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A Podcast designed to elevate yourself and those around you.
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We went all over the globe, became artisans, artists, race car drivers, checked our anxiety at the door, and traveled in time to relive and recount profound moments. This season took us everywhere and made us feel every emotion anew again. And the same way we began this season coming together on a trip to Thailand for a destination wedding, we end this season with a trip to different destinations of time and places. We get handed bus passes to Jay's journals to listen to stories of philanthropy small and big, from making friends with the friendless to teaching kids to surf 10,000 miles away from home, and grieving the birth of 26 angels.No angles here, just real stories in going the extra mile to reach out and give back. After all, we are all on this delicate rock together.Thank you for an amazing season, and we look forward to the next season.Visit to see photos of kids in Rwanda holding up their healthcare cards, a before and after comparison of drinking water in Tanzania, the Newtown Banners created by the Orange County community, Jay's Probation Center Badge, and images of monthly soup kitchen shifts.To further understand Jay’s journeys, the entire collection of the South Africa and Stockholm journals can be found at 
#13: Good Gone Viral

#13: Good Gone Viral


During these times, there’s a natural inclination to look inward and focus on protecting one’s self. After all, we’re taught to put the oxygen mask on ourselves before helping others. Yet as we distance ourselves from one another, it’s important to realize that we are now more connected than ever… and there is strength in numbers.As we work to do what’s best for ourselves, our families, and our friends, let’s also do our best to focus the lens outward. When you’re unable to dine at your favorite restaurant, what happens to that business owner and their staff? When you cancel your group fitness class, what happens to that instructor’s income? If you’re able, maybe pay for that scheduled appointment that got cancelled. Or...if possible, take care of your landlord sooner knowing he/she may not be able to collect payment from’s all a domino effect.If we all zoom out for a second, we may be able to self-audit our resources and perhaps realize we have enough. Maybe even enough to notice we might have the power to help someone else in need. Sure, it might be scary. But I can promise you, it’ll be worth it. No one ever went broke from giving.Jay, Jeff, and the Client Giant family are committed to doing what we can to go outside the scope of what’s expected. If you, a family member, a friend, or a distant acquaintance are going through a dire time right now, we want to know. Maybe we can help.Please email us the details at and we will be spending this week doing what we do best in trying to help. Stay healthy, stay safe. This too shall pass.
On today's episode, Jay grabs the verbal chef knife and puts branded gifts on the chopping block. We take a dash of sarcasm, a pinch of wit, and throw it all in the pot set to high. This episode puts the purity of your branded gifts on the grillLet's see how well they cook and ask if anyone wants a dish of your name on their plate.Link to see Jeff's shoes:
Ah. The good old days when you could just walk into a Blockbuster Video, grab the hottest Jim Carrey movie on VHS, pick up some popcorn, and graduate with a degree in marketing techniques that are 20 years ahead of their time. No, this isn't fiction and these things don't only happen in the movies. On today's episode, Jeff gives us a table read of the masterclass that was put on by an unexpected source as he was walking into a Blockbuster Video. Ingredients contain a dash of nostalgia to test your memory and your ears so put your learning cap on!  Take notes from this charming lesson in marketing that sticks.
Just as creating massive craters can be done with small rocks, changing the world can be done by holding the door for someone, or paying for the drinks for the people behind you at the drive-thru. The effect of good deeds doesn't stop at your participation, their intention and will carries to the next like a good vibe virus. Everyone wants to feel good, special, and when anyone shares their good deed, we want to share that currency with everyone. It's the simple nature of human reciprocity.On today's episode, Jay shares the smallest gesture someone gave him that still has him talking 13 years later. Grab your forks and pot pie, and hop aboard. We're going up. 
On today's episode of The Lift, Jeff Jackel gives us the run down on how everyone seemingly becoming pregnant was the ticket to teaching empathy, and utilizing this strange phenomena to connect with people.Grab a drink and some popcorn and up the dial, this episode will have you seeing things differently in the span of 15 minutes. (Literally)
Today, on The Lift, Jay invites us over for Thanksgiving Dinner with his family, we get a bit of anxiety in anticipation for a vacation, and take a moment for the maker of moments: The Process. This episode is intimate in various ways and has a whipped cream fight waiting for you.Hop aboard. What floor?
#7: How'd She Handle?

#7: How'd She Handle?


It's a perfect day in Southern California to go out in a brand new Corvette, hit a highway, and make the speedometer light up like a scoreboard, all while evading police and having a gun drawn on you. But as Jeff recounts, his run in with the law didn't end as a lesson on how not to act like a juvenile, but became a chapter in the Eloping with Risk handbook. Skip the police and live vicariously through this episode. Going up with the top down!Share your experiences. Ask us questions. Give us feedback:
What do you do when you're in a country 4,400 miles away from home and you're surrounded by a mob of strangers, with knives for eyes gift you the uncertain stare of death? Easy, you learn the way to treat people. On today's episode, Jay tells his us why always prospecting for new customers to grow your mountain of business might slowly erode it the way water carves down canyons with ease.Share your experiences. Ask us questions. Give us feedback:
Jeff Jackel hits the chalkboard and shares his thoughts on what the term 'innovation' means and gives us a history lesson that would give Reading Rainbow a run for its money.  He hands us a First Class Ticket for a flight to a mountain top view of everything we humans have accomplished. We traverse through centuries & oceans and play doctor to diagnose quotes that are probably older than the house you currently live in, digging for other possible meanings.Share your experiences. Ask us questions. Give us feedback:
Who would have known that a dog would leave his prints in more places than the tile in the kitchen? More than just hair on your couch or mud stains on your floor. Come aboard and be enamored by Jay’s story about his pup, catharsis, and what it meant to him both personally and professionally.hare your experiences. Ask us questions. Give us feedback:
Don't be reckless with your bricks. Keep them, stack them, carefully place your concrete on them. What you build with them is your legacy. Will it stand the ultimate test of time? Or will it crumble under the sun and fade into yesterday? Each brick is only a moment of time, but those moments last an eternity.Share your experiences. Ask us questions. Give us feedback:
Welcome aboard. What floor? Listen to Jay relate the car-buying process to the fear of a stranger killing you. This episode is for salespeople and consumers alike. No need to stockpile the shields or buy every online course outlining how to “Win Every Negotiation.” You can’t shake anyone’s hand if you always have your guard up.Share your experiences. Ask us questions. Give us feedback:
Ok, so maybe Grandpa had more talent in his middle finger than you. That doesn't mean you shouldn't go back to art school. Grab your brush, canvas, and your CRM.Welcome aboard!Share your experiences. Ask us questions. Give us feedback:
"Steve, this is my formal notice. Sometimes, priorities have a way of becoming crystal clear through certain moments". Today we go from Long Beach, San Diego, and cross oceans to celebrate a wedding in Thailand which sparked a quest to selflessly recreate the experience of untethered hospitality and all the emotions that come with it. What began as an invitation to a wedding ended up becoming Jay's Raison D'etre. Welcome to the Lift. Going up?See Jay's tattoo be put to the test with a machete to his back: Share your experience and ask us questions!
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