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The Weekly Trend

Author: David Zarling, Ian McMillan

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The Weekly Trend is a conversation on various publicly-traded markets, seen through the eyes of technical analysis.
97 Episodes
In this week's episode, David and Ian discuss the unfortunate look of November monthly candles, the failed breakout in the Russell 2000, and the overall bearish weight of evidence that has come over the market in the last couple of weeks.
In this week's episode, David and Ian discuss the confirming strength in Large Cap Growth stocks, the strong US Dollar, and the "million dollar" question: Will the retest hold for the Russell 2000? Also, Crude is revisiting an important level. Where can we look outside of Tech? All these topics and more on this week's episode!
In this week's episode, Ian and David discuss the breakout in the US Dollar, precious metals and miners, Retail, and Solar. Ian covers the recent winners and losers in regards to relative strength. Dave gives his thoughts on year-end seasonality. What's going on under the surface in Industrials? Is 'window dressing' real? All these topics and more on this week's episode of 'The Weekly Trend'!
Episode 092: WAGMI

Episode 092: WAGMI


In this week's episode, Ian and David discuss the upside resolution we have seen from Small Caps, the reversal in Treasuries, and inflation. Dave gives his thoughts on Moderna and the potential news that may be coming. Ian covers the crypto landscape.
In this weeks episode, Ian and David discuss the emerging strength in Mega and Large Cap Growth, Solar stocks, and both the good and bad sides of breadth. Ian discusses the mindset of taking each chart on it's own merit. Dave gives his thoughts on Monthly candles. 
In this week's episode, Dave and Ian are joined by friend and fellow CMT Dan Gorghuber. The three discuss recent areas of strength, including Banks and Transports. Ian covers some of the most important topics from his client presentation, and Dave gives his thoughts on the new Bitcoin ETF that was launched this week and what it could mean for that asset class.
In this weeks episode, Ian and David discuss the recent surge in breath that could finally push markets “over the hump”,  interest rates stalling, and the surge in cryptocurrencies. Ian covers the spotty strength overseas. David gives his thoughts on the strength from base metals. Plus, what does it mean when the “should happen” doesn’t happen? 
In this week's episode, David and Ian cover the drawdowns seen in individual stocks over the last few months, Cyclical sectors, and stats behind the compression we have seen out of Small Caps. Will interest rates keep rising with the Dollar? Will Growth bring the market down? Plus, hot takes on the NLDS between the Brewers and Braves. 
In this weeks episode, David and Ian discuss the recent uptick in market “noise”, surging Commodity prices, and similarities to 2011. In the second portion of the podcast, they discuss September Monthly candles, the VIX in the late 1990s, and end of year seasonality.
In this week's episode, David and Ian discuss how it's more of the same from small caps, breadth, rates, and the Dollar. They also discuss how materials and industrials look the weakest, steel stocks, and the Satoshi Statue in Hungary. 
In this week's episode, David and Ian discuss how small caps are still within a trading range, the compression in treasuries/rates, lack of movement from Banks, and Japanese equities. They also discuss the most recent crypto tantrum and the 20th anniversary of 9/11. 
Episode 084: Rock On

Episode 084: Rock On


In this week’s episode, David and Ian highlight the improved participation of stocks overall, demand for risk-on instruments, and the potential Dollar tailwind for many asset classes, including Crypto. David discusses a forgotten commodity and Ian reviews important Fibonacci extension concepts. This pre-Labor Day Weekend episode is one you won't want to miss.
Episode 083: Good Day

Episode 083: Good Day


In this week’s episode, David and Ian discuss the continued focus on the US Dollar, Cybersecurity stocks, the Gambling industry, and Small Cap Growth. Ian gives his thoughts on the “impossibilities” of predictions and David points to some bullish hints from the Fixed Income space.    
Episode 082: Meta

Episode 082: Meta


In this week’s episode, Ian and David discuss the continued indecision in equity markets, the recent resurgence in cryptocurrencies, and the US Dollar. Emerging Markets continue their decline, while Utilities could be on the verge of a new relative uptrend. Also, we ask the question: Why are investors moving towards Mega Cap names? All this, and more, on this week’s episode of “The Weekly Trend”!   
In this episode, Ian and Dave give Commodities their due time. Base Metals. Industrial Metals. Precious Metals. Energy. Grains. Not all commodities are the same. They discuss how markets and access have changed for the better over past generations. Ian talks about a potential re-emergence of an old theme from 2020. Dave talks about the importance of finding strength during corrections. And informative price levels are identified in a very important index.
In this week’s episode, Ian discusses the continued lagging performance from Value stocks, the strength from Semiconductors, a potential resurgence in Cryptocurrencies, and where we can look within the Industrials sector for relative strength. Ian also explains what some of the equal-weighted indices might be telling us, along with what areas outside of the US look good. Are credit spreads and the lack of strength from High Yield bonds sending a warning? Also, what can we learn from the sentiment around the short ARKK ETF and the HOOD IPO?
In this week's episode, David and Ian discuss market breadth, all time highs for the S&P 500 and the Dow, with a lacking participation from the Russell 2000 and international equities. Ian discusses how important it is to keep an open mind, how you must be willing to change your mind when it comes to markets, and the power of relative strength. David and Ian also discuss the weakening dollar and recent strength from commodities, as well as how Large Cap Growth vs Small Cap Value is possibly running into an area of resistance. 
In this week's episode, David and Ian discuss the continued build-up of red flags, Utilities and Staples, and 2nd half seasonality. Dave gives examples of pair trades that have worked in previous market corrections and VIX/VVIX. Ian shares his thoughts on the “HODL” mindset and the evidence of weakness amongst reverse- and equal-weighted indices.
In this week's episode, David and Ian discuss weakness in Foreign stocks, Mega Caps, longer-term views of the major indices, and precious metals. 
In this week's episode, David and Ian discuss the thin market and participation we are seeing, foreign stocks, FAATMAN, and Q3 seasonality. David takes a deep dive into MA breadth and Ian gives his thoughts on Mega Caps. Also, what is VIX telling us? There are lots of mixed signals in the market, maybe the most since 2015. So, where do we go from here? Let's talk about it!
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Jimmy Boombats

I've listened to a few episodes and it's a good useful podcast but the one guy cuts off the other guy constantly......talks over him and it is kind of annoying. Just try to let each other finish before starting to talk.

Sep 9th
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