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EMP for You and Me

EMP for You and Me


Find out why an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event is inevitable. Learn about the different ways it can come about and a few of the things that you should be doing to prepare for it. 
Run Hide Fight contains fatal flaws. This episode takes an in depth look at that response model and offers a better plan moving forward. COPE. Cover, Observe, Plan, Execute. Learn why now is the time for your thinking to evolve beyond Run Hide Fight.  
COVID-19. We rightfully should blame the Chinese communist government for the coronavirus pandemic that is decimating populations worldwide. But you already know that. Their tolerance of open air wet markets are distribution outlets for deadly viruses traversing the animal to human pathway. Poor security at bio weapons labs has made the escape of deadly pathogens inevitable. This episode looks behind the deception to a far more nefarious scenario. Fasten your seat belt. Breaking News: You are about to hear the likely truth behind the whirlwind of deception.     
All types of brick and mortar businesses are subject to armed robberies. The more you know about robbery prevention, mitigation and aftermath - the less likely you are to become a victim. Thank you for your interest in crime prevention.
There are very few sinking feelings that equal the discovery that your car has been burglarized, or worse yet, stolen. Fortunately there are things you can do to make it much more likely that you find the wheels where and as you left them. This episode explores steps you can take to keep your car or truck safe and secure.   
How do you make your sanctuary a safe but inviting place? This episode takes a deep dive into the ins and outs of safety and security in the house of worship. It can be made manageable by covering the aspects involved, one at a time. We take a virtual tour of a typical property so you can learn what to consider. Threat assessment, security teams and other aspects are covered. Responding to an active shooter in the house of worship is also addressed.  
"Can't Play Though Everyone Does?" Nope, it's "Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design." CPTED is also known as "Design Out Crime" and "Defensible Spaces." There are ways to make your property less attractive to criminals by increasing the natural surveillance and probability that criminal acts will be detected. Bad things happening are deterred where good CPTED practices are observed. When hearing about it for the first time, most people recognize the value of this common sense approach to target hardening.   
An estimated 1 in 10 Americans lose money every year in phone scams to the tune of about 10 Billion dollars. About 1.5 billion is syphoned away from American victims in online scams. Mail fraud, door to door scams – the list goes on. No one is immune from a variety of scams that come in many shapes and forms with new scams constantly entering the market. You must always be on the lookout for criminals trying to make more money by stealing your money. Let’s take a look at some of the more common scams and then compare the things that they have in common. If you can recognize the glue that scammers use to attach themselves to your funds then you can avoid getting stuck by this rapidly growing type of criminal activity.
Frightening scenes are playing out in China. People are being chased down in the streets and dragged out of their homes to be forced into containers and transported to containment facilities. Learn what is known about this new virus and most importantly what you can do to avoid becoming infected. 
Shopping can and should be fun. Unfortunately criminals want to take your money and your purchases. Worst case you may be assaulted or robbed while on a shopping trip. In this episode we offer a lot of solid safety advice to help make your shopping experiences trouble free. Both in Real Life and Online. Take control of your personal and financial security. Visit our facebook page and be sure to subscribe to Security Everywhere Today.
When you see something - say something. We've all heard it but what should you say to get the most effective response? How can you be sure that there will be no retribution for your call? Well in this podcast we will tell you what you need to know to get the response you need in a timely fashion.  
Violent attacks are things that we all benefit from avoiding yet we learn little about how to prevent them from happening. This episode of Security Everywhere Today will cover a lot of practical insights as well as some advanced mindset information that will help keep you safe wherever you go. Learn to harness the "force" as we will introduce a powerful Jedi mind trick that should repel most potential assailants. It's worked for me. Check it out for yourself on SET.
Home Security

Home Security


In this episode we take it to the house. Everything you ever wanted to know about home security and likely some things you haven't imagined. Hardware, technology, behavioral adjustments and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design are all addressed. Find out how to keep your possessions and stay safe at home in one easy lesson. You may wish to take notes as this episode is packed with information. Join our exclusive Security Everywhere Today facebook group for loyal listeners.
Active Shooter

Active Shooter


Active Shooters are at the top of he food chain when it comes to homicidal events. Learn what you need to know to survive an Active Shooter situation. This episode will also discuss indicators to look for that may predict an attack is on the near or far horizon. Knowledge is power when it comes to avoiding and evading dangerous criminals. Join host David Craig for a journey into the mind of an active shooter. This information can save your life. Fasten your seatbelt. it's a wild ride.  
Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness


Awareness of things going on around you can be the difference between a good outcome and a very nasty situation. Threats exist and criminals are out to do harm every minute of every day. Crime Prevention specialist David Craig helps you navigate the path to better safety and security. Learn how to develop the state of mind required to best absorb the clues that your environment is offering. David is a Florida Crime Prevention Practitioner and a CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) Practitioner. He is also a reality TV crime reporter as the Producer of Blue Lights.'s authored 2 books on Active Shooter response.  This episode is the first of a series dedicated to sharing a wide range of crime prevention information on real life and online threats. Visit our Security Everywhere Today facebook page. 
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