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A podcast about football fans, and their personal journeys with their long distance love for clubs at the other end of the world.

In each episode we speak to a guest to understand how and why they ended up dedicating themselves to a football club.

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A mid season trailer

A mid season trailer


A mid season trailer, listen to fans from across the globe talk about their experiences.
Martin Devlin is from Inverness, Scotland and is a supporter of Real Valladolid, Spain. Marti first got to see the club when Real Valladolid came to visit his town for a pre-season friendly. He was struck by how approachable and down to earth, the players were. He started to research the club and interact with fans online and was welcomed with open arms, he started the site ( for English speaking fans to be able to share his passion for the club. I asked Martin how the fan base view the new owner, the Brazillian legend Ronaldo ( and the long term project that he has undertaken. He spoke to me about Real Valladolid club legend, Víctor Fernández (,_born_1974)) Enes Ünal is a player he feels deserves a bit for praise for his time at the club. Miguel de la Fuente is a young player he is looking to see more of. He has a brilliant story about a suitcase from his first trip to Valladolid and another one about his garden shed that you must hear. We spoke about the aspects of being a Far Away Fan, the common threads that bring us all together.  Marti shared with me stories about his father, a Real Madrid fan (who sadly passed away a few days after we recorded this episode) and his experience watching Real Madrid. He told me a story that will bring a tear to your eye, about what he calls one of the best moments of his life. The passion for football runs in this family, Martin's young son is a Spurs fan. We discussed his growing passion for football and the club. (He makes a very special cameo in this episode) We spoke at length about the friendships he’s developed through his passion for the club. He shared with me stories about his friend Carlos and the role they now play in each other’s lives. Martin is working on something really special that could get a child to be able to watch a match in the stadium and get a complete matchday experience. I asked him about his journey as a Real Valladolid fan. He told me it has been a humbling experience and a phenomenal journey. He views it as his responsibility to share the kindness that he has been shown by the people and fans and by sharing his passion for the club through all that he is doing on his website.   We’d love to hear from you, get in touch with us on Twitter @FarAwayFanPod ( or on Instagram ( .
In this episode I speak to Angelica, a University Professor who teaches Film Analysis and Journalism in Mexico.  Angelica read in an interview Robert Smith of The Cure, talking about being a QPR supporter. Not knowing anything about the club at the time, she asked her father about it. "That's Alan McDonald's team," he said. With that she started to research the club and its history and began to follow them. Never thinking that she could ever watch them.  She discovered the QPR Podcast - Open all R's, which was the first time she felt very much a part of the QPR Family. Not able to watch the games, but following the club via the podcast.  She immersed herself in the history of the club and developed a deep passion for the club. Visiting London in 2017 to watch them play. Initially disappointed when the team went down to the Championship, Angelica is now happy with how competitive the league is. Her earliest memory of football is being placed in front of the TV by her mum to watch the 1986 World Cup and told me how crazy she has been about football ever since. Alan Mcdonald and Stan Bowles are her club legends. She talked to me about players Jamie Mackie, who missed out on being called a legend and how Josh Scowen, deserved a bit more praise for his time at the club. We also talked about the young players at the club, Ilias chair and Eberechi Eze. The QPR ground was always known as Loftus Road. In 2019 it was renamed The Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium ( . A foundation started to honor former QPR youth player Kiyan Prince, who lost his life while intervening to prevent the bullying of another boy. We discussed the renaming, the role the club has played in the community, and their support to the victims of Grenfell Tower fire. She got to experience first hand how QPR appreciate their fans, when she was invited to spend the day at the training ground. She told me all about that day and the cherished friendships she has with the QPR family. We discuss her collection of over 50 scarves, a funny story with James Walsh of Starsailor and her connection to Northern Ireland and her dream of wanting to live there one day. Angelica shares the heartwarming story of her journey as a QPR fan, having been able to find a community to belong to, being able to share her interests with a far away family and developing the most rewarding friendship. Visit ( to know more. We’d love to hear from you, get in touch with us on Twitter @FarAwayFanPod ( or on Instagram ( .
His journey started in the most unique way. He's been a Tottenham Hotspur fan from the age of six. Jamie heard Mauricio Pochettino (then Spurs manager) in an interview say that he was ready for his first North London Derby since he had played and scored in the Clásico Rosarino for Newell’s Old Boys. That piqued Jamie’s interest. He researched the club and the derby, ultimately leading him to follow the club for close to 5 years now. He started the twitter handle @Newells_en ( and N ( ( for updates on the club in English. Jamie took me through the history of the club. How they came to be called the Lepers and their rivalry with Rosario Central. He went on goes on to explain to me the campaign of the ‘Returning Hero’ in Argentine football. Messi got his start at Newell's, and has always said he will return to play for them someday. He discussed a few names that he's looking forward to seeing in the years to come and the joy of getting to watch future stars in action when you watch Argentine football.  Lisandro Martínez, now at Ajax, is the player Jamie feels deserves a bit more praise and time at Newell's. He spoke to me about his trip to Rosario, the matchday experience, Maradona and being blamed for bringing the luck of the Irish to Newell’s. We discussed former coach Marcelo Bielsa, now hailed as a hero at Leeds United, for bringing them back to the Premier League and how thousands of Leeds fans are now being introduced to Newell's because of him. Much like Jamie was through Pochettino. I got a chance to discuss with Jamie the common traits and personalities of Bielsa, Messi and Pochettino. And finally I asked Jamie what this journey has meant to him, he considers himself blessed to have made all these friendships and lucky to call himself a ‘Leper’ now. And would like to someday get the chance to thank Pochettino for introducing him to the club.
Andrey Kazu is from Jakarta, Indonesia and supports Fiorentina in Italy.  He’s been following the club since 96. He spoke to me about his journey as a Fiorentina fan.  We discussed the influence and loyalty of Gabriel Batistuta. The rivalry with Juventus and how he picked a name for his son. In 2016, Andrey visited Florence. The stadium was closed but the kindness of the staff gave him an experience of a lifetime. He’s a member of Viola Club Indonesia ( . We discussed the fantastic job they have done as well as the passion for football in Indonesia. I asked him what this journey has taught him. He told me it was patience.  Something I realized he has a lot of, when he told me the story of how he waited for 5 hours outside the training ground just to be able to see the players.  He also gave me some advice on why I shouldn't get a tattoo :) Thank you to Viola Club Indonesia for their help and support.
William Dalton is from London and has been a supporter of San Lorenzo for 7 years. He discovered the club while looking to spend some time in South America to learn Spanish, after his trip where he just immersed himself into the club and the culture, he started the twitter handle @SanLorenzoEng on his return to London. His club legend is local boy Leandro Romagnoli, William talked about why being a local boy means so much in Argentina. We discussed why loyalty from players means so much as football fans. San Lorenzo are well known for their songs. William shared a few with me and spoke about the creativity that goes into the chants and songs created by a group called  'Escuela de tablones' (School of the Terraces).  We talked about how big the Club World Cup is in South America. Where fans will take out loans, in some cases selling their cars or even quitting their jobs just to be able to travel to the games. One of the reasons Will was so drawn to the club is because much like his local club Charlton Athletic, San Lorenzo too lost their ground in the 70s. While Charlton eventually got their club back through a unique political campaign, San Lorenzo is at the moment in the midst of trying to get back to their old stadium. Part of which was a great campaign where San Lorenzo fans could buy a symbolic meter square of the ground where the stadium once stood.    Will told me fantastic stories about finding a fellow San Lorenzo fan on the streets of London, the incredible generosity of the San Lorenzo fans and his little collection of gifts and mementos from them. He says that his journey with San Lorenzo has impacted his life in a big way. It helped him learn Spanish. In what he calls the best weekend of his life, he saw them win and met Lili, who would go on to be his wife. He says following San Lorenzo has been the best decision he has ever made. We’d love to hear from you about your journey with a football club, get in touch with us on Twitter @FarAwayFanPod ( or on Instagram ( .
This episode features Sivan John ( , football writer, blogger, and part-owner of @TheBolaBolaShow ( . The lone Huddersfield fan from Malaysia, Sivan’s journey with the club started with a trip to reconnect with family living in Huddersfield. He spoke to me about the matchday experience and why sharing it was his Uncle was so special. He talked about club legend Andy Booth and more recently, Aaron Mooy for his impact during his stint at the club. Laurent Depoitre is one player he feels the club possibly didn't get the best out of. Chris Willock and Emile Smith Rowe, both Arsenal Academy players and currently on loan from Benfica and Arsenal respectively, are the players Sivan is looking to see more of in the coming season. He also explained to me the impact he saw with the appointment of the Cowley Brothers as managers of Huddersfield, even Marco Bielsa has praised them for the amazing job they have done. Sivan's got a signed Aaron Mooy jersey, which took a bit of a trip to get to him. He’s also got a jersey signed by Hernan Crespo, again a great story you have to hear. I also asked him what this journey of being a Far Away Fan from Malaysia has meant to him. We’d love to hear from you about your journey with a football club, get in touch with us on Twitter @FarAwayFanPod ( or on Instagram ( .
With the Bundesliga resuming after the COVID 19 outbreak, it seemed like the perfect time to speak to a fan of the German football league.  Wan (@wanfarlee ( ) is from Malaysia and has been a Werder Bremen fan for 17 years. His story begins when he first saw the name at the top of the Bundesliga table in 2003, they went on to win the double that year. Call it luck, coincidence or just destiny when in 2014, his job gave him the opportunity to visit Bremen. Where the matchday experience had a huge impact on him, eventually learning to sing in german! ( He spoke about his club legend, Claudio Pizarro who has four stints with the club. Who continues to play and score for the club.  He spoke to me also about how as a fan he is sometimes disappointed by the dependence football now puts on stats and data when it comes to selecting a player  Philipp Bargfrede and Kevin Möhwald are the two names he picked as players who are sometimes overlooked and don't receive their due praise from fans.  Werder Bremen has a history of picking talent very early (Ozil, Kevin De Bruyne and many more), Wan believes Luc Ihorst is one such talent who is going to be a star in the future. He spoke to me about the up and downs of being a Werder Bremen fan and why is it better than being a fan of Bayern Munich.  A game that left him disappointed was against Bayern, where Bremen lost 6-0, but he saw a lot of heart in the players that day. And the game again Dortmund is one of the best Bremen matches he’s watched.  He also talks about why his Werder Bremen scarf is so important to him, and the impact it has when he meets other fans. I also ask him what this journey of being a fan has meant to him after seventeen years. We’d love to hear from you, get in touch with us on Twitter @FarAwayFanPod ( or on Instagram ( .
In this episode we speak to Andrés, a River Plate fan from Aalesund, Norway. Fascinated by Argentine football, he started to support the club after being an avid player of the video game Championship manager 99. He wasn't able to watch the games in Norway but regularly sought updates on River Plate via Google in the early days of the internet and in 2013 decided to start the twitter handle @RiverPlateNor ( with news and updates in english. His earliest memory is of the team that featured Javier Saviola, Pablo Aimar, Juan Pablo Sorín.  Andrés’ team legends are Andrés Nicolás D'Alessandro and Fernando Cavenaghi.  The midfielder and current captain, Leonardo Daniel Ponzio, who came in when they were relegated in 2011 and centre back Jonatan Maidana according to Andrés deserve a lot more praise for their contributions. He also spoke about manager Marcelo Gallardo’s outstanding achievement of managing to keep a team together whilst also managing to bring in the young talent of River Plate. Julián Álvarez, Nahuel Gallardo and Cristian Ferreira are the young players he’s looking forward to seeing more of.  Andrés is also a UEFA C Licensed coach, he talked about an amazing experience as assistant coach to his local team Godøy Idrettslag qualifying for the Norwegian Cup.  He owns one of the kits printed for Juan Fernando Quintero from the Copa Libertadores final 2018, you can check it out on our instagram page. We’d love to hear from you, get in touch with us on Twitter  @FarAwayFanPod (   And follow us on Instagram (
This episode features Giovanni Dougall @solo_parma ( from the seaside town of Ayr, Scotland. His story starts on a Sunday afternoon watching a seventeen year old Gianluigi Buffon, making his debut for Parma against AC Milan that featured Roberto Baggio and George Weah (the game ended in a draw). This inspired Giovanni to play as a goalkeeper. Buffon’s debut against Milan in 1995: Over the years Parma fans have seen their fair share of turmoil but they’ve also had talent like Baggio, Zola, Cannavaro, Stoichkov, Crespo and Thuram feature for them. Giovanni’s Club Legend is Allessandro Lucarelli, who promised to stay with the club after Parma were refounded in Serie D and led them back with a record three straight promotions to return to Serie A in 2018. He also spoke about the back line of Riccardo Gagliolo, Simone Lacoponi and Bruno Alves, why their contribution is sometimes overlooked.  Yann Karamoh is a young player he’s looking to see more of in the years to come.  Giovanni reminisces about the 2006 World Cup, discusses his collection of kits and why he treasures a Lucarelli armband that the club sent him. To learn more about the club and their fans, do visit ( . We’d love to hear from you about your journey with a football club, get in touch with us on Twitter @FarAwayFanPod (   And follow us on Instagram (
In this episode we speak with Pranav, an AC Milan fan and friend of the pod.  We chat about his love for the club, but more about his passion for Italian football, Roberto Baggio and that missed penalty from the ’94 World Cup and why it was such a big influence on him.  He spoke about his club legend Paolo Maldini and the Italian art form of defensive football and why he thinks Stephan el Shaarawy was let down by the Management.  Pranav shared an interesting story from his trip to the World Cup in Russia, Mithun Chakraborthy and why Russians have good will towards India. He also had a funny story about his Agent in Italy, the acoustics at San Siro, taking his son to Stadio Olimpico and why the most beautiful stadium he’s been to is the Paljor Stadium in Gangtok. We talked about Football kits, Football books, the Berlusconi era, former and current AC Milan Rivals and keeping our fingers crossed for Milan.  Given the pandemic outbreak of Covid -19 across the World and Italy being one of the worst affected, the timing of this episode is almost symbolic. Our thoughts and prayers are with them as we dedicate this episode to Italy and their fighting spirit.
There is no better time than right now to speak to a Liverpool fan.  I had put down a lot of notes for this episode but my plans seemed to go out the window. And how could they not, given the way Liverpool’s season is progressing, you can’t help but be impressed. Rohan has been a fan since that glorious comeback in the Champions League final of 2005. We talked about that brilliant comeback, Gerrard (of course) and other leading figures of the current season, Henderson, Trent Alexander, Van Dijk and Salah. The happiest site he's seen in Amsterdam, Anfield being on his bucket list.  We had to talk about that ‘slip’ that broke a million hearts(, about his signed copy of James Milner’s “Ask a footballer” and how his wife is now an even bigger fan than he is.  If you’d like to talk to us about your journey with a football club, do get in touch with us on Twitter @farawayfanpod
Our very first Far Away Fan is Nandan Krishnaswamy from Mumbai. Copywriter and life long Manchester United fan, how his journey with the football club started, why Carlos Tevez and Dimitar Berbatov deserved a bit more of our praise. What he's looking forward to in the coming years. His club legend Ryan Giggs.   And also, an interesting tale of a (now cherished) Ronaldo jersey.
We decided to go for a throw in instead of a kick off. What does it take to form a bond with a club and why would someone who has never visited the ground, suddenly find themselves week in week out watching a team from another corner of the world.
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