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Weekday mornings, veteran journalist and former CRTC Commissioner Marc Patrone confirms political, news and business commentary can often be funny, insightful and entertaining. He takes a biting, timely and often-satirical view of our elected officials, uncovering the latter as flawed, misguided and selfishly power-hungry individuals. Marc examines trends by looking beneath the headlines to inform Canadians in plain English – what is really going on. Analysis informed by three decades of working in political journalism and broadcasting, Marc is a freedom-loving individual and argues Canadians need to understand the dangers of uncontrolled government growth, as he believes it poses a threat to democracy and the personal rights and freedoms of all Canadians. There is no such thing as “free” and Canadians are not always aware of the hidden price tag of runaway public debt, state control and the stifling of our rights and freedoms.
390 Episodes
Marc Patrone speaks to Tom Korski on Twitter being blocked by Marc Garneau. Jocelyn Bamford says Doug Ford did the right thing cracking down on union election spending. Leo Knight on suspected Chinese spying and UFO Friday with Dave Scott.
Marc Patrone speaks to Kidney patient George Raptis says he was told he’d have to take the covid vaccine if he wanted a kidney transplant. Clinton Desveaux on the brewing rebellion in the conservative party over Erin O’Toole’s leadership. John Mykytyshyn says don’t be surprised if the election everyone is predicting doesn’t happen.
Marc Patrone speaks to Spencer Fernando on the conservative flailing ahead of an expected election. Dan Mcteague’s take on the coming economic problems associated with Trudeau policies. Chris Van DUSEN talks abduction attempts captured on video.
Marc Patrone speaks to Joe Warmington pushes back against covid Tyranny. Clinton Desveaux on the Tories election chances. Parker Gallant on climate cabal ripping off taxpayers. And London Calling With Graham Elson.
Marc Patrone speaks to Mike Duffy on the September election buzz in Ottawa. Georganne Burke on the weekend Trump speech. Lou Schizas on the jobs miss and Leo Knight on Kamloops discovery hyped as something it’s not.
Marc Patrone speaks to Tom Korski on the $150m sole-source contract to SNC lavalin for hospitals no one asked for. Jocelyn Bamford says federal election winds are blowing and the Tories don’t seem ready and Dave Scott wants the Canadian military to come clean on UFOs.
Marc says the covid origin story and coverup is being ignored by media Barbara Kay on a new book that says trans athletes are wrecking women’s sport. Leo Knight on the mystery around the RCMP raid on the Winnipeg lab.
Marc Patrone speaks to Spencer Fernando on Tory's possible move to push a guaranteed income. John Mykityshyn questions Erin O'Toole's unwillingness to hit Trudeau over vaccines. Writer Daniel Otis on UFO sightings in Canada.
Marc Patrone speaks to Colin Craig’s account of a waiting list death that has left an Ontario mom heartbroken and angry. Georganne Burke says Tory leader Erin O’Toole may not be perfect but he’s the best choice.
Marc Patrone speaks to Clinton Desveaux on federal Tory plans to pitch. Lou Schizas on the upcoming jobs number. Dan McTeague on Justin Trudeau’s Quebec giveaway
Tom Korski on the shameful decision by the royal Canadian mint to cancel a Canadian medical hero. Jocelyn Bamford on Trudeau’s vaccine gaslighting. Karen Selick on a vaccine for ice cream and UFO Friday with Dave Scott.
Marc riffs on missing Canada before Trudeau. Chris Sky on his anti lockdown freedom roadshow. Chris Van Dusen on crazy stuff that happens during surveillance.
Dana Cheadle joins Marc after being fired for not wearing a mask on the job. Catherine Swift says it could take 10 years for small businesses to recover from the lockdowns. Jim KARAHALIOS talks about cleaning up politics with the new blue party.
Marc Patrone speaks to Joe Warmington on the use of ice cream to lure kids into getting vaccinated. Patrick Moore joins to expose the global warming scam. Lou Schizas on the Bitcoin collapse. Parker Gallant on how taxpayers underwrite Hydro One profit.
Marc Patrone speaks to Jocelyn Bamford as the Trudeau govt flip flops on its cross border vaccine policy. Randy Hillier says ignore lockdowns and have great time this weekend. Dave Scott on the 60 minutes UFO expose.
Marc Patrone speaks to Tom Korski on the unenforceable internet censorship bill. Joe Warmington wonders why anti-Israel protests are allowed but golfing breaks the covid ban. John Carpay on the latest arrest of pastors.
Marc Patrone speaks to Mike Duffy on Erin O'Toole's musings on a ‘Netflix’ tax. Pastor Pawlowski is targeted by would-be arsonists. Spencer Fernando tackles Canada’s fiscal mess. Parker Gallant looks at Ontario’s energy fire sale to Michigan.
Josh Skurnik joins Marc Patrone to talk about life in the reopened state of Texas. Georganne Burke on the weekend protests and anti-Semitic attacks on an elderly man and a woman. Ian Jones on prepping for fuel supply disruptions.
Marc Patrone speaks to Chris Van Dussen on how race is now part of the vaccine rollout. Graham Elson’s London Calling on the reopening of the UK. Lou Schizas on the push to reopen Canada’s US border.
Marc Patrone speaks to Derek Fildebrandt on Alberta’s political upheaval. Derek Sloan wants royal commission into the pandemic chaos and Dave Scott on a UFO whistleblower appearing on 60minutes.
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Ethan McCulloch


Dec 18th

Ethan McCulloch

01:24:00 discussion of a new pollution tax on Canadians

Sep 29th

Ethan McCulloch

01:04:25 swedish professor on herd immunity and lockdowns

Sep 29th
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