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Author: Diaz Maintenance & Construction

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A podcast exploring property management and HOAs; with the intention of uncovering best practices, common pitfalls, and more. In the hopes of educating HOA members and Property Managers.

12 Episodes
A conversation with our highly capable and effective colleague Julijs Pruzinskis. We talk business, management, and working in the trades. As well as some of the unique aspects of working in our niche market of HOA communities. Thanks for tuning in!
We sit down with our good friend Paul Hage,Biomedical Engineering PhD candidate at Johns Hopkins University. We get his take on the current events of COVID-19, and what he saw transpire at the epicenter of the medical community.
This episode we learn from WSCAI's Director of Membership, Tracy Abdul, and Chair of the Membership Committer Jennifer Price. We discuss all things related to WSCAI, Condos, and good Community Management. They are both knowledgeable & passionate about supporting this community. Enjoy!
We sit down with Community Association Manager, Amy Knepp, and Attorney at Law, Ken Strauss, and engage in a truly informative conversation for the local HOA community. We cover...Handling conflict between residentsWUCIOA; who should opt in?Rules regarding Service AnimalsBoth Amy & Ken are extremely knowledgeable about the industry, and share a lot of great experiences/advice.
Jens is a "Building Doctor" with over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. His team of consultants, engineers & architects, service Seattle, Portland, and Salt Lake City. His passion for serving the volunteer HOA Board Members that make up a majority of his client, is unwavering.This conversation ranges across his early career (running a construction company out of his dorm room), proper construction techniques, client relations, and much more. Jens is an excellent resource for anyone in this industry, and is extremely generous with his knowledge. We are truly grateful he shared his valuable time with us.
We sit down with Preston & Hector and discuss topics ranging across life, business, building ownership, and property management. Preston's unique insights as an Investor & Business Owner, along with Hector's experience managing a maintenance team with over 80 buildings, make this a truly fascinating conversation.
We catch up on a Friday evening and talk all things Podcast, work, and business related.
We learn about Genevieve's career in multi-family property management. From an entry level position to VP of Operations.
We sit down with former HOA Board President, current 'Adviser to the Board', Jim Sluga. And discuss his unique experience at the Sunwood condominiums.
We sit down with Tracy Plam, Community Association Manager at Morris Management, and learn about her story in the HOA industry.
We explore the ideas in Burke Nielsen's article.
Ep. 1 - Introduction

Ep. 1 - Introduction


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