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How can we embrace regret?  What happens if we don't?  What's the benefit of a rear-view mirror?  And a brief summary of the best Dude Trip ever.Shane Naterman's BioSupport the show
When you hear this episode, you'll know what it means to wake up, CARPE DIEM, and Finish Strong.Capturing Kids' Hearts by the Flippen GroupRead more about Vern HERESupport the show
You'll notice a voice-change in our house. It's time to laugh.Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!Support the show
HAPPY PRIDE MONTH - This updated episode received a lot of good feedback.LGBTQ+ AND THE CLASSROOM:  Gerry Crane and his partner Randy exchanged vows during a private commitment ceremony. By the next week, word spread that he had married a man. The gifted and once-treasured high school music teacher was  suddenly disparaged and pressured to resign by powerful community members with tragic consequences.25 years later, Christine uses her skills as an attorney and writer to publish a moving book that recounts the story.  We discuss Gerry's leadership qualities and legacy.  What are the  implications for our school systems and how can we better empower LGBTQ+ students, parents, and educators?Special thanks to Christine and others who contributed their voices to this episode:  Jayson Luce, Luke Rosenberg, Michele Siderman, Ken Rausch  (read by Jim Dells), and Jay Kaplan.Order the book:  PRIVATE LOVE PUBLIC SCHOOL - GAY TEACHER UNDER FIREContact Christine YaredArticle:  Examples of Straight PrivilegePress Release: Library of Michigan Announces 2022 Michigan Notable Book AwardsSupport the show
A "One Year Later" interview on the Threads Podcast hosted by Jason Tieri and Mike Van Drie, what's next for the ReChoice Podcast, and a Mental Health Check-upSHOW LINKSThreads Podcast: Life UnfilteredJim Dells' & Joe's original "Leaving Religion" episode on ReChoice Threads Episode 123 with Jason, Ben, and Joe early last year first discussing this topic Mike Van Drie's recent episode on ReChoice (Rucking, Transformation) Support the show
Last year, Matt re-envisioned a new career. Today, he's an Over-the-Road Trucker.  Before that, a Librarian, an Adjunct Professor, a Drug Rehab Counselor, a Security Guard, a Pastor and more.  What motivates him in these changes?  What's it like in the Trucker community?  How do you value Time? Matt answers several questions from listeners.  This episode is dedicated to Matt's daughter Ellie. CONGRATS on your graduation - We wish you the best as a Hawkeye at the University of Iowa!SHOWNOTESFour Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals by Oliver BurkemanTo learn more about truck driving as a  Support the show
School Administrators, this episode is for you. Yours can be a lonely position - but it shouldn't be!  Daniel Bauer is Author of "Mastermind: Unlocking Talent Within Every School Leader" and Chief Ruckus Maker at Better Leaders Better Schools. What is a Mastermind?  Why join forces with other administrators?  How will this help you WIN?   As Danny says, EVERYONE wins when YOU get better.SHOWNOTESBetter Leaders Better SchoolsBook Website  Use "RUCKUS" for 20% off the cover price + free shipping!Subscribe to Danny's BLBS podcast on AppleSubscribe to Danny's daily 5min or less "School Leadership Series" on SpotifyContact DannyFind Danny at Linked inTwitterInstagramFacebookMediumSupport the show
The Pandemic caused Michigan Humane to rethink how they serve. It's incredible how pets can be the "universal language" across socioeconomic levels. Healthier animals = Healthier humans = Healthier communities.  Some surprising stats on this episode!SHOW LINKSMichigan HumaneMatt's February Article Featured in the Detroit NewsMatt's first 2020 episode: Rescue & RehabilitateSupport the show (
What has the pandemic brought to the surface for you?  A year ago, Mike was in a tough spot. He's learned he can be tougher.  All it takes is one step...SHOW NOTESMike's TikTok (mikedoestoughstuff)Threads Podcast: Life UnfilteredSupport the show (
Do you embrace a challenge? How can you help others do so? Kari Stuart prepares endurance athletes to go faster, stronger, and keep balance. We discuss the importance of knowing where you are, where you want to be, and a plan to get there. It's rewarding to break barriers, even more satisfying when we help others do the same.SHOW NOTESStuart CoachingKari's Guiding PrinciplesSupport the show (
His Dove-Award winning music has been streamed over 3 billion times and includes eleven  #1 Billboard albums.  Playing the piano helped him grieve the loss of a close high school friend and recover from a lifetime of congenital heart disease, including a heart transplant in 2009.  A powerful episode -- We have more in common than we first realized. SHOWNOTESPaulCardall.comPaul "All Heart Adventures"His Podcast:  All Heart with Paul CardallHis Most Recent AlbumThe Research Paul Describes in this EpisodeSupport the show (
Jack decided at age 23 to live differently. He's been working the gig economy with Lyft and Door Dash for a few years now and saved enough to purchase a mobile 240 Sq Ft "Tiny House."  He drives a Tesla and runs everything on electrical.  Pretty soon, he'll be entirely off-grid.We discuss "The American Dream", independence, his cat Phoenix, and even how to deal with internet trolls.  SHOW NOTESJack's TikTokJack's InstagramJack's YouTubeJack's Bio Page - See a Tour of Jack's Tiny HouseJack's Clothing Brand @BreatheHoly Ground Real EstateSupport the show (
Note:  This episode is marked as explicit for some language.A first-gen Indian immigrant, Vas overcame self-sabotaging beliefs & addictions. Today, she helps thousands with their messaging, both internal & external.Vasavi is a Licensed Therapist, Mindset and Business Coach who has empowered, encouraged, and coached over 3,000 women in business to cultivate a relationship with themselves and feel more confident in their skin.  Founder of the Real Rich Community. SHOW LINKSVasaviKumar.comVasavi on InstagramCamera Confident Master Class ReplayApply for the Accelerator ProgramVasavi's Podcast: Say it Out Loud (formerly titled Being Human) Support the show
Jubee co-founded Yellow Tail Tech to serve a BIG need for organizations: More IT professionals to solve TODAY’S tech problems asap. Those who would love to work in Information Technology or Cloud Computing are also having some struggles in breaking into tech. Colleges cost a lot of time and money and aren’t particularly suited to niche down in a fast-evolving sector. In this episode, we discussed the importance of specialization and agility in any training program and how Yellow Tail Tech re-articulated for big results. SHOWNOTESConnect with Jubee:  Yellow Tail TechYellow Tail on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTubeForbes Article:  Top 10 Tech Trends in the Fourth Industrial RevolutionBrain Station Blog:  Why Apple and Others No Longer Require a DegreeSupport the show (
Liz has embraced family and adventure -- you're about to hear how the "big family" she always wanted looks different than she originally pictured.  After birthing her own children, she stepped in to help another overseas couple begin their own family.Support the show (
SEASON 3 BEGINS:  It's Time to Get in the Game - We celebrate our previous season, share your feedback, answer your questions, and Kenny Joyner gets us off the sidelines - FORWARD!SHOW LINKSSeason 2 EpisodesHey Guys Media GroupBecome a Season 3 PatronCheck out our MerchKenny's Episode from Season 1Kenny's book "Without a Father: From Fear to Faith"Kenny's Organization:  Boys with a PurposeSupport the show (
When Kevin's heart stopped during a run through the cemetery, he had an other-worldly experience.  We also discuss the "other worlds" of Mount Doom, Mount Ararat, Mount Everest, and "The Mountain Within".  If you are a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, you don't want to miss this episode -- Kevin does a killer Gandalf impression.  Kevin DeVries is the Founder of Grace Explorations. We wish you all a season of restoration!SHOW NOTESGrace ExplorationsMeet KevinSupport the show (
What happens when you have no answers? After losing all of her hair, Wynter reimagined what it means to show up in the many places she travels.  She has redefined what’s important... and is loving herself in the process! SHOWNOTESDeeply Rooted Dance Theater of ChicagoDr. Trinaa Copland's episodeFind Wynter on Facebook Follow her story "Haire Today, Gone Tomorrow" on InstagramSupport the show (
Maddy is a performer - whether it's on stage, in the pit, or in the classroom.  Her "Redefine" is based on WHO is with her and WHY she's there.  Listen to some of her songs, including a few that are just in time for the holidays.SHOW LINKSMaddy Peters Music is available on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and more.Re-Member - Guided by the aspirations of the Oglala Lakota NationOn the Rez book by Ian Frazier - The modern-day American Indian Experience in Pine RidgeSupport the show (
Joseph Reid is Director of and the Author of "Broken Like Me".  He provides tools to help us with mental health -- awareness and connection.  This comes from his own experience battling as well a close friend.SHOW LINKSBroken-People.orgJoseph Reid's book -  Broken Like Me: An Insiders' Toolkit for Mending Broken PeopleSupport the show (
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