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You Unleashed with Femi Akinyemi

Author: Femi Akinyemi

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The podcast that helps you unleash your best using real life stories from me and experts to use in the work place and life in general
54 Episodes
In this week's episode, I talk very briefly about the power of fear, how to identify and overcome it by being thankful. I also talk about the book of the month
In this weeks episode, I share a short story that illustrates why you should follow your gut, January in review, book of the month and what's to come in February.
To receive a copy of Ruth's free meditation audio clips and meditation guide - send an email to Ruth Fogg -Stress Consultant who is also a speaker, therapist, educator and author. Profundly  deaf in one ear and severely deaf in the other she has learned to see this as strength, not a weakness as this disability has been her driver to succeed in a hearing world. She is an excellent lip reader, wear hearing aids and have no problems communicating and empathising with stressed people!Qualifications include an M.Sc in Counselling Psychology, teaching, coaching reiki, hypnosis, EFT, and stress management. She combines coaching, hypnosis and emotional freedom technique with her managerial and training experience to provide skills and strategies to combat and manage stress. Presentations and training workshops for senior and middle managers and the general workforce. Her books include Stress 'n' Stuff : Tackling tough times and tackling teenage mental health.Contact Ruth on 
Shermaine Perry talks about the need for growth mindset, how to develop resilience for the workplace and personal development.
London-based Eric is a technology executive who has spent a career building the value of digital companies through innovative strategies.He has done this at public and private companies including AOL, TimeWarner, Tegic/Nuance Communications, MobilePosse, SwiftKey/Microsoft and most recently, Touch Surgery, where he was COO.In 2018, Eric was part of a prominent group of Black European and US serial entrepreneurs, institutional investors, investment bankers, corporate leaders and entertainers to found Impact X Capital.The company is a double bottom-line venture capital firm that invests in under-represented innovators in Europe, focusing on growth stage companies in three distinct sectors: digital and technology, health, education and lifestyle; and media and entertainment.Eric is also a sought-after board member and advisor in the technology space.  In September 2020 he was appointed to the board of Tech Nation, the body that represents UK startups. He sits on the board of companies in San Francisco and London and acts as an advisor to companies in the US, India and the UK.He supports civic activities. In London, he serves on the board of Autograph ABP and Southwark Cathedral’s Council and, in the US, he has been a board member of Washington Performing Arts.He also donates time and resources to many other contemporary causes, including the Smithsonian Institute’s Museum of African-American History and Culture; The National Museum of African Art; Toronto’s Power Plant Gallery; and Philomena’s Chorus (a programme that helps under-represented voices, especially young, black British women, produce films).President Obama appointed Eric to the Small Business Administration’s Council on Underserved Communities and as an evaluator for White House Fellow applicants.Eric holds degrees from Princeton University and Harvard Law School. In November 2018, The Financial Times named him among the UK’s top 100 BAME leaders in technology. In 2019 and 2020 he was voted one of the most influential black people in Britain on The Powerlist. 
Gayle Edwards is an International, award-winning Global Impact & Personal Brand Strategist, Author and Speaker who works with Entrepreneurial and Corporate Disruptors to help them build their identity and authority within their marketplace!  More than that though, Gayle is a power-full and intuitive Healer who uses her gift of recognising ‘stuck energy’ to help her clients release it so they are able to communicate with confidence, clarity and commitment! As the Founder of Brand You Consultancy Ltd, Gayle blends her spiritual gifts with over  30 plus years’ experience in Marketing, Branding, Communications, Training & Coaching to help Entrepreneurs and Corporate Professionals to boost their identity, create more impact, extend their influence and sharpen up their image.    Gayle is also the creator of the trailblazing “Standing up in Your own Hallelujah” Personal Branding process.  It is this same innovative process that also forms the basis of The Audacity to be Authentic Diversity & Inclusion Programme which Gayle delivers to Organisations and Corporates committed to progressional change.  Gayle is also a Co-Author of the International No. 1 Bestseller, The Law of Brand Attraction which was published in May 2020 to provide Entrepreneurs and Business Owners with success strategies and hope during the recent global pandemic.   The Law of Brand Attraction is currently No. 1 in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Australia and the U.S.    Gayle has delivered keynote speeches for organisations as well as national and international conferences.    Gayle interviews Entrepreneurial Disruptors from around the globe as the host of The Dare to be Awesome Podcast Show and co-host of The Entrepreneurs Sushi Club podcast. Gayle is also the Founder of Colourful Connections Global, a soon to be launched global network dedicated to leadership, professional growth and entrepreneurship for young Women of Colour. 
Debi Richens on grief, building resilience through it, how men and women deal with the trauma, bouncing back and so much more
One of the biggest reasons why most of us operate below our potential is Fear. Fear is a pyschological battle we all deal with and if not managed properly prevents us from doing what we should and ultimately living an unfulfilled life.In this weeks episode, I look deeper into fear, the reasons , types of fear we face and offer some practical tools we can use to manage it.
Just like any everybody else, I struggled to start this podcast. In this weeks episode, I look back at the struggles, how I started and the amazing guests I had and what I learned. Someone once asked me my favourite. Whats yours? Send your answers to
In this weeks episode, I sit with Tech Entrepreneur, Rockstar musician, Pastor, Business and Business Coach as we dive into how he achieved his dreams, passion vs business, growing up in the Caribbean, growing a business and so much more. A packed session with loads of nuggets. Simply Unmissable!
In this weeks amazing episode, I sit with Business woman, Executive and life Coach Jane Oremosu as we dig deep into why we undersell ourselves and what we need to do correct this and get paid for what we are truly worth. Unmissable
In this weeks episode, I share simple things you can do to make sure leave a legacy of success  at work and becoming unforgettable
In this weeks short episode, I share a lesson on what I learned from saying No and how I would answer it differently.
In this episode, I sit down with speaker, author and John Maxwell certified Coach James Adeyemi as we discuss how we can build our personal capacity through leadership.
Discovering the true you is key to fulfilling your potential. In this week episode, I speak with Deji Akinyemi founder of BetterMe series as he shares his personal journey on discovering he's true self and the path to success.
In challenging times, learning how to think like and become a problem solver is the key to remaining relevant in the work place. In this final episode of a 2 part series, I explore the mindset required to become a problem solver and share how to position yourself for success.
In challenging times, learning how to think like and become a problem solver is the key to remaining relevant in the work place. In this first episode of a 2 part series, I explore the mindset required to become a problem solver and share how to position yourself for success.
Becoming unleashed is about getting rid of self limiting beliefs and ideas that hold us back. In this weeks episode, I reflect on a time when I was held and share some ideas that can help you become your best at all times.
In this weeks episode, I talk to experienced and successful Program Manager and Coach Mike Hedges as he shares tips on what it takes to successfully deliver multi-million projects especially in big organisations.
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