DiscoverThe VINTAGE HOUSE Show Podcast On Air & On-Line | Business, Culture, History of House Music
The VINTAGE HOUSE Show Podcast On Air & On-Line | Business, Culture, History of House Music
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The VINTAGE HOUSE Show Podcast On Air & On-Line | Business, Culture, History of House Music

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Vintage House on WNUR is the premiere on-air radio show and podcast dedicated to illuminating and preserving the lives, music, and careers of #HouseMusic legends. Join us Every Wednesday on 89.3 or Stream. Powered by the Modern Dance Music Research and Archiving Foundation - is the ONLY repository in the United States dedicated solely to the study, preservation and celebration of the House and Dance Music Genres. Hosted by House Music Pioneers DJ Lori Branch and Kevin "Mega" McFall. Lori Branch is one of Chicago's first woman DJ's and Kevin McFall was the first PR professional dedicated solely to Chicago's House Music Pioneers! Produced by Archivist and House Music Historian Lauren Lowery, The Vintage House Show broadcasts live shows Wednesdays at 10 pm CT with new podcast shows dropping every Third Wednesday 10am...and a few surprise drops during the month! Don't miss it..and SHARE!
34 Episodes
The Vintage House Show loves the history of House Music. Is Who Created House Music an important question to ask? House Music Dj's, Preservationists and Legends answer the question in this unique podcast. Pioneer Robert Owens, Chicago-based DJ VitiGrrl, South African Descended DJ Jozana Sithole and others chime in. Share with us your thoughts on our FB Page @VintageHouseWNURSupport the |
The Vintage House Show celebrates PRIDE and Black Music Month by honoring Maurice Adams! From Westinghouse in the 1970’s to the Warehouse, Maurice suggests “House Music was a part of Life, an Escape and a Comfort Zone.” We discuss the environment at the Waterworks, the Ritz and the Garage…among other old school clubs and how he believes the gay community has changed in Chicago over the years. #housemusic lives on the Vintage House Show. Not the same stories…value in every perspective…The History of House!!!!Support the |
DAJAE has the dance floor on FIRE from Europe to Chicago.  Europe, playing till dawn to madly dancing crowds. Ms. Gordon was transformed into Dajae, the preeminent singer in Chicago house with the massive 1992 hit "Brighter Days. Her story as an artist and pioneer is wonderful and powerful. Don't miss the great interview!!Support the |
The LODGE is FIRE in Chicago. DJ and House Music Pioneer Craig Loftis has created an underground old school venue with partner Tonka Toi in promotions. Lori Branch discusses the Club Scene and the Promotions industry today and how future clubs and spaces are contributing to the history and future of house music.Support the |
DJ KELLY G is a Chicago House Music Legend. His influence goes from behind the decks to behind the camera. He has worked with the greats in R&B and Hip Hop, to working with Steve "Silk" Hurley and DJ Terry Hunter. HIs story is inspirational, and this in-depth conversation celebrates Black Music and Black History. Listen in and Share. Listen Live Wednesdays at 10pm 89.3FM ChicagoSupport the |
In DJ Lori Branch's talk with Robbin Kent, Robbin shares how music shaped her life and Herb Kent's influence on #HouseMusicHistory, #BlackMusicHistory and #ChicagoHistory. MARCH CELEBRATION OF WOMEN!! Don't miss this exciting conversation on all Vintage House Show Channels.Support the |
Lono Brazil traveled from Chicago's West Side to Chicago's South Side to New York to London...then international stardom. Kevin "Mega" McFall leads the interview where Lono reveals he partied at the Warehouse, then Zanzibar and the Paradise Garage following the music! From HIs roots in the South Shore Community to Amsterdam...he has seen the rise of Chicago House Music and is contributing to the genre's FUTURE.Support the |
T. Chablis is a Chicago Legend. Taped by DJ Terry Hunter in 2011 as one of the top 100 Architects of House Music, T Chablis learned his craft as  Mendel Monarch and then as a WNUR Streetbeat DJ. In this episode, T. Chablis, Tim Harris discusses his early love of music growning up on Chicago's South Side, to his influences including Kirk Townsend, Nick Gillie, Lee Cross and Ron Hardy. Stay tuned for Part 2 in February!!!Support the |
Vintage House Show Episode 10262022 with host Kevin Mega McFall and guest Michaelangelo Matos talk House Music evolution in Minnesota and the Rollingstone Magazine article on the suit against Chicago record label TRAX records.Vintage House on WNUR | Vintage House is the only on-air radio show and podcast in Chicago dedicated to illuminating and preserving the lives, music and careers of #HouseMusic legends. www.VintageHouseShow.comSupport the |
Check out The Vintage House Show Crew with the team at City Cast Chicago (“the essential Chicago podcast” according to Chicago magazine and voted “Best Podcast 2021” by Chicago Reader) We discuss the history of House Music, why Chicago is critical in the creation of the genre and its global impact and why Beyonce and Drake pay homage to Chicago artists and music in their new releases!! Don't miss the new Lizzo track that's also a dance music hit!! #HouseMusicForeverSupport the |
Tune in to this episode of The Vintage House Show hosted by DJ Lori Branch !!! Special guest, DJ Alan King. Don't forget The Chosen Few Festival returns this Saturday 07/02/22 at Jackson Park. Support the |
Tune in to this episode of The Vintage House Show hosted by Kevin "Mega" McFall!!! Special guests, Kim Parham and Lehia Franklin Acox discuss the business of the Chosen Few Festival. Don't forget The Chosen Few Festival returns this Saturday at Jackson Park. Support the |
The second episode ever of The Vintage House Show aired in June 2015! Here's Kirt Townsend interviewing Jesse Saunders and Wayne Williams of the Chosen Few DJs!!!Support the |
Shake Your Body singer, Jeanette Thomas who has worked with Vince Lawrence and other legendary producers joins Mega for a candid interview on why she unknowingly made House history, and why you might not know she is still relevant today! Tune in for this and other stories from the icons, pioneers, and legends of House Music on Vintage House Show with hosts DJ Lori Branch, Kevin Mega McFall, and Executive Producer Lauren Lowery.Support the |
PIoneer DJ Reggie Corner is one of the earliest House Music Promotion Professionals in Chicago. Reggie reveals his beginnings in Chicago, The tremendous networking and creativeness needed for pre internet promotions and highlights where he thinks the future of Party Promotions will land during and post COVID. He has questions for those who weren't really a part of the scene at the beginning and shares how young DJ's should present themselves to seasoned promoters! It's funny and informative. Check it out!!Support the |
DJ CHIP E | Born and raised in Chicago CHIP E is one of the originators of its legendary house music scene. (The term "jacking" originated from one of his early records, the evergreen floor-filler 'Time To Jack'.) In This Episode of Vintage House, DJ Chip E unpacks the origins of #HouseMusic and challenges standard notions of the pioneers and their music creation. House Music's first PR professional Kevin "Mega" McFall guides the conversation Fall 2019. A must listen if you love house music!! The mix was superhot..check out our SoundCloud page to find the unedited content.Support the |
#HouseMusic pioneer Robert Owens on His start in Chicago, his iconic songs and life in Europe. Share and Like Vintage House!Support the show ( the |
The Vintage House show interviews international DJ and producer Terry Hunter discussing the House Music timeline as well as sharing how COVID-19 has affected his career. Being able to adapt is an imperative part of being a creative, this year has truly shown Terry that. Terry Hunter’s rise to international status and how Chicago can continue to lead the House Music culture and cannon around the globe. He has amassed close to one thousand songs since the start of his career in 1984. Support the show ( the |
The Vintage House Show invites DJ Dion Hunter to the conversation about the rivalry between house music DJ's. The idea of it not being enough room for house music DJ's is not true, there is enough room for the passion of music. Dion discusses giving other people the opportunity on their radio station to share the exposure on their platform. They discuss the idea of envy of other DJs in the house music scene and how to combat that to bring the love back to the music. Tune in to hear the conversation. Support the |
Chicago house music legend Mike Dunn, has been DJing and producing music for over twenty years. Hailing from the Englewood community in Chicago, Mike started out DJing at the local block parties that took place playing disco, funk, soul and prototype Chicago house tracks. Mike discusses his introduction to DJing, joining the Chosen Few DJ's and the future of #HouseMusic given the current 2020 crisis. DJ Lori Branch and Kevin McFall lead the discussion.#Disco#Funk#Soul#ChicagoMusicSupport the |
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