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God created us to become Super Saints. This is about our Journey to Sainthood in these times. Journeys of Faith Ministry, founded by Bob and Penny Lord is about Evangelization through communications, spreading the Good News of the Gospel especially the Lives of the Super Saints. We are all called to become Saints, and each of us has been created uniquely with special features and gifts by God. Our goal is to spend eternity in union with Our God in Heaven. We will focus on the Lives of the Saints, Prayer and testimonies from daily life that will show us how to live as a Christian here and now and become a Super Saint in Heaven Join over a hundred thousand podcasters already using Buzzsprout to get their message out to the world..
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Blessed Miguel Pro stood before the firing squad, and forgave those who were about to shoot him.With a cross in one hand, a rosary in the other, he cried out "Viva Cristo Rey!" We go to the place of his execution, which sports a tiny sign about a great sacrifice.Martyr of the 20th Century Martyr of the 20th Century Blessed Miguel Pro a Role Model for the Mexican Martyrs who followed him. Although he knew it meant sure Martyrdom, he obeyed his superiors and returned to minister to his flock in the huge Diocese of Mexico City. He played cat and mouse with the authorities, using elaborate disguises until he was caught.Mexican Martyrs MediaSupport the show (
It is popularly believed Arius was born in Libya, in 270 A.D. He is credited with having started one of the most deadly heretical sects to attack the Early Church that of Arianism. It has continued assaulting the Church until today, under many titles.Our first encounter with Arius is somewhere between 300-311 A.D., when he joined up with a group of heretics called Meletians. Evidently, he did not find what he was searching for; he left them.He then managed to get himself ordained a deacon of the Catholic Church by Peter of Alexandria who was Bishop at the time. Evidently his loyalties were still with the Meletians, because when they were censured, he bitterly criticized the Church, and came out against her. He was excommunicated by the same Bishop who had ordained him deacon, Bishop Peter of Alexandria!Heresies Media Watch our Live Channel on any device  - download the free app Bob and Penny LordWatch on your computer all of our media including our episode on demand https;//bobandpennylord.liveSupport the show (
Today is a great day for Journeys of Faith! We are live with our own Channel. Bob and Penny prayed for this day for 30 years! Today on the Feast of Saint Agnes it is a reality! And Saint Agnes was a member of Saint Clare of Assisi who is the Patron of Television!Click to start watching Watch on Computer or any device = Watch on Roku Channel = Bob and Penny Lord3. Watch using Bob and Penny Lord AppDownload the free Bob and Penny Lord at the app storeClick on Menu then select Bob and Penny Lord ChannelSupport the show (
This is the story of a precious child of God, who was born into royalty, yet never used or abused it. It is the story of a great woman, a daughter, a wife, a widow, a benefactress of the poor, a glowing example of a soul endeavoring to love her Lord more purely, yet faithful to her calling as wife and mother. As the story of her life unfolds, you will see, in addition to the titles attributed to her above, we could add these below to the number: Patroness of bakers, beggars, charitable societies, charitable workers, countesses, parents who have lost children to death, the innocent who are falsely accused, homeless people, hospitals, those having problems with in-laws, nursing homes, people in exile, the faithful persecuted for their love of Mother Church, Sisters of Mercy, Tertiaries (Third Order), and on and on. Quite a rich list for one whose life would be snuffed out at the young age of twenty-four!Support the show (
Saint Gertrude the Great is well known in Europe and especially in Helfta, Germany where the Abbey is located. She lived in the 13th century and had a geat devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Like Saint Teresa she received the Transverberation of the Heart. She was devoted to praying for the Poor Souls in Purgatory and composed a special prayer for them.Support the show (
A poignant love story of 11 Nuns of the Holy Family of Nazareth, whose only crime was they were Nuns and were willing to die for the Faith. Visit the place of their brutal massacre by the Nazis. Travel to Nowogrodek in Byelorussia, to their grave, their original Church & Shrine. When they first came and were rejected in Nowogrodek, the Bishop said, "Through you little Flock, Christ will act and radiate until you enter the glory of the Father...."The town will accept you and it will be proud that it possesses you."Watch the video on vimeo media about the  11 Nuns Support the show (
Mother CabriniSaint of the ImmigrantsFirst Canonized American Saint"We were sent here by the Holy Father... we cannot go back!"This one hour dvd has been two years in the making. Scenes follow her life from Sant’ Angelo Lodigiano in northern Italy to her first community in Codogno, to the first motherhouse in Rome; then go to the United States where she labored among the Italian immigrants of the 19th Century. We visit her Shrines in: Manhattan, NY; Fort Tryon Park, NY;Westpark, NY; Cabrini College, Radnor, PA; Cabrini Shrine, New Orleans, LAMedia about Mother CabriniSupport the show (
Bob and Penny wrote about Catholic Saints in the Church of yesterday and today, and shared them in a way that can be understood by all.They wrote about these Saints in their simple and engaging style, which has placed them among the most popular Catholic writers of the day.These Catholic Saints suffered rejection by their peers, discrimination because of sex, and how they rose above all of it to become movers and shakers of the world.  There is a common thread, which gave them the strength to go on when others would have backed down - their devotion to the Holy Eucharist and Mother Mary and an unbending commitment to their vows,most especially that of obedience. and acceptance of their Crosses and suffering!Mother Angelica wrote this about Saints and Suffering."If there is any subject that needs to be addressed in  this day and age, it's suffering!  That is precisely why this particular book is so necessary.  Many of us shirk from suffering and run from the Cross.  In the face of suffering, how many of us can muster up the courage and faith to proclaim with Saint Andrew, the Apostle, "O Good Cross, made beautiful by the Body of the Lord: long have I desired you, ardently have I loved you, unceasingly have I sought you out; and now you are ready for my eager soul.  Receive me from among men and restore me to my Master - so that by means of you He may receive me, who by means of You dying redeemed me"?To the obstinate and irreligious, suffering is a cruel mystery.  But to those sincerely striving for union with God, suffering is a coveted treasure.  To prove this point, we can look to the Prophets, the Apostles, and the Saints.  The Prophets considered suffering to be a call from God to repentance, while Apostles saw it as "a happy privilege" to imitate their Master.  The Saints ardently desired a share in the Passion of Christ and thought of His Cross as a rare and beautiful diamond.  But above all, to discover the true value of suffering, we look to Mary, the Queen of All Saints.  It was her silent "fiat" at the Foot of the Cross that revealed the hidden grandeur of every cross.If we desire holiness, we-like all the holy ones who have gone before us-must follow in the blood-stained Footprints of Our Savior.  To do this, we must accept our crosses with love.  Let us not be afraid to boldly proclaim: "Jesus, I accept all of the sufferings in my life with the same love that You accepted the pain in Your Life.  I do not understand Your Plan, but I trust Your Love and my love reaches out to You with the hope of being lost in Your embrace!"Stretched out upon the Cross, Jesus' arms are opened wide to receive us-"And when I am lifted up from the earth, I shall draw all men to Myself" (John 12:32).  At that moment, a moment of "great weakness", the act of Redemption was wrought.  At that moment of humiliation and infamy, all men of faith obtained the strength to endure the sufferings that the Father permitted in their lives.Jesus continually tells us that the cross is a vital part of our lives: "If anyone wants to be Support the show (
We are streaming on Roku!Roku has over 50,000,000 users and is the fastest growinginternet TV source!Our Bob and Penny Lord Channel is FREE at this time!Our Roku Channel name is Bob and Penny LordInstallation is easy.Step 1 Go to Step 2 Search for Bob and Penny Lord Step 3 Click Add Channel You are doneYou can watch the streaming channel or choose any video from the Video On Demand Categories.Catholic Videos on the Lives of the Saints, Miracles of the Eucharist, Apparitions of Mary and much more. Currently 137 episodes are uploading for viewing and we will continue to upload more episodes from week to week. Support the show (
The prolife candidate will win!How can I say that! Because God Wills it.Here is some information for all of us to consider.1. If you are surprised that we are in this mess here in America, then you have not been following the events of the last 300 years, all leading to our present situation.A lot of our present Godlessness started with the Enlightenment of the late 18th century which started the path of Atheism.2. The Blessed Mother has been warning us about the dangers and errors coming our way for centuries.In La Salette France 1846, she warned us about secularism and lack of Faith among the faithful.In Fatima Portugal 1917, she warned us about wars and Socialism and other errors.In Akita Japan 1973, she warned us again about sickness and destruction if we not return to God.I have included some links below for more information about these Approved Apparitions of our Lady.Here is what we need to remember!Pray and Sacrifice. Turn back to God. Most important keep in mind the words of Our Lady of Fatima - "In the end My Immaculate Heart will Triumph!"We are living the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This triumph will most likely not be a single event but many events over time.I believe we have experienced some already. For example the election of 2000 was decided by the US Supreme Court on December 12 Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe the Patron of the Americas!The present battle is most connected to Right to Life and Life begins at Conception. For this very reason please implore our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Feast Day December to intercede for America and settle this election mess. Yes of course we should ask for a big miracle to reveal the truth and uncover the deception and fraud.I encourage you to:Pray the Rosary Pray the Divine Mercy ChapletPray the Abandonment PrayerPray these every day until you die, and do not stop when things get better.God will work miracles is Prayer is the key!Access any link below FREEAbandonment prayerOur Lady of La Salette use coupon code AnyVideo to watch freeOur Lady of Akita listen freeOur Lady of Fatima use coupon code AnyVideo to watch freeBob and Penny Lord Channel on ROKU goes live Monday, November 9, 2020 8:00 AM Central Time Make a note and start watching! Watch our live channel or pick a video among the Video On Demand channels Support the show (
The LIfe of Saint Charles BorromeoHero of the Counter-ReformationCreated CCD in its original formScenes from his life beginning in Arona, birthplace of Saint Charles.On to Pavia, where he attended the University, then to Trent, where he worked on the Council of Trent, to Rome and to Milan where he was Archbishop. Support the show (
Saint Martin de Porres

Saint Martin de Porres


Saint Martin de Porres was born of John de Porres, a Spanish nobleman and Knight of the Order of Alcantara, and a black free woman, Anna Velazquez.Martin’s father was not very happy to find his child was black. He did not want to be connected with the child in any way.As a matter of fact, on the baptismal record there was no mention of the father at all. The Baptismal certificates read only "Martin, son of an unknown father." But some years later, he officially acknowledged Martin as being his son. We’re not sure if John ever married Anna Velazquez.If he did, he didn’t treat her very well. He spent most of his time in other countries, leaving Anna and the children, Martin and his sister Joan to fend for themselves.Though Martin was not from a poor background, you would not have known it by the way he and his family lived. They were always at least borderline poverty, and sometimes full-blown poverty.But none of this had any detrimental effect on Martin. If anything, it gave him an understanding and empathy for his poor brothers and sisters.From his earliest days, he focused completely on his Lord present in the tabernacle of all the churches of Lima and in helping out the poor. His mother became furious with him in the early days.She would send Martin shopping for food, entrusting to him the meager pennies the family had, just enough to get some bread and a few necessities to see them through their meals.Martin inevitably took the money and gave it to the poor.More about Saint Martin the show (
Discover Tolentino where Saint Nicholas of Tolentino had his ministry. Visit his church and monastery. His whole life was dedicated to pray for the Souls in Purgatory. The Basilica has continued on with that tradition. Every day Mass is celebrated for the Souls in Purgatory. He had a vision of a friend who was suffering terribly in Purgatory. He asked for Masses to be celebrated to help him get out of Purgatory. He showed St. Nicholas Purgatory and how the souls were suffering. St. Nicholas celebrated Mass and saw the friend rising up into Heaven. Discover his tomb, at the Shrine to his incorrupt arm, a reliquary attesting to the thousands of cures and healings attributed to him.Watch the video on demand the show (
Saint Ignatius of Loyola Soldier - Poet - Mystic - Author Defender of the Faith - Founder of the Society of JesusSaint Jane Frances de Chantal Along with Saint Francis de Sales she came up with a strict rule of life for herself - caring for her children - visiting the poor and the dying.Saint Charles Borromeo Hero of the Counter-Reformation Saint of the People - Renounced his possessions - Founder of Seminaries - Archbishop of Milan - Instituted reforms.Saint Teresa of Avila Doctor of the Church - Reformer of the Carmelites - Mystic - Transverberation of the heart - She turned the dire times of the 16th Century into a time of true reform.Saint Francis de Sales "The measure of love is to love without measure." - Founder of the Visitation Order Doctor of the Church - Patron of JournalistsSaint Vincent de Paul Apostle of Charity-sold into slavery suffered persecution-founded the Daughters of Charity.Saint Philip Neri Apostle of the Laity - Levitated while saying Mass - Our Lady saved his life - Gift of Prophecy - Bi-located - Liberated those possessed by devil.Saint Robert Bellarmine Cardinal - Doctor of the Church - Father of the Counter-RefomationGe to know the Saints the show (
Our Lady Who Cried"Bob and I have traveled all over the world, everywhere from the Shrines of the Holy Land to the Shrines of Europe, Mexico and Canada. But although we had pilgrimaged to Italy many times, we had never visited the land of my ancestors. I think, in all of us, there is an unquenchable thirst to visit the land of our ancestors. For me, that is Sicily. My father was born there and came to this country at age three, and my maternal grandparents' roots were also in Sicily. One year, we decided to pack up our daughter and grandson and find Sicily!"Watch the video  go here the show (
"Our walk with our most precious Pope John Paul II began in June of 1979. We had come back to our Church four years before and once we tasted of the vine (our 2000 years of unbroken heritage), we couldn’t stay away from all that was Catholic and Church. We took every opportunity to return to the roots of our Faith - the Holy Eucharist, Mother Mary, the Saints, the Angels, and the Martyrs, making Journeys of Faith to Europe, the Holy Land, Mexico, and Canada."Support the show (
Saint Paul of the Cross was born Paul Francis Danei, on the 3rd of January, 1694, the second of sixteen children. One of his brothers, John Baptist would be very instrumental in the work Our Lord had chosen for St. Paul. His parents, although of nobility, were neither affluent nor privileged. Even though the town hall at Castellazzo had once been the family palace, St. Paul's father, a cloth merchant, was always in serious debt. Because of the financial situation, St. Paul had to discontinue his education at a boarding school. At one point, things became so dire, St. Paul pawned all his belongings, to help his father avoid disgrace. This was a great sacrifice for someone in Paul's position, but it prepared him for giving up far greater things in the future, and for receiving great gifts in return.Support the show (
The North American MartyrsSaint Rene Goupil was martyred for making the sign of the Cross on a child's forehead.Saint Isaac Jogues held up under the most horrendous torture and yet chose to return to the natives he loved. To this day, he is considered Apostle of the Indians.Another Martyr, Saint John Lalande risked his life to go and evangelize to the natives, after he was told his only chance of survival was to stay inside his tent.Saint John de Brebeuf - Saint Gabriel Lalemant Come to Midland, Ontario, Canada, and the Shrine of the North American Martyrs, the Blackrobes, the Jesuit missionaries from France who came to evangelize, knowing they would never return to their familiesBecause of their love and dedication to the Church and the Indians to whom they ministered they gave the last ounce of their blood.Support the show (
St. Margaret Mary Alacoque is one of Jesus' most powerful workers in the vineyard._ She is best known for the Apparitions of Our Lord Jesus and His Sacred Heart. Through the work of St. Margaret Mary, in obedience to Jesus' mandate, devotion to His Sacred Heart became a strong movement throughout the world.Because she is best known as the spearhead of this movement, many of us are not aware that she also had a great compassion for, and did much work to alleviate the suffering of the Poor Souls in Purgatory. But if we read a quote she wrote about her early days, we become aware of her great repugnance for sin:For more about Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque the show (
When we wrote on the life of St. Teresa in our book "Saints and other Powerful Women in the Church," little did we think that we would some day, be using her visions of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory to affirm these important truths of our Catholic Faith. As we have said so many times, the lives of the Saints are not about old bones, long gone and forgotten, but alive in the lives they led, in their living examples of holiness and virtue for us to follow, in the path they have paved by the teachings they have left behind, as alive in a smaller degree as the Word of God found in Holy Scripture. As we delved into the many books on Heaven, Hell and Purgatory and combed Holy Scripture trying to discern what the Lord wanted in this book, we felt a haunting urgency to forge on despite many obstacles placed in our way, the kind of attacks mentioned by St. Teresa in her book, "Vida," (life) often good things or good people with good intentions. But as we discover, day after day in our walk with the Lord and His Mother, when the Lord wants something done, Media Available the show (
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