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Less on My Plate with Mike Speirs

Author: Mike Speirs

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A podcast about food, health, comedy and anything else that comes up, with comedian Mike Speirs and his guests
35 Episodes
Tommy and I talk about his need for constant action and how that manifests itself, his health issues, and the health issues of his daughter.  Plus, he weighs in on what comics should be doing instead of waiting for the comedy business to return to "normal."
My buddy Mike Burton and I discuss golf, the additional concerns of sending his son off to college soon, why he eats healthier on cruise ships, and how he became a "funny bunny."
My buddy Collin Chamberlin and I talk golf, making good food choices when on the road (not just eating healthy but avoiding food poisoning) and whether or not it is possible to 'outgrow' asthma (because he thinks he did).  
Pastor Drew Mangione

Pastor Drew Mangione


Drew and I talk about his life as a Presbyterian Pastor, his struggles with food and weight, and how both of us pooping our pants relates to the Bible.
Comedian Jaye McBride and I talk about upstate NY strip clubs (which as one would imagine, are the classiest in the world), the future of stand up, her transition from male to female, and the physical and mental health issues surrounding that.  
Comedian Tim Krompier

Comedian Tim Krompier


The very funny Tim Krompier discuss what booze we can no longer drink, his leaky gaul bladder and heart issues, and how I'm the third best comedian from Saugerties, NY.
Comedian Joey Callahan

Comedian Joey Callahan


Joey Callahan and I talked a lot about pee early on and then got a little more classy as we went on.  It's a good thing we were hundreds of miles apart or we might've met for a diner binge.  
My buddy Mark DeCicco discuss our impressive athletic careers (heavy sarcasm there), always being funny fat guys, reaching a point where being fat wasn't very funny anymore, and how gastric bypass surgery has helped improve his health and his life.
In this second solo episode I yammer on about how the combination of quarantine and getting older has made me realize that I really don't know much about anything...except the 86 Mets and The Karate Kid...and I even learned something new about that recently!
My buddy Dan Mahoney and I compare notes about being in the zipper club (open heart surgery recipients) and discuss having our balls shaved by a nurse.  
Comedian Caitlin Peluffo

Comedian Caitlin Peluffo


The very funny Caitlin Peluffo and I discuss the pros and cons of dating another comic, being a college athlete, and what it means to be zoom bombed.
This week Andy Hendrickson and I discuss the documentary he is making about the original Ironman Triathlon (his dad was one of the competitors), and his Michael Jordan like competitive drive when it comes to Words with Friends.
The always funny Andy Pitz discusses his new found car detailing business, whether or not his 8 year old daughter is ready for the Jerky Boys, and how his mother-in-law was a wanted fugitive.
This week the very funny comedian Michael Somerville and I discuss our quarantine routines, a joke that he's been trying for 8 years and won't let go because my sister liked it, and accidentally stealing from the Harris Teeter Supermarket on a nightly basis.
My buddy Matt Bergman and I discuss trying to stay mentally and physically well during quarantine, the future of comedy, his master knowledge of early 90's movies, and the time I had to let Robert Redford have his way with me to save my house.  Enjoy!
My former colleague Mike Conroy and I discuss the importance of sports in our lives, how dumb adults can ruin youth sports, and why a M.A.S.H. marathon might be all we need during this quarantine.
Comedian Adam Mamawala and I talk weight loss and body image, the role sports played in our lives, karaoke and the art of the "Rick Roll."
Comedian Joe Devito

Comedian Joe Devito


Joe Devito and I discuss the psychological toll of the current quarantine, the future of stand up comedy and society, and the time I went long on a show in New Haven because I couldn't end on a laugh.
Clinical Psychologist, speaker and comedian Matt Bellace and I talk surviving the quarantine, how mental and physical health are intertwined, and legendary Yankee announcer Bob Shephard's attempt to learn the proper pronunciation of Jason Giambi's name.
Hey folks due to some technical difficulties and this Corona horseshit I flew solo this week.  Hear me talk about being in a good routine this week exercise and diet wise, my thoughts and distance online learning, and how I embarrassed myself in front of a high school girl.  
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