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Explore visibility and the art of owning your power as you align your brand. Host and Flaunt Your Fire CEO India Jackson has conversations that disrupt industry standards and defy stale marketing advice. If you are ready to amplify your influence and create lasting impact, you are in the right place.
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Erica and India discuss their intentions for the shows Pause on the Play® and Flaunt Your Fire®.  After nearly 300 combined episodes, they pause to explore how to use them as continued resources and how to stay in the loop about future projects.Ready to dive deeper?Keep in touch and find out what we’re up to at
It’s increasingly common for people with traditional jobs to be building their own businesses and brands outside of their regular working hours. But when you have a traditional job, it can sometimes be difficult to assess how and where to show up publicly. This can be especially true if you work in a field like government or law enforcement.Officer Kenny Dean joins India to discuss how he started and evolved his social media presence and developed his podcast while actively working in law enforcement.In this discussion:Why Officer Dean felt that it was the right time to clarify and demystify police work for the publicHow he approaches hosting his show while balancing the needs of his departmentOfficer Dean’s advice for building an audience while respecting your day jobConnect with Officer Kenny Dean:Let’s Talk Law Enforcement PeriodInstagram: @letstalklawenforcementperiodConnect with India Jackson and Flaunt Your Fire:Flaunt Your FireLinkedIn: ​​India JacksonInstagram: @FlauntYourFireReady to dive deeper?We’ve been conditioned to show up to work as our “professional” self and leave our personal beliefs behind. But the truth is, values inform every area of our life, so why try to compartmentalize?Each month in The Pause on the Play® Community we explore one specific way to make your values more explicit. Our curated connections and learning experiences will help you challenge harmful norms, show up as an imperfect ally®, and live in alignment.Learn more at
Fashion is part of everyday life.Whether you love it and follow the latest trends, or you’re a minimalist with a capsule wardrobe, or none of the above, we all have to wear clothes.E.K. Powell joined India for a live conversation within The Pause on the Play Community about the lesser-known history of fashion, gender norms, and the role of capitalism in what we think are just preferences.In this discussion:The real history of nail polish and high heelsHow cultural norms about childhood, gender, and color have evolved under the influence of capitalismThe difference between trends set by people and norms created to sell more productHow norms of gender and fashion prey on people’s fearsConnect with E.K. Powell:Instagram: @whatsgoodenglishTikTok: @whatsgoodenglishYouTube: @whatsgoodenglishConnect with India Jackson and Flaunt Your Fire:Flaunt Your FireLinkedIn: ​​India JacksonInstagram: @FlauntYourFireContent Note: This episode includes mentions of gender norms, bullying and hatred.Ready to dive deeper?Want the ability to participate in conversations like these? Join The Pause on the Play Community. The Community regularly hosts live conversations and workshops along with Q&As, community conversation, co-working hours, and more, alongside our evergreen library of resources and replays.Learn more at Signifier - YouTube
Change is inevitable, whether in you, your brand, or the humans who are a part of it.How we meet change is up to us. How do you honor the life and death cycles that come with change?Brionna Ned joins India for a conversation about death, rebirth, growth, and change within life and business.In this discussion:How Brionna helps people navigate death cycles and change Why Brionna believes it’s vital for people to gain fluency in legaleseHow to tease out the difference between comfort and safety when approaching a growth edgeHow Brionna breaks down overwhelmHow capitalism and entrepreneurial culture teach us to create boxes and isolate ourselvesConnect with Brionna Ned:The Everyday LawyerInstagram: @the_everyday_lawyer, @thesubmissivelistConnect with India Jackson and Flaunt Your Fire:Flaunt Your FireLinkedIn: ​​India JacksonInstagram: @FlauntYourFireReady to dive deeper?Get access to more live conversations like these in The Pause on the Play Community. Members are able to ask their questions and share their observations in the chat, as well as get access to the recordings, along with our full library of past workshops and resources, community conversations, Q&A with India and Erica, co-working hours, and more.Learn more at
Being explicit about your values in your business used to be frowned upon, but it’s vital to how you market your brand, how you build your company culture, and how you relate to your clients. In this replay of a 2020 conversation on Racheal Cook’s Promote Yourself to CEO podcast, Racheal and India discuss infusing your values into all aspects of your business, addressing mindset challenges and fears when it comes to getting explicit, and Racheal’s own experiences with making her values known. In this discussion: How marketing with your values as the starting point helps differentiate your business Why it’s vital to understand the ways that consumers are voting with their dollar Leaning on your values to guide how you show up in public Taking steps to articulate your values How leading with your values builds connection and community around your brand   Connect with Racheal Cook: Promote Yourself to CEO Podcast The CEO Collective Instagram: @racheal.cook   Connect with India Jackson and Flaunt Your Fire: Flaunt Your Fire LinkedIn: ​​India Jackson Instagram: @FlauntYourFire Ready to dive deeper? Get clear on what matters. From Implicit to Explicit is a framework to get clear on what matters and how it informs the way you live and lead in your workplace. This 3-hour masterclass helps you evaluate your personal and professional values, how those intersect with your team and your clients, and how those values need to show up in your brand. Learn more at   Resources: Gingko Public Relations  ON1E Clothing  
Books are powerful tools for learning, connection, evolution, and reconsideration.  From storytelling through fiction to learning about the real lives of others in nonfiction works, books help us reshape our thinking, communicate with the people in our lives, and sometimes just get lost in a really good story. Erica Courdae joins India to discuss some of the books that have strongly impacted them and how they think about everything from storytelling to gentrification to minimalism.   In this discussion: Storytellers who took us on unexpected journeys A book that helped us rethink what we know about gentrification Reconsidering minimalism and intentionality   Connect with India Jackson and Flaunt Your Fire: Flaunt Your Fire LinkedIn: ​​India Jackson Instagram: @FlauntYourFire   Ready to dive deeper? Want to learn more about our favorite and recommended books and support Pause on the Play® at the same time? Head to our bookshelf at 10% of every purchase goes to Pause on the Play® to help keep the podcast and our other free resources available. Buying through Bookshop also supports independent bookstores that are vital resources in their communities. Align the way you shop with your values and vote with your dollars at Resources: Pause on the Play® Bookshelf Pause on the Play® Ep 98: Weaving Story, Experience, and Humor into the Way You Communicate with Jon Goode Flaunt Your Fire® Ep 54: Creating Consistent Curated Content with Jon Goode
Are you more comfortable calling yourself a content creator rather than an influencer? The word “influencer” has developed something of a negative connotation, but at its core, to be an influencer simply means being someone who is influential to others. If we model actions and behaviors that reflect our values, we can have a positive influence on those who witness us.  Erica Courdae and India dig into being a positive influence and how behavior modeling has been showing up in their lives and decision-making recently.   In this discussion: Defining what behavior modeling means for India and Erica right now How Erica has modeled confidence and making any day an occasion Why India has been giving herself freedom to experiment with her hair and how she shows up How to rethink using what you already have to live your life out loud Connect with India Jackson and Flaunt Your Fire: Flaunt Your Fire LinkedIn: ​​India Jackson Instagram: @FlauntYourFire Ready to dive deeper? The Pause on the Play® Community is where brands and professionals create new normals in work and life.  The community helps people connect with values-aligned entrepreneurs and employees, across titles and industries, move from implicit to explicit® values, evolve the way we show up for ourselves and others and grow our influence, together. Members have access to community discussion, live Q&As, co-working hours, workshops, and our evergreen library of replays and resources. Learn more at
We might think of trends as things that come and go in the worlds of fashion and style, but trends impact the world of work and entrepreneurship as well. Trends aren’t necessarily negative, but when we follow trends in any capacity without questioning them, it can take us down a path that we didn’t intend to be on.  In a replay of a live conversation from within The Pause on the Play Community, Brooke Monaghan and India discuss what it means to consciously and intentionally challenge the status quo and how to be a responsible disruptor. In this discussion: How being a disruptor is about more than calling out what you’re against Why you need to be clear on who your audience really is when you’re challenging norms in your industry Why staying in conversation with your community is a key aspect of responsible disruption How intentionality and awareness of your audience will inform your content   Connect with Brooke Monaghan: Website Transcend Your Dichotomy Podcast Instgram: @briggsmonaghan   Connect with India Jackson and Flaunt Your Fire: Flaunt Your Fire LinkedIn: ​​India Jackson Instagram: @FlauntYourFire Ready to dive deeper? This conversation with Brooke Monaghan was a live event within The Pause on the Play® Community. As part of our commitment to accessibility for our global membership, all of our events allow members to submit questions ahead of time, and all events are recorded and replays are available 24/7 as part of our resource library. Get access to events like these, along with community conversation, Q&As with Erica and India, co-working hours and more by joining the Community. Learn more at   Resources: Transcend Your Dichotomy Ep 160. Strategic, Values Aligned Branding with India Jackson  Transcend Your Dichotomy Ep 161. Sustainable Visibility with Mai-kee Tsang  
What role does consent play in your life? How does it affect the way that you show up? Consent plays a major role in visibility, from the use of your image, to the agreements you make–or don’t make–when you appear in venues like podcasts, to how much you’re compensated, and more. Stacie Lampkin interviews India about how consent, or lack thereof, has shown up in her life, from modeling contracts to healthcare and beyond. In this discussion: How consent allows you and your collaborators to fully show up  Making your values transparent in your agreements  How consent impacts content creation and partnerships across industries Suggestions for taking action on consent in your life and your business   Connect with Stacie Lampkin: Website LinkedIn: Stacie Lampkin   Connect with India Jackson and Flaunt Your Fire: Flaunt Your Fire LinkedIn: ​​India Jackson Instagram: @FlauntYourFire Ready to dive deeper? Posting photos or stories about the kids in our lives has become habitual for many of us. We need to move away from making assumptions and move towards a place of consent and autonomy with children. Inside The Pause on the Play Community, Stacie Lampkin and Shannon Collins’s workshop Sharing About Our Kids Online: Do You Have Their Consent, encourages you to reexamine your approach to how we share about children on online spaces.  With space for education, reflection, and accountability, this resource is part of our evergreen library of workshop replays within the community.  Learn more at   Resources: Pause on the Play Ep 176: Legal Agreements: Integrating Your Values and Creating Consent with Autumn Witt Boyd Pause on the Play Ep 185:  ​​Autonomy, Personal Ownership, and Consent: A Conversation With Shannon Collins
People often talk about what their visibility goals are, or how they want to get more visible, especially at the beginning of a year or in the first quarter. But oftentimes we don’t discuss what we don’t want our visibility to be, what doesn’t feel aligned with how we show up. And that’s important too. Erica Courdae joins India to discuss feeling invisible, how we judge people for wanting to be witnessed, and why visibility is about so much more than how you show up in your business. In this discussion: How the male gaze, and the judgment behind “pick me” and “thirsty” impact how we view visibility How difficult experiences and transitional periods impact our sense of self and contribute to feeling invisible How leaning into who you are and who you want to be can you feel truly witnessed Connect with India Jackson and Flaunt Your Fire: Flaunt Your Fire LinkedIn: ​​India Jackson Instagram: @FlauntYourFire Ready to dive deeper? Want to get involved with Flaunt Your Fire® and Pause on the Play®? Support change, amplify visibility, and vote with your dollars by making a contribution to the shows. Contributions go towards the costs of producing the podcasts and making them free, accessible, and equitable through the audio and the written articles. You can learn more and make a donation at Resources: Urban Dictionary: pick me, thirsty, male gaze The Ultimate Pick Me: Beyoncé, Fab Socialism The phrase ‘pick me’ has added fuel to the fire that is internalized misogyny. - The Berkeley Beacon
So often, when we think about visibility, we think about brand deals and marketing. Visibility is so much more than that.  Visibility includes those that deal with us and navigate our daily lives with us and their impact on our visibility and how we show up in the world, and how we show up for ourselves.  Mim Jenkinson joins India for a conversation about applying minimalism and the KonMari Method to more than just the physical objects in your life, how major health crises have shaped their values and their relationships, and how to be an ally when someone in your life is experiencing a crisis. Content Note: Discussion of cancer, miscarriage In this discussion: How a medical crisis caused India to reprioritize her values and relationships Why it’s important to amplify the people behind the businesses and brand How Mim’s applied the KonMari Method to her relationships in the wake of her cancer diagnosis How to be a good ally to someone experiencing a medical crisis   Connect with Mim Jenkinson: Website Create + Cowork Club Instagram: @paperplannerclub, @lovefrommim The Planner Podcast   Connect with India Jackson and Flaunt Your Fire: Flaunt Your Fire LinkedIn: ​​India Jackson Instagram: @FlauntYourFire   Ready to dive deeper? If you love this conversation, support change, break barriers, and vote with your dollars via a financial contribution to The Podcast. Your contribution goes toward podcast production, show notes, and article writing expenses necessary to continue providing this free resource to those seeking to take action and create a more equitable future. Make your contribution at Resources: Learn more about the KonMari Method Read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo Mim Jenkinson: How to use the KonMari Method on your Friends  Mim Jenkinson: What to Say to Someone who has Cancer  Mim Jenkinson: 8 Things NOT to Say to Someone with Cancer
A pause is more than a break in the conversation.   A pause can be a spark of curiosity. It can be requesting consent to go deeper on a topic. Pausing can give you space to think through a decision and consider if it’s aligned with your values. And taking a pause can mean making space to Flaunt Your Fire.   India digs into the ways taking a pause can show up in life, what taking a pause from Flaunt Your Fire meant in 2022, and why creating space to pause is so vital to our wellbeing.   In this discussion: How the physical clutter created by moving and combining households impacted India’s ability to create Why India pressed pause to reevaluate if her content was aligned with her values and intention Why she chose to focus on the life her business is in service to   Connect with India Jackson and Flaunt Your Fire: Flaunt Your Fire LinkedIn: ​​India Jackson Instagram: @FlauntYourFire   Ready to dive deeper? Want to be part of a network and community without all the awkwardness and elevator pitches? The Pause on the Play® Community allows you to join conversations, get support on your journey, and be in community with a group of people fostering interdependence. Join us for access to events like Collaboration Speed Dating, where we get together to pair up potential collaborators, partners, guests, and speakers in a fun, lighthearted setting. Membership in The Pause on the Play® Community gets you these events and more, workshops, community conversation, Q&As, and our on-demand library of resources and replays. Resources: Learn about EMDR Therapy  
Often in the world of content marketing, we witness what people did well, what their successes were, their wins, what worked. But when we only get messages about what worked, it leaves behind the beauty and the lessons learned from what didn’t work and what we would do differently today. Erica Courdae joins India for a discussion about failure, what they’d do over if they could, and why they’re actively viewing some of these events in a different way. In this discussion: What Erica and India wish they had done sooner How fear of failure and self-trust have impacted their decisions Why curiosity and willingness to experiment are essential to doing things differently Connect with India Jackson and Flaunt Your Fire: Flaunt Your Fire LinkedIn: ​​India Jackson Instagram: @FlauntYourFire Ready to dive deeper? Knowing and being able to share your values helps you find your right people and guides your business and marketing strategy. A brand statement helps you succinctly bring that message to your marketing, your communications, your social media, and your bio. Inside The Pause on the Play® Community, Helen Tremethick leads the workshop, Bring It Home: Creating a Brand Statement That Represents You. She’ll share how to get away from elevator pitches and fill-in-the-blanks and how to craft a statement for your business and your brand that expresses your values. This workshop will provide you the tools to express yourself and your values genuinely and articulately, so you connect with the right clients for you. Community members get access to the evergreen replay of this and all of our other workshops and resources, as well as community discussion, Q&As with Erica and India, office hours, and more. Learn more at Resources:Listen to Dr. Donny Jackson on failure, listening, and storytelling
Many of us have experienced a breach of consent. Whether it’s the person who’s immediately in your DMs trying to sell you something the moment you added them as a connection on social media, or the person who gives you a hug that lasts a little too long when you reach out your hand for a handshake, we know what that breach feels like. And the context for consent goes beyond bodily autonomy. Consent matters in our businesses. Kelly Diels joins India to discuss integrating consent into your business, how the concept of refreshing consent has evolved the way she shows up online, and common mistakes and misconceptions around creating a culture of consent in your marketing. Content Note: This episode contains non-detailed mentions of the experience childhood sexual violence. In this discussion: Why everyone has the power to shape culture in their lives and businesses How to build consent in your marketing practices How to use your newsletter to facilitate connection The most common misconception about integrating consent into your marketing Connect with Kelly Diels: Subscribe to the Sunday Love Letter Instagram: @kelly.diels Twitter: @kellydiels Connect with India Jackson and Flaunt Your Fire: Flaunt Your Fire LinkedIn: ​​India Jackson Instagram: @FlauntYourFire Ready to dive deeper? Posting photos or stories about the kids in our lives has become habitual for many of us. We need to move away from making assumptions, and instead, toward a place of consent and autonomy. Pause on the Play®, The Community members Stacie Lampkin  and Shannon Collins have facilitated a workshop where they encourage folks to re-examine our approach in how we share about children in online spaces.  Whether you have children in your life or not, this workshop will support you in reconsidering your why in how we interact with children from a place of respecting their full consent, especially around publicly posting private information. Community members have evergreen access to this workshop replay and our entire library of resources. Learn more at
What would it mean to have a business that feels as good to you as it appears on the outside? How would it feel to have a business that is aligned with your values and is creating and infusing those values into everything it does? That supports and protects people from all backgrounds, especially those who have underrepresented and marginalized identities?  Rick Mulready joins India to reflect on his journey of bringing his values into his business and his podcast without sacrificing success or growth, and how his approach to integrating his values into the business continues to evolve over time. In this discussion: How to use your platform to explicitly communicate your values How social media turns values into a shallow commodity used for approval Why your values need to be infused into how you show up on your platform and in your content Why conventional business advice isn’t for everyone, and how to let go of what doesn’t work for you Connect with Rick Mulready: The Art of Online Business Podcast The Art of Online Business Accelerator Instagram: @rickmulready Connect with India Jackson and Flaunt Your Fire: Flaunt Your Fire LinkedIn: ​​India Jackson Instagram: @FlauntYourFire Ready to dive deeper? If you’re wondering how to take your values from static word to action, so you can integrate your values into how you respond, make choices, and create impact with your brand, join Pause on the Play, The Community to get access to a curated exploration on integrating your values. This self-guided, self-paced curation also includes the workshop replay for Reconsidering What You Know About Values. Plus membership gets you access to our community discussions, Q&A, office hours, and our full library of resources and recordings. Learn more at
If content is king, what is that leaving on the table? We are living in a world where we’re told that we need to produce more and more to be witnessed, but the myth of more often comes at the expense of the quality and purpose of our content. What if we communicated for impact and transformation rather than just feeding the algorithm? Tara McMullin joins India to discuss the evolution of her content, her business, and how distancing herself from the myth of more has impacted her work and creativity. In this discussion: How the process of filtering ourselves through content marketing impacts our sense of self Why shifting your mindset about credibility from income to impact supports your integrity How unhooking your self-worth from how you make money can open you up to opportunities and experiences Why we need to build awareness of the stories behind our goals, values, and vision Connect with Tara McMullin: What Works Instagram: @tara_mcmullin Twitter: @taragentile Preorder What Works: A Comprehensive Framework to Change the Way We Approach Goal Setting Connect with India Jackson and Flaunt Your Fire: Flaunt Your Fire LinkedIn: ​​India Jackson Instagram: @FlauntYourFire Ready to dive deeper? The last thing we need is another echo chamber perpetuating a single perspective on how we should live, love and earn. If you know that there's more than one definition of and path to success, but haven't found a place that encourages this diversity and divergence? Good news, your search is over. Ready to find your people? Pause on the Play, The Community, is where entrepreneurs and brands reconsider their normal in life and in work. Learn more at
So often we have a desire to be visible. But there’s also a distinct lack of transparency in the visibility industry, whether you’re an influencer, a photographer, a model, a speaker, even musicians and actors. It’s really challenging to figure out what other people charge. And what you should, could, or can charge to collaborate with a brand or appear as a speaker. Evolve Benton joins India and Erica for a discussion on the speaking industry, how to diversify speaking, and using publicity and speaking as means of financial freedom. In this discussion: Why you need to speak in, as well as out with your goals and affirmations Why professional communities need to allow us to be our whole selves How to set pricing that honors your capacity, needs, and the value you bring Why asking for more is about more than just you   Connect with Evolve Benton: Speaking 4 Profit University Text "Speak" to 323-405-9492  Instagram: @Speaking4Profit Connect with Evolve Benton on LinkedIn   Connect with India Jackson and Flaunt Your Fire: Flaunt Your Fire LinkedIn: ​​India Jackson Instagram: @FlauntYourFire Ready to dive deeper? When we communicate with others, we have the opportunity to create impact in our lives and brand, as well as impact in the world, influencing the way people think, the actions they take, and the things they consider. Every month in Pause on the Play, The Community, we have a curated exploration of a theme through workshops, Q&As, and community conversation. Join us as we dig into communicating for impact, and get access to all prior months’ themes, replays, and our thriving and supportive community. Resources: Listen to Damion Taylor on creating cultures that support difficult conversations in the workplace on Pause on the Play Ep 165: Confessions on Diversity in the Workplace
Podcasts can be a tool for amplifying your influence, but they can also be an incredible resource for your clients and community members. When you go beyond using a podcast just for content marketing, you can honor the fact that your podcast, or your guest appearances, can also be a resource. Erica Courdae and India dig into how to use podcasts as a resource for workshops, current and prospective clients, and your community. In this discussion: How podcasts bring ease to pre-work for a masterclass or VIP day Why sharing your process on podcasts smoothes your sales process How to use your podcast as a resource for your existing community or client base Connect with India Jackson and Flaunt Your Fire: Flaunt Your Fire LinkedIn: ​​India Jackson Instagram: @FlauntYourFire Ready to dive deeper? Support change and vote with your dollars via a financial contribution to the Flaunt Your Fire and Pause on the Play podcasts. Your contribution goes toward podcast production and show notes article writing expenses to maintain and continue to provide this free resource for those looking to take action and own their values as they amplify their influence. Support the Flaunt Your Fire® and Pause on the Play® podcasts Resources: India and Erica on using podcasts as a tool for amplifying your influence Listen to India on defining brand, company and personal values  From Implicit to Explicit: Leading Through Your Values Masterclass Listen to Erica and India on why ideal client avatars are racist Pause on the Play, The Community
For some people, podcasts operate as a form of entertainment or the modern version of a radio show. But podcasts can be powerful tools for creators. Erica Courdae joins India to discuss their perspectives on how their podcasts have evolved, and how to use podcasts as tools for your life and your brand. In this discussion: How a podcast can support your core messages Why a podcast is a platform for thought leadership How to use your privilege and amplify your influence with your podcast How to go from passive to active learning and integration Connect with India Jackson and Flaunt Your Fire: Flaunt Your Fire LinkedIn: ​​India Jackson Instagram: @FlauntYourFire Ready to dive deeper? Join a community of professionals and entrepreneurs connecting at the intersection of values and visibility, who are taking imperfect actions together and creating global impact as we weave our values into our brands. Inside Pause on the Play® The Community, you get access to live workshops, as well as our entire library of workshop replays that are available on demand, live Q & As with India and Erica, and a thriving, supportive community. Resources: Support the Pause on the Play® podcast Listen to Pause on the Play Ep 90: Preventing Human Trafficking Through Education with Brittany Dunn, Safe House Project Listen to India’s workout playlist
In brand visibility work, so often the focus is on the tangibles, the things we need to learn. But it’s also incredibly important to take the time to integrate what we’ve learned. What becomes possible when you take the time and space to revisit that new information and figure out how to incorporate it into your life, your business, your brand, and your visibility? Erica Courdae interviews India about what she’s been learning and integrating. In this discussion: How integration can require letting go in order to become who you want to be How pushing back against hustle culture intersects with imposter syndrome and perfectionism Why you need to exhale your creative ideas How India is decolonizing her work and life Connect with India Jackson and Flaunt Your Fire: Flaunt Your Fire LinkedIn: ​​India Jackson Instagram: @FlauntYourFire Ready to dive deeper? How would your business change if you could attract new clients who shared your values, if you could get out of the hustle of content creation and focus on building meaningful relationships that turn passive followers into fans, fans into clients, and clients into lifelong referral sources? Every month inside Pause on the Play® The Community Erica and India host a live Q&A session where you can get live, individualized feedback and support so you can do exactly that. Membership gets you access to the live sessions, as well as replay videos from past Q&As, workshops, and community support. Resources: Listen to India and Erica’s conversation about Consumerism and Essentialism Listen to Erica’s thoughts on Reconnecting to What’s Essential Listen to India’s conversation with Ashley Gartland about Profitability Beyond Hustle Culture Listen to Erica’s take on Imposter Syndrome Listen to Amenah Arman on Bad Art: Challenging the Negative and Perfectionist Narrative