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Author: Brett Hadwin & Myles Garner

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Ball Out raises the bar for professional, collegiate and social dodgeball. Made by dodgeballers for dodgeballers. Hosts Brett Hadwin and Myles Garner bring years of playing, training and nutrition experience to the mics. Delivering easily digestible information and advice for players to implement into training and gameplay to optimize performance. Our goal is to answer your questions and spread knowledge to help players and the dodgeball community as a whole improve and grow.
61 Episodes
Welcome To Ball Out!

Welcome To Ball Out!


Brett and Myles give brief introductions to themselves as well as what is in store for episodes to come. Touching on 2020 as a whole, training and the state of dodgeball and the takes they have on it. 
In this episode Brett and Myles break down some of the fundamentals of training. Getting into the philosophies of training styles and working towards a goal. This episode is a precursor of many episodes to come! 
Breaking down the basics of what macro nutrients are and how the body utilizes them. Discussing how to use them in a macro plan and then getting into how Brett and Myles look at training for both in-season and off-season.
In this episode we discuss our post tournament protocols. We get into some preventative measures we take before tournaments and how we deal with the aftermath. The importance of recovery and how dodgeballers need to start implementing a routine into their lives.================Questions from:@hford4Felix Perrone================Mentions:@sarahbethyoga
Ball Out has their first guest on the show. Matt Levine joins Myles and Brett to talk about what happened at the Sin City Tournament and what he took away from it. Levine talks about his dodgeball journey and has a few questions for the guys. Things such as agility training, mid-tournament snacks and where some of the famous sayings came from were all discussed on this episode. 
The fellas sat down with the great Felix Perrone. Current USA Dodgeball executive board member and the previous NCDA President. We talked the upcoming 2020 season and how we think dodgeball is going to shake out in the next few years. If you weren't excited for the future of the sport give this a listen. 
6: What is Phasing?

6: What is Phasing?


Today the guys talk about building a routine. What goes into building a successful workout program and schedule. Setting goals to build that program and mix in some dodgeball news from the NCDA.
7: Conditioning

7: Conditioning


Today the guys talk about conditioning for game play and a tournament as a whole. Talking about how to better prepare yourself going into round weekends and how to setup a program to make sure you are playing at your peak. Using studies and experience to help you and answer your questions.
The guys sat down with Brenda Kramer the 2019 goal medal winner. They talked individual training as well as how she helped coach the Women's USA worlds team. Discussing how she made it her own and helped the ladies succeed at worlds and how she looks to do the same in 2020 but even better! ==================Mentions:@mindpumpmedia@jockowillink@usadodgeball
EP 9: Agility Training

EP 9: Agility Training


Today the guys talked about agility training. Structuring an agility program and different agility drill. The guys discuss how it can be done with or without equipment and how agility training is different from plyometric training.
EP 10: Supplementation

EP 10: Supplementation


The Podcast has now hit double digits!! Today the guys talk about supplementation and the uses for them. How to implement them into your daily live and some overall knowledge on the topic. Touching on questions from our SQUAD!! and getting them answered. They drop some hints about what is to come and want to get more people involved!
Brett and Myles touch on how the COVID-19 virus is affecting the nation and the dodgeball community as a whole. Touching on some home workout techniques and how to help when gyms are shut down. There are also some teasers about what are to come with Ball Out Dodgeball!
11: At Home Workout

11: At Home Workout


Brett and Myles go all in on home workouts. Giving you tips on how to set up your week and their top workouts to implement at home. Answering a few listener questions and bringing the latest dodgeball news to you. 
One of Myles favorite parts of the game. The guys breakdown how to use plyometrics in your training routine, how it transfers over to gameplay and why it is important to start slow with them. The guys also touch on some of the specifics of why different drills are important especially for dodgeball players and how to best add them into your current programming or how to specifically train using plyos.
An episode that was in creation before the podcast even started. Brett and Myles sat down with Andrew Ketchum and his trainer Tyler Holmes to talk about Ketchums transformation and his improved play. We also get the opportunity to pick Tylers brain on what he looks at for training athletes and how he has worked with Ketchum as a dodgeball player to improve performance. 
EP 14: NCDA Collaboration

EP 14: NCDA Collaboration


Today Brett and Myles sit down with NCDA President Hunter Ford and League Expansion/Retention Chair Jacob Leski. Talking about the future of college dodgeball and how dodgeball is effected by COVID-19. Taking about how Ball Out can help the NCDA and how we should be very excited for the coming dodgeball. Tune in for some special drops and go follow the NCDA Dodgeball social pages.  
Today we catch up with Brett and get some background on what brought him to this point. Starting with sports growing up to starting Ball Out. Myles gets some good questions with help from some fan sourced questions. There are some good ones like is Brett single and who is your favorite Gamecock. There is also a BIG announcement at the end of the episode that we are so pumped to finally let you all in on!
The other half of the dynamic duo! This week it's Bretts turn to interview Myles and dive a little deeper on how he got to be where he is at today. Learn more about Myles background in sports, fitness and dodgeball. Then we jump into your questions, what celebratory would Myles replace Brett with, why he trains, who's his favorite superhero and much more! 
The guys sit down with Christine Irvine to talk about how she wants to help the dodgeball community through yoga. How we can all become more successful dodgeball players and how we can thrive longer in the sport. We learn more about Christine and why she wanted to start this page as well as her experiences with yoga and sport. We also answer some of your questions!
Today the guys talk about the importance of good sleep. Discussing a few studies to back up what has always been said about how many hours you need and why. Brining up ways to quiet your mind before bed and how more sleep can help you lose stubborn body fat. The guys answered a few questions from you all and then gave a few updates on what is brewing here at Ball Out!
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