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There's always someone in your family that returns from the restroom just to comment on the sinks and the tiles. You can't escape the fact that they are often times one of the most under-looked components to a restaurants. Let's talk bathrooms! // $500 Back when you make the switch to Toast: TOAST LINK   - // Contact us directly to get set up with Atmosphere TV Free:
Salt Bae dodges a lawsuit from Nusr-Et staff unhappy with how tips are distributed, but that leads us to talk a little bit more about the ways tip share gets distributed. There's a few different business models out there and it's all about what works for you. // $500 Back when you make the switch to Toast: TOAST LINK   - // Contact us directly to get set up with Atmosphere TV Free:
Modeled after how Justin carries out his training process at Smokehouse, let's take a look at some of the major functions of trainings and how some of these streamlined processes may aid in consistency for your own execution. // $500 Back when you make the switch to Toast: TOAST LINK   - // Contact us directly to get set up with Atmosphere TV Free:
How do you interview potential candidates for your bar and restaurant? There's a few things we like to ask every time that really tell us if someone is going to be productive or if they are going to be useless. // $500 Back when you make the switch to Toast: TOAST LINK   - // Contact us directly to get set up with Atmosphere TV Free:
Outdoor dining is here to stay and spring is on the horizon. We take a deep dive into easy tricks to generate steam and profits while building an outdoor audience that will make sense to your brand. // $500 Back when you make the switch to Toast: TOAST LINK   - // Contact us directly to get set up with Atmosphere TV Free:
We're getting to the point where robots are starting to replace some basic restaurant tasks. How long until these robots are making perfect omelettes?!
It's not everyday we get to talk about firefighting and food at the same time - but today we have done just that. AJ Fusco runs an instagram account called @Forkandhose that features plates from firefighters everywhere. He also knows what he's doing in a kitchen though as he's graced several premier establishments over the years with his Fork skills. He has also improved his hosing over the years as he's been a firefighter longer than you've been listening to podcasts!
What's this guy know? Enough to build one business, sell it, and start a few more businesses. Matt Stanczak currently operates Good Old Days - a pizza joint in Newtown, Ct. that is looking to harbor a hip atmosphere that is doing great Detroit style pies and even has a cocktail den. 
We walk through what the complete dining experience is like from front to back and highlight a handful of the crucial points that your guests are experiencing in today's world. Are you missing opportunities? Have you maximized your check average?
Justin & Anum talk about different personalities in the kitchen and what we like to see when contributing to a building team dynamic.
As Justin has almost built out his new restaurant - he's run into quite a few odd problems that need to be navigated through. Let's look at some of the ways he's thinking of how to succeed.
As Smokehouse 1.2 gets closer to opening, Justin prepares his new space by pulling the trigger on utilizing a new POS that may offer a little more for his needs than his previous provider. Sometimes it starts to be about the ability for extensions and third party integrations.
Justin has a bit of OCD incase you didn't know. Seriously - let him vent a little bit while Noomz highlights how many chefs it takes to change a lightbulb.... I mean cook a steak.
People thought he was crazy when he left a restaurant designated 4 stars by the New York Times (Del Posto) to open up a BBQ place as a pop up in an empty lot in a dirty part of Brooklyn. Sure enough Matt Abdoo and his partners have been building a name, a brand, and populating the streets around Pig Beach over the last few years. We talk to Matt about current hardships of staffing locations so large, 
There's so much happening so quickly. Apparently Justin and Noomz are key to the refrigeration knowledge and have some experience to share with you if you're having issues with your coolers. Jae complained again about having a work week at the bar where there weren't enough bodies to man the bar - but somehow made do with what they had.... are you feeling constricted by how many employees you have? Here's some tips.
Yes. We're from New York. Yes. We like pizza. Yes. It's natural that we talk about it. Matt Di Gesu has an interesting story as he left New York to the west coast, just to find a couple east coast buddies that allowed him to learn everything about pizza. Soon enough - he came back.
Recently a new hire that successfully made it through training decided that it was too much for them to deal with a busy weekend night and decided that the job called for too much. We also discuss the greed of the liquor stores as they push to maintain their higher sales they've seen through the pandemic.
Let's talk about powerhouse party bars. Finding a balance between  operating a food focused dining experience and keeping the register ringing all night with high volume liquor and beer sales isn't easy. We speak with Stephen Primerano, the General Manager of Sign of the Whale - a super high volume bar located in Stamford, CT.
Well - here we are again talking about the Grub Hub Hijacking that is going on. Seems some states have put laws into effect that prevent third party services from taking over and portraying themselves as known establishments. These laws can fine them per day that they are operating! Also.... you know what's crazy about not getting shifts? Gotta have a conversation with management and get to the bottom of why you may not be where you think you should be.
Jon takes a second to discuss with us the frozen drink business. He didn't always sell frozen drink machines and mix - but when he did he realized that restaurants can use a lot of it.... this has made him one of the highest selling franchisee's in the Margarita Man umbrella. Let's find out about franchises as well as how he's tackling growth.
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