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Author: Electric Possums

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Electric Possums presents I Spit On Your Grades, the horror sub-genre podcast where we fight it out to see who has the best overall taste in horror.
82 Episodes
The team are back with their latest episode. Join us as we find out what scene made a whole horror crowd squeal. Try to remember what George Newborn's name is and Faye finally talks about US (the film that is) Enjoy!
The team are back for another investigation. What other things are like roller coasters? Is the world ready for a DMV movie? Can memory fit on a floppy disk and how bad is the hospital disciplinary board. Find out here!
The team are back with a bumper results episode. Chris imagines the worst chippy ever, Faye doesn't know or care what you did last summer, 2 of us forget we saw one of the most anticipated films of the year, time loses all meaning and we give our top 5 from FrightFest. Enjoy!
Best Revenge Horror

Best Revenge Horror


The team are back to talk about their favourite 'revenge' horrors. It may be a packed episode but there's still time for alternative genitalia names, pitching the next great Scorsese film and finding out which of them looks like a deceased vegetable. Enjoy! Please be aware that this episode does contain discussion around issues that some of our listeners may find distressing
The team are back for another investigation and asking the tough questions. Why can't Melissa Joan Hart swear? Is there a stereotype this film won't use? Where did Daniel Baldwin go, and that ending; really? Enjoy
The team are back with their results episode. Expect raging over IMDB usage, beatnik poetry and Noel Edmonds. Blobby!
Best Childhood Horror

Best Childhood Horror


The team are back with our favourite childhood horrors. Expect talk of ornamental Guess Who, the first case of 'bread rage' and no jokes about 'glory holes'....ok, just one. Enjoy!
The team are back asking the important questions. Why do vampires keep dairy? What's the deadliest green stuff? Who is that? Why are they doing that? What's going on, and why are we watching this? Enjoy
The team are back with the latest results show. Hear Mercer hit his word count as he tries to turn the show into his own library, Faye getting inordinately mad over beverages and Chris talking hot sex. Enjoy!
Best 'Nature' Horror

Best 'Nature' Horror


The team are back with our favourite nature horrors. Expect talk of sociopathic medics, Mayan health and safety, the quickest reversal of a film choice ever and Chris' rough guide to Northampton.
The team are back with case file #abigailhaunting from Kelly Schwarze and asking the big questions. Do ghosts ever get names wrong? Why does Brian get so much time off? Why the big folder, and where will Hollyoaks be filmed next?
The team are back with their latest results show. Expect bad accents, and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air / The Wicker Man crossover you didn't know you needed.
Best Australian Horror

Best Australian Horror


The team are back to talk about their favourite Australian horror. Expect talk of new currencies, stage fright, bad hiding spaces and how water pistols can stop armageddon.
The team are joined by Si of SelectMatchPod to chat Armed Response for #primesceneinvestigation. What are Chris' triggers? What is going on with Seth's trousers? Why are cycling proficiency tests important and just what is going on? Find out!
The team are back with the folk horror results show. Expect Canadian timeshares, genital mutilation, a Mercer malfunction and bad Chris O'Dowd impersonations. Enjoy!
Best Folk Horror

Best Folk Horror


The team are back with our favourite folk horrors. Expect talk of Swedish bakers, big choppers and Jeremy Beadle. Folk-ing hell.
The team investigate Cannibals and Carpet Fitters from James Bushe. Who is in the international karaoke hall of fame? Which farm animals are sexy? Who has never heard the word fugly? Join us to find out
The team are back with our results episode. Expect talk of zombie kinks, odd fish paste, waking up next to Adam Sandler, and royalty graces our 1* reviews. Enjoy!
Best 'Saw' sequel

Best 'Saw' sequel


Hello team, I want to play a game. There are currently 7 sequels to @Lionsgate Saw. Use @whoelsebutmitch and @scoutthehorizon to pick your favourite and discuss but include references to betamax and changingrooms. Choose quickly or be left with Jigsaw!
It's episode one of PSI as we give a thorough probing to 2011's the task and ask the tough questions. What is the scariest discharge... prison appropriate footwear...? is that map for...? and where the hell is that accent from?
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