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Author: Sean and Dane Asp

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The Big Asp Cornhole Podcast discusses anything and everything cornhole! The sport of Cornhole is growing rapidly and brothers Sean and Dane Asp will bring you the latest Cornhole News/trends. Interviewing amazing people in the Cornhole community, this podcast aims to help grow the sport we all love! Find us on Twitter/Instagram @BigAspcornhole and Facebook @Big Asp Cornhole Podcast
61 Episodes
Sean and Dane are back! Pounding Christmas ales, they discuss their recent bag break-in experiment: Bags were boiled, washed , washed with fabric softener and Rubbed with Sac Relax to determine which method offered the greatest feel. Bag Daddy bags are up for review as their 6.0, Air Raid and Crossover are discussed! The voice of Cornhole, Trey Ryder, joins the show for an epic interview! We dive into the ACL bag testing policy, how he got into commentating and who he feels are the teams to beat this year! 
Sean and Dane are back for a special interview episode! They are joined by ACL pro and founder of Cornhole Science, Anthony Ayon! The guys discuss how Anthony became involved in commentary, why he started Cornhole Science and his thoughts on the upcoming season! Anthony, using his vast knowledge, breaks down Sean and Dane’s throws to help them improve. Be sure to check out Cornhole Science on Facebook for tons of great content!!!
Sean and Dane are back once again!!! Throwing back some Christmas style IPAs, the guys discuss their most recent performance at the Cleveland Regional. The next three bags to be released by Reynolds,the Patriot, Liberty and Demon are all reviewed. The man behind THE bags, the legend, Mr. Jeff Reynolds joins the show for an interview where he and his number one partner in crime, Bill Sobleskie, discuss a wide variety of topics including  why they think the company has been successful
The Asp brothers are back!! Sipping on Christmas style Hazy IPAs, Sean and Dane review theee series of bags: Cornhole Ace’s Dual Aces, American Glory’s Falcon and Vortex Cornhole’s Storm. They are joined by ACL pros James Baldwin and Jordan Camba. The duo discusses their departure from All Cornhole, expectations for the upcoming season and possible bag selection. 
Sean and Dane are back!! The guys discuss the USA Cornhole National event and the first ever Team USA. Three bags are reviewed!! Reynolds Freedom, 724 Bagger Co ‘s Apocalypse And Low Life Cornhole’s Tombstone. The Reigning ACL women’s champion Sarah Cassidy joins the show and discusses her journey through this game and her unique throw style!
Sean and Dane are back!!!!! The Asp brothers discuss the current bag market and reveal their thoughts on people “over paying” for bags. Cornhole Solution’s, pro stamped, Character 77 bags and Scoreholio Sparks are reviewed! Then ACL pro, Jackie Sayasone, joins the brothers as they continue lady’s month!!
Sean and Dane return once again to entertain you all! Throwing back beers, they discuss the differences of playing inside vs outside and how one can prepare you for the other. They review the newly released Game Changer Smooth bag along with 3 series of bags by Slingshot Cornhole! Samatha Finley, ACL pro, joins the Asp brothers as they continue ladies month! Don’t forget! CODE BigAsp saves you 10% and www.airwolfathletics.comcode: BigAsp5 saves you 5% off the best boards in the WORLDVisit
Sean and Dane, your favorite Cornhole podcast hosts, are back at it! They discuss their recent performance at the Cleveland regional event, talk doubles strategies and review the newest additions it the BIG Daddy Cornhole lineup: Karnage and “Schmack em”. Christine Papcke, ACL pro and multiple time women’s champion, joins the show! A special guest makes an appearance to shed light onto the newest Reynolds bags that will be hitting the market!!! Code: BigAsp saves 10% on orders over $50www.Airwolfathletics.comCode: BigAsp saves you 10%www.iheartcornhole.comCode: BigAsp5 to save
Your favorite Cornhole brothers are back!! Sean and Dane sip on some delicious Pumpkin nitro beer and discuss several topics. Dane reviews his weekend in Iowa where he participated in the 110 team tournament called “The Clash”. Sean and Dane reveal their pet peeves while playing and then review the highly anticipated BG Viking and Mercenary bags. Special guests Eric Anderson and Timmy Jonas, ACL pros, join the show and make some bold predictions for the upcoming season
And they are back!! Sean and Dane are tossing back beers and discussing everyone’s favorite game...Cornhole. The guys review their recent performance at the Cleveland Regional (2nd place was up for grabs) and debate if trash talk is appropriate while playing. Finally they review 724 Bagger Company’s “Warfare” bags and Killer Bees’ “Swarm” series. Make sure to listen closely as the fellas drop some big news about an upcoming (blackjack) bag release!!www.blackjackcornhole.comCode: BigAsp saves you 10% on purchase over $50www.airwolfathletics.comCode: BigAsp saves you 10% on all your Cornhole SWAGVisit for THE best boards in the game! Code:BigAsp5 saves you for the greatest backpack and patches in the Whole wide world 
Your favorite Cornhole podcast is back!! Sean and Dane discuss Jamie Graham’s  “Lebron-like” announcement over the weekend and what the Guy-Graham team means for the sport. They Review 3  sets of Vortex bags: Supercell, Dusty and Mesovortex, and then are joined by Vortex Cornhole’s owner Josh Zeller. Josh sheds light on the ups and downs of starting a bag company as well as how much research/development is required www.blackjackcornhole.comwww.airwolfathletics.comwww.iheartcornhole.comwww.bagsboard.con
The Asp brothers are back!! Sipping on some amazing beers, the brothers discuss the recent bag boiling craze and reveal their favorite ways to break in newer bags! Draggin bags are reviewed!! Sean and Dane break down the Terror and Gnome bags! Bobby Fink, ACL Pro and owner/founder of Ghost Cornhole, joins the brothers for a highly entertaining interview! Bobby reveals how Ghost Cornhole came about and how thankful he is to have such a loyal crew!www.airwolfathletics.comCode: BigAsp for 10% offwww.blackjackcornhole.comCode: BigAsp for 10%offwww.iheartcornhole.comCode: BigAsp5 for 5%
They are Back!!! Yes the Asp brothers are back again bringing you more audio gold!! They review Scoreholio Circuit and Copper Cornhole Scorpion bags! Sean rants about a lack of local participation in the “Biggest Deck” challenge. Then the boys are joined by ACL pro AJ Sims!! Straight outta Texas, AJ reveals how he manages his home life while maintaining a strict practice routine. He reveals his favorite bags to throw (not what you’d expect)!! www.Airwolfathletics.comUse code: BigAsp for 10% reason Cornhole is played to 21!! them out for THE best patches and Cornhole backpacks!! the Best boards, made by the best people right here in the USA? Well look no more!!-Use code BigAsp5 for 5% off your purchase
The Aspholes are back!! Sean and Dane chat about hypothetical doubles pairings (could we see the best ACL and ACO player team up???)while sipping a great summer ale! They discuss how they have worked to improve the mental aspects of their game. Be sure to listen in as they give details about the “Biggest Deck” contest!!Checkout:www.Airwolfathletics.comUse code: BigAsp for 10% off
Sean and Dane are back at it!! While sipping on refreshing adult beverages, the guys bring you the third installment of the beginners guide! Discussing Cornhole match strategy and how to prepare for your first big tournament, the brothers breakdown important factors to consider when playing a match and attending tournaments. ACL pro Chad Braun, fresh off several ESPN appearances joins the show along with newly nominated pro Anthony Kissel. Check out:www.airwolfathletics.coUse code: “BigAsp” for 10% off
The Aspholes are back!! Sean and Dane slam some IPAs, while they discuss the ACL championship results! Several ACO pros participated in the ACL pro qualifier...what will this mean going forward?!? The brothers review Cooper Bags (SOB III, Express, Bandit) and War Chief bags!!Join the pack today and visit:www.airwolfathletics.comUse code: BigAsp for 10% off at checkout 
The Asp brothers are joined by ACO pro and Ohio native, Jeremiah Ellis. They discuss his journey through the game. Jeremiah makes his prediction for winners of the ACL COBS event for both singles and doubles. The guys chat about the subtle differences between ACL and ACO events!
Sean and Dane are back! They preview the upcoming ACL Championship of Bags event, discuss their wager with the boys from the Dogcast and Review BG Bags: Rogue, Assassin, Darkslide 2.0.www.Airwolfathletics.comUse code: BigAsp for 10%
The Asp brothers are back! Bringing the second part of the “Beginner’s guide,” Sean and Dane talk about different practice routines and how to select the right bag! ACL pro and social media stud, Drew Brown, joins the show!! The guys chat about his experience playing on ESPN, his favorite trick shots and he reveals his crew cup dream team.www.airwolfathletics.comUse Code: BigAsp for 10% off all
Sean and Dane are joined by ACL pro and owner of Killshots Cornhole, Austin Reynard. Austin sheds light on the transition from making bags in his basement to opening a new facility. He talks about the new ACL bag policy as he offers a unique perspective being a pro player, who also runs a successful buisnesswww.airwolfathletics.comUse code:BigAsp for 10% off at
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