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Author: Bettina Brown

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Bettina M. Brown, MPT, CWS, CLT reveals her personal and professional experiences as a physical therapist regarding choices that make one’s personal, physical, emotional and psychological health a priority in today’s environment, that contains constant distractions and self-deprecating messages. She discusses tips and techniques that help you demonstrate your self-worth through frequent and intentional acts of self-love and care so that your body can thrive in its optimal state of well-being. She discusses how all dimensions of self-acceptance will improve your relationship with yourself, as well with others, so that you can develop deeper, more meaningful connections with friends and family that are equally fulfilling. She’ll discuss how creating effective habits and routines to attain your ideal life through habits that produce and sustain a lifestyle of health through a lens of the whole-body perspective. Walking into a room with positivity, self-respect and confidence is the best outfit that one can wear and is always in style! Hit subscribe and get ready to make choices to live a life aligned with your own light. The views presented on this podcast are those of Bettina M. Brown, MPT, CWS, CLT and are for entertainment purposes only, with no medical advice provided. For full terms and conditions please see
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Pink Tax?! Some people believe that this a myth, while others are putting legislation into effect to reduce gender-based price discrimination with regard to purchasing items.Or is this really a Pink Discount, because women tend to not realize their worth. explore how this can relate to our view of relationships.Connect with me!Bettina@intherising.comPinterest:  Facebook
In the Rising   Podcast   Show Notes Episode 15 When is it okay to dream about making changes, or going after an opportunity? When the market is doing well? Or, when we have “time” and things are set in motion to allow us to succeed?We may always have a reason or excuse, but in the end, we must never forget our dreams! Resources:Viktor Frankl quotes7 ways to achieve your dream  Connect with me!Bettina@intherising.comPinterest:  Facebook  If you enjoyed this episode and felt that it was helpful or insightful, please forward it to someone you know that may benefit from it. I appreciate feedback and reviews are one way to do that. Thanks! 
In the Rising Episode 1 Show Notes Motivation, Inspiration and Discipline We say and hear the words: Motivation, Inspiration and Discipline. How are these words related, and what exactly do they mean to us, and how will this matter when starting a business, writing a book, or waking up at 5 am to exercise? I explore this in today’s podcast. ·        Inspiration: Having an overall feel of excitement to complete a task or feel a certain way. This is an internal force that can express itself outward through action.  Example: Having a conversation with someone about what course they are taking to get an advanced degree, makes you think about what you are also capable of.   ·        Motivation: Having an affect on someone outside of yourself, by pulling them into action via your words or actions. This is an external force. Example: Having a conversation with someone about what course they are taking, and they tell you that you can do this also. They provide a course outline, and ask you to join them because they know you can do it also.·        Discipline: Having orderly and prescribed behavior. This has more to do with action that either internal or external forces acting on someone.Example: You have heard about this additional course and you decide to take it yourself. You make all the necessary phone calls, you examine your budget, arrange new time in your schedule, and complete the course 6 months later.Resources: Definitions:  from online Merriam-Webster Dictionary Book by Gary Keller & Additional informationSteve Harvey’s Write Your Vision             If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe and leave a review. I love hearing from you!  Connect with me!Bettina@intherising.comPinterest:  Facebook   
There are so many words and quotes that we can review, post and save when we are looking to stay connected to our purpose.But, what is one word that can pull all of that together quickly?Listen to this podcast, to hear the word from the author William Ernest Henley.Connect with me!email:  Bettina@intherising.comPinterest:  Facebook
This is Part 2 of the interview with Emily Lauren Dick, author of Body Positive: A Guide to Loving Your Body. Join me in part two of this interview. Connect with me, and tell me how your body image affects your day-to-day  Bettina@intherising.comPinterest:  Facebook
How can having a positive body image be more than just a superficial view of oneself?Well, in this interview, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with a Emily Lauren Dick, the author of Body Positive: A Guide to Loving Your Body.Join me in part one of this interview. Connect with me, and tell me how your body image affects your day-to-day  Bettina@intherising.comPinterest:  Facebook
What besides "believe in yourself" and "you can do anything" will help you achieve your goals?Communication.To communicate your needs and wants effectively, is important for you to stay true to your goals and achieve them. In this podcast, I talk about ways to effectively communicate.Connect with me!Bettina@intherising.comPinterest:  Facebook
"Health is Wealth"I am sure that you have heard this quote several times.But, what does that have to do with what you value about yourself?Health is an investment now for your benefit- now and in the future. But, how to get started?I give three points on this topic.Connect with me!Bettina@intherising.comPinterest:  Facebook
Are you a risk-taker? We know people who are more naturally risk takers... is there something "special" about them?I talk about two articles that address risk taking, one talks about mental exercises and how it can lead to a better life by evaluating things differently.Connect with me!Bettina@intherising.comPinterest:  Facebook
It is almost Mother's Day 2021!!!And I am a mom, and it gave me pause to think about: what ways am I taking care of myself?This podcast is a short, and poses a few questions that you can ask yourself to feelless guiltyless fatiguedmore energizedI discusses a research article, and even a blog from a mom that pleads to not have to do one more thing... including self-care.  Lastly, I pose some questions from another article that I believe strike right at the hearts of moms. Connect with me!Bettina@intherising.comPinterest:  Facebook
Being single can be liberating and it can be scary. It all depends on the circumstances. But, many of us find if a challenge, even if it is "for the best."What does this have to do with knowing your self-worth? Everything. Being newly single can make us question past decisions and current ones. This podcast is about ways to honor the process of growing in your singleness and being ready and grounded for the future.I review some of the comments from this article.  And, there is help available if you have been abused.Connect with me!Bettina@intherising.comPinterest:  Facebook
It's April!This brings to mind cleaning out closets and garages... but what about spring cleaning YOU??In this episode I pose 5 questions that you can ask yourself to help spring clean your mind and soul.I then dive into 10 habits that can clutter you right back up... Connect with me!Bettina@intherising.comPinterest:  Facebook
Depression is something that affects all of us at some point or another.There are different levels and degrees of depression, but taking care of ourselves during such a time is so very important. I review some of the points of this article, and share some points of my own journey.And here is a hotline to call if you find yourself needing help right now.I also reference Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.Connect with me!Bettina@intherising.comPinterest:  Facebook
Mindfulness is a hot topic right now.But what does it have to do with self-esteem? Well, in this podcast I talk about how it has little to do with self-esteem and much more to do with self -compassion. Which we all need more of.Connect with me!Bettina@intherising.comPinterest:  Facebook
 Be Positive!Be Grateful!Can you be all of these things, and still be "allowed" to feel your feelings right now. There is such a thing as toxic positivity, and in this episode I review a few myths associated with being negative-Connect with me!Bettina@intherising.comPinterest:  Facebook
What are some ways that you show you don't trust yourself?Having to prove yourself--constantlySelf-sabotaging your life through your habits and patternsRehash past traumasMinimalize your own needsThis show discusses five ways we can show our lack of trust in ourselves, and offers ways to rewrite that narrative. 
 Struggling for getting the motivation together to do what you are interested in?I talk about some ways to get motivation together so that you can do the things you are interested in and excited about!Bettina@intherising.comPinterest:  Facebook
Are you super excited about your future and all of the plans that surround that... but those around you are not so excited. In fact, they are not really excited about anything, and are not only not helping you move forward with your goals, but are pulling away from their own.What to do?Well, I discuss a few of these topics in today's podcast.  Not everyone should be expected to find their purpose, or follow their passion. But, that doesn't mean that you can't follow yours.
What can you do when you are overwhelmed?Well... a lot!Life is a series of challenges, and waiting for them to go away is not always a fruitful or beneficial pathway. Small changes that you can do NOW, may make all the difference.Here is a quick article by the Mayo Clinic that even talks about #5, the benefits of laughing!Bettina@intherising.comPinterest:  Facebook
When is feeling lost part of life compared to when it is an opportunity to change direction?Feeling lost is a common feeling, and this podcast talks about this and how you are not alone!Bettina@intherising.comPinterest:  Facebook
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