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Essence House

Author: Eric J Cockrell & Chuck Pineau

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After nearly 30 years of vacancy, Rick Edmund abruptly ordered the demolition of his longtime family home, known as Essence House. What was he trying to hide? And what secrets did Essence House hold? The Edmund family heirs are about to find out the truth about their family and their true inheritance.Essence House is a serialized story by Eric J. Cockrell (Blister: A Punk Rock Memoir | Dulce) and Chuck Pineau (Welcome to the Void | Belial).New episodes are posted on Patreon first. Visit for the latest!
10 Episodes
As Tim arrives to his first day on the job, on his birthday and New Years Day, he discovers that almost nothing is as it seems. Support the show (
Tim finds Tristain and they discover that not all is as they thought it was.Support the show (
Tristain unloads some heavy truths about Essence House on Tim.  Some truths Tim is not ready to deal with.Support the show (
Tim and Tristan have departed, but their journey doesn't go as expected.Support the show (
The displaced pair have been in 1995 for weeks with Tim in a coma.  A desperate Tristan finds an ally in a friendly acquaintance.  Will they find a way out of this situation?  And what exactly are they returning to?Support the show (
Tim and Tristan retreat to visit with family and gather information about their family and the Essence House.Support the show (
Tim takes a dangerous gamble to get some answers.Support the show (
Barnabus reveals more about the Essence to Tim and Tristan, as Tim makes a revelation of his own.Support the show (
A tragic event befalls Essence House that will have ramifications for all of time.Support the show (
Things turn upside down really quickly for Team Edmund as the first season concludes.Support the show (
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