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Delivering Perfect Parts Faster!

Author: Allan DeLisle

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Delivering Perfect Parts Faster! A manufacturing podcast series directly from inside the walls of manufacturing laboratory Phillips Precision, Inc. located in Boylston, MA. The birthplace of industry changing innovations; Mitee-Bite® Pitbull® Clamp, Inspection Arsenal®, Laser Arsenal® and the M5 Edge Finder™. Phillips Precision’s very own Allan DeLisle sits down with manufacturing insiders and experts to discuss, new technologies and innovations in automation, inspection, tooling and process improvements that are breaking bottlenecks and making production faster than ever before. Staying competitive in the future of the industry requires a new mindset of LEAN, perfect and fast. A deep look into Delivering Perfect Parts Faster!
17 Episodes
Proprietary software is costly and dispiriting to purchase (and renew), learn, implement and maintain. Alternately, choosing universal, open-source, multi-function software can free up skilled employees to work on much more valuable work.  Quality Inspectors are among some of the most technical and talented in the manufacturing work force and our goal in this podcast is for you to consider freeing up time to spend on fixture designs that will speed inspection. In this episode of Delivering Perfect Parts Faster, you’ll learn about an affordable design platform that Phillips Precision uses for designing production fixtures, our own product design and even inspection fixture design. Listen to Cody Armstrong, Director of Technical Services of PTC and Victor Rinaldi, Product Development Engineer with Phillips Precision as they discuss OnShape as a contemporary multi-function and affordable  choice – from production through to inspection!
Replacing multiple proprietary applications with a universal software, companies realize immeasurable savings in training, maintenance, and lost productivity. In this episode of Delivering Perfect Parts Faster, Nathan Frost of QXsoft introduces CMM Manager and discusses inspectors freeing themselves to focus on more valuable, creative work.​
With the 4th Industrial Revolution just around the corner, you'll need to automate your processes to stay competitive in the rapidly advancing manufacturing space. Standardizing your processes today will position you to automate tomorrow.  Sit in with John Ribic, President of Remco Products Inc, Mark Lightbody - Applications Engineer at Mitee-Bite® and our very own President and Lead Designer - Steve Phillips. We discuss work holding on the shop floor and the concept of accurate, repeatable and modular fixturing systems that are necessary for agile robotic machine tending. 
There are seemingly two worlds of manufacturing work holding - inspection and production.  As manufacturers ourselves and inventors of Mitee-Bite® Pitbull® Clamp, we decided to dip our toes in the water of shop floor work holding for a couple of episodes.  Listen and learn from some seasoned manufacturing professionals about cost reductions, specialty setups and solutions. This episode features Mitchell Kirby - Vice President of Manufacturing at Riten Industries, Brian Butler - Solutions Engineer at Pratt Burnerd America and our very own Steve Phillips, President of Phillips Precision and inventor of Pitbull® Clamp. Whether in the metrology department or on the shop floor, we're here to help you Deliver Perfect Parts Faster!
Manufacturing industry job titles are diverse! We're not all machinists, operators, engineers and programmers.  Some of us joined the industry to make a difference in how manufacturers best connect with their customers.  In this episode of of Delivering Perfect Parts Faster, I delve into the world of marketing with Shannon Gregor, Marketing Specialist at Made To Measure. Learn what methods are going out of style and which new practices are taking hold. 
Siri and Alexa are popular personal assistants. Now the same technology is available at your machine controls!  In this episode of Delivering Perfect Parts Faster we sit down with Jerry Rex, Chief Revenue Officer of iTSpeex as he introduces us to Athena, the first digital assistant to control machines on the shop floor. Athena takes us closer to autonomous, next gen manufacturing.Listen to Delivering Perfect Parts Faster!
Listen to Doug Fitzgerald, Business Manager of Carl Zeiss Metrology Services, for a simple explanation of an advanced technology.  Industrial Computed Tomography (CT) Scanning (part x-rays) is helping manufacturers around the world Deliver Perfect Parts Faster by performing highly accurate, non-destructive inspection of complex parts - even assemblies of varied materials!
Special Edition 1 Hour Episode! Nothing like a pandemic to disrupt traditional industry tradeshows where we interact and discover productivity improving products. Listen to relatable conversation with a key Phillips Precision distributor, product representative, and customer as they navigate this uncharted business environment and maybe discover their “COVID” silver linings.Featuring:Scott J. Ferrecchia - CEO - Lincoln Tool and Machine Corp.Kenney Howayeck - Regional Sales Director - MSI Viking GageEric Meehan - President - W.K. Coleman Co.Cathy Phillips - Co-Owner/Business Manager - Phillips Precision, Inc. Allan DeLisle - Technical Sales Coordinator & Host/Producer - Phillips Precision, Inc. 
Total, pain-relieving solutions are available when you’re ready. Don Mahon, President of 1Source Metrology in Toronto shares his many years of industry experience used to help manufacturers deliver perfect parts faster.He discusses trends in new equipment, software, programming and the importance of fixturing. Will you take a few minutes to learn to be better?
Careers in Manufacturing Will be MORE ESSENTIAL, post-Covid!Listen to this podcast to learn about manufacturing training programs that help you start down one of the hottest career paths in the nation! Manufacturing will most likely be one of the largest growth industries post-COVID when we realize that "Made in the U.S.A." is more important than ever before!Speakers: Lee Duerden - Professor/Coordinator of Manufacturing Technology - Quinsigamond Community College​Jason Walker - Industry Recruiter - Remake 4.0
Inspectors are under-served when it comes to comprehensive training programs. Believe us – we searched! To create strong inspectors and advance careers, robust programs are hard to come by. One program, however stood out – AUKOM – and here to describe it's legitimacy is Mariano Marks and Drew Shemenski of Wenzel America. Inspection training that is scalable across the industry.
Why is inspection often overlooked as a profit improving process? Many companies view parts inspection as a cost of doing business – a non-value-added expense. BUT it doesn’t need to be so expensive. In this episode of Delivering Perfect Parts Faster, Matt and Mike from Summit Manufacturing Systems of New Hampshire sit down with Steve Phillips, President of Phillips Precision to change the prism used to view inspection. They discuss inspection process improvements and how inspection data should be used to control and improve your entire manufacturing process.Speaker Info:Matt Menard - Summit Manufacturing Systems LLCMicheal Pursley - Summit Manufacturing Systems LLCSteve Phillips – Co-Owner/President - Phillips Precision, Inc.Allan DeLisle – Host/Producer
A Quality Inspectors role is multifaceted and stressful trying to keep pace with production, technology advances and required quality standards. It’s an unreasonable expectation that they are also skilled at programming and design of complex inspection fixtures. In the rare case you employ such an inspector – hold on to them! In this podcast we discuss this industry gap and how companies like Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology help make your CMM’s sing. And, as always we shed some light on education and opportunities in this area of manufacturing.Speaker Info:Doug Fitzgerald – Business Manager - Carl Zeiss Industrial MetrologyCathy Phillips – Co-Owner/Business Manager - Phillips Precision, Inc.Allan DeLisle – Host/ProducerDelivering Perfect Parts Faster! is a unique podcast series from inside the walls of  a manufacturing laboratory - Phillips Precision, Inc. of Boylston, MA - the birthplace of industry changing innovations; Mitee-Bite® Pitbull® Clamp, Inspection Arsenal®, Laser Arsenal® and the M5 Edge Finder™.
Companies using modular inspection fixturing are no longer running at risk and the battle at first article inspection has been resolved. Modular inspection fixturing is changing the game for metrology labs everywhere. Listen in on this episode of Delivering Perfect Parts Faster! Speaker Info:Glen James – Aerospace Machinist/Manufacturers RepTravis Smith – Quality Engineer & ProgrammerAllan DeLisle – Host/Producer
Turnkey Metrology For Today's Technology Featuring Drew Shemenski - President of Wenzel America. Drew, Cathy and Allan discuss the details that go into providing Turnkey Metrology Solutions to help manufacturing companies deliver perfect parts faster. They also provide a glimpse into using today's technology to reach the next generation of customers and also to increase industry awareness to the next generation of workforce.  Learn more about Drew and Wenzel America Here!
In this episode of Delivering Perfect Parts Faster!Robotics and automation is projected to be a multi-billion dollar industry in the next five years. Are you positioning yourself for the future of manufacturing? Nathan Desrochers is an Automation Engineer for factory automation solutions provider, Axis New England. Nathan and Allan discuss, the current state of the industry, in terms of automation and why it is so important, as well as the best candidates for integrating robotics into their production and who should be seriously considering the investment. Listen to just how easy and effective Collaborative Robots or "cobots" are to deploy anywhere and can even make a lights out inspection process easier than you think. Contact Nathan and learn more about Axis New England by CLICKING HERE 
Without a doubt, manufacturing in the United States is growing at record speeds, while companies struggle to refill an aging workforce. Continuous process improvement and implementing modern technology is imperative for machine shops to stay alive. However, improving the inspection process with dedicated, modular, quick swap fixturing, bridges the skills gap and perfect parts get delivered faster! Listen in, as we discuss what going modular in the inspection lab can do for you.Speaker Info:Team at Phillips Precision, Inc. Steve Phillips – President & Inventor Cathy Phillips – Co-Owner & Business ManagerVictor Rinaldi – Lead EngineerAllan DeLisle – Technical Sales Coordinator
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