DiscoverYour Career is Calling(Official 107.7 The Bronc Podcast)
Your Career is Calling(Official 107.7 The Bronc Podcast)

Your Career is Calling(Official 107.7 The Bronc Podcast)

Author: Wanda Ellett of G45 Consulting

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Life has many hurdles. Learn how to achieve success without stumbling. Tune into Your Career Is Calling every Sunday morning at 8 a.m. with Wanda Ellett, president of G45 Consulting. Wanda will teach you how to leap into happiness in your career, in business and in life. Listen to it live on app via the Apple or Google play store. Search WRRC1.
156 Episodes
Wanda chats with Elizabeth Zuckerman, an employment attorney with her practice Zuckerman & Fisher in New Jersey and many accolades. They discuss different aspects of what can be negotiated regarding employment law and tips for undergoing negotiation in this area. This is an encore presentation that originally aired on 5/31/2017. Aired on 6/20/2021
Wanda chats with Andrew Manns, a senior consultant with Manns Associates, a multi service leadership development firm in New Jersey. They discuss how to prepare for a negotiation and avoid anxious feelings when entering one. This is an encore presentation that originally aired on May 21, 2017. Aired on 6/13/2021
Wanda chats with Jennifer Cline aka Miss Dewalt, a self taught woodworker and flag maker. They discuss her entrepreneurial journey, the challenges she has overcome along the way, and the lessons she has learned while becoming an influencer in order to become her best self. Aired on 6/6/2021
Wanda chats with Ken Green, the CEO of Howard Johnson hotel and an old high school classmate. They discuss the importance of negotiation in your career and the power of making decisions to help you move forward in your future. This is an encore presentation that originally aired on 5/14/2017. Aired on 5/30/2021
Wanda chats with Nicole Shaw-Provillon, the founder of Kurly Kürtősh, a boutique dessert caterer offering chimney cakes, a sweet Hungarian pastry. They discuss Nicole's inspiration behind her pastries, the journey she has been on in her business, and how she is staying authentic and confident in her dessert in order to be her best self. Aired on 5/23/2021
Wanda chats with Anil Nair, a global executive in financial services. They discuss his extensive career journey from the Navy to technology and financial institutions, as well as how the pandemic has shifted his mindset about work and personal growth. Aired on 5/9/2021
Wanda chats with Ari Schonbrun, a professional speaker, podcaster, the founder of Whispers and Bricks, and former Chief Administrative Officer of Cantor Fitzgerald and Co. They discuss his experiences in surviving 9/11, how he started his speaking career, and what inspired his podcast and academy program for Whispers and Bricks.
Wanda chats with Mitch Cahn, the founder of Unionwear. They discuss how the Unionwear company started, its evolution over the years, how they adapted during the pandemic, and how Mitch is being his best self this year.  Aired on 4/25/2021
Wanda chats with her brother, John Ellett, about Swag, a Microsoft product that was developed a few years ago and how it is helpful in preparing a resume for your job search. This is an encore presentation that originally aired on March 26th, 2017. Aired on 4/18/2021
Wanda chats with Kim Barberich, the executive director of Career Success and Development at Rider University. They discuss optimizing your job search by preparing for a career fair, utilizing programs and services at the university, and more helpful tips. This is an encore presentation that originally aired on February 26th, 2017. Aired on 4/11/2021
Wanda chats with Stacey Hylen, a business coach who has worked with Tony Robbins and focuses on building your business. They discuss optimizing your job search or your business by finding what you love to do. This is an encore presentation that originally aired on February 12, 2017. Aired on 4/4/2021
Wanda chats with Jacob Olonzo, an independent consultant in user experience and information architecture. They discuss the myth of the black hole in your job search, or applying for work and no one seeing your resume or application, and they offer advice about how to find work that you enjoy to become successful in your job search.
Wanda chats with Sven Erlandson, a best selling author, C-Suite counsellor and “Renaissance” man about his amazing life and some of the ways he's impacted others to #beyourbestself.  Aired on 3/21/2021
Wanda chats with Ailyn Del Rio, the producer of Your Career is Calling and an entrepreneur. They discuss Ailyn’s journey in starting her first business during the past year and what she is doing to continue her personal growth. Aired on 3/14/2021
Wanda chats with Mike Pollock, a professional voice actor and freelancer. They discuss the remote work he has been doing throughout the pandemic and the behind the scenes process of what it's like to be a freelance voice actor in our current economy. Aired on 3/7/2021
Wanda chats with Mary Cerami, owner and fitness instructor of MIT Fitness. They discuss how she adapted to the pandemic by offering virtual fitness classes and how to motivate yourself to stay on track with your health and fitness goals. Aired on 2/28/2021
Wanda chats with Lisa Firkser, the executive director of CASA for Morris and Sussex County in New Jersey. They discuss the importance of volunteering and giving back to your community in order to help those in need and level up in 2021. Aired on 2/21/2021
Wanda chats with Blake de Pastino, a multi-faceted guest with many talents in Tik Tok, acting, video production, and Youtube. They discuss mental health and opening up in order to experience a personal transformation to be your best self. Aired on 02/14/2021
Wanda chats with John Mozes, the General Manager of 107.7 The Bronc. They discuss the ways that the radio station has adapted to the changes in the pandemic by becoming all digital and how students working there have learned from the changes. Aired on 2/07/2021
Wanda chats with Ella McAllister, a licensed mental health, cognitive behavioral therapy, and substance abuse practitioner. They discuss how telehealth has been a great benefit for clients and the ways that Ella has been expanding her practice and reaching more clients. Aired on 1/31/2021
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