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Author: John Burke & John Selle

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Join John Burke and John Selle on their quest to find the perfect beer. They will travel far and wide to provide the best and most entertaining beer reviews you can find. Going from brewery to brewery they will stop at nothing to drink all of the beers. Home brewer and beer enthusiast, John Burke, uses his unique perspective on his past experiences of binge drinking to enlighten the audience about what makes a quality beer. Meanwhile co-host and local comedian, John Selle, draws from his past drunken mistakes to derail the conversation. The duo offers a great combination of hops and laughs. Tune in every Thursday as this rag-tag team journeys to a new brewery and may your beer always taste like beer.
30 Episodes
This week the boys review some great beers from Greenport Harbor Brewing Co.  Greenport has two great locations, one in Greenport and the other in Peconic.  Join us as we get into some great conversation while discussing some fun beers.  This week our flight consisted of U-Pick (5.2%), Black Duck Porter (4.7%), Strong IPA (7.2%), and Sailing Solo (7.2%)
Listen in while John & John grab some great beer from Bright Eye Beer Co.  Bright Eye  is located right on Park Ave in Long Beach.  They have a bunch of different funky flavors and types of beer that really think you should check out.
Other Half Brewing has been spoken about A LOT on this podcast and this episode we finally got to review some beers from their!  We went to the beer distributor and picked up a couple of the IPAs.  We highly recommend everyone get to their local beer distributor and pick up ANY of the beers we drank this episode because they were phenomenal.  The beers we had this episode consisted of Showers (7.4%),  Double CItra Daydream (8.5%), City that Never Sleeps (8.5%), and Mystic Greens (10%)
This week the live brew headed to Darling Brewing Co in Patchogue! A great brewery right off the main strip.  A dark vibe goes along with their interesting logo with a skeleton hand included.  Definitely a must check out brewery on Long Island.  This week the flight consisted of The Stillness (5.6%), Bones (8.7%), Limousine Eyelash (7.0), and Gratuitous Silence (7%).
Another episode of the live brew is up! This week John & John had some great beers from Jamesport Farm Brewery out in Riverhead!  Jamesport is a hopping brewery out on Sound Ave in Riverhead.  It breaks up the trail of wineries out on the Northfork.  Great beer with some great homegrown ingredients.  Make sure to get out there early as its always packed.  Our flight of beers consisted of Jamesport Kolsch (4.9%), Wild Thang (6.5%), Rows N' Hoes IPA (6.6%), and Sugar Skull Pumpkin Ale(4.7%).
Welcome to the live brew's Pumpkin Fest we have gathered some of the best pumpkin beers from around the country.  Don't forget to follow the breweries mentioned in this episode and go grab them from your local beer distributor!  Our flight consisted of Shipyard's Smashed Pumpkin (9.0%), Riverhorse Brewing Company's Hipp-O-Lantern (8.5%), Southern Tier's Pumpking Imperial Ale (8.6%), and Southern Tier's Cold Brew Coffee Pumpking (8.6%).
WE ARE BACK! Finally after the summer hiatus John & John brave the virus to go to Hopwin's Brewery in Bayshore.  Hopwin's has a cool modern but wood style with a great finished bar. We had some fantastic beers and highly recommend everyone to check it out! Our flight consisted of Hopwins Gold (6.5%), Put the Pine(apple) in the Coconut (5%), Oh my Gourd (5.5%), and #55 Joey Porter (6.5%)
Another great episode of the live brew is coming to you via zoom!  This week John & John brought home some beers from West Hampton Beach Brewing Co.  The brewery itself is located in a cool business district out in West Hampton. The flight consisted of Maibock 5.9%, Tropical Storm 6.3%, Flying Dutchman 9.8%, Irish Eyes Cream Stout 8.86%.
Welcome back to another episode of the live brew.  This week Burke took off and I had a conversation with my girlfriend, aka Harvard Girl, about Blind Bat Brewery's beer!  A lot of great beer and conversation between the lovely couple.  Our flight consisted of Blind Bat Helles Bock 6.8%, Echolocation IPA 4.5%, Eye Chart 5%, and Saison du Soleil 7.2%.
And we're back with a brand new episode of the live brew!  This was a very funny episode with some great beers from Sand City Brewing Co. in Northport.  Our flight of beers consisted of Soup Du Jour (7%), Secret Spot: Crab Meadow (8.5%), Madness for a While (8.5%), and Even Mo' Drifting (8.5%)
This episode we went to Harbor Head Brewing Company in Northport.  A great brewery in a cool little yachting center!  Very coastal feel with some outside seating.  Our flight consisted of Dockyard Lager (4.5%), Maui Gold (8.5%), Brut IPA (6.5%), and Oat-Tay Stout.
This week John & John took home some quality beers from Squarehead Brewing out in Holbrook.  This was a great episode where they banter over amazing beers. The flight consisted of Keep Our Species Going (6.2%), The Occasional Pause (6.0%), 100 Yards Over the Rim (5.9%), Alive in Your Dreams (8.2%).
BOOM WE ARE BACK AT IT!  For our return to the podcast John & John tasted a flight of beers remotely from Barrier Brewing Co. This was a cool and rustic brewery with some great tasting beers!  The flight consisted of Our Sour #3: Oside (5.7%), All Together (6.5%), Kickin' Knowledge (7.0%), and Hood (4.8%).
This week is a different kind of quarantine episode! We put together some of our favorite clips from the first 15 episodes of The Live Brew!  Right now we are putting our health first while trying to keep up with distributing content for our listeners!  Hopefully this blows over soon and we are able to get back out there trying new brews!  Stay with us on this fun journey and grab beer while you listen to this episode, you don't have anywhere to go! We brought in some of our favorite moments from 1940's, Great South Bay, Motion Craft Brewed, Blue Point Brewery, and Six Harbors!
This week we head to Destination Unknown Beer Company, DUBCO, to try some of their beers on this episode.  Again we are in quarantine and having fun while drinking beers separately.  Our new challenge is for everyone to send us Beaver Pictures for International Beaver Day, Beavers play an integral role in maintaining wetland ecosystems.  For ever beaver picture we like we will donate a dollar to the Beaver Foundation! This week's flight consisted of Waikiki Wheat (4.8%), DUBCO IPA(6.1%), Engineered Obsolescence (9.0%), and Abuse of Stout (12%). 
This period the quarantine episodes continue this week as we record from our bedrooms.  We brought home some of our favorites from Twin Fork Beer Co. out in Riverhead.  Another fun and exciting episode to get you through quarantime!  Our flight of beers consisted of Sonata Ale-Lager (4.9%), Harvest Notes (4.9%), Chromatic Ale (6.6%), and Legato Stout (5.1%).
This week John & John took beers to go from Six Harbors Brewing Company on this Quarantine style episode.  The episode was recorded in John Selle's backyard and things are definitely different and you don't want to miss it!  The beers we tried consisted of Centerport Pilsner (5.2%), Barley Dog Brown(5.4%), H3- Huntington Harbor Hoppy DIPA (7.2%), and The Patriot - Nathan Hale (5%).  Now make sure to swing by during the quarantine and grab some of our favorites!
Tune in this week as John & John head to Holbrook's finest Spider Bite Beer Co.  Spider Bite offered some amazing brews and Burke even handed out his highest rating yet.  That's saying something.  We talk about Corona, hangovers, and much more!  In our flight we tried First Bite Pale Ale (5.5%), Straight C's (6.9%), Boris the Spider (10.0%), and Love at First Bite (7.0%).
This week The Live Brew went to the Mecca of Long Island breweries, Blue Point Brewing Company.  Blue Point Brewing Company started all the way back in 1998 and is still going strong today.  Even though they were bought out by Anheuser Bush they continue to grow and maintain that local Long Island feel.  We would highly recommend making the trek out there and trying all of their 24 beers.  Our flight consisted of Shore Thing (4.5%), Rock Fool (7.6%), Citrus Plunge (6.5%), and Punxsutawney Porter (5.7%).
Join us for the tenth brewery that The Live Brew that John & John visited. This is a brand new brewery in Massapequa Park.  Actually opened less than a month ago.  It has a very cozy and intimate feel to it.  It is located right on the main strip in Massapequa Park.  Everyone needs to swing by and try some beers for themselves because they were fantastic.  Not only were the beers making wakes but the music in there helped t create a relaxing vibe.  Their flight consisted of 3-Hour Increments (6.7%), Cider Colada (8.9%), Motion Winter Warmer (4.7%), and So Happy Together (6%).
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