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God created us to become Super Saints. This podcast is about our Journey to Sainthood in these times. Journeys of Faith Ministry, founded by Bob and Penny Lord is about Evangelization through communications, spreading the Good News of the Gospel especially the Lives of the Super Saints. We are all called to become Saints, and each of us has been created uniquely with special features and gifts by God. Our goal is to spend eternity in union with Our God in Heaven. We will focus on the Lives of the Saints, Prayer and testimonies from daily life that will show us how to live as a Christian here and now and become a Super Saint in Heaven Join over a hundred thousand podcasters already using Buzzsprout to get their message out to the world..
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Angels in the life of Saint Joan of ArcSt. Joan of Arc (1412 - 1431)Joan of Arc is a strong contradiction in our Church and our world.  She was abandoned by the country she had fought so hard to protect; she was condemned by a corrupt bishop of the Church to which she pledged undying loyalty.  After her death, that same country made her into a heroine; that same Church made her into a Saint.  She is now, with St. Thérèse of Lisieux, co-patroness of France.  She was the Little Flower's heroine during Thérèse's lifetime.  Little did Thérèse realize they would someday share the same title as Patron Saint of France.  And although Joan lived some 460 years before St. Thérèse, she was only canonized five years before the Little Flower.Browse our Saint Joan of Arc MediaSupport the show
The Life of Saint Mary Magdalene de PazziMeet a very special Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, See the incorrupt bodyof our Saint.  Learn of the very special life of this Saint, who bore the Stigmata, and was mystically married to Jesus.   Visit the Carmelite convent where she lived. Go to the bell tower where she rang the bells while in ecstasy.She had a great devotion to the Poor Souls in Purgatory.  She would pray constantly for the Poor Souls, and also for sinners to repent, so that they would not have to suffer the pains of  Purgatory or hell  She asked the Lord to allow her to take on the pains of the Poor Souls, to suffer purgatory time for loved ones.  Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi dvdPreview our DVDPreview our audiobookBecome a VIP Patron and access all of our audiobooks and dvdsSupport the show
Saint Rita of Cascia - Miracles of the Rose and the Fig|Saint Rita of Cascia received two Miracles before she died|Miracles of the Rose and the FigMore about Saint Rita of CasciaSupport the show
The Mexican Martyrs of the 20th CenturyGo after the Bishops, Priests, Religious and the ChurchTwo years earlier in February, 1927, the president of Mexico, Plutarco Elias Calles issued an order for all Priests throughout Mexico to leave their parishes and report to Mexico City.  As this would place them under the supervision of the State, robbing them of their allegiance to Rome and the Pope, they refused.  They stood on their Constitutional rights which insured clear separation of Church and State.  All the Priests, Bishops and Religious were in communion, rejecting the State's authority over the Church.  They knew the outcome.  They chose to become fugitives rather than deny the Faith.  As the early Church Martyrs before them, they would not swear allegiance to Caesar (the head of state); for to do so would be to declare him God.  They became hunted, and when caught, arrested, mercilessly tortured, and very often executed.  And while this was going on, the United States was giving credit to Mexico in the sums of tens of millions!More about the Mexican Martyrs click hereSupport the show
The Life of Saint Bernardine of SienaNo one was excused from his preaching. He called for reform from the common man as well as from people in high places, in one instance, boldly calling to task the Duke of Milan. He brought about change! His message was so powerfully accepted, the people lit bon fires and cast their sins and worldly temptations upon them, as a firm resolve to live better, more holy lives. One of the scourges of the time was usury - the practice of exacting exorbitant interests, often resulting in the inability of the lender to pay, losing his home and all his worldly goods. To respond to this evil, Bernardine founded a society of beneficial loan societies called “Monti di Pieta.”Although he preached relentlessly on reform, Bernardine spoke with the gentle, compassionate Heart of Jesus and that of his father Francis. Peace was his primary focus, and toward that aim, he journeyed to the far corners of Italy reconciling warring factions like the Guelphs and Ghibellines. The Guelphs were members of a political party that supported the authority of the Pope against the aristocratic party of the Ghibellines. The Ghibellines, in contrast to the Guelphs, supported the German emperors in Italy, who, hell bent on stealing all the Papal lands from the Papacy, challenged the authority of the Pope. Where all modes of diplomacy and compromise failed, Bernardine with his preaching of Peace and Love succeeded, bringing about reconciliation among the two warring factions. Bernardine carries the symbol of JesusAs Bernardine traveled, so did the Holy Name of Jesus. Everywhere he went, he persuaded the dignitaries of the different cities to take down the emblems of the warring factions from their buildings - their churches and palaces - and instead place on them the Holy Name of Jesus. And till today, you can see the initials IHS - the Holy Name of Jesus on all the buildings in Siena and Florence, just to mention a few.This symbol became his vanguard, as he paved the way for devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus. His preaching on the Holy Name of Jesus was so potent and caught on so quickly, he was asked to speak in city after city. When he spoke, he held a plaque with the emblem of the Holy Name of Jesus on it, in front of him; and with the passion of He, Whom it represented, Bernardine moved the hearts of everyone in the audience to desire the emblem. Soon the emblem was clamored for, to place not only on the outside of buildings, churches and etc., but on homes.Related itemsSupport the show
“All we can do now, is pray!”  When all else fails, when there is nothing left to do, we pray.  A last ditch effort; we’ve tried everything else; it’s out of our control; now all that is left is to pray.  Instead, we should begin by praying, recognizing that the most powerful tool we have is Prayer.Saint Paul said: “Put on the armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.  For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the Principalities and the Powers, against the world rulers of the present darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness on high.”Now, we are in the best of times; we are in the worst of times.  Our battle is not with humans, as St. Paul tells us.  It is truly a battle, possibly the final battle for our souls and those precious souls of our families.  What is the armor of God?  What better armor can you wear than that of the Virgin Mary?  Who did you run to when you were a child?  Wasn’t it to Mama?  We need our Mama.  I remember when I was a child, and I would have a nightmare.  Who did I run to?  My mother!  And what did she say?  “Did you pray before you fell asleep?”  Each time, I had forgotten to pray.  Then, when she sent me back to my bed with, “Now say your prayers and you won’t have any more bad dreams.” I really didn’t have too much confidence that it would work.  Although her reassuring words turned out to be prophecy, I never believed.  But, it always worked!Access all of our media online at one location Support the show
Our Lady of Akita - Mother Mary speaks to a Nun in Akita Japan 1973When Sister Agnes recounted the conversation with Our Lady in her journal, she made sure to point out that the voice of the Mother of God was so beautiful, it sounded like Angels singing from Heaven.  Our Lady spoke to her:"`My daughter, My novice, you have obeyed Me well in abandoning all to follow Me.  Is the infirmity of your ears painful?  Your deafness will be healed, be sure.  Be patient.  It is the last trial.  Does the wound in your hand cause you to suffer?  Pray in reparation for the sins of men.  Each person in this community is My irreplaceable daughter.  Do you say well the prayer of the Handmaids of the Eucharist?  Then let us pray it together.'"  When Sister Agnes began to pray, the Angel reappeared.  The three prayed together.  When Sister prayed,"Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,present in the Holy Eucharist,"Our Lady stopped her and asked her to insert the word Truly.  The Angel also included the word Truly Present in the Eucharist.From that time on, the prayer of the Handmaids of the Eucharist included the term "Truly Present in the Eucharist."Access all of our media online at one location Our Lady of Akita full textMarian ApparitionsOur PodcastsOur list of AudiobooksBob and Penny Lord WebsiteSupport the show
Our Lady of Fatima May 13

Our Lady of Fatima May 13


Bob and Penny Lord travel to Fatima, Portugal and then to the Cova da Iria where Mary appeared to the children. Browse our Lady of Fatima CoillectionThey discuss  Valinhos, and  Loca da Cabeco  as well as  Lucia’s well where the Angel appeared to the children in 1916.The apparitions at Fatima are internationally known and recognized apparitions of Our Lady.The most famous Apparition here was the Miracle of the Sun on October 13, 1917. Bob and Penny explain the events of the apparition at Fatima and the happenings outside the apparitions.Support the show
Although She appeared to be of royal estate, Her kindly demeanor toward him loosened his tongue and he replied, "I am taking some healing water from the Rio to my very sick relatives, who are dying."The Lady responded softly,"Then follow Me.  I will give you water to cure the disease.  It will cure not only your family, but all who drink of it.  My heart  is ever ready to help those who are ill, for I cannot bear to see their misfortune."Browse Our Collection about Our Lady of OcotlanSupport the show
Words from Heaven to us - Our Lady of Fatima ApparitionsThe children saw what they thought was a flash of lightning streak across the sky.  They were sure it meant that rain was coming.  But it was followed by complete silence.  No wind, not even a breeze broke the calm and quiet of the moment.  They were confused.  There were no clouds in the sky.  But it must have been lightning.  They had better get the flock to safety.  Another burst of light flew by them.  They couldn’t move.Then, gently, quietly, what seemed like a bubble of light rested on top of the holmoak tree in front of them, and Mary was there.  The most powerful message Mary had ever given the world was beginning.  Years later, Lucia described the scene,“It was a lady, clothed in white, brighter than the sun, radiating a light more clear and intense than a crystal cup filled with sparkling water, lit by burning sunlight.”Access all of our media online at one location mediaOur Lady of FatimaHow to Pray the RosaryThe Blessed Mother appears to a Harvard Professor and he is converted.Super  Saints AudiobooksSupport the show
Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal and the Conversion of an AtheistThe Conversion of RatisbonneThe most famous as well as dramatic account of a Miracle attributed to Our Lady’s intercession through the Miraculous Medal is that of Alphonse Ratisbonne. He was an Austrian Jew, very well off in material possessions, a man of the world. He harbored a great hatred for Catholics, and all things pertaining to the Catholic Church. This was due in part to the conversion of his older brother, George, to Catholicism. To make matters worse, he also became a priest. Alphonse never forgave his older brother, but blamed the Church for bewitching the man.17In retrospect, it becomes so obvious that the bizarre incidents leading up to the dramatic instance of Ratisbonne’s conversion could not possibly have been coincidence.Full Text versionMore about the Miraculous MedalAll about Mother Mary's Apparitions the show
When the Lord comes, people will be so busy running to the malls, trying to buy up happiness, they will miss Him and His salvation completely. Is that why Mother Mary keeps on appearing? These Marian Apparitions of Our Lady continue to weave a pattern of salvation if heeded or destruction if not. We do no listen!  Will you study the Marian Apparitions of Our Lady?Will you listen and respond?Pray the Rosary! Below is our List ofMarian Apparitions of Our Lady Our Lady of AkitaOur Lady of AltottingOur Lady of BanneuxOur Lady of BeauraingOur Lady of the CapeOur Lady of CzestochowaOur Lady of FatimaOur Lady of Good CounselOur Lady of GuadalupeOur Lady of KnockOur Lady of La SaletteOur Lady of LourdesOur Lady of LausOur Lady of Loreto and the Holy HouseOur Lady of the Miraculous MedalOur Lady of OcotlanOur Lady of Peace La Conquistadora NMOur Lady of PilarOur Lady of PompeiOur Lady of PontmainOur Lady of the RosaryOur Lady of TearsOur Lady of Siuliai - LithuaniaOur Lady Gate of Dawn - LithuaniaSupport the show
What Happens when we Turn Away From God! Our Lady of La SaletteLA SALETTE, 1846: OUR LADY WHO WEPThe visit of my Mary to earth on September 19, 1846 is usually referred to as OUR LADY OF TEARS or OUR LADY WHO WEPT.  We sometimes believe that the only reason she is not weeping all the time is because she has the Beatific Vision of her Magnificent Son to comfort her.  There’s an expression, “You can’t get hurt if you don’t stick your chin out”.  She always sticks her chin out.  She is always being hurt.  If we study the history of the world, in particular the 16th through the 19th centuries, we become alarmingly aware that we’ve hurt Mary very deeply.  However, very seldom do we ever hear her complain about the outrages committed against her.  During her apparition to St. Catherine Laboure, she cried because of the chastisement that would come to France, and to the Religious Orders.The irony of her visit to the two simple French children high above the tree line in La Salette, France, is that, again, the tears she shed were not for herself;  she cried for us, her children.  What an example she is, the suffering servant.  What a heart she has.  No wonder there is such devotion to her Immaculate Heart.  It is so big;  there’s enough room in her heart for the whole world.For Entire Text Click hereAccess all of our media online at one location Lady of La SaletteMany Faces of MarySupport the show
Pope Pius V

Pope Pius V


Pope Pius V was beatified one hundred years to the day after his death, on May 1, 1672, and was subsequently canonized forty years later on May 22, 1712.  History has told the story of this strong man, totally committed to his God, his Church, his religious order and his children, the people of God.  He has been found to be a powerful soldier of the Counter-Reformation.  He did what he did to stem the tide of Protestantism in the only way he knew how.  And the Church has honored and rewarded him by raising him to the Communion of Saints.  No greater reward can be given to a man of God.  We thank You, Lord Jesus, for giving us this great Defender of the Faith at a time when we needed him desperately.  Lord, we think You've given us a Pope Saint Pius V today in Pope John Paul II.  Please give him strength and health.  We need him.  Support the show
The Mystical Marriage of Saint Catherine of Siena to our Lord JesusAs Jesus was speaking, His mother entered the room. With her were Saint John the Apostle, St. Paul, Saint Dominic, and King David. We can see David dancing as he joyously accompanied them with his harp. Catherine’s walk, as with the other Saints we have studied, male and female, was to Jesus through His mother. Mother Mary took Catherine by the arm and gently placed the young virgin’s hand into the Hand of her Son, our Lord Jesus, asking Him humbly, and ceremoniously, to take Saint Catherine of Siena to Himself, in the Holiest of Matrimony. Jesus, the Most Handsome Bridegroom, smiling with only His Blinding Smile, took Catherine’s hand and placed on her finger, a gold ring with the purest pearls surrounding a brilliant diamond, which danced and glittered like the Star in the East must have the night He was born.“There. I marry you to Me in faith, to Me, your Creator and Savior. Keep this faith unspotted until you come to Me in Heaven and celebrate the marriage that has no end. From this time forward, daughter, act firmly and decisively in everything that in My Providence I shall ask you to do. Armed as you are with the strength of faith, you will overcome all your enemies and be happy.”Having spoken, Jesus, with His Mother and the heavenly witnesses, left Catherine. With her ring as proof she had really been married to Her One True Love (although she was the only one who could see it), Catherine was strengthened to withstand all the persecution that lay ahead. She shamefully admitted that even she was not able to see the ring, when she had offended her Lord and needed to go to confession. I wonder how many gifts we cannot see, because believing the evil one and his lie that there is no sin, we are in a state of sin and no longer have that gift of peace and joy, that comes from Reconciliation with the Lord.Saint Catherine of Siena did as most newlyweds do, except the faraway place, she chose for their honeymoon, was not one of a romantic spot on some deserted island, but it was an island, quiet, with no one or nothing to distract her from learning from her Spouse. She listened and asked questions, her whole mind and heart intent on what wisdom the Master was imparting to her, His Bride. She achieved her greatest moment of unity with Jesus after she received Him in the Eucharist. At that moment, when Jesus was physically Present to Catherine, she felt her soul soaring up to Heaven, experiencing all the exquisite wonders there, with the Lord as her Guide and Host.But as we mortals know, honeymoons come to an end. In Marriage Encounter, we learn first there is the courtship, then the honeymoon, then the disillusionment, then the living out of the Sacrament of Matrimony. Catherine’s honeymoon, not unlike ours, had to come to an end, so their new life could begin.One afternoon, Jesus spoke to Catherine of the future, how He wanted her to live out the two most special commandments He had given us, to love God and to love neighbor. The second was the hard one. She had been so happy loving Him. There was one fear she had, which had always held her back from any human relationships; that was loving humans at the expense of being wholly faithful to her Lord. As we know, we can trust in God, but humans are only too willing to show us we cannot trust in them. This was probably another major stumbling block she envisioned, as He gently laid out His Plan, His Work for her. She thought of the possible rejection. She protested that she did not know how to love her neighbor. She had kept that love for her Lord safely tucked away, just for Him, from the first time He had appeared to her when she was six years old. She had forgotten her great capacity to love her brothers and sisters, how they and their souls had beenSupport the show
The life of Saint Louis Marie de MontfortThe writings of St. Louis Marie de Montfort have left such a mighty impact on those who follow, that in these, the Last Days of the Twentieth century of the Second Millennium, thousands upon thousands of the Faithful have been making a “Total Consecration to Mary” through his “True Devotion to Mary.” Come with us now, as we share the life of one of Mary’s heroes, one of our Powerful men in the Church.Mary’s sends a light to shine in the DarknessAccess all of our media online at one location Saint Louis Marie de MontfortSupport the show
Visit Marty Rotella's website the show
Saint Gaspar del Bufalo stood up against the powers of evil, which in his day was Napoleon Bonaparte.Founder of the Missionaries of the Most Precious BloodMore about Saint GasparHis famous words. "I cannot, I must not and I will not!"Apostle of the devotion to the Precious Blood, was born in Rome on January 6, 1786.As a devoted priest Saint Gaspar del Bufalo he revived the works of the apostolate in Rome and later became a dedicated missionary. In his missionary travels of Italy he invited the faithful to reflect upon and to adore the Precious Blood of Christ.In the year 1815 he founded the Congregation of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood.Support the show
The account of how the Sacred Heart Devotion was given to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque. Journey to Paray-le-Monial to the Convent of the Visitation where St. Margaret Mary Alacoque received apparitions of Jesus, where He showed her His Sacred Heart, and gave her the promises of the Sacred Heart. Learn about St. Claude Colombiere and how he, along with St. Margaret Mary, was responsible for our devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.Support the show
Listen to the description of the world at the time of Saint Philip Neri and compare to our present times!Apostle of RomeIn the time of Saint Philip Neri, the Church was at a low point.  Renaissance had taken its toll on the spirituality of most religious in Rome.  The Medicis controlled the College of Cardinals.  Choice candidates became princes of the land, rather than of the Church.  The writings had become   extremely secular and pagan.  Morals and morale were at an all-time low.  Severe abuses were occurring, as a result of giving into the worldliness of Renaissance, and all it stood for.  Everybody knew all about these abuses, but nobody did anything about them.  [Is this not happening today?] Access all of our media online at one location of the SaintsVisions of Heaven Hell and Purgatory Best SellerSaint Philip NeriSupport the show
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