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The Pillow Fort Sessions Podcast

Author: Nicole Fortune

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Contrary to popular belief, therapists are people too! And behind every therapist is a story of why mental health matters. Every other week come hear about what we do and why we do it in the safest place there is, my pillowfort! Skeptical about scheduling your first session? Let us ease your mind. I’m Nicole Fortune, LCSWA, MSW, MPH and this is the Pillowfort Session Podcast. For the therapy curious.
35 Episodes
AJ is a woman of many talents. Relationship therapist by day and a wedding officiant also by day! Hear the sage words of wisdom she has for relationships of all types in ep. 6!Also thinking about to eloping? Check out!
Jenn the Client

Jenn the Client


Jenn and I talk what its been like starting therapy for the first time learning new things about herself.
Cassie the Art Therapist

Cassie the Art Therapist


Cassie Hamrick inadvertently art therapy's Nicole while they chat about the importance of being in the moment and feeling free to make a mess. Learn more about Cassie and even schedule a session at!
Nicole talks with former classmate Ceara Smith Corey about discovering her passion for passion and why even single people could benefit from sex therapy.  Curious? Schedule a session with her now:
Nicole chats with fellow burgeoning therapist Taylen Harp about how  all of her identities affect the work she does and the people she sees.  Schedule a session with her today!
We are back! And to kick off season 2 Mike and I are talking pioneers in the (some recent) history of mental health! Check out the entire article at!
In our season one FINALE I chat with an old friend, Dr. Brittany Bryant, about substance use disorder and having more empathy. Just in time for the holidays!
My mom and I talk gaslighting! What does it look like? How has Tump been gaslighting us? What is racial gaslighting? And what should we do? 
G is back and here to share here experience microdosing on psilocybin AKA mushrooms! Spoiler alert: her results were promising for her treatment resistant depression. 
In part 2  of episode 24 Nicole continues to chat with Sister W.E.L.L.S about racism in their parts of the world and how they take care of themselves. Check them out at 
Nicole chats with her former boss,Dr. Charla Blumell, and her co-founders Dr. Shawnte Elbert and Dr. Sherra McMillan Watkins about their overall wellness practice, Sister W.E.L.L.S. In part one of our first 2 parter we discuss how they all got their start and why they love counseling, coaching and consulting. We also talk how they manage to do it all and more from 3 different corners of the world!
Nicole and Hanna chat about the modern day "psych ward" and how the people there are not as scary as pop culture makes them seem. 
Nicole chats with double Ph.D Yvonne Smith about alternative ways of treating mental health issues including hypnotism!Contact her at:'t forget to use our link for Instacart to help the show out and to help you get groceries safely and quickly delivered to your door.
Jerrika the Client

Jerrika the Client


Jerrika and Nicole talk the reality of living with mental illnesses, including bipolar, and how important it is that we reduce the stigma around taking meds. Don't forget to use our link for Instacart to help the show out and to help you get groceries safely and quickly delivered to your door.
Nicole and Dr. Isha Metzger talk Beyonce, unplugging from social media and her million dollar grant to address racial trauma. Don't forget to use our link for Instacart to help the show out and to help you get groceries safely and quickly delivered to your door.
Mike and Nicole Chat what mental health during quarantine- the good, the bad and the what is going on???
Nicole talks with Kuniko the Serious and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI) Therapist about BPD, narcissism and how people with these diagnoses can be misunderstood. 
Sam the Psychiatrist

Sam the Psychiatrist


Nicole and brand new psychiatrist, Sam, talk med school, the DSM and how it's not "crazy" to have a foot fetish. 
With everything going on this week, Nicole talks to Nicole about racism.
Nicole chats with Stephany about her roots in her work, passion for social justice and weekends spent DJ-ing!??
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