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Your Career is Calling(Official 107.7 The Bronc Podcast)

Your Career is Calling(Official 107.7 The Bronc Podcast)

Author: Wanda Ellett of G45 Consulting

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Life has many hurdles. Learn how to achieve success without stumbling. Tune into Your Career Is Calling every Sunday morning at 8 a.m. with Wanda Ellett, president of G45 Consulting. Wanda will teach you how to leap into happiness in your career, in business and in life. Listen to it live on app via the Apple or Google play store. Search WRRC1.
122 Episodes
Wanda Ellett chats with Ella Mcallister as she talks about her counseling practice and how she has been able to stay resilient and to reinvent herself as her business starts to grow all while in the midst during a global pandemic. She also talks about her superpower and how she uses them to her advantage on the job and in her overall life.  Aired on 10/18/2020
Wanda Ellett chats with Dr. Hetal Sojitra owner of Care and Cure Physical therapy. Hetal shares her super power and helps to understand the importance of finding a profession that aligns with your goals. Aired on 10/11/2020
Wanda Ellett chats with New York Real Estate broker Justin DiGulio as he share his insight into the New York Real Estate market, navigating the economic landscape resulting from the global pandemic and how he has expanded a weekly office time to relax with fellow team mates into an interesting weekly live social media event called Sip Talk.  Aired on 10/04/2020
On this episode of Your Career is Calling Wanda Ellett sits down with her friend and entrepreneur Kenny Brunskill about his mentorship training business and how he was able to transition from being a successful in the dealership industry to being successful mentor and how his super power played a key role in it all. Aired on 09/27/2020
Wanda Ellett sits down With Johnny Ellett to discuss about how to use social media and technology to your advantage when entering the job market. This was an encore presentation which originally aired on 06/21/15. Aired on 09/20/2020
Wanda Ellett sits down with Shelly Hawk from the Princeton Public Library to talk about the benefits the library has one's job career. This was an encore presentation originally aired on 04/12/15. Aired on 09/13/2020
Wanda Ellett sits down with her brother John Ellett to talk about tax software. This is an encore presentation which originally aired on 03/29/2015. Aired on 09/06/2020
Wanda Ellett sits down with Kevin Ryan and they talk about how  he was able to transition his career into becoming  a financial planner. 
Wanda Chats with longtime high school friend and recording artist Bob Malone about their youth and Bob's Journey in the music business, from his beginnings to being associated with Dr. Seuss's The Grinch. Aired on 08/23/2020
Wanda Chats with Grant Pete and Linda Hickey about their heroic dog what it has done for them for their autism foundation and for the son.  This was an encore presentation which originally aired on 02/08/15 Aired on 08/16/2020
Wanda chats with Niko Antonellos about his company sidekicks. Encore presentation that aired on 02/01/15. Aired on 08/09/2020
Wanda Ellett chats with Radio Veteran and recent Tik Tok star Octavian Davis about his long career in radio and how his superpower has elevated himself in his career and personal life. Aired on 08/02/2020
Wanda Ellett talks with Matthew Phifer about his overall career as a toxic consultant, in dealing with toxic relationships in home life, personal relationships and much more. They also discuss his super power and how Matthew utilizes it within his career. Aired on 07/26/2020
Wanda chats with fitness star Clark Bartram about the fitness business, his overall career as an author, instructor and actor. They also dive into his superpower of staying focus on his goals and being accountable to himself. 
Wanda talks with rising Tik Tok Star and drummer Dorothea Taylor about her success on the social media app and how she has been able to connect with millions of people. They also discuss her super power and her long lasting  career as a drumming instructor. 
Wanda chats with Danielle Wooley about the power of being positive and how it can improve your career and work experience. This is an encore which originally aired on 03/22/2015 Aired on 07/05/2020
Wanda sits down the Jan family to discuss about their martial arts program and Botton, New Jersey and what impact it has had on them and on their clients.  This was an encore presentation which originally aired on 09/13/15 Aired on 06/28/2020
Wanda Ellett chats with Entrepreneur Joe Costa about his businesses, his superpower and how he has been able to adapt during the pandemic. Aired on 06/21/2020
Wanda chats with Gavin Bannat and Mare Galeos about their involvement in Mare Galeos Fundraiser Called Friend 2 Friend which helps women get mammograms and follow ups for free. They also talk about their superpowers in their career and how it has shaped them. 
Wanda Ellett talks with Luis Moreno about his superpower and how he markets it in his career of  human center leadership and intelligence. Aired on 05/31/2020
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