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Today, I wanted to give you an episode from Elyse of True Crime Cat Lawyer. An episode I posted recently was from when I was a guest on her show and we discussed the case of Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy. Elyse is a lawyer who has a purrrr-ty cat named Winston. Winston is very sassy, yet still classy, superior to all of us, and has no time for any of our sh*t. You have to check out Winston's pictures on Twitter and Instagram @ TrueCrimeCatLawyer.This is the second installment of True Crime Cat Lawyer's "Missing in the PNW" series. This episode covers the disappearances of Roxann Tolson, Misty Copsey, and Michael Vaughan. TIP INFORMATION: Roxann Tolson - Contact Post Falls PD at 208-773-3517Misty Copsey - Contact Puyallup PD at 253-770-3343Michael Vaughan - Contact Fruitland PD at findmichael@fruitland.orgSources:Idaho PressKIVITVMichael Vaughan's possible remains still missing after excavationFruitland Police give update in connection to the disappearance of Michael VaughanFruitland police update Michael Vaughan case, seek 2 menNBC News - Michael VaughnIdaho StatemanMichael Vaughan Case: Idaho Woman ChargedWomen arrested in connection with death of Idaho boy posted TikToks with his missing posterMichael Vaughan: What We Know About Missing 5-Year-OldNews Nation Now - Michael VaughanKIVITV - Michael VaughanFruitland Police arrest woman in connection to the disappearance of Michael VaughanPolice searching home related to Fruitland boy disappearanceQ13Fox - Misty CopseyMissing girl speaks through Puyallup PD social media SundayPolice hope to solve case by channeling missing girl onlineMan sold wife's items at yard sale
Henry Wallace was originally from Barnwell, South Carolina where his crimes would begin. He moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in 1991. In the early 1990s, Henry was a manager at Taco Bell. Anyone Henry met adored him. He made young ladies feel safe, secure, and special. None of them ever thought he could be the one responsible for their friends and families deaths. In part one, we’ll explore Henry’s early life, criminal history, how police dropped the ball, the victims, their backgrounds, what happened to them, and comments from their loved ones.Promo: Octoberpod Home Video (YouTube)Octoberpod AM on all other podcast apps/platformsThe online, live event - Reverie True Crime: Live! Presented by MOMENT.True Crime and Paranormal Podcast Festival in Austin, Texas! Meet some of your favorite podcasters, survivors, advocates, and families of victims. On the Buy Tickets page, scroll to the bottom to find tickets for attendees and vendors!Socials • Website • Patreon • ContactTwitterInstagramFacebookTumblrWebsitePatreonReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comSOURCES:
The BrewVerie Report #13

The BrewVerie Report #13


The Brew Crime guys and I are back with your “daily” BrewVerie Report for this month!We bring you news from all around the world. This episode includes octopuses on molly, tech that can see through your walls, artillery shell shoved up a butt, a pigeon carrying a mini meth-filled backpack, ransomeware group apologizes to children’s hospital, Samuel L. Jackson celebrates his birthday on Twitter hardcore, Alex Jones thinks he’s too sexy for your party, Carole Baskin roars that her husband is alive, and much more!Follow us on the socials!•BREW CRIMETwitter: https://www.BrewCrime.comContact:•REVERIE TRUE CRIMETwitter: https://reverietruecrime.tumblr.comWebsite: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comSources:
I had the absolute pleasure of being on the podcast, True Crime Cat Lawyer last year. Elyse is a lawyer and it was very interesting hearing the legal aspects of this case. We discussed the case of Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy.Conrad Roy was 18 and his girlfriend, Michelle Carter, was 17 in 2014. Conrad struggled with his mental health for years, attempting to take his life in the past but he would always find a way to get help before it was too late. He had also been on psychiatric medications. Michelle was extremely manipulative with possible mental health issues of her own. Even though they only lived 30 minutes away from each other, they never spent time together in person. Michelle convinced him over texts, e-mails, and phone calls to take his own life.Grab your tickets to the Reverie True Crime virtual live show by CLICKING HERE!Date: Sunday, February 12thTime: 1pm PST • 3pm CST • 4pm ESTTrue Crime Cat Lawyer:INSTAGRAM: @truecrimecatlawyerTWITTER: @truecrimecatlawWEBSITE: truecrimecatlawyer.comFACEBOOK: True Crime:INSTAGRAM: @reverietruecrimeTWITTER: @reveriecrimepodFACEBOOK: @reverietruecrimeWEBSITE:
The virtual live show tickets go on pre-sale tonight at midnight eastern standard time!!The pre-sale tickets for the show are $5 and if you would like to join us for the after party, that is $5 as well.The pre-sale ends at 12PM EST on the 20th!After the 48 hour pre-sale, general admission will be $10.The virtual live show will be on the MOMENT platform and to purchase tickets, you can CLICK HERE!The virtual live show is on Sunday, February 12th at 1PM PST/4PM EST.J.T. of Brew Crime Podcast is my special guest co-host. We will be deep diving into the murder case of Tara Grant. The livestream will enable all of you to chat, ask questions, and discuss the case with us as we go along.During the after party, we would love your feedback about the show and we will decompress by bringing you a few crazy news stories! The after party is all about having fun and hanging out with you all!If you're unable to be there for the livestream, that's okay! It will be available for one week on Moment if you'd like to check it out!Hope to see you there!!! XOTwitterInstagramFacebookTumblrContact:
Dwayne Jones was a young teenager in 2013 when they were kicked out of their home in Montego Bay, Jamaica because their father thought they were "too feminine". Dwayne also quit school due to being harassed constantly. Jamaica is a homophobic environment with buggery laws still in place today. Eventually, Dwayne met two transgender young women, Khloe and KeKe, and started living with them in an abandoned house. Dwayne wore dresses, experimented with makeup, and accessories. Dwayne was finally feeling accepted and loved for their authentic self. In mid-July of 2013, the big secret of Dwayne being a cross-dresser was revealed. The one person Dwayne thought it would be okay to tell, while at a straight bar, went back and told a bunch of men. That was the beginning of what would become a colossal, tragic torture and murder.--Socials • Website • Contact • Patreon--Twitter: https://reverietruecrime.tumblr.comFacebook: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comWebsite:
Samantha (MJ McAdams from Humble Hauntings and Octoberpod) and Calvin (J.T. from Brew Crime Podcast) are moving into their new, very haunted, home. All the items they find in the house still work without batteries or being plugged in. Throughout this journey, presented by Octoberpod, Calvin and Samantha will discover the terrifying secret of the 13th Hour. The revelations will shock you!It's Friday the 13th, the day when anything is possible.You are listening to Rogue Transmissions.Paige, of Reverie True Crime, comes over the airwaves to explain the origins of Friday the 13th. Why are people all over the world so superstitious, fearful, and consider this day the unluckiest of all?Next up, it's Brew Crime Podcast with J.T. and Mike! They're talking about Sam Patch. A daredevil, who dared a little too much one Friday the 13th, deciding to perform his biggest stunt involving a bear, Niagara Falls, and Genesee Falls.Hey! Curious Cat Podcast, hosted by Jennifer, is on now! She's discussing something mysterious and haunting. As of now, 15 feet have washed ashore on the coast of the Salish Sea in British Columbia, Canada and a few in the state of Washington that matched some of the other feet in British Columbia. Thirteen of those feet have been identified. Where are these feet coming from? Who do these feet belong to?Suddenly, Our True Crime Podcast, with hosts Jen and Cam, breaks through the static. They tell us about Samantha and Calvin, the love birds who are moving into this eerie home. Everything is not as it seems and you won't believe what is uncovered.Then, Nikki, of Serial Napper, comes on. The classic horror film, Friday the 13th, may seem unreal but Nikki tells us about a terrifying tragedy that occured in 1960 in Finland. Four teenagers went camping at Lake Bodom and were slain. This case seems like it is straight out of a horror movie, but unfortunately, these are true events that will make you second guess that summer camping trip.Spine Chillers and Serial Killers, hosted by Emma, Tash, and Becky, switches on. Their first story happened on Friday the 13th in 1972 when Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 was headed to Santiago, Chile. What happened is known as the Andes flight disaster, or the Miracle of the Andes. Then, we are presented with a disturbing occurrence from a Friday the 13th in 2012. Brittany Kilgore was murdered during, what she thought, was an S&M session. Lastly, you won't believe what happened on a Friday the 13th at 13:13 to a 13-year-old boy in Lowestoft, England.Thank you for listening to Rogue Transmissions.Brought to you by Edward, of Octoberpod AM on all podcast platforms and Octoberpod Home Video on YouTube, and J.T. of the Brew Crime Podcast, Crime Trials, Active Shooter, and more!
2010 in the state of Washington, a trusting, sweet teenage girl, Mackenzie Cowell, was going after her dreams and living her life to the fullest. During her cosmetology class, she told everyone she was going to grab some coffee from the coffee shop and she’d be back in 15 minutes. Mackenzie never made it to the coffee shop. The person accused and convicted, of doing the things that happened to her, maintains their innocence. The tragedy left a community shaken and then, divided on their opinions of the person’s guilt/innocence.--Socials • Website • Contact • Patreon--Twitter: https://reverietruecrime.tumblr.comFacebook: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comWebsite:
The BrewVerie Report #12

The BrewVerie Report #12


The Brew Crime guys and I are back with your “daily” BrewVerie Report for this month!J.T. is on assignment but will joining us next time!We are bringing you news from all around the world. This episode includes Elon Musk tomfoolery, decriminalization of drugs in British Columbia, threats over donuts, sex criminalization, a snow shovel fight, Tasmanian Devil mistaken for a puppy toy in a home, monks on drugs, and much more!Follow us on the socials!•BREW CRIMETwitter: https://www.BrewCrime.comContact:•REVERIE TRUE CRIMETwitter: https://reverietruecrime.tumblr.comWebsite: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comSOURCES:
Buford Pusser, a former Marine and wrestler, became Sheriff of his small, hometown county of McNairy, Tennessee in 1964. He had brawn, brains, the heart and fierceness of a lion, but could be gentle as a lamb. Buford took on the State Line Mob and Dixie Mafia as he cleaned up the county. During his life, he experienced a mixture of major triumphs and heart wrenching tragedies, which were portrayed in movies, tv series, and books. This is the story of Buford “The Bull” Pusser.--Socials | Website | Contact | Patreon--Twitter: https://reverietruecrime.tumblr.comFacebook: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comWebsite:
Since last week's episode was about Elliot Rodger, who was an incel, I wanted to do an episode talking about the dangerous and dark online incel subculture. J.T. from Brew Crime joins me to discuss all things inceldom. This episode was not easy for either of us. I think this is the most uncomfortable we have each felt recording an episode. A lot of this will be difficult to hear. As a heads up, any hateful and violent acts/words you can imagine will likely be talked about in this episode. It was important to me to shine a light on this because the incel world is very real and very disturbing. We all should be more aware of this major issue that I, personally, don't see talked about a lot.I hope you all have a great holiday! Reverie True Crime will be back with a new episode on January 2nd, 2023! Promo: Excuse Me, That's IllegalSocial Media | Patreon | Website | ContactTwitter: https://reverietruecrime.tumblr.comPatreon: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comMerch: https://reverietruecrime.myspreadshop.comSOURCES:
Elliot Rodger was a 22-year-old involuntary celibate, also known as an incel. On May 23, 2014, he carried out a misogynistic terrorist attack. Elliot hated young men who were sexually active and/or were in relationships. He also hated young women for never dating him or having sex with him. Elliot decided to carry out a killing spree on the streets of Isla Vista, California as his revenge on college students. The young women, for not giving him a chance, and the young men who he blamed for “taking the girls away from him“ and experiencing the life he said he deserved.Promo: Santa Maybe, a Criminal--Socials | Website | Contact | Patreon--Twitter: https://reverietruecrime.tumblr.comFacebook: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comWebsite:
Angela Barrentine left her home in Vicksburg, Mississippi on November 24th, 2004 to make a quick run to the store. Nine months later, in the Big Black River, her pickup truck was found upside down and her skeletal remains were inside. Police and investigators suspect foul play. They’re keeping the case open and active. However, there seems to be a reason for that. Are they protecting someone or multiple people? Why has the case been open for almost 20 years when there have been no leads that we know of, no investigator assigned to her case that we know of, it’s unsolved, and Angela’s cause of death is undetermined. They won’t allow anyone to help them and will not let anyone have the case files. What’s really going on? We need your help. Please ask them questions. Warren County, MississippiSheriff: Martin Pace, Jr. County Sheriff’s Department e-mail: and 1 (636) 1761Letters can be mailed to:Martin Pace, Jr.1000 Grove Street
Vicksburg, Mississippi 39183-2539
On November 28th, 1998 in Muskegon, Michigan, the Privacky family planned on having a family gathering to celebrate Thanksgiving. One by one, each family member was killed. Stephen Privacky, Linda Privacky, their son - Jedidiah Privacky, Stephen’s dad - John Privacky, and Jedidiah’s girlfriend - April Boss. One family member was missing. Jed’s brother, Seth. There was also a teenage boy, Steven Wallace, seen running away from the home. Let’s go through who the Privacky family members were and what happened.--Socials | Website | Contact | Patreon--Twitter: https://reverietruecrime.tumblr.comFacebook: https;// ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comWebsite: SOURCES:
The BrewVerie Report #11

The BrewVerie Report #11


The Brew Crime guys and I are back with a SECOND “daily” BrewVerie Report this month!We are bringing you news from all around the world. This episode includes a warning about Bigfoot, Kanye West, Elon Musk, Twitter, SpaceX, Tesla, stuffing a turkey with a gun, balls in the Grand Canyon, something crawling in your soup, people who just don’t know when to stop f*cking with bats, and much more!Follow us on the socials!•BREW CRIMETwitter: https://www.BrewCrime.comContact:•REVERIE TRUE CRIMETwitter: https://reverietruecrime.tumblr.comWebsite: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comSources:
Dr. Ronda Hampton knows the ins and outs of Mitrice Richardson’s case. She lived all of it, continues to, and knew Mitrice personally. She gives insight that will make you side-eye the LASD and LAPD, if you don’t question their behavior from Mitrice’s case, and other cases, already.We will go through what has transpired from the time Mitrice began interning for her until today. Dr. Ronda has never stopped advocating for Mitrice and others who have been murdered and/or missing in the area under suspicious circumstances. - Lost Compassion: you scroll down to the middle, the data dump begins there: DrRondaHampton@yahoo.comOnly Dr. Ronda has access to this phone number, and you can stay anonymous, if you have any info. (Supposedly, the LASD is not doing much when it comes to tips or information. This will be your best bet.) Feel free to call: 1-866-409-9882
Welcome to the Brew Crime and Reverie True Crime collaborative monthly series! The BrewVerie Report is a Florida Man style news show but we cover the USA, Canada, and places all over the world with little to no Florida.This collaboration can be found on both the Brew Crime and Reverie True Crime feed! (Pick your poison!)DAILY news…ONCE a month. (Maybe twice)Follow us on the socials!•BREW CRIMETwitter: https://www.BrewCrime.comContact:•REVERIE TRUE CRIMETwitter: https://reverietruecrime.tumblr.comWebsite: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comSources
On September 16th, 2009, Mitrice Richardson was in jail for acting bizarrely in a restaurant in Malibu, not being able to pay for her food, and having less than an ounce of marijuana on her. As you get to know Mitrice through the episode, all of this was so out of character for her. It’s likely Mitrice was suffering with bipolar disorder but it crept up slowly through the years, barely detectable. That night, it’s believed she had a mental breakdown after not sleeping for five nights.Her mother, Latice, called the station and said since her daughter would be at the jail until morning, she would come pick her up. Morning came sooner than expected. Mitrice was free to go from the station a little after 12AM on September 17th. Latice was not notified. Mitrice was in Malibu, a place she was not familiar with, 40 miles away from home. Her cellphone and purse were in her car, which they had towed off to a tow yard on the Pacific Coast Hwy.After Mitrice left the police station, she walked off into the darkness, never to be seen alive again.In regards to Mitrice’s disappearance and strange death, you might start to question everything…• Mike Kessler’s LA Magazine feature:• Ronda Hampton's Data Dump: | Website | Contact | Patreon--Twitter: https://reverietruecrime.tumblr.comFacebook: https;// ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comWebsite: SOURCES:
In April of 2022, 41-year-old Adolfo Vega was assaulted by two men, one of whom was a felon on probation. As those two sat in jail, Adolfo was killed in the driveway of an abandoned home.With Adolfo now deceased, the two men who assaulted him were released and the multiple charges were dropped.The man who murdered Adolfo was taken into custody and gave a confession. That should be the end but unfortunately it isn’t.This is the story of Adolfo Vega’s assault, murder, how law enforcement failed to do their job (in my opinion), and ignored the Vega family for months.Nancy’s TikTok: @JusticeForAdolfoVegaNancy’s Twitter: @AdolfoVega2022Nancy’s Instagram: @NancyBeingNancyPlease sign the petition: grateful to be a part of the 2023 True Crime Podcasts Calendar! Order yours today and get an extra $5 off with promo code: REVERIE • Socials | Website | ContactTwitter: https://reverietruecrime.Tumblr.comWebsite:
Ruth Marie Terry was famously known as “The Lady of the Dunes.” She was found deceased by a dog and a little girl, Laurie Metcalfe, at Race Point Dunes in the summer of 1974 in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Ruth was brutally murdered. The investigation to give her back her identity, and to find her family, went on for decades. On October 31st, 2022, it was announced that “The Lady of the Dunes” had been identified as 37-year-old, Ruth Marie Terry of Tennessee. However, there’s way more to this story and the investigation isn’t over. We’ll start from the beginning…Promo: Music City 911Honored to be a part of the 2023 True Crime Podcasts Calendar! They’re on pre-sale! Get yours today and get an extra $5 off with promo code: REVERIE • Socials | Website | ContactTwitter: https://reverietruecrime.Tumblr.comWebsite: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comSOURCES:
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Syrai Fernando

Such an interesting ep. Actually hearing his voice makes this so much more haunting... Paige always reports with so much detail! Definitely a must-listen!

Feb 2nd

Robaz Vlogs

don't get political

Jan 9th


he did not do these violent and sexually degrading things to her because he was "mad at Stanford" ffs. he did these things for sexually sadistic psychopath reasons. but the flawed reasoning behind the explanations conjured up by dudes, to explain the horrific actions of other dudes, is terrifying in itself.

Nov 23rd


if looking into this case one may take note that there is consideration for reduced sentences. One of these inmates, Karen Howell, has sure capitalized on her sex appeal in her efforts for a reduced sentence. it is disgusting and infuriating. Justice for the Lillelid family. And justice for all survivors of all forms of abuse and neglect, including sexual abuse, who are already unjustly stigmatized as it is -- but are even further stigmatized every time some evil POS does something horrible like this and then tries to blame it on their history of abuse. I do think it is vital to understand how a person with a history of abuse. or a person with learning disabilities, may be more susceptible to manipulation and coercion, and more prone to being lured in and preyed on by psychopaths.

Nov 17th


Thank You, Lady, but I cared for the first episode, not this one. This one just seems to have a lot of she said, he said fillers. The original was from the heart. Thank You.

Oct 6th


Thanks You. I love you , too. “Humans” are such a disgrace to themselves and every other living thing.

Oct 6th

Bo Kelley

WOW ......disguisting excuse for a man....what is he? A doctor want to be ?

Jul 22nd

Annilee Perkins

Couldn't hear/understand 95% of the interview of Bryan because of all the background noise. It would've been better if you'd read a transcript of it.

May 3rd

Jocelyn Allan

Why are 911 operators, universally, terminally idiotic morons? Is it a job requirement? Do they just hire the applicants with the tiniest IQs? it's truly painful to hear their dialogues.

Mar 1st
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thank you for doing an episode on these two. For some reason they are always over looked. I am from north of this area, but from what I was told, everyone was terrified and locked their doors. a couple other midwest murders.. The Clutter Family - Truman Capote wrote the book on the called "In Cold Blood" Sydney Loofe murder - this was very recent the trials just ended this last fall.

Mar 1st
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Brooke Mason

hey a friend said I should check this out. just started listening and loving it already!

Jan 3rd
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