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So you're asking yourself, "Do you really need a niche on Instagram?" My answer: No! Today, we are addressing one of the hottest topics in business, marketing, and Instagram and that is: Do you need to have a niche? In this episode, I’ll tackle the concept of niching down on social media and I’ll show you how to build a strategy that allows you to talk about your different interests while still being strategic in what you choose to post. I’ll also break down why it’s recommended to have a niche, why this doesn’t always work, and all things content pillars including what they are, what they aren’t, and where to use them. Keep listening to find out what you should be doing instead and don’t forget that you can also catch this episode on my YouTube channel here!  Check out my Instagram Confidence Accelerator here and don’t forget to also check out the Cubicle to CEO Podcast! SHOW NOTES CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram Shine with Natasha Website  
Taylor Loren is a social & content marketing strategist with 13+ years of experience building brands online. As a course creator, she is helping the next generation of marketers grow their careers through education like The Reels Course! Taylor was previously Head of Marketing at Girlboss and, and her viral TikToks and Reels have racked up over 55 million views. In this episode, Taylor will recap her career journey including how it led her to her first year of entrepreneurship full-time in 2021. In addition, Taylor will share some of the biggest lessons she’s learned during her time at Later and Girl Boss that she now applies to her own business, content, and life. Besides this, we’ll chat about Taylor’s team building, how she’s finding balance in her life, and why slow growth may be beneficial for your business. Last but not least, we’ll talk about viral growth, reels vs. TikTok, and mental health and social media. Keep listening to hear more from Taylor! SHOW NOTES CONNECT WITH TAYLOR: On Instagram: @taylor.loren & @reelstips Website: CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram Shine with Natasha Website
Named one of the top small business experts to watch in 2018 and the founder of one of the top websites for solopreneurs in 2020, Jessica Rasdall is helping small business owners scale their impact and income through tried-and-tested communication strategies. As a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and host of The Speak to Scale Podcast, Jessica partners with small business owners to help them scale their business (and impact) from the stage. Jessica has shared her story of turning her “mess into a message” for 15 years and has been featured on major international media outlets such as ABC's 20/20, Katie Couric, The Guardian, MTV, Netflix, and many more. Today, Jessica is fiercely dedicated to helping small business owners craft presentations and speaking strategies that connect with their audience and scale their business from the stage. When she’s not handcrafting presentations for industry experts, she’s homeschooling her children in sunny Florida. In this episode, Jessica will talk to us about what a speaking stage can be and how speaking can help scale our brands including the different types of speaking. Besides this, we’ll chat about all of the struggles that come with pricing, figuring out what to charge for your speaking, and ensuring that you are getting what you deserve for your effort. On the flip side, we’ll discuss the importance of putting in the work to ensure you’re delivering a talk that’s worthy of the price you’ve asked for, pitching and selling from the stage, and navigating speaking inquiries. Last but not least, Jessica will give us some tips on dealing with nerves. Keep listening to hear Jessica’s tips for growing your business with speaking! This episode is brought to you by my Instagram Authority Mastermind! Apply here. SHOW NOTES CONNECT WITH JESSICA: On Instagram: @jessicarasdall Website: CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram Shine with Natasha Website
Today I’m sharing with you a deep dive into the Shine With Natasha team! This was a very highly requested episode, so I wanted to pull back the curtain and talk more about the team that I love so much and that has truly helped me grow and scale my business while also being able to work less. As the visionary, CEO, and talent, my incredible team has allowed me to use my time and energy in the place that I need most and I’m so grateful for each and every one of them. In this episode, I’m going to be discussing my hiring journey including why I tend to gravitate towards a lean team, lessons I’ve learned from hiring, and tips for nailing your team dynamic. Besides this, I’ll give a team breakdown including who my team members are, what they do. and how they get paid as well as the main tools we use. Keep listening to get the inside scoop on the SWN team! SHOW NOTES CONNECT WITH ME:  Instagram Shine with Natasha Website
Today, I’m breaking down how to use Instagram to book your next speaking gig (no pitching required)! Whether you're looking to become a paid speaker, speak at a conference, or land your first speaking gig, this episode will give you tips and tricks to help you book speaking gigs by leveraging all the surfaces and tools that Instagram has to offer including your bio, profile, and more - no prior speaking experience required. Keep listening as I dive into the various ways Instagram can help you land your next speaking gig. You can also check out my YouTube video on using Instagram to book your next speaking gig here! This episode is brought to you by my Instagram Authority Mastermind! Join here. SHOW NOTES CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram Shine with Natasha Website
Bold entrepreneur and savvy business coach, Erin Winters-White of Erin On Demand is a Brand & Content Strategist who coaches top influencers and entrepreneurs on how to leverage their audiences into profitable businesses. Erin has organically grown her YouTube channel to nearly 300K subscribers and her Instagram following to over 55K in just two and a half years. She has partnered with brands such as Target, Google, GoDaddy, Office Depot/Office Max, amongst others. Erin On Demand also has a subscription-based membership club, the eBrand Club, with over 700 entrepreneurs who are growing their brands into full-time businesses and is now launching her highly-anticipated course, Creator to CEO, which will teach creators how to turn their platform into a high-earning product or service-based business. In this episode, Erin will let us in on her journey from content creator to CEO and using joy as a benchmark for deciding when to pivot her business. Besides this, we’ll chat about making business goals that are rooted in the lifestyle you want while also ensuring your dreams are not dictated by where you are now and the complexities of working with family. Erin will also talk about launching her first physical product which led to her finding an office space and having to deal with customer service and fulfilling orders. Last but not least, Erin will share her tips for those who are determined to turn their content creation into a business and attracting opportunities like #YouTubeSmallBizDay and Girl Boss Workshop. Keep listening to hear more about creating your brand vision to scale. This episode is brought to you by my Instagram Authority Mastermind - be the first to know when I announce the summer 2022 cohort here. SHOW NOTES CONNECT WITH ERIN: On Instagram: @erinondemand On YouTube: erinondemand Website: CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram Shine with Natasha Website
Today, I’m spilling the Instagram tea and reacting to the most common myths, hacks, and Instagram strategies that I often get asked about as an experienced Instagram educator, strategist, and former social media manager. Do they work? Are they worth your time and energy? In this episode, I’ll dive into all things hashtags, ads, engagement hacks, and so much more. Keep listening as I debunk all of these Instagram myths so that you know where to invest your time and energy. You can also check out my YouTube video on debunking Instagram myths here! SHOW NOTES CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram Shine with Natasha Website
With comprehensive experience in marketing and advertising, Shannon Matson prides herself on helping others structure and market their businesses for exceptional growth. Her career began in the corporate world where she held titles such as V.P. of Marketing for a global publishing company and National Director of Sales & Marketing for a fitness franchise. These varying industries and accreditations – from pursuing continued education credits in copywriting, utilized to write weekly articles for Forbes and, to becoming Google Adwords certified – speak to her hunger for driving traffic and conversions to remarkable brands. These roles brought her to opportunities with L’Oreal, Access Hollywood and The Ellen Degeneres Show, with marketing access to Kendra Wilkinson, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez. Now, Shannon is the CEO and Founder of The Social Bungalow, an education + media company that helps entrepreneurs structure ingenious online businesses, as well as Bungalow Coffee, a 2,500 square feet coffee café in the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District. In this episode, Shannon will talk a bit about her life prior to The Social Bungalow while also sharing a behind-the-scenes look at launching Bungalow Coffee. We’ll also chat about what makes a successful product suite including Shannon’s product suite philosophy, unpopular Instagram marketing tactics, and how to navigate live launching versus evergreen funnels. Plus, Shannon will share some of her tips for boosting sales on social media as well as creating content that converts your audience and so much more! Keep listening to hear how Shannon is mastering content marketing on and off Instagram. SHOW NOTES This episode is brought to you by my brand new program, the Instagram Confidence Accelerator. CONNECT WITH SHANNON: On Instagram @thesocialbungalow Website: CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram Shine with Natasha Website
Gabriella Layne-Avery is a Content Strategist & Creative Director who helps women business owners work smarter, not harder to create strategic content that sells their brand stories on social media. Kickstarting her career as a contributing writer for fashion & lifestyle magazines, Gabriella brings her savvy for crafting newsworthy stories to her approach to developing content strategies for premier online communities including PR Girl Manifesto and PR Couture. Known for coining the term “sustainable social media,” she believes it’s 100% possible for women business owners to leverage social media to cultivate engaged, loyal communities for their brands without spending 24/7 doing so. In this episode, Gabriella will give us some background knowledge on how she started her business and what she currently offers her clients. We’ll also chat about understanding how your creativity works when it comes to creating content, figuring out what your special sauce is, curating your social media experience, and so much more! Plus, Gabriella will share some Instagram styles and trends that she thinks are working well for brands as well as her advice for maintaining sustainability and consistency. Keep listening to hear how Gabriella leverages social media to help brands grow while avoiding burnout. SHOW NOTES This episode is brought to you by my Instagram Growth Webinar happening on Feb. 8th at 12pm EST. CONNECT WITH GABRIELLA: On Instagram @struttosuccess On Twitter @thatgabbystrut Website: CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram Shine with Natasha Website
Today I’m sharing with you the Instagram algorithm updates you need to know going into 2022! Learning how the algorithm works can be beneficial for your strategy and that’s why I’m going to be breaking down the 2022 algorithm as well as how the Instagram feed is shifting and changing this year.   In this episode, I'm going to be discussing how the IG algorithm works, updates to the IG algorithm taking place this year, and how this will affect YOU as a content creator on the platform. If you want to learn how to grow on Instagram in 2022, then keep listening because this episode is for you. You can also check out my YouTube video on Instagram’s algorithm updates in 2022 here! SHOW NOTES  This episode is brought to you by my new Instagram Confidence Accelerator, coming soon. Join the waitlist now! CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram Shine with Natasha Website
Audrey Saccone is a course launching expert and the founder of Audrey Digital, a full-service launch management company. After working for five and a half years in the non-profit sector, Audrey moved into the online marketing space, where she has worked for major players like Marie Forleo and Sophia Amoruso. She takes the tried-and-true methods she's learned from working with the best - coupled with a healthy dose of resourcefulness - to help established entrepreneurs find success with tools and strategies that work and are most authentic to them. In this episode, I chat with Audrey about all things launching, including launch strategies, automation, and marketing ops. She will share her expertise on common mistakes she sees business owners make during launches, why she starts the launch process so early, what stage is most important to her, tactics she thinks no longer work, tactics that are underrated, and much more. Plus, Audrey will delve into how she got to where she is with her business. Keep listening to hear Audrey’s tips on how to best leverage your resources while launching! SHOW NOTES  CONNECT WITH AUDREY:  On Instagram @launchbff Website:  CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram Shine with Natasha Website
Welcome to the first episode of season 3 of The Shine Online Podcast! I am so excited to be back and to kick off a new season with one of my favourite types of episodes: A 2021 Year in Review! I’m going to be pulling back the curtains and showing you the numbers of our business. This is something I did last year and while it is very vulnerable, I think it is necessary, important, and even fun to look back in order to be able to grow and scale my business going forward. It also gives you guys a little look inside my business, what goes into it, and what we get out of it. In this episode I’ll go over our income and expenses, what worked for us in 2021 vs. what didn’t, and I’ll give an overview of our goals for 2022. Keep listening as I share with you what 2021 looked like for my business! SHOW NOTES CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram Shine with Natasha Website
Welcome to the final episode of Season 2! But don’t worry, this is not a goodbye, it’s a see you later. We’re taking a longer break than last year to prepare for Season 3. We have a lot of exciting things planned and we just want to make sure that we have all the time we need to make it amazing for you. This podcast is my absolute favorite thing to do in my business (shh, don’t tell Instagram!) and if you’ve enjoyed this season as much as I have, I’d appreciate any reviews you’d like to share. And stay tuned on Instagram for updates and to see behind the scenes of our projects. Thank you so much for your support and I can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got up our sleeves. See you in 2022! SHOW NOTES CONNECT WITH ME My website: On Instagram @shinewithnatasha
Today I have a very special guest for you who carries many titles. I’m bringing Marlin, my Fiancé and Operations Manager, back on the podcast to answer your most asked questions about what it’s really like working together.  In this episode, we answer your juicy questions about boundaries, what has surprised us the most about working together, what works well for us and what we still struggle with, and so much more. Tune in to hear how we went from thinking we’d never end up working together to now running this business full-time together. This episode feels extra special as we’re nearing the end of Season 2. Keep an eye out for the Season 2 Finale and if you’ve missed any episodes, feel free to go back and binge them all to help you shine even brighter! SHOW NOTES This episode is sponsored by my Sunshine Letters! Click here to subscribe to our weekly newsletter. CONNECT WITH ME My website: On Instagram @shinewithnatasha
In today’s episode, I’m sharing my main gems around my client experience using what I’ve learned in four years of business. I’ve touched on this in previous episodes about being a service provider, but today I break down the elements I’ve incorporated into my client experience and the tools I use to better serve and support my clients. In this episode, I go over how my processes have evolved along with my business, the importance of branding, and why intention matters more than the actual tools. From contracts and templates to gifts and automation, I hope this episode inspires you and leaves you with lots of great ideas to start implementing in your business today! If you enjoyed this type of solo episode, please make sure to tell me on Instagram by tagging me @shinewithnatasha in a story of you tuning in! SHOW NOTES This episode is sponsored by my Sunshine Letters! Click here to subscribe to our weekly newsletter. CONNECT WITH ME My website: On Instagram @shinewithnatasha
You asked, so I’m here to answer all of your questions about Instagram Reels. In this episode, we’re celebrating the 1st anniversary of Reels coming to Instagram in August 2020. That means I’m celebrating a Reels anniversary of my own, one year of the 30 Day Reels Challenge. If you don’t know what the 30 Days Reels Challenge is, it started as an experiment with a friend to see what it would look like if we shared 30 prompts over 30 days (and posted Reels for them). We brought 2,000 entrepreneurs along for what turned out to be quite a wild ride. We all collectively learned and grew so much. From content creation and scheduling to insights and using Reels to sell your service or product, listen in as I share what I’ve learned, along with some fun guests, this past year about Reels. This episode is sponsored by the newly revamped Reels Challenge 2.0 Ebook. This self-paced Ebook gives you access to 60 detailed prompts from the original challenge, so you know exactly what to say on Instagram Reels.  And in honor of its anniversary, you’ll get an additional 40 new prompts to celebrate. You’ll find fun resources like a planning template, a Reels checklist training, and an editing tutorial from launching to product businesses to everything in between. If you’re listening the week it goes live, head over to Instagram where we’re celebrating and get the new ebook as part of a fantastic birthday bundle with access to 30 additional courses and resources. SHOW NOTES CONNECT WITH MANU: On Instagram @YourSocialTeam CONNECT WITH LUCY: On Instagram @CreatingWithLucy CONNECT WITH LISSETTE: On Instagram @LisetteCalv and @InfluenceWithImpact CONNECT WITH SUNNY: On Instagram @SunnyJunebug  CONNECT WITH ME: On Instagram @ShineWithNatasha On
Michael Moore is a video strategist helping online business owners attract the right clients with high-converting video content. He is on a mission to get more people to share their message on video so they can have more impact and more income. In this episode, I chat with Michael Carl Moore, a video expert with over 11 years of experience. For Michael, nothing can replace the human connection, but video is the next best thing. His mission is to help you show up confidently on camera so you can share your message because it matters.  He believes that there are people who want to hear what you have to say, and the best way to get them to listen, to leave an impact, is through video. Whether you’ve been creating video content for a while or are struggling just to get started, there’s something in this episode for you. From overcoming mental blocks to tips and tricks when filming, listen to our chat to create more authentic, engaging, and converting video content today. SHOW NOTES This episode is brought to you by Hot Instagram Summer! Grab your spot HERE. CONNECT WITH MICHAEL On Instagram @michaelcarlmoore CONNECT WITH ME My website: On Instagram @shinewithnatasha
Karsen is bi-polar business owner, wife, daughter, sister and friend. She's passionate about mental health, marketing, community-building and her personal favorite: celebrating the big and small things in life. By day you can find her helping small business owning gals market what they do like a pro and by night you can find her reading a good book in my bubble bath while sipping a glass of pink wine. Karsen is back for another episode of the podcast. She’s my go-to copywriter and she has so much to share with us. Karsen and I chat about her framework for crafting your messaging, how to speak your ideal clients’ language, and creating offers to fit your clients’ needs. She gives a complete rundown of how to execute your beginner sales funnel – from messaging to sales page to sales campaign. She also shares how you could be missing out on 75% of your buyers, how to “date” your ideal clients and get them to commit to you, and all the tips for why her newsletters are the best of the best! SHOW NOTES This episode is brought to you by Hot Instagram Summer! Grab your spot HERE. CONNECT WITH KARSEN On Instagram CONNECT WITH ME My website: On Instagram @shinewithnatasha
Taylor Graham received her major in Advertising and Promotion from Western Michigan University. During her senior year she created her business, Socially Taylored, which is a boutique social media agency based in Detroit, Michigan. Socially Taylored specializes in helping online entrepreneurs automate and scale their digital course, podcast, and coaching program launches by leveraging the power of paid ads. For the first time, our episode is a recorded session from Clubhouse and Taylor and I chat about all things ads for social media. After what she calls a quarter life crisis during her time at a corporate ad agency, Taylor started her own freelance agency. During our conversation, she shares how her corporate experience taught her so much, the way she uses her previous experience with her clients now, how to use ads effectively to accomplish your goal, what pieces of your business should be in place before incorporating ads, where to learn how to run ads, and the lead time your ad strategist needs for your launch. At the end of the episode Taylor pours her heart out about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. If you’re interested to know more about ads and implementing them into your business, this episode is for you! SHOW NOTES This episode is brought to you by Hot Instagram Summer! Grab your spot HERE. CONNECT WITH TAYLOR On Instagram @taylorgrahambiz and @sociallytaylored CONNECT WITH ME My website: On Instagram @shinewithnatasha
In today’s episode I’m sharing what is working on Instagram right now and where to really focus the content you’re creating for your brand. A lot of what I talk about is from the announcements and key takeaways that were shared at Creator Week, which was hosted in June to share insights and tips around some of the most frequently asked questions. I also share some quick tips around the things that have been performing really well on Instagram and where you might want to focus your energy! In this episode I give the run down for the algorithms on each of the 5 services of Instagram, the three main categories of the algorithms, how you can earn money by going Live, the best way to post on the Feed, and the most effective use of music in your Reels. You’re definitely going to want to take notes on this one! SHOW NOTES This episode is brought to you by Hot Instagram Summer! Grab your spot HERE. CONNECT WITH ME My website: On Instagram @shinewithnatasha
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