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Podcast and Blues is about new and traditional blues singers. It is music news on the artists by Gail Nobles.
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Story and song by: Gail Nobles © 2021Song: Ray Charles The BluesActor: Wait a minute now. Ray Charles could sing the blues. (Singing)Ray Charles Robinson Sr. He preferred being called Brother Ray. He has sung his 1960 hit Georgia On My mind. The Genius could really sing the blues. There were other songs too. Early in the Morning, Hard Times, The midnight hour, and The Right Time. He was all about R&B. Soul, Gospel, Country, Jazz, Rock and Roll. And you can’t have a blues party without Ray. He has sung the blues. I want you to know. (Applause)Actor: I thank you very much. I appreciate it. I just a voice echoing in the wind tellin’ my story and singing my song about Ray Charles. I got to tell the truth.(Singing)Actor: Amen! Amen!Host: This is Gail Nobles, and you’re listening to the Blues Vibes. The song is entitled, Ray Charles (The Blues) by Gail Nobles ©2021.
Keyboard player: Gail NoblesStory by: Gail NoblesVocals: Gail NoblesPhoto credit: Marc Cooper CC BY-SA 2.0Roy Gaines! You know what he said?Roy: I’ll be a blues man for life.Now Roy is saying that he can be badder than bad. Treat him right. Just look for Roy Gaines Badder Than Bad (Live) on Spotify. Gaines is a renowned legendary Blues Artist born in Watson, Texas. He is the younger brother of the blues musician Grady Gaines.Gaines can really play a guitar. He was moved to playing the guitar in his adolescence. In his teens he was aquatinted with the guitarist Johnny Copeland. By the age of 14, Roy had performed onstage backing his hero, T-Tone Walker, and played in Houston nightclubs. He later moved to Los Angeles California. Gaines played as a backing musician on recordings by other well known artists like Bobby Bland and Big Mama Thornton.Roy has the old time blues sound. (Singing) ….Those are the words he sings when he sings Badder than Bad. ……(singing) ….You can’t help but listen to him sing. It’s like hearing somebody warning somebody that’s it’s gonna be a show down if they don’t do right.So if you like the old time blues, you should check out the style of Roy Gaines. He got the blues that you want to hear. I’m Gail Nobles, and you’re listening to Podcast and Blues.
Photo credit: Fair UseShovel Dig effect: FreeM1 Grand Gunfire: Attribution 3.0All vocals: Gail NoblesJaybird Coleman was a country blues harmonica player, vocalist, and guitarist. He was a popular musical attraction throughout Alabama and recorded several sides in the late 1920s and 1930’s.Coleman was born to a family of sharecroppers in Gainesville, Alabama. While he and his three brothers endured hard physical labor, he was exposed to musical influences from his fellow sharecroppers in singing and discovering traditional folk songs. At age 12, he was introduced to the harmonica. In 1914 upon the outbreak of the First World War, Coleman joined the United States Army.In 1922, Jaybird Coleman teamed up with the singer and guitarist Big Joe Williams in tours across Alabama. In 1926, Coleman began recording. His records were met with commercial success. By the end of the 1940’s, Jaybird Coleman disappeared from the music scene. He died of cancer on Jan. 28, 1950 in Tuskegee Alabama.Coleman’s Recordings like “No More Good Water” was unlike the kind of blues that you hear today. It didn’t have a whole lot of music. Just singing and harmonica, and the song was filled with words of feeling and experience. Things that probably actually happened.Today in music, old songs are updated. I’m Gail Nobles, and you’re listening to Podcast and Blues. Today’s topic Jaybird Coleman.
Keyboard player: Gail NoblesPodcast vocals: Gail Nobles Song: Will the Circle Be UnbrokenSong by: The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band featuring Taj MahalPhoto credit: By pixgremlin: c/o Pix Gremlin - Taj Mahal, Usage: CC BY 2.0, evening! This Sunday evening I’m here to talk about a blues musician whose name is Taj Mahal. He plays the guitar, piano, banjo, harmonica, and many other instruments. This Sunday evening, you may be listening for the gospel but Taj Mahal knows about that too. There is one song that I have seen his name on as an arranger titled Will the Circle Be Unbroken. The song is by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band featuring Taj Mahal.(Singing)Mahal has done much to reshape the definition and scope of blues music over the course of his more than 50 year career by fusing it with nontraditional forms, including sounds from the Caribbean, Africa, India, Hawaii, and the South Pacific.Mahal was born Henry Saint Claire Fredericks, Jr. on May 17, 1942, in Harlem, Manhattan, New York City, New York. Growing up in Springfield, Massachusetts, he was raised in a musical environment: his mother was a member of a local gospel choir and his father, Henry Saint Claire Fredericks Sr., was an Afro-Caribbean jazz arranger and piano player. His family owned a shortwave radio which received music broadcasts from around the world, exposing him at an early age to world music. Today Taj Mahal is a blues musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor, and film composer. You can hear all of Mahal’s music and albums on Spotify. Will The Circle Be Unbroken was just one of the songs that I wanted to share and point out that touched me. The blues can be spiritual too. I’m Gail Nobles and you’re listening to podcast and blues.
Story by: Gail NoblesKeyboard player: Gail NoblesSonny Green is Crying the Blues. Somebody please help the blind man standing on the corner. Somebody please bring find his woman.Sonny Green. Found! One Soul Singer. Those are the big bold words I see written on his album. It is believed that he is one of the best soul singers alive. Sonny is Modern Day Soul Blues and he’s in his 70’s. He’s got to know a lot about the blues. It is said that he’s been singing since his teens in Louisiana. Sonny recorded a handful of sought after killer 45’s during the late 60’s and early 70’s. You should hear him now and hear what’s new. Sonny can tell a story and sing with a soulful voice. If you’re looking for some good old modern day soul blues, you can check out Sonny's album on Spotify. He’s got some great songs on his album like Be Ever Wonderful, Are You Sure, Cupid Must Be Stupid, Back For A Taste of Your Love, Blind Man, and more.Yes, Sonny Green is the blind man standing on the corner crying out blues. Do You see him? He don’t want no dollar. He want’s his little girl. That’s what makes him found. One soul singer he is. I’m Gail Nobles and you’re listening to Podcast and Blues.
I’m taking you back to the old blues. LaVern Baker was an R&B singer who had several hit records on the pop chart in the 1950s and early 1960s. Her most successful records were "Tweedle Dee" (1955), "Jim Dandy" (1956), and "I Cried a Tear" (1958). Now lets talk about Jim Dandy sometimes known as (Jim Dandy to the Rescue) It’s a song written by Lincoln Chase, and was first recorded by LaVern Baker in 1956. It reached the top of the R&B chart and #17 on the pop charts in the United States. It was named one of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll and was ranked #352 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.The song is about a man name (Jim Dandy) who rescues women from improbable or impossible predicaments. It proved popular enough that Chase wrote a second song for Baker entitled "Jim Dandy Got Married.”And you know what Jim Dandy means. It means a fine, outstanding, excellent person. I must say LaVern Baker was a beautiful, outstanding, and excellent singer on the label of Atlantic Records. Baker was born Delores Evans in Chicago.You have been listening to podcast and blues. I’m your host Gail Nobles podcasting off for now.
Music by: Gail NoblesVocals by: Gail NoblesPhoto credit: Pexels from Pixabay Free imageBlues! What is blues? Blues is emotion and soul to me. Podcast and Blues. I’m your host, Gail Nobles.In the old days, the blues was sorrow. It meant being down and out. In music, we have heard the sad songs about being in love having so much trouble. Today, I can hardly tell what blues is in music. There are so many styles of music when it comes to the blues. When I think of the blues, I think of - of corse the blues musician and singer like BB King. And then I think of Otis Redding, Motown, and Star. Blues music has changed a lot over the years from the time of someone like BB King. The Blues is feeling. The blues is how you feel. It doesn’t always mean sorrow and crying about a man or a woman. There’s happy blues and swinging blues too. (Singing)When you sing happy, the horn, piano, and drums are happy too. The blues is whatever it means to you. Today’s topic … What is Blues.
Song: Harry HippieSong by: Bobby WomackWritten by: Jim FordCover version: Calvin RichardsonPhoto credit: By Terrorfan - Own work, Usage: CC0, player: Gail NoblesPodcast vocals: Gail NoblesToday’s topic is Calvin Richardson. In 2009, he was chosen to record a tribute album to Bobby Womack. (Singing)Calvin Richardson sings Bobby Womack’s song Harry Hippie. He has the right voice for Bobby Womack’s songs. As I was saying in 2009, he was chosen to record a tribute album to Womack, which was coincided with Womack being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Grammy nominated album was entitled, Facts of Life: The Soul of Bobby Womack.Calvin released his debut solo album Country Boy in 1999. He is also known by the nickname “Prince of Soul”. Richardson released a 2nd and 3rd album after that. He’s he guy to listen to if you appreciate real deep soul blues. It was old-school artists that influenced Calvin like Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Same Cooke, and of course Bobby Womack. Old-school artists can really bring out the best in a singer, and I think that’s what happened to Calvin. You can learn from old-school. The old-school teaches what is missing today. When Calvin was chosen to make a tribute album to Bobby Womack, they chose the right guy. He has a lot of soul. We need more talent like Calvin Richardson. You’re listening to Podcast and Blues, and I’m Gail Nobles podcasting out for now.
Song: Fresh OutSong by: Christone Kingfish IngramPhoto credit: By Rory Doyle - Own work, Usage CC BY-SA 4.0, vocals: Gail NoblesKeyboard player: Gail NoblesIntroToday’s topic is Christone “Kingfish” Ingram.We always dig back through records and think of artist such as BB King, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, and Howlin’ Wolfe when we think of the blues. We have the blues soul artist of yesterday, but we also have some modern blues soul artists of today like Kingfish. Christone “Kingfish” Ingram was born Jan. 19, 1999. He is 22 years old today. He is a blues guitarist and singer from Clarksdale, Mississippi who became a well - known performer as a teenager. Kingfish has recorded with other artist such as Buddy Guy, Eric Gales, and Keb Mo.When I saw Kingfish video “Fresh Out” (featuring Buddy Guy), I was blown away. Impressed. If you haven’t heard or seen Kingfish perform, you’ve got to hear him.Kingfish became interested in the blues around age 5 when his father showed him a PBS documentary about Muddy Waters. He was taught how to play by Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry and Richard “Daddy Rich” Crisman at the arts and education program of the museum. Those two Gus taught him well. Kingfish plays like a blues man that’s been playing the blues for years. If somebody would have blindfolded me from seeing his face, I would have thought he was at least fifty years of age singing and playing guitar. But he’s only 22.You really should check out Kingfish at Check out the info about his blues music awards, and his grammy nominated & Blues Music Award Winning Album available now. Well, that’s it for today. I’m Gail Nobles, and you’re listening to Podcast and Blues.
Podcast Theme Song: Ain't Nothing Like That Old Fashioned BluesPodcast Theme Song By: Gail Nobles © 2021Song: The Glory of LoveSong by: Otis ReddingPhoto credit: Public DomainThank you for listening to Podcast and Blues. I'm Gail Nobles, and I was just thinking today. There ain't nothing like that old fashioned blues. (Singing) What are they singing about today?Ain't nothin' like that old fashioned blues.What are they giving from the heart today?Ain't nothin' like that old fashioned blues.Ain't nothin' like that old fashioned blues.I think about all of the old legends that have passed and gone. Music is not the same without them. They wrote and sang and played music from the heart. Otis Redding told us what to do. (Singing) Sigh a littleCry a littleAnd let that wind just blow right on by a little, yea.That's the story ofThat's the glory of loveOtis lived his words and was able to record them and put them into songs. Today it's all about throwing words together. It's like there's no life behind the words. There's no real pain and heartache to be able to add feeling. When you've actually lived something, it's easier to write and express it. Songs aren't always easy to write. I think the more you love and learn about life, the more great songs can be written. The more singers can sing. But you know, that's just may opinion. It can be fact. The legends did not become legends for nothing. They had charisma. I'm Gail Nobles and todays topic old fashioned blues. (singing)Ain't nothing like that old fashioned blues by Gail Nobles © 2021.You're listening to Podcast and Blues
Title: Billy Jones Blues _ Come Back TonightSong by: Billy JonesDownloaded from: CC 4.0 BY-SHARE ALIKE -- Original artist: billyjonesbluez -- Music available on -- ID: 9125Photo credit: Billy JonesGood evening! I'm Gail NoblesIt's time for Funk & Blues & Southern Soul .... R&BWhatever you want to call it, Jones has got it.So how are y'all doing out there? Are you waiting for a lover to come back home? Well, this song's for you.To hear more of Billy Jones Bluez, go to
Song and Story by: Gail Nobles © 2021Keyboard player by: GailNoblesVocals by: Gail NoblesVoice actor: Gail NoblesPhoto Credit: By Ronzoni - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, of the Blues/COVIDAnnouncer: Good evening. I’m Gail Nobles, and I’m thinking about the artists we love. I’m thinking about BB King.Actor: I look at the world and the thrill is gone. Announcer: If you didn’t know what the blues was before, you know what it is now in COVID 2021. Actor: I’m just a blues boy. Now you understand. Trying to get away from COVID.Announcer: As far as soul blues is concerned, it’s about life. The cry of the blues.Singing: COVID leave me COVID leave meCOViD leave meAnd now you understand the blues.Announcer: Reminds me of a legend. BB said …..Actor: I like to live the love that I sing about. Announcer: BB King was about love and I can imagine … only imagine what he would be singing about today. There's a cry in the blues. There's a call in the blues and now we understand.(Singing)Reminds me of a legend.You have been listening to Podcast and Blues. Cry of the Blues/COVID by Gail Nobles © 2021
Podcast vocals: Gail NoblesMusic by: Gail NoblesPhoto credit:, I'm Gail Nobles, and today's topic is Michael Burks. Michael Burks was an electric blues and soul blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He is best known for his tracks, "Everybody's Got Their Hand Out", "I Smell Smoke", and "Hard Come, Easy Go". ... (singing)Michael worked with Johnnie Taylor. Burks was known as "Iron Man" for his energetic and passion filled performances on stage. He was nominated five times for a Blues Music Award, and in 2004, Living Blues presented him with the Critics' Award for Best Guitarist.Burks was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and had a musical heritage. His father played the bass guitar, and performed with Sonny Boy Williamson II, and his grandfather played in a delta blues style.The minute I heard Michael Burks sing, I loved his voice. He reminded me of BB King with his style. I love the way he sung Sara Smile. I'm Gail Nobles and you're listening to Podcast and Blues. Today's topic is Michael Burks.
Story by: Gail NoblesPodcast vocals: Gail NoblesSong by: Peggy Scott & Jo Jo BensonPhoto Credit: of photo: Fair useLike Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, Peggy Scott Adams and Jo Jo Benson were a great singing duo in soul blues. In the 60's, Peggy Scott teamed with Jo Jo Benson to record 3 million selling songs. One of my favorite songs from the duo is Magic Fingers. It's an uplifting song with a story. I like the song because it makes you listen to a story about coming trouble, and then things take a turn for the better. The song Magic Fingers doesn't explain who the magic fingers are. The words are left to the listeners to determine what magic fingers may mean to them. The song is always brand new because it tells a story about people his very day like the day it was written in the 1960's. To hear the original song by Peggy Scott and Jo Jo Benson, go to I'm Gail Nobles, and you're listening to Podcast and Blues.
Title: Free Music and Free BeerSong by: Unreal_DM (ft. Admiral Bob, Sackjo22)Unreal DM’s remix of Admiral Bob’s bluesy theme song for the “Free Music & Free Beer"Usage: 2012 unreal_dm Licensed to the public under Verify at credit: Admiral BobHello! How are you doing out there tonight! It's been a crazy and sad year for the blues. That's why it's time for Admiral Bob's exciting theme song "Free Music & Free Beer" on the Podcast and Blues audio station ......
Bigg Robb - Southern SoulPodcast Theme by: Gail NoblesPhoto Credit: Bigg RobbUsage: Fair UseBigg Robb started in the music industry as a teenager disc jockey at a small radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the late 70's. Through the early 80's he stayed in radio, focusing on soul and funk artists such as Bootsy Collins, Midnight Star, Zapp, and other greats of the era, often interviewing them on his shows. Robb would hang out with the soul and funk stars in recording studios. A man by the name of Roger Troutman, a member of his band Zapp encouraged Robb to record his own music.Today, Bigg Robb is recording his own music. He has recorded some great Southern Soul music. Robb has recorded a lot of music. He's available on Spotify. If you haven't heard Bigg Robb, and if you love Southern Soul, you've got to hear him. Again, you can hear him on I'm Gail Nobles. This is Podcast and Blues, and today's topic is Big Robb.
Story: Blues 57- Rosco and WillieStory by: Gail NoblesPodcast theme: Blues 57 by Gail NoblesArt by: Gail NoblesIt all started with two guys named Rosco and Willie. They brought back real music into their community. There wasn't much going on and times were tough. People were trying to make it. Rosco and Willie had just got out of the military. They were like brothers. Rosco was short and Willie was tall. Rosco and Willie started a radio show called Blues 57.Willie: Rosco! What you got in that shed? It looks like a big old barn house back there. Got an upstairs too. What's in there!Rosco: Ain't nothing in there man but a lot of old 45's and albums. It's where I hang out when I get the blues.Willie: Is that right? 45's and albums? The blues? Wait a minute now Rosco! What have we been trying to do?Rosco: We've been trying to start our own business. Willie: Well that old shed you got could be our start. We could make it our own radio station.Rosco: I don't know about that Willie.Willie: C'mon now man! Think about our community. Ain't a lot going on for the African Americans right now. Think about it. Think about our culture. And music has died! We could be the outlet to reach our community. We could have big entertainers on our show. Little ones too. We got people right here in the community with talent. Rosco: Yea, we could have something for the church. We could play Spirituals and Rhythm and Blues. I've got all kinds of records in that shed. People still love the old music too.Willie: Well, let's get started man. All we need is some radio equipment. And we can call our show Blues 57 because anyone that's trying to be heard is gonna fly high. Rosco: And we can call the radio WRBS.Willie: What that stand for Rosco?Rosco: Willi Rosco Blues Station. Now where we gonna get that equipment from?Willie and Rosco got their radio equipment little bit by little bit. They kept working on their dream and soon they were on the air. Willie: Rosco, I think we're on the air.Rosco: We can't have no static now Willie.Willie: This is Willie and Rosco on WRBS.You're listening to Podcast and Blues Audio Station GN by Gail Nobles. Copyright © 2020
Song Title: Love Nobody ElseArtist: billy jones bluezLyrics by: Theophilus Jones, Jr.Composer: Theophilus Jones, Jr.Release year: 2012Credits to original artists: billyjonesbluezUsage: CC 3.0 BY-SHARE ALIKEDownloaded from: Credit: Billy Jones BluezBilly Jones BluezThe NEW American BluesmanAccording to his bio, his vocals are a blend of blues intensity and style with urban soul. Incredibly soulful and funky. You can hear it for yourself.
Song Title: Old AlabamaUsage: Public Domain evening. Today's topic is prison blues. Work songs that the chain gang sang. A chain gang is a group of prisoners chained together to perform menial or physically challenging work as a form of punishment. Such punishment might include repairing buildings, building roads, or clearing land. The song I'm about to play is a negro prison song from The Mississippi State Penitentiary called "Old Alabama". This is a historical recording from Parchman Farm 1947 Recorded by Dr. Harry Oster
Title: Buddy Guy + Junior WellsInterview by: Peter Stone BrownDownloaded from: Public Domain Mark 1.0Photo Credit: Wikipedia.orgUsage: Fair useBuddy_Guy_Junior_Wells_Live_at_Yuhbin-Chokin_Hall_1990_CD.jpg
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