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Coffee and Bible Time is a podcast for Christian people to be encouraged and grow in their faith. Ashley, Taylor, and Mentor Mama are founders of the Coffee and Bible Time ministry which started on YouTube. Their passion is to help inspire people to delight in God's word.
68 Episodes
It's time to re-energize your quiet time!  Come alongside Mentor Mama and guest Bethany Beal of Girl Defined to gather "Tips to Enjoy (and find time for) Quiet Time”.  Whether you are new to having a quiet time, or a seasoned veteran, you will be encouraged as we discuss specific suggestions to find joy in your quiet time such as listening to praise and worship music, reading or listening to God’s word, journaling, doing a Bible study or devotions and praying.   Bethany shares her tips on how to enjoy and find time for a meaningful quiet time.Coffee and Bible Time - Prayer Journal and Prayer BinderFaithful Counseling (sponsor) - Get 10% off your first monthInstacart (sponsor) - Free delivery for new customers on first order!Patreon - Support us on our Patreon!Bethany Beal's Links: | Girl Defined website | Girl Defined YouTube | The Girl Defined Show (Podcast) | A Place of Quiet Rest: Finding Intimacy with God Through a Daily Devotional Life by Nancy Leigh DeMoss | Shine Bright - 60 Days to Becoming a Girl Defined by God | Whole Hearted Quiet Time Companion Journal | Ryrie Study Bible NASB | Well-Watered Women | link sales financially support our Coffee and Bible Time ministry-THANK YOU!)
Hello friends!In todays podcast we hear from Cambria Joy on her own personal story of how she walked through an eating disorder and the struggle of chasing after skinniness and beauty. I loved having Cam on the podcast because I could relate to so many things she was saying! She was vulnerable and honest with sharing her heart and stories! The most encouraging part of her story was how God was faithful through it all! You do not want to miss this podcast :) Prayer Journals and Prayer Binders: Cambria Joy
In this podcast's episode, Taylor speaks from the heart as she reads from Philippians about how selfish ambition and conceit can get in the way of the gifts God has given us to glorify him. Do you struggle with jealousy and comparison? Join the club of those of us who are yearning to be sanctified from these issues that easily ensnare!
In today's podcast episode, Taylor and Ashley talk about what to do when you experience quiet time burnout. It is completely normal to go through bouts of burnout, but it is important to be able to diagnose WHY and HOW you can fix things moving on forward. Be encouraged! You are not alone.
Ashley talks with guest Mollie about the struggles and hardships of singleness and how there is not purposeless in singleness because of the work that Jesus does through this season! 
Learn how to grow in the Lord through Spiritual Disciplines and cultivate a YEARNING for God! 
In this episode Taylor and Ashley address how to handle the feelings of emptiness and false security in our bodies, looks, relationship status, popularity etc. Where you turn to in difficult moments matter.
Come join Pamela and Mentor Mama as they discuss helpful tips to improve your prayer life. Author, speaker, and literary consultant Pamela D. Smith shows you how to pray with power, passion, and on purpose! 
In this episode Ashley talks about what God has been teaching her recently: to CONTINUE in memorizing scripture! Here are Ashley's tips, tricks, and motivation for memorizing scripture. 
We are kicking off season 3 of our podcast with the Psalms! The enemy aint got NOTHING on us when we choose to fight our battles with scripture. If you are struggling with body image and low self esteem- take a listen and get ready for some truth!
This is the second and final episode in our mini series on navigating mental health in the church with our VERY special guest Kensie Story of Free to Be Ministries!! In this episode Kensie shares her testimony on the faithfulness of God in the midst of depression and gives so much wisdom and advice to the Christian who is struggling with mental health.
This is the first episode in our two part mini series on navigating mental health in the church with special guest Kensie Story of Free to Be Ministries!! In this episode we talk about depression, anxiety, the fear of letting people know we are struggling, wanting to isolate, how to have empathy and understanding for those who are hurting, and SO MUCH more!
In this episode of the podcast, Ashley talks about self-care within the Christian community. Is it really selfish? Is it vanity? Is it dishonoring to God?
In this podcast episode, Mentor Mama, Ashley, and Taylor come together to talk about the struggles of resolving conflict and choosing to forgive. 
In this episode, mentor Mama and Taylor talk about each of their top 3 tips to becoming consistent in Bible reading! 
This is the LAST podcast in our mini series called "that is not my job"! We absolutely LOVED sharing truth in this episode on the dangerous standard of perfection our culture puts on us, and the fears we have from giving it to God. 
This is the 4th episode in our mini series called "that is not my job!". In today's episode, Ashley and Taylor talk about our call to speak truth even when we desire to please everyone.
This is the 3rd podcast in our mini series called, that is not my job! In today's chat we cover Martha and Mary and how God want's to give us peace. 
This is the second episode in our mini series called "that is not my job!", and it is specifically on the subject of how it is not our job to be liked, but to be authentic! This podcast is filled with raw and vulnerable moments- one of our favorite podcasts to date!
This is the first episode in our mini series called "that is not my job!" In this episode we talk about the difference between trying to fix people and trying to love people (but also the importance of gentle correction and conviction).
Comments (14)

Annie Wiebe

You gals are awesome at doing podcasts. Exactly what I've been looking for I just have one request. I just feel like saying HECK so much is not glorifying the Lord. Other than God bless you beautiful ladies❤💞

Sep 15th

Nirelle Sitchoa

this was extremely relatable! thank you guys!

Apr 25th

Nirelle Sitchoa

Do you please have any tip for praying in the morning and remaining awake? because when i read his word and study it at night, i just sleep on it and it has no impact on me the next day.

Apr 24th

Nirelle Sitchoa

it really was an amazing podcast. thank you!

Apr 24th

Nirelle Sitchoa

Thank you for this information. It was very helpful!

Apr 20th

Josh Hansen

Awesome topic. I've often wondered about God's calling. Thank you for this topic

Apr 7th

Julie Soko

Very important topic,thank you for this.I have been helped to understand the balance between self care and being re-filled.God bless you!

Feb 24th

Amber Weekley

thank you ladies so much for an amazing podcast and keep it real even when you are having a hard day. You guys have helped me restore my faith and relationship with Jesus Christ. Thank you. ❤ 🙏🏻☕

Dec 23rd

Amber Weekley

Yay! I love Coffee and Bible Time. It's my favorite way to start my and bible time. Tysm for this amazing podcast!

Dec 23rd

des w

thank you for keeping me company when I'm alone and need to listen to something to get my mind off of it 💗

Aug 24th

Brandy N Joaquin Garcia

I found you guys🥰🥰🤗

May 6th

Kierra Uniq

This podcast was AMAZING

Mar 28th

Habesha Talk

true about the prayer...i used to pray before i start studying when i was in school. All is beautiful, you are wonderful , God bless

Jan 15th

Natalie Allen

I adore your hearts for God. I'm so excited that you guys decided to start a podcast! I look forward to what God does through this new medium.

Jan 9th
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