DiscoverThe Difference: Nonprofit Fundraising in a For-Profit World
The Difference: Nonprofit Fundraising in a For-Profit World
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The Difference: Nonprofit Fundraising in a For-Profit World

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In every community, nonprofits compete for a narrow pool of supporters. Many struggle to stand out and make their case the most compelling a funder will hear. What is the difference that will allow your nonprofit to reach fundraising goals and ultimately achieve financial sustainability? That's exactly what this podcast will address! In each 15-20 minute episode, we'll interview fundraising industry experts from all sides of the table and discuss what has made the difference in major investments, feasibility studies, and successful capital campaigns. We hope to provide you with tips, trends, and topics that make you think and help your nonprofit grow in 2020 and beyond.
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After completing nine feasibility studies for fundraising campaigns in the past six months, Jay Werth and Brian Abernathy wrote a blog titled "Studies Show Now is the Time for Capital Campaign Fundraising Efforts." This episode dives into that assertion to learn exactly what community leaders, business owners, and nonprofits across the nation are telling us about fundraising now. We discuss the two most valuable attributes of a successful funding effort, and what the outlook is for fundraising in 2021.
What if raising more money to fuel your mission isn't about who you know or how big your marketing budget is? Convergent Principal, author, and fundraising expert Tom Ralser joins our podcast to discuss his newest book, The Five-Minute Fundraiser. The book provides a straightforward story about how your organization can focus on the things that are important to nonprofit funders and raise more money.
Growing Your Nonprofit

Growing Your Nonprofit


We're joined by a panel of experts in this episode: Convergent's Pam Reid, Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions Now, and Jeff Cochran from Exclamations Communications. All three have vast and unique experience helping nonprofits grow. They provide their perspective on leadership, marketing, finances, and operations for growing nonprofits. Their stories and specific tips provide guidance for nonprofit leaders looking to reach the next level.
In this episode, Convergent's Paul Santiago, Carlotta Ungaro, and Jay Werth discuss their experiences managing virtual and hybrid feasibility studies and capital campaigns today. They provide practical advice and real-life stories of how they have overcome challenges (a public campaign kick-off now?!).
This episode tackles the important question of how and what to market now for your community. We're joined by Colleen Walton from Brand Acceleration, an economic-development focused marketing firm. Colleen shares some stories, tips, and advice for communities looking to "build a new boat", as you're thinking about recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.
"Every single day, we get the opportunity to do better." Convergent Project Director Pam Reid shares her perspective and thoughtful advice with us in this episode. A successful nonprofit leader, fundraiser, and best-selling author, Pam's experience and thoughts as an African-American woman in these troubled times is particularly powerful. She offers some great advice on connecting and seeing the world differently to help impact change.
This episode takes a look back at fundraising during the Great Recession of 2008-2010. Doug Croft was running the Thomasville Chamber in North Carolina and Dennis Hinkle led the Greater Burlington Partnership in Iowa at that time. Both were involved in capital campaigns. Rick Kiernan and Mark Bergethon were on "the other side of the desk" asking for major investments for economic development. We discuss how (and why) the decision was made to continue the campaigns in an economic downturn, plus what the keys were to actually raising money during those uncertain times.
International Economic Development Council President and CEO Jeff Finkle joins Convergent Principal Andy Coe in this episode to discuss economic development across the nation and the important work communities are doing to recover from the COVID-19 crisis. The IEDC has provided numerous resources for ED professionals and is helping answer the important questions facing so many right now: "How do we re-open safely and step up to help our local economy?"
"Buildings may be closed, but our work does not end."Serving the community has been a cornerstone of the YMCA's mission and history nationwide. Today is no different. Convergent's Len Romano talks to YMCA of Metro North CEO Kathleen Walsh and YMCA of the Inland Northwest CEO Steve Tammaro about how their organizations are communicating, working with their Boards, and preparing for the future in this podcast episode. As Len noted, talking to these two was like a Master's class in leadership and connection!
"During a time of crisis, you see people step up and stand up to help."The City Misson in Cleveland, Ohio has served the community for over 100 years with homeless and women's shelters. They are facing the worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus with grace and resolve. CEO Richard Trickel joined Convergent Principal Jay Werth to discuss how the organization is moving forward  -- with daily operations, volunteers, donations, marketing, and more.
Pellissippi State Community College set out to raise $10 million for capital improvements to the school. Their feasibility study and the efforts of Convergent Partner Joe April working with school faculty, staff, and campaign leaders helped them achieve much, much more. Not only did the college raise over $14 million, but they were able to develop a Student Opportunity Fund and specifically address each of the overarching themes Joe heard from potential investors in the study. Listen to Dr. Wise and Joe take us through the story of this study and how it paved the way for the school's largest capital campaign to date.
Rick Kiernan and Crystal Morphis sit down to discuss their inside perspective on economic development. This includes a deep dive on the broadening workforce development conversation, the impact of the "Silver Tsunami", the biggest challenge facing fundraising today, and just what it is that tomorrow's leaders want out of a professional network (not the answer you're expecting, I promise!). This conversation between old friends was interesting, informative, and full of examples of what we're seeing in communities around the nation right now.
Your 2020 Resolutions

Your 2020 Resolutions


Tips from Senior Project Directors and former Chamber of Commerce CEOs Carlotta Ungaro and Annette Medlin on making resolutions for 2020 that will help your nonprofit grow and flourish.
Trends in Fundraising

Trends in Fundraising


Is the "disappearing donor" really something we should worry about in capital campaign fundraising? How will the 2020 presidential election impact nonprofit funding goals? Three of our Convergent Principals discuss what they're seeing in the fundraising industry working with clients and prospective clients across the country and what trends they expect to continue in 2020. 
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