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Listen to news and commentary happening throughout California from a Black perspective from array of different podcasts.
219 Episodes
Watch the latest Black news headlines from throughout California!
Producer host Julia Dudley Najieb explores the current dismal relationship of Black males to police officers; but, how is California fairing in this discussion?
News and Coffee - Episode 10: Tune in to the News and Coffee Morning Show with host Joquoya Murphy as she shares the latest in Black California: LA County plans to preserve black heritage, California’s new ethnic studies curriculum in full force, and a pilot project aimed at reducing poverty in Oakland could be a model for other California cities. Following the headlines, Joquoya runs through her favorite posts from social media in gentle reminders, art, Women’s History Month, family, and greenery. Joquoya also shares her top three black-owned businesses in coffee, eateries, and breweries!
In this episode of KMER, producer host, Ken McCoy cautions viewers and listeners to get prepared for California's upcoming fire season. Listos California has free preparedness information people can watch, download and view online. The Oscars have announced that they are COVID-19 prepared; strict safety measures will be in place the night of the event.Multiple long-running series, CSI masterfully affected the way courts view evidence today.McCoy gives short commentary-tease on new compelling, sci-horror series, "Them," a mental thriller intertwining true California history with traditional, American social issues regarding race.Movie trailers featured in this episode includes: Limbo, Profile and Victory by Submission.
Watch the latest Black news headlines happening throughout California.
Struggling to meet the April 15 tax filing deadline? Then take note of the IRS's new tax filing deadline of May 17 for individuals, the self-employed and for those who do not owe the IRS for past due tax payments.In this episode of News Too Real, producer host, Julia Dudley Najieb addresses the recent changes for those filing their 2020 taxes; not only has the tax-deadline been extended, but the American Rescue Plan has instilled new provisions regarding the Earned Income Tax Credit where people can take out advanced payments for 2021 tax filing of Earned Income Tax Credit. Also, people who have taken out unemployment insurance, IRA/ROTH IRA or early retirement have some leeway, safeguards and revisions with use of the "hardship" waiver, if qualified.Finally, find out what to do if your tax information has been compromised, which may be the case for those victimized by the unemployment insurance fraud or other related tax-fraud issues.Dudley Najieb features two experts during this episode, Ken Corbin, IRS Commissioner, Wage & Investment Division and Sue Simon IRS Director, Customer Assistance, Relationships and Education, Wage and Investment Division who explain everything a person needs to know about filing their taxes for 2020.
In this episode of KMER, producer host, Ken McCoy talks about movie theaters, gyms, amusement parks and studio tours reopening in California this month.McCoy reviews Morgan Freeman's star role in upcoming action movie, Vanquish.Movie trailers featured: Vanquish, In the Earth and Wrath of man.
The Lookout: 'Rape is rape,' say lawmakers pushing new sexual assault lawsONME Local: Fresno residents say, 'Deny rezone request April 7, reinstate approved community plan'Commentary: Teachers hesitant to return to classes have led to safer school reopening plansThere's a short timeline for California’s efforts to equalize access to the Internet ...Rep. Barbara Lee reminds Biden that Clinton, Obama, Harris and Buttigieg tried weed, tooCalif.'s probe into prison deaths ends up uncovering $8 billion in untracked state moneyNews & Coffee 9: More on National Freedom Movement rally and Black healthcare workers campaignNews Too Real 3-29-21: The redrawing of electoral districts can cost the future of Black communitiesKMER - 64: Get the artistic view of San Francisco from McCoy’s POVThe virus, vaccines and new variants: Weighing the threat of a mutant COVID-19 strain Gender pay gap costs $78 billion: For Black moms, an even more disturbing pictureFresno: Mayor Dyer announced next neighborhood blitz event in District 3 this weekend
As communities are becoming more diverse, the representation of residents in locally elected seats is proving to be inequitable due to the redistricting process.In this News Too Real episode, producer host Julia Dudley Najieb reviews in-depth the redistricting process: Following the 2020 Census, the upcoming redistricting cycle is a critical moment to ensure political representation for our communities, impacting resources for education, health care, the environment, and other needs over the next ten years. The unfair manipulation of districts to dilute the voting power of minority communities is seen by many as another type of voter suppression.
Tune in to the News and Coffee Morning Show with host Joquoya Murphy as she shares the latest in Black California news showcasing Kamau’s new COVID-19 campaign, the National Freedom Movement to address parole, and a list of great Black and women owned wines.Following the headlines, Joquoya runs through her favorite gentle reminder posts from social media, art, Women’s History Month, family, and #blackboyjoy.Joquoya also shares her top three black-owned businesses in skincare, children’s books, and entertainment.
In this episode of The Ken McCoy Entertainment Report, McCoy takes viewers to San Francisco to see some artistic expression and a business highlight. Movie trailers featured: Assault on VA 33; Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me and Hawkeye.
Checkout the latest news headlines as of March 26, 2021, happening in California.
Check out the latest events happening throughout California!
On episode 63 of KMER, producer host Ken McCoy reviews the following news: Anita Baker says don't buy her music right now, find out why; AMC theaters to re-open this April; Disney's Lego Land to re-open and new ONME mobile app creates ease for the mobile viewer.Movie trailers featured in this episode: Us, Cypher, and Iron Man 4.
Producer host Julia Dudley Najieb features EMS media briefing with medical professions: Dr. Nirav Shah, Dr. Dali Fan, Dr, Turner Lloveras and Dr. Kim Rhoads. They all talk about the mutant variants vs vaccines: Which will prevail in the pandemic race?
News Too Real Pod: Watch part 1 of featured topic, 'mutant variants vs vaccines'
Watch the latest ONME Headlines as of 3-22-21
On this ONR episode of News Too Real with producer host Julia Dudley Najieb, experts break down the COVID-19 Relief Bill that just passed, explaining how it is different from the last one. From an Ethnic Media Services briefing last week, several experts weighed on the issue to break down the bill: Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi; chief economist, Chad Stone; tax policy expert, Elaine Maag; and restaurant research specialist, Dr. Sekou Siby.
On episode 62 of KMER, producer host Ken McCoy talks about the reopening of LA County to on-location filming since last June; McCoy gives update of Chicago PD executive producer, Eriq La Salle; "The Equalizer" series has a new look with lead role character played by Queen Latifah and Timbaland and Swizz Beatz have sold their #VERZUZ platform to the Triller Network.McCoy makes a breaking news, special announcement concerning the expansion of The ONME Podcast Network's platform to the Silicon Valley and Contra Costa County.Movie trailers featured: Danger Close, Blackout and The Warrant.
Listen to breaking news headlines from throughout California.
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