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Commentary News about music, and more at the Cat Bear audio station. By Gail Nobles © 2019 There are different shows on the Cat Bear. 1. Postgirl's Recordings, The New Retro, One Note Jam, and The Whitney Soul Podcast.
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Peter Pan Photo: Public DomainMichael Jackson Photo: By Alan Light -, Usage: CC BY 2.0, by: Gail NoblesSong: He’s Peter PanSong by: Gail Nobles © 2021Voice Actor: Gail NoblesToday’s topic is Michael Jackson and Peter Pan. You know Michael Jackson said: Peter Pan represents something that is special in my heart. He represents youth, childhood, never growing up, magic, flying. I am Peter Pan. I’m Peter Pan by heart.(Singing)It is said that Michael Jackson always wanted to play in a movie as Peter Pan, but Peter Pan is who he was. A real life Peter Pan that brought us magic on stage in music. When I think of his magic, I think about his moonwalk crystal covered socks and shoes.In his career, Michael did fly all the way to stardom. He had his own Neverland. Everything Peter Pan was about, you could see it in Michael Jackson.Playing Peter Pan was a dream for Michael. I believe he could have done it because he could relate to Peter Pan. He probably could have made the movie a better fantasy. Michael’s fans loved to see him dance, and there was magic in him when it came to dancing. He could do things that we never saw Peter Pan do. If Michael had made the movie, it might would have been a giant box office hit. I always believed it would have after seeing his videos Beat It, Billy Jean, and Thriller. Even videos that he made with his brothers like Can You Feel It and Blame It on the Boogie. Michael made the best videos more than anyone in my opinion. They were like short movies.I’m Gail Nobles, and you’re listening to an All Time MJ Podcast …
Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient - Stevie Wonder.webm : Public DomainHi! I’m Gail Nobles and this is an explanation moment. This is an explanation about singer, songwriter, and musician Stevie Wonder. It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything about him. (singing). … Remember that? “I Just Called to Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder. It was a major international hit, and remains Wonder’s best-selling single to date. The song was the lead single from the 1984 soundtrack album “The Woman in Red”.According to history, Stevie Wonder is one of the world’s most gifted singer-songwriters. Mr. Wonder has created a sound entirely his own, mixing rhythm and blues with genres ranging from rock and roll to reggae, and demonstrating his mastery of a range of instruments, styles, and themes. He is also a Kennedy Center Honoree, a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and winner of 25 Grammys and an Academy Award.Stevie Wonder received the Presidential Medal of Freedom back in 2014. Let’s hear what he had to say.(Playing interview).It’s always so good to hear something from Stevie Wonder. I’m Gail Nobles, and you’re listening to Explanae Moment.
THE NEW RETROSong: In Peace (Reprise)Song by: Lasswell featuring Snowflake Usage: 2011 - Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (3.0)Downloaded from:! I’m Gail Nobles on the New Retro. There’s a raging war out there, but we need to live as one in peace. …That was Lasswell featuring Snowflake “In Peace” on the New Retro.
Movie: TNT Jackson by Cirio SantiagoUsage Clips from movie: Public Domain of Jeanne Belle from moviePhoto of Whitney: kindpng.comUsage: free image I Learned From the BestSong by: Whitney HoustonPodcast vocals: Gail NoblesToday’s topic: Whitney Houston and the character TNT Jackson. Whitney could have played many female characters. She had personality. Whitney Houston was heading more for movies in her singing career. Her first movie was the Bodyguard in 1992. It was a box office hit. Whitney always looked like an action film kind of woman to me. I think it would have been exciting to see Whitney in a Kung Fu kind of film. She probably would have had to take some Kung Fu lessons which I believe would have been good to learn because Kung Fu isn’t just about fighting. It teaches self discipline. And maybe Whitney could have done a remake of the TNT Jackson movie starring Jeanne Bell.The film is about Diana Jackson (aka TNT) who learns her brother is missing. She suspects a powerful gangster and his friends are behind the disappearance. Determined to get at the truth, she goes to Hong Kong, and along with a friend named Joe, wages was on the criminal gang she’s out to nail.In real life, it is said that Whitney Houston knew how to fight. If she had played the role of TNT Jackson, she would have known what it was like to have a brother because she had two. And she would have known something about fighting.In real life, Whitney Houston knew about business, and she knew how dirty it could be. In the film TNT Jackson, she probably wouldn’t have had any problems acting out some of the parts. Like TNT, Whitney would let you know what she was about. And sometimes very frank. The character TNT Jackson was angry and went after the smooth talking bad guy that you just heard in the clip.Whitney Houston knew all about men too. The bad guy in film is actor Stan Shaw playing as Charlie. Whitney would have gotten a lot of exercise if she had played in a Kung Fu film. T and Charlie fought up and down a staircase. There was blood and lots of kicking and rolling on the floor. TNT Jackson is a1974 Blaxploitation.Well, T fought Charlie and killed him. He fell to the floor and laid still and his vision became blurred. TNT Jackson stood over him starring and that was the end of the movie. (Singing I Learned From the Best)“ Baby I learned the way to break a heart .I learned from the best.I learned …I learned from you.”If Whitney Houston would have done the remake of TNT Jackson, I’m sure there would have been a more up to date version. Who knows, it might would have been a bigger hit if Whitney had remade the film. On top of that, Whitney was already a star. She was every woman with the big hair do’s and the small ones. I loved her big Afro in her video “I Learned From the Best”. I Learned From the Best is a song that might would have played at the end of a film like TNT Jackson. I’m Gail Nobles, and you’re listening to the Whitney Soul Podcast. Today’s topic: WH and the Character TNT Jackson
Get Christie Love by: William A. GrahamClips Usage: Public DomainDownloaded from: Graves Photo: Public DomainWhitney Houston Photo: Nisakorn Keanmepol CC BY-SA 2.0Today’s topic: Whitney Houston - No Remake of Get Christy Love. We can only imagine.It was said back in 1997 that Whitney Houston reportedly signed up to star in and co-produce a remake of the 1974 TV movie “Get Christie Love”. It is a crime drama TV series starring Teresa Graves as an undercover female detective which originally aired on ABC from Jan. 22, 1974 until April 5, 1975.Whitney Houston would have been perfect for the remake of that crime drama. She looked so much like Teressa Graves. I don’t know why it didn’t happen. I always pictured Whitney Houston in a crime drama TV series when I saw her in leather jackets in photos. Whitney was a great model, actress, and singer. As a matter of fact, Whitney produced some movies like Cinderella (1997) & Princess Diaries. It sure would have been nice if she could have co-produced a remake of Get Christie Love. Whitney would have been the one to get. She would have been the perfect choice.If Whitney would have made the remake of Get Christy Love, we would have seen another side of Whitney through the character.A man tried to take advantage of Christie in the movie. You would have seen Whitney do a little martial arts. You would have seen her kick and flip a man over. (Playing movie clip) …. Sounds kind of like Whitney.You would have also seen Whitney involved in some gun shooting and racing on the highway in a car.The police drama starring Teresa Graves would have been great for a remake starring Whitney Houston. But unfortunately, there was no remake of Christy Love, Starring Whitney.You’re listening to the Whitney Soul Podcast. I’m your host, Gail Nobles.Theme: W-H-I Whitney
Song: Urbana-Metronic (Woo-Yea Mix)Song by: Spinningmerkaba Usage: 2011 - Licensed underCreative CommonsAttribution (3.0)Downloaded: is Gail Nobles on The New Retro. How many of you still like funk music? It was a genre popular in the 70’s. We can never get enough of it. Today I’m going to play some funk by Spinningmerkaba. The instrumental song is called Urbana-Metronica ( Woo-Yea Mix). (Song)A great instrumental by Spinningmerkaba. I’m thinking of the Hot Soul Singles Chart. You’re listening to The New Retro.
Song: The Road BackSong by: Sleeperspaceborn Usage: 2020 - Licensed underCreative CommonsAttribution (3.0)Downloaded from:’s time for New Retro! Here now is a song I’ve never heard before. It sounds as if it could fit right into the Top 20 charts of the 80s. It’s called “The Road Back” by Sleeperspaceborn. (Song)The Road Back. What a beautiful power balled that is by Sleeperspaceborn. It’s an editorial pick on
Song: I Have NothingSong by: Whitney HoustonSong written by: David Foster & Linda ThompsonPodcast vocals: Gail NoblesKeyboard player: Gail NoblesStory by: Gail NoblesWhitney Elizabeth Houston is that everyday occasion. Fans are celebrating and singing her songs.Singing (Cause I’ll never change all my colours for you).Something said to me: Keep her in your memory.Aaah! It’s good to feel heaven. God knows what we have need of, and someday he’ll bring back all who we have lost. That day will come. Whitney was born Aug. 9th 1963. Let the candle lights burn if you want to and yearly. As you stay in touch with the one above, and know that he’s got her all in his love.One day Whitney said: I’d like to thank my almighty father in heaven. And my savior Jesus. I could not make it and would not want to make it without him. I’d like to thank all of the fans. All of you.” ___ Whitney HoustonHappy heavenly birthday Whitney. We still have something in our hearts.Singing (And It’s You).Rest in peace Whitney.
POSTGIRL’S RECORDINGSStory by: Gail NoblesSong by: The CommodoresPodcast Keyboard and vocals: Gail NoblesPhoto by: By Carl Lender Usage: CC BY-SA 3.0, House is a disco classic about a woman and her body, and how she was built. She was built like a brick house. The song was sung by the Commodores. The drummer sung lead which was Walter Orange and Lionel Richie played the saxophone. The song was released in 1977 on the Motown label.One of the songwriters of the song Brick House was a woman believe it or not named Shirley Hanna-King. She wrote lyrics for the riff. Her husband William King played tapes for her. William is a founding member of the Commodores.I remember when my father first played the song Brick House laughing. He would sing it all the time. So I put two and two together, and I kind of knew what the song was talking about. I guess I was about 6 yrs. old. My father was a young man then. I guess about 29 or 30 married to my mama. My mom would look at me when my daddy was somewhere in another room singing the song. Sometimes she would say, “I wish he would hush all that noise.” Those were fun days of music. My father helped me to enjoy the song Brick House as I would listen to all of his jokes and hints and teasing. You’re listening to Postgirl’s Recordings. The meanings of songs, and I’m you’re host, Gail Nobles.
Music and Podcast theme by: Gail NoblesPhoto credit by: dbking - Flickr: Michael McDonaldUsage: CC BY 2.0 Keep Forgetting (Every Time You’re Near) also known as I keep Forgetting is a song by Michael McDonald. But this is not the original song. It’s just today’s topic. I Keep Forgettin’. Every Time You’re Near. Michael McDonald recorded it with his sister Maureen McDonald providing background vocals.And the original song went something like this …(Singing)A lot of music artists sampled McDonald’s song. Warren G, Nate Dogg, Young MC and others. I Keep Forgettin’ was released in 1982. It peaked at no. 4 on the U.S. Billboard Pop Singles charts, #7 R&B and #8 on the Adult Contemporary chart.Michael McDonald has a soulful voice. He was a member of the band the Doobie Brothers. He collaborated with a number of artists like Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, The rock band Toto & Grizzly Bear. McDonald is the recipient of five Grammy Awards and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Doobie Brothers in 2020. I’m Gail Nobles looking back on some of the greatest hits on the Cat Bear.
Podcast theme by: Gail NoblesStory by: Gail NoblesPhoto credit: tm_10001/flickr.com CC BY-SA 2.0You can say what you want to say, but Whitney Houston was a soul sister. They could never get the story right about her. Saint or sinner. Winner or looser. Even though she was the best, they were always putting her to the test. Whitney was different from the rest. She didn’t want to leave us. She didn’t volenteer. Whintey was called out. It was time to go home. She was peculiar with her talent. Whitney was strong and could stand alone. She didn’t need competition and wasn’t selfish for herself. Although sometimes I think she should have been because of the way she was treated. Whitney needed to live her life. She needed time to herself. Whitney didn’t try to hurt or take from nobody. She seemed to be a giving person regardless of those demons. Whitney had love. It was just the Prince of power of the air always meddling in our lives. Doing his job. You know Whitney had a throne. She was the queen, and that old devil was always trying to knock her off. He didn’t want nobody to rule or do nothing because he wants to be the ruler of all. But that’s not what was intended to be. Whitney was born with a purpose. We all are. I don’t know where Whitney is, but if she’s in heaven, she made great headlines up there. Life is not easy. Whitney was maturing. She had to grow. She was learning things that those tabliod writers didn’t know. The good book or else they wouldn’t have written some of the things that they wrote. We reap what we sow. But all can be forgiven. Whitney kept living until it was time to go. …..
THE WHITNEY SOUL PODCASTStory by: Gail NoblesKeyboard player: Gail NoblesPodcast vocals: Gail NoblesSong: Tonight I'm AlrightSong by: Michael WaldenPhoto Credit: By Craig ONeal, Usage: CC BY 2.0,’s Topic is Michael Walden. It was 1979 when I heard Michael Walden’s song, “Tonight I’m Alright”. I didn’t know back then that Michael Walden was Michael Walden. He workded with Whitney Houston. Michael Walden has been a hit record producer, songwriter, artist, and drummer. He produced a great hit for Whitey Houston. Michael wrote, “How Will I Know”. He also worked and wrote for other artists. Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Tevin Campbell, and Stacy Lattisaw just to name a few. When I heard Walden in 1979 singing, Toight I’m Alright, I was a child, and it was during the time when there was no lyrics written for you to understand words to songs. I was hearing some way off base words on the break. He would sing. “I know everything’s gonna be alright.”Back then, I thought he was saying A instead of Everything because I couldn’t make out the rest of the words. I would say: A B C call me tonight. I filled in words where I didn’t understand. I was rewriting the song, and it was a song that I enjoyed hearing. I wanted to know the right words to the lyrics so bad. I always remembered the song, but as time went on, as I grew older, I didn’t hear the song anymore, and bits and pieces of the song was left in my mind. So when I got grown and was able to go to work, I asked my co-workers about Michael Walden’s song. I didn’t even know that Michael Walden was the voice of that song. So I would sing the chorus part and the base. People would say who it sounded like but nobody knew. So I got online and wrote the part that I knew in the search dngine. The song was not easily found, but I found it, and I was glad to see it because I was starting to think it didn’t exist anymore or forgotten. When I found it, the words were so clear. Maybe the words weren’t clear to me in my childhood days because I was hearing it from radio or something, and it wasn’t as clear. I had a hard time finding the lyrics online because I didn’t know the author and the chorus wasn’t quite enough during that time.Now lets talk about when Walden first started working with Whitney Houston. I enjoy Michael Walden’s story about Whitney Houston. He talked about how he first met Whitney in the studio. How thin she was with a big sound. Walden was amazed at how she could make that kind of sound. And you know how Whitney Sings. She really sings out and loud and it takes practice too. “How Will I Know” was the song Walden worked on for Whitney. Michael Walden is a very talented guy. He knew Whitney’s sound and what sounded right. How Will I Know was Whitney’s second number one single. Michael Walden tickled me when he talked about how Whitney would stare at him and dare him to say anything and all that. Whitney knew she could sing becuase she was taught by the best. Her mom. You’re listening to the Whitney Soul Podcast. Today’s Topic is Michael Walden.
Hello everyone! I’m Gail Nobles, and today I want to talk about vinyl records. Music artists have been releasing vinyl records. Both Indie and signed artists. It seems that the music fans never stopped loving vinyl records. I never stopped loving vinyl records. Have you seen the vinyl records of today? Have you seen the vinyl record sleeves and vinyl jackets? There are unique… I guess you can say custom vinyl records because records are made colorful today. In the old days, all of the records I have seen were made in black. But now you can see blue, yellow, and red records. Go to, and you’ll see what I mean. There are vinyl records that look like marble, and there are all kind of designs made into the records. You can see art on the jackets and sleeves too. Vinyl records get posted on social media. On Facebook, I have seen creative music videos using the image of a record spinning in the sleeve or jacket playing a song. If you have bought records in the past, it makes you want to continue to buy them, and people are selling and making them.You’re listening to the cat Bear Audio Station GN.
Song: You See The Trouble With MeSong written by: Barry White & Ray Parker Jr.Performed by: Barry WhitePodcast music and vocals by: Gail NoblesToday’s topic: Trouble With Me. Barry WhiteSee the trouble with meI can't do nothin' without my babyAnd as plain as can beIt's gonna drive me crazy"You See the Trouble With Me" is a song recorded by soul artists Barry White and Ray Parker Jr. It was released in February 1976 as the second single from White's album Let the Music Play. In its initial release, the track reached number 14 on Billboard’s Black Singles chart and number 2 in the United Kingdom.It was certified silver for 200,000 sold copies in United Kingdom in 1976.You See, the trouble with me yall, I love the hits of the 70’s. Those were the days of record players, vinyl records, and 8 track tapes. The 70’s were golden in music. And the trouble with me, I don’t feel that about today’s music. I can’t feel nothing. I can’t do nothing. Barry Eugene Carter Better known as his stage name, Barry White. He was a singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, and composer. A two time Grammy Award winner known for his bass baritone voice and romantic image. His greatest success came in the 1970’s as a solo singer, and with the Love Unlimited Orchestra. “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything”, and “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Babe” was his two biggest disco hits.
Music and theme by: Gail NoblesThis is Gail Nobles on the Cat Bear. If you want to start a podcast, you can always start at Get a month free at Spreaker’s Pro Plan. Just Click on the link below of this podcast. And if you are listening to my podcast, you’re catching on. You’re already in the Spreaker zone. To sign up, you can use the code without clicking on the link. That would be paw15. So sign up. Get your Spreaker pro plan today.Coupon link: without link: paw15
Keyboard player: Gail NoblesPodcast vocals: Gail NoblesSongs: Bad and Smooth CriminalSongs by: Michael JacksonThere is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of Michael Jackson listening to music. I miss the excitement he brought to the music world. When he first came out with songs like Who’s Bad and Smooth Criminal, I wasn’t into them right away because the songs were very new and different to me coming from Michael. But I grew to like them some. When he started off singing "Your but is mine” in the video Who’s Bad, I thought to myself, "That’s not Michael Jackson." I didn’t expect Michael to come with an attitude and expression like that. His style of music and image was updated. I remember watching with my brother and mom. My mom was tickled, and she asked me did I like the song. And I said, "I love the bridge just before the chorus. Michael makes great break downs and bridges to songs.” Jackson came out with The Who’s Bad album in 1987. The album was entitled, Bad.On the same album, a song entitled “Smooth Criminal” was released. In the video, Michael Jackson took us back to the time of …. Looks like it could have been the 1940’s. He brought us a lot of magic in the video. Jackson made exciting music videos. In video Smooth Criminal, I’ll never forget how he flipped a quarter into the Juke Box from a long distance, and I’ll never forget how he stood to lean forward. I had never seen anyone do moves like that before in dancing. Even the rhythm of Jackson’s song was like no other. I have heard a lot of music and songs that were alike in sound. But Michael Jackson’s music on his Bad album was different than all the rest. Jackson always did try to give us something new and different in music. It made him the best.They tried to make Michael Jackson look like he really was bad.There were police investigations.They tried to give him a bad image like he was a criminal. Jackson was trying to make a change looking at the man in the mirror. Man in the Mirror was also another single from the album Bad. It looked as if all the things that Michael was singing about was used against him. Though he meant it for good and entertainment for his fans, they tried to put it into reverse as if he were Bad. As if he were the criminal. Well, I don’t think they were able to prove it. All I can say is Michael Jackson left a great and good affect on me in music. I would like to remember him as a great entertainer.
Story by: Gail NoblesOriginal song: I Believe in You and MeSong by: Whitney HoustonPodcast version by: Gail NoblesPhoto credit: By Asterio Tecson - Flickr: Whitney Houston - Central Park, NYC September 1, 2009, Usage: CC BY-SA 2.0, Houston did not always sing a song the same way all of the time. (Singing) It’s the things that Whitney Houston said and the things she didn’t say. That was just an example of my own how Whitney would sometimes change up in singing songs. Houston herself was and is a hit record. The sound of Whitney can affect the mind and the hearing. She could sing words so powerfully and could really reach her audience with a song. Whitney would sing a song entitled, “I Believe In You and Me”. Sometimes she would sing a song the way she did on record, and sometimes she would do it differently. That was my point at the beginning of the podcast. It never turned her audience away. They enjoyed every bit of what Whitney had to give.Anything that Whitney would sing would stay with you. She used so much expression and emotion in her voice. Houston made you feel the words she was singing to you with a real true voice. It was left somehow inside of you. If you hear a tune by her now, it would probably play back in your mind most of the day. Why is that so? It’s like a spiritual thing about music and Whitney Houston made music kind of spiritual that some of the world wanted to reject. The spiritual and good things come from God. Whitney often talked about the church and God and she had something spiritual inside. That Something that was spiritual inside of her stayed with her and never left her. When she went into the world of entertainment, she carried it with her. According to 1 Cor. 2:14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him; neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. Whitney was not like the others. The demons that she fought worked hard to take her gift from her. I’m Gail Nobles, and you’re listening to the Whitney Soul Podcast.
Story by: Gail NoblesArtwork by: Gail NoblesHello everyone. Thank you for tuning in to the commentary music news of the Cat Bear. You can listen o the Cat Bear on the Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Spotify, iHeart, Pandora, Podchaser, Tunein, and of course Spreaker.I started the Cat Bear in 2019. So the podcast is 3 years old today. I knew that when I started the podcast, I wanted to try monetizing. When it comes to podcasting, I think that it wouldn’t hurt to have at least one or two ads in an episode, but not too many.The reason I started to monetize my show is because I have some listeners, and I think my listeners love music. The Cat Bear is a podcasting about music. Music is my passion, and I know that it is a podcast that I will make episodes about often. If I love music and if my listeners love music, it’s about us together. I love to talk about music artists and legends. There are some listeners that seem interested in what I have to say. I appreciate that very much. If you would like to follow me on Spreaker, that would be great. That way we could build a community and talk about the episodes of the Cat Bear by leaving comments in the comments section. Also, if you have a podcast of your own and would like to monetize it, monetizing is made easy at Spreaker. You can get a podcast hosting plan of your choice. You can get one month free on Spreaker’s pro plan. Just click on the link below of this podcast. Thank you for listening. I’m Gail Nobles.Coupon link: without link: paw15
Keyboard music by: Gail NoblesToday I’m thinking of the Bee Gees. When they were singing songs like Staying Alive, More Than A Woman; Jive Talk. Paw Prints of the Cat Bear. The Red Panda’s diverse sound. Today’s topic .. The Bee GeesThe Bee Gees were a music group formed in 1958. Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb. They were a trio and were especially successful as a popular music act in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The group had three-part tight harmonies; Robin had a vibrato. Barry was the R&B falsetto which became their signature sound during the mid-to-late 1970s and 80s. The Bee Gees wrote all of their own hits, as well as writing and producing several major hits for other artists. They sold over 120 million records worldwide (with estimates as high as over 220 million) making them among the best selling music artists of all time. I love the Bee Gees. You might think of their hit Staying Alive while walking I’m sure after seeing the movie Saturday Night Fever starring John Travolta. It was a great 1977 dance musical film. I love all of the Bee Gees’ songsHow Deep is Your LoveTragedyYou Should Be DancingToo Much HeavenAnd there were many more.The Bee Gees is a musical singing group you just can’t forget in music. I’m Gail Nobles. Thanks for tuning in. I hope you’ll tune in again next time.
Info: The Godfather of Soul Autobiography by James BrownSong title: Somebody Was Fooling My FriendSong by: Gail Nobles © 2021(Singing)Good evening everyone. Ive got more James Brown vibes. James Brown and Otis Redding knew each other. There were friends. Did you know it? Otis always called James Bossman, and he went to James with a plan Otis wanted to learn how to fly a plane he was using. According to James Brown’s book, “The Godfather of Soul Autobiography” James said, “Leave that alone. Death that to the pilot and co-pilot. I've been flying a long time. I know. Let them do it.”James warned Otis about the plane all the time that it was not big enough to carry all the people and all the equipment. Otis would say, “It’s alright Bossman.”James said that somebody was fooling Otis. Well, anyway, Otis Redding had a tragic death in that plane. You know, when we get big ideas in our minds, sometimes we just can't listen when somebody tells us not to do something.I’m Gail Nobles and you’re listening to the paw prints of the Cat Bear. Echo’s and quotes. Today’s topic … James Brown & Otis Redding. Somebody Was Fooling My FriendSong by Gail NoblesCopyright © 2021
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