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Health and wellness is a billion-dollar industry—and yet, the country’s never been unhealthier. Something. Needs. To. Change. This week, Les and I talk about where the industry is currently and where I hope it will evolve to. It’s about health, not bodies. It’s about empowerment, not shame. Let’s make that change from the inside out, Team!Support the show (
Injuries are the way our bodies tell us to listen up and slow down. They can provide cues to deeper issues, both physical AND mental, but they don’t always have to be detrimental. A lot of positive opportunity lies within injury if you pay attention to your body and spirit. Listen on to learn more and enjoy! Support the show (
We’re tackling a big one this week—we’re talkin’ about BODIES! As humans our self-worth can often get wrapped up in what we look like, so how do we push past that? How do we reprogram the way we think and see our physical selves and recognize our greater potential—beyond our bodies? Les and I explore these questions and more in this very personal episode.Support the show (
Perseverance means different things to different people—so on this episode, Les and I decided to break it down a bit. We explore the positives of how it can help you stay healthy and grounded, but we also touch on the darker side of productive trauma. I even give my endorsement on the benefits of quitting! It’s a different world out there, Team, so let’s persevere together!Support the show (
Team, I’m feeling a certain type of way. The world is facing uncertain times and Les and I just wanted to take a breath, check in, and reconnect with you. In this episode, we talk about life during quarantine, how we cope now that normal routines aren’t available, and how the world will forever be changed—hopefully for the better. Stay moving, stay positive, and stay home, Team!Support the show (
In the season finale of the podcast, Les and I play a fun game of questions. We talk about traveling, night life, favorite things, hopes, dreams—you name it! Recording the first season of my podcast has been the most amazing experience and I’m so grateful to every single one of you who have tuned in and supported along the way. Thank you, Team!Support the show (
Ep 9 // Just Move

Ep 9 // Just Move


Team! It’s finally time for my favorite topic—MOVEMENT! It’s my first love, my life’s work, and my identity—so I was super excited to sit down with Les and dive into this! Support the show (
Let’s talk fuel! In this episode of the podcast, Les and I discuss different types of fuel—for your mind, body, and soul. It’s food, it’s media, it’s energy—anything you can consume counts! We also talk about the power that energy can have on your physical and mental state, and how movement is the ultimate reset button. Support the show (
In this episode, I answer more questions from the Team. We dive into a variety of topics including my thoughts on genetics and what it was like to be a muscular girl growing up, not comparing myself to others, my shoe collection and my thoughts on avoiding injuries. We also touch on diet culture and what motivates me to get out of bed every morning. Tune in now to get the inside scoop on the above and round out our Q&A episode!Support the show (
This week Les and I are switching things up and answering some questions from the Team. We discuss everything from the moment I gained my self-confidence, to how I recover from workouts, to advice I would give for those looking to find their passion. We also chat about a very exciting project I’m working on in 2020!Support the show (
Social media. A blessing and a curse. I’m so grateful to have a platform where I can share my love for movement with the world. But with most good things, there’s always a flipside. In this episode, Les and I discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of social media—from the moment I started to where I’m at now, we break it all down.Support the show (
Alright Team! We’re getting a bit personal this week as Les and I dive into relationships. We discuss my current I feel about dating, what friendships look like at this age, and the most important relationship of all – the one I have with myself.Support the show (
What do you think about when you hear the term self-care? Instagram would have us believe it’s face mask on, feet up, watching Netflix. In this episode, Les and I breakthrough the self-care boundaries set by social media. I talk about my journey to self-love and how learning to be unapologetic about who I am has been the best form of self-care I’ve found so far!Support the show (
On this episode of the KaisaFit podcast IT. GETS. REAL. Les and I take a deep dive into some intense topics—vulnerability, creating balance, goal setting, and so much more! We talk about the evolution of the KaisaFit brand and my thoughts on being an entrepreneur. This episode definitely gives you an inside scoop as I open up about what things are like behind the scenes. I’m excited for you all to get to know me a bit better!Support the show (
Ep1 // More Than My Body

Ep1 // More Than My Body


Team! I’m so excited (and a bit nervous) to share a different side of myself with you in my brand-new podcast! In this first episode, I sit down with my cohost Les from Balanced Black Girl. We dig into everything from how I got my start, to why I’m so passionate about movement, and my relationship with my own body. We also discuss why I believe it’s so important to listen to your body—and how to start deprogramming your mind from society’s idea of beauty. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!Support the show (
KaisaFit Pilot Episode

KaisaFit Pilot Episode


Kaisa Keranen is a personal trainer, fitness educator and social media influencer known for her fun and innovative ways to get people moving. She graduated from the University of Washington where she was a member of the Track and Field team and later went on to get her Masters in Exercise Science, Sports Performance and Injury Prevention. As owner of KaisaFit, she has developed her own method of movement which she shares daily with her clients and social media followers world wide. She lives and teaches by the motto that health is a feeling not a look and believes whole-heartedly in her mission to get people around the world up and moving!Support the show (
Today Kaisa and Mike are buzzing about Kaisa’s first bee sting (ouch!) and Mike’s new podcast recorder. We also dive into the topics of quitting (especially when something doesn’t serve you), choosing the right type of mobility for your body’s needs, supplements, changing trainers, and how to persevere in the face of unsupportive peers or colleagues.Ask a question ( the show
What’s up team! Today, Kaisa and Mike dig deep into travel. How do you stay active while traveling? How do you stay motivated to move without overdoing it? Kaisa’s buzzing about her new Saucony running shoes, and Mike is excited about his Logitech combo touch keyboard. They also talk about running, walking, trying new things, and celebrating their first 5-star review!Ask a question ( the show
What's up, Team! Welcome back to a random Q&A episode...but first, we're buzzing about TV shows: Kaisa binges Project Runway while Mike hypes Making The Cut and Formula One. Then the real excitement begins as we dive into topics such as Kaisa's dream collaboration, a sport she'd love to play, alternate career paths, superpowers, cars, pet peeves, and so much (TMI) more!Ask a question ( the show
What's up, Team! Today we tackle the big question of WHY do we train? What motivates us to work out and keep moving? What are your goals? Kaisa and Mike deep-dive into these questions and talk about listening to your body, knowing your limits, and preventing injury. Plus, Mike is buzzing about Suncadia Resorts in Washington...the good and the wild (life), and Kaisa hypes Thorne protein powder (and electrolytes) — delicious, healthy, and clean. Yum! When you feel good in your body, it changes everything. So what are YOU training for?Ask a question ( the show (
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