)Realize where we differ in opinion does not need to result in emotional yelling matches, or the end of friendships.Note: The "This Way Out" project continues to do its best to focus on people and not politics to motivate its content.
Daniel Crayton believed in what I was trying to do on this platform from "Day 1," and was one of the first people who volunteered to make his story of personal challenges public here on "This Way Out."Recently, I learned that Daniel tragically passed away in an accident and it was very difficult to comprehend how someone so full of life could suddenly be taken from a world who need people like him in it.As I return to podcasting and broadcasting, I take a moment to pay tribute to Daniel Crayton whom I considered to be a very good friend. Someone who I will miss dearly, but also someone whose life I will celebrate with immense appreciation.Rest in Peace, Daniel. We'll see you again soon, brother.#bettertogether #changetheworld #focusonthegood #mentalhealthawareness
This morning the question is: What are you doing to challenge yourself? In this life, we only get one body. It's the greatest instrument we'll ever own, and we should always be taking steps to get the most out of it. In doing so, we should all be taking steps to challenge our minds, our bodies, and our souls to ensure we are always trying to maximize our potential.In this episode, I'll talk a little bit about how I do those things for myself, and also explain why I've been offline for so long.#mentalhealthawareness #bettertogether #changetheworldDon't forget to help spread the "Focus on the Good" message by purchasing a t-shirt from Really?Designs.
An aspiring entrepreneur and "YouTuber," Angelica Chavez (aka. Velvet Kat), incorporates advice, affirmations, messages of positivity in her videos and her art & fashion business.Motivated by her own life challenges, "Kat" makes it a point to try and inspire others to reach for their goals, to view their obstacles as learning opportunities, and to promote a message that there is power in kindness and community.Look for "Velvet Kat" on YouTube: #changetheworld #mentalhealthawareness
As a transgender woman, Janessa Leatherwood, has faced a unique set of challenges that go back to when she was a young man named Josh.In this episode, Janessa shares some of those challenges, to include educating me about what it's like to experience gender dysphoria. She goes on to explain about how, only recently, she has gotten to a point in her life where she feels like herself, and has a positive outlook on the future.
In this episode, I try to impart on my followers that adopting a mindset of believing that everyday is a new opportunity at making a change. You never run out of chances to make a change for the better. To take steps toward a better tomorrow.Failure is not final, our mistakes do not have to define us, and our past does not need to dictate our future.Purchase a "This Way Out" t-shirt at and help spread my "Focus on the Good" message.
Like many military spouse's, Lily Dagdag found herself in a struggle to define her identity beyond that of a wife and mother. She discovered in a website design startup business she established with her twin sister, Patricia. In addition to finding something she can call her own, Lily's also found a little bit of therapy for some of the mental health challenges she's faced since she was a young girl. Her story is both interesting and inspiring!Lily and Patricia have set a goal for themselves in 2020 to help 100 military spouses start businesses of their own. Visit their websites or to learn more!
As someone with several projects ongoing, I can find myself a little overwhelmed. So, I have to make sure I'm taking steps to decompress, and not allow myself to stress out to the point of burnout.In this episode I share a few ways I do that. Some might sound familiar and others not so much. Some might work for you, and then again, maybe not. I do think there is something here you could use, though.Announcement! "This Way Out" now has T-Shirts for sale! Thanks to my friends at's the link:
Goals vary between people. It can be something like wanting to start a business, losing weight, or just leaving the house to face the day. But for most us, the fears of the unknown, failure and making mistakes, and being exposed can be very overwhelming. In this episode I provide some advice for how to get over those fears, as well as offer encouragement to those who might need it.
The topic of "Toxic People" have come up in several conversations I've had over the last few weeks. In this episode, I share my take on those types of people, how they drain a person's energy, can make a person physically ill, and how in order to create a some peace in one's life, they need to be cut loose.
Today, I take my "old man" card out and wave it around at the young whipper snappers, and say, "get outside and play!" But I also share that the way "old people" get onto youngsters now-a-days is not anything new. It sounds nearly identical to the way our parents got after us kids when we were young. We spent way too much time inside, were expected to play outside more, and, back then, were being ruined by t.v. and video games.That said, after raising my own kids, I feel I have noticed an actual decrease in a spirit of adventure in our young people. And I try to invoke some of the dreamer's imagination we seemed to have in large supply "back in the day."
In this episode, I visit with an old friend from my days on active duty, Mayra Henley. Mayra was someone I knew to be very confident and outgoing. However, she shares that following her separation from the Air Force, and a dramatic end to a lengthy relationship, her self esteem and confidence were impacted such that she chose to disconnect herself from society.As "luck" would have it, she would find healing thru the discovery of a soul mate, starting a family, an introduction to farm living, and, curiously enough the art of reading Tarot cards.
Giving back to your communities can be a fun and rewarding experience. In these times, especially, it's just as important to get involved in giving back and strengthening the relationship among your fellow community members. I discuss opportunities that exist in your neighborhoods, local schools, nursing homes, and food banks.Website: readingpartners.orgPhoto: Stephanie Sharp Music: TBC Brass Band
Like many of us, Marek Rudak worked hard to maintain a good facade that hid the troubles of his youth. And by most accounts, he was doing quite well.An immigrant from Poland, a graduate of West Point, Army Ranger and paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne, and project worker for ExxonMobil; it appeared he had everything under control.Unfortunately, when his marriage fell apart and ended in divorce, Marek's spirit followed suit, and he sank to a place few come back from.But he did, and he's dedicated himself to helping men who have experienced similar challenges through both a faith based therapy program he developed, and by writing a book called "The Love Driven Man."Amazon Link "Love Driven Man": Rudak website:
Why is it so hard to make, or get, an apology. What's the biggest obstacle? Is it pride, power, or perceived strength? I address this seemingly trivial, but significant, topic through personal experience, and also share some advice I've been giving people about their own apology/toxic relationship problems
For many years, beginning in his youth, Raymond Dörfel battled depression and anxiety brought about as a result of traumatic moments he experienced as a child. It took Raymond nearly 40 years to find peace, but he finally did so, he believes, by facing himself through the medium of ayahuasca therapy. In this episode, Raymond shares the experience of the challenges he faced in his youth, as well as the clarity he now possesses.
Episode 29 -  Kindness

Episode 29 - Kindness


It can be easy to overlook how far a small act of kindness can go. In this episode, I share how one act shared with my family and I over 20 years ago, prompted us to continue a similar tradition ever since. I also share stories of kind gestures that returned to their source through charitable acts and saved lives.
I do my best to offer some relationship advice. Both how to establish and strengthen a relationship, as well as how to end one. I'm not an expert in these areas, but I do my best to offer information someone might be able to use for later.
Many times, poor mental health and mental illness can be difficult to identify in people. Both in others, and in ourselves. I share the "period of enlightenment" that came about as a result of the challenges I faced while transitioning out of the military.
I have a tendency to let the news and social media bring me down. In this blog entry, I explain what might be behind the attraction to bad news, the encounter that acted as the catalyst behind "This Way Out," and why, most times, the news is just the news.
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Miguel Mata

The This Way Out Podcast is my way of bringing messages of hope, positivity, and community out into the world. This is a recent episode which discusses how we are all important individually and each other. Hope you enjoy it!

Apr 7th

Miguel Mata

Hello, everyone! My names's Miguel, and I wanted to share this podcast episode with the community, which is about just that; Community and how important it is. Especially now.

Apr 7th
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