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Author: Tom Boyd

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Welcome to Creators Are Brands, hosted by Tom Boyd. This is the show that explores how solo creators and storytellers are building brands online. From the mindsets, to the tactics, to the business side, I am fascinated how these individuals are building brands around their individualities. In this show, we learn what’s working, so we can apply that to your mission. We talk to creators, their teams, the platforms that power them. Learn how to make money as a solo creator by subscribing to the

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In this episode, my friend Jules Montgomery talks about how she changed from educational content to lifestyle vlogs, the mindsets behind creating without burnout, and gives us some insider tips on editing with CapCut. If you enjoy the show, share it with a homie. Follow me on all platforms at @BonusFootage
Get the "Your First Brand Sponsorship" Checklist & Video: In today’s episode, we talk to Nina Zadeh from SideWalker Daily, who has helped thousands of influencers and creators around the globe turn their social media into full-time income. We discuss exactly how her business helps creators build their businesses Her signature course is “Pitching to brands” mastercourse (which is linked wherever you’re listening to this pod) How many followers do you need to have before you start landing brand deals The importance of positioning your brand How there isn’t a ONE WAY approach for landing brand deals Where to start when you’re first approaching brands How to identify brands who are actually paying Why you should start doing discovery calls with brands Why the creator needs to take control of the strategy. Make the brand feel safe How you should be DM’ing brands The importance of having an abundance mindset when it comes to ideas How to collaborate with other creators on affiliate partnerships and much more. Learn how to make money as a solo creator by subscribing to the Bonus Footage Newsletter where we breakdown creator businesses in emails you can read as fast as watching a TikTok. Have a wonderful day.
Get the "Your First Brand Sponsorship" Checklist & Video: Welcome to the podcast, this is the show that discovers how storytellers are building brands online.  Learn how to make money as a solo creator by subscribing to the Bonus Footage Newsletter where we breakdown creator businesses in emails you can read as fast as watching a TikTok. In today’s episode, we talk to Austin Hankwitz…who is a creator slash media company slash venture capitalist that has invested in over 18 companies. These are some of the points we discuss:  Why he focused on building his audience first before thinking about monetizing How he brought 42,000 funded accounts, from one organic video for a brand. How he thinks about short form video content Genius Advice from his friend Tejas Tellur for how to approach TikTok The importance of being friends with your audience Why his first video went so viral His simplified production process that only requires his phone,  wired headphones and the TikTok app, How he approached his Patreon and pricing formats The most money he made in a month on Patreon Why he started a newsletter and how he produces it. The value of building with a business partner who can handle the administrative duties of your creator brand, so the creator can focus on what they do best. Have an inspired day and thanks for listening! Learn how to make money as a solo creator by subscribing to the Bonus Footage Newsletter where we breakdown creator businesses in emails you can read as fast as watching a TikTok.
Welcome to this episode of Creators Are Brands hosted by Tom Boyd. In this episode we talk to Blake Michael ( who is a creator and the Chief Evangelist of (Yes, the platform who sponsors this show!) When I saw his role with Lumanu, I thought that sounds like the perfect role for a creator and I wanted to know more…. And Blake goes into detail how he got the role and how he thinks the industry will shift to hire more positions like this one. We also discuss… How he was the youngest magician on YouTube How he was one of the first people to be in the YouTube partnership program Why he became so passionate about being a creator as opposed to going the traditional film hollywood route His love for the start-up ecosystem How is focusing on putting more money in your pocket and taking the stress out of the business side of being a creator. Enjoy the show and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. Hit me on the gram:
Get the "Your First Brand Sponsorship" Checklist & Video: Welcome to the Creators Are Brands podcast hosted by Tom Boyd (@BonusFootage) In this episode, we talk to Kristen Bousquet ( Kristen is an influencer/creator coach that helps people turn their impact into income. Get Kristen's book on Pitching & Negotiating brand deals here: I bought Kristen’s ebook on pitching & negotiating brand deals, which is linked wherever you’re listening to this episode… and I loved it so much, applied what I learned immediately, and told her that she should charge more for it. Then I asked her to be on the podcast to talk through some of my favorite parts. That’s what this episode is all about…. We discuss getting clarity on your creator brand and creating a mission statement. How to START talking to brands The importance of building LOYAL AF audience What deliverables should you include when pitching a brand? Working with brands for package deals & long term partnerships. How do you get in touch with the brands and start building the relationship What to include in your media kit… The importance of confidence when negotiating rates as an influencer The mistake the majority of influencers make when pitching brands. This episode is powered by
Listen to this episode with Veronica Ramirez who breaks down all the legal stuff behind being a creator.  You can get in touch with Veronica at @Curator_Counsel We talk influencer contracts, following FTC rules, and how creators should be communicating with brands.  Get your notepad ready for this convo! This episode is powered by (the platform I used for getting paid as a creator.) If you like the show, remember to reach out to me on IG with your feedback.  Love you and keep creating.  Tom
JT Barnett is BACK for part. 2.  Welcome to the Creators Are Brands podcast where we discover how creators are building brands online.  Today, we talk to my friend Jt Barnett who is absolutely dominating on TikTok as a creator who teaches creators TikTok WHILE building his business built solely around helping dope brands build their following on TikTok. This is one of my favorite conversations on the pod. It was so good, we hardly edited it and just ran the interview raw and uncut.  I hope you enjoy the show.  Listen to our first episode here: Follow him here: Follow me at This episode is powered by
In this episode, we talk to Gabriel Nussbaum… He is a creator who hit 1 Million followers in just a couple of months on TikTok by educating his audience with short entertaining videos on what they need to learn outside the classroom…. In this episode… we learn… Exactly how he hit 1 million followers on TikTok Why he pivoted his style on TikTok and how it lead to more engagement on this videos How he thinks about this creative process (from research to scripting to publishing) He frames hooks, how long his videos are, his thinking on the TikTok algorithm Building this TikTok account as a side hustle while maintaining a full-time job How he met one of the biggest educational Youtubers at a barbecue then collaborated with him How he thinks about sponsors on his channel Why the user interface on TikTok is the best user experience… The three things he looks for in each video he’s creating POWERED BY LUMANU.COM Get my resources for creators at FOLLOW YA BOY at @BONUSFOOTAGE on TikTok & IG
If you’ve wanted to make a podcast, or even considered what it would look like to start one, this episode is for you. We talk to Espree Devora who is a full-time creator and podcaster. She publishes multiple episodes a week across her two shows: We Are LA Tech and Women In Tech Show… Harpers Bazaar ranked her show as a top ten podcast, she’s an icon on Clubhouse, and most importantly, she’s known as the “Girl Who Gets It Done”. In this episode, we learn all about her process for creating a podcast…. And she shares her best tips and insights straight from her experience in producing over 700 podcast episodes. The outline for this conversation is based on her framework for creating a podcast… The P’s and the M&M’s. Purpose Process Production Marketing Monetization Throughout this whole episode, we unpack all of these elements. Between me and you, selfishly, I was asking her these questions so I could continue to improve the quality and reach of the Creators Are Brands podcast… and this free consultation has already been a game changer for how I think about the show. This episode is essentially a master class on how to podcast, and I can't wait for you to apply these ideas to your very own show. This show is sponsored by
In this episode I talk to my friend Eliot Couvat… (  Eliot specializes in Community, Web3 & Social Tokens. He’s head of community and growth at CoinVise, who helps creators make their own social tokens, and he just wrote a book called “The Social Token Revolution” where he shares everything Social Token and Web3… So if you’re like myself, who is curious about exploring Web3 as a creator this conversation is for you. As Eliot breaks down, in the simplest of terms for newbies like me, exactly how creators can be leveraging Social Tokens. Listen on any podcast platform: This episode is sponsored by
Zack Honarvar manages some of the biggest creators in the world. He’s also the founder of Fan Of A Fan and CreatorNow. Zack is a friend and someone who I consult with on a consistent basis and I’m excited to bring some of his ideas to you. He has an amazing way of simplifying complex ideas and providing helpful frameworks for thinking about your brand as a creator. My favorite part of the show was highlighting some of my favorite tweets of his and having him elaborate on his thinking. This is one of those shows that you might have to listen to twice to fully unpack the gems from Zack. One of my favorite quotes from the show was: “When you’re passionate about something, and you’re building it for the right reasons, and you have really good intentions, you attract good people around you.” In this episode, we discuss : How to build genuine relationships in the creator economy What to look for in talent What creators can learn from musicians and vice versa. Why it’s easier to put in the work when you know your “why” What the true measure of success is for him How he build his management team Why people need to make moves and less announcements Why it’s important to be clear on the expectations on money with your team This episode is powered by
In this episode, we talk to Jasmine Watt. (  She is a content creator on TikTok and she has a full-time job in tech. She's a great example of someone who is following her passion as a creator while having a full-time gig. Those two worlds can work together and we're seeing that more and more from content creators. It's a fun hobby to be able to share and build a community online. Jasmine does this by sharing her stance on social media and how to make sense of the platforms we use.  In this podcast, we cover a wide range of subjects including:  Podcast Notes: Why TikTok is the new Facebook/Instagram ads Why ads aren’t converting on IG ads How TikTok is actually converting into email subscribers How TIkTok helps you grow on other platforms How imposter syndrome shows up for brand deals What it means to be a #Genuinfluencer What makes Emily Marilanko such a great creator She breaks down her success on creating talking head iphone videos How to use the greenscreen feature on TikTok The importance of a strong hook on TikTok and how she structures them How she edits everything in the TikTok app This episodes is powered by This is the best tool for getting paid for your work as a creator and working with brands.
This week on Creators Are Brands, I chatted with the adventure creator Michael Downie. Michael Downie is a full-time YouTuber who is coming up on 300,000 subscribers. He has a super inspiring story of how he got started and trusted his vision to be a full-time creator. In this episode, we discuss: Why he called himself a YouTuber before he was full-time How he took out a loan and bet on himself with only 1500 subscribers How he thinks about working with sponsors and investing it back into the business His creative process with his team His exact TIPS for storytelling Here’s my favorite piece of knowledge Jules dropped in the episode: “Back when I had 200 subscribers. I decided I was going to introduce myself as a YouTuber even though I had a full-time job at a junk removal company. I decided that I was going to make this my career, that I was going to be a YouTuber.” This episode is powered by  The creator economy is hiring // Creators Are Brands Job Board:
Welcome to the Creators Are Brands podcast, hosted by Tom Boyd of @BonusFootage. This is the show that discovers how creators are building brands online. In this episode, I chatted with creator Jules Montgomery.  Listen to the episode here: Jules is a content creator with 280K followers on TikTok where she teaches her audience how to create with confidence. She’s also an agency owner who connects brands with influencers and she is in the process of building “the glassdoor for influencers.” In this episode, we discuss: The first company she started that saw 6 figures within 2 months of launching How she started her own influencer agency What she would do differently in her earliest brand deals Why she is starting the glassdoor for influencers and creators Exactly how brands should be working with creators How you should reach out to brands What you should include in your pitch deck Here’s my favorite piece of knowledge Jules dropped in the episode:  “People want to know what the result is going to be before you start and it’s just NEVER going to work like that. I didn’t trust it… I just sent it.” For the next few months, I’ll be sharing exclusive insights from each episode with the Lumanu community at Listen to the show on your favorite platform: Apple Spotify: Link to all the podcast listening options: This episode is powered by I hope you’ll tune in! See you back next week. Thank you for listening. Get my resource and GEAR GUIDE at
In this episode I chatted with Mitchell Cohen. He is the Director of Influencer Partnerships at which is a digital product marketplace for entrepreneurs (they do over $100 million a year). Essentially, they’re the Amazon for entrepreneurs and people with digital products. Mitchell is also the producer of Noah Kagan’s YouTube channel. Noah is the founder and CEO of APPSUMO, employee #30 at Facebook and #4 at mint. and He’s someone who consistently shares practical insights around lessons he’s learned as an entrepreneur… Michell leads the team who helps him do that successfully on Youtube. In this episode, we learn how Mitchel Landed his job, how he works with influencers, what he’s learned from Noah, and how he would approach YouTube if he was starting from scratch. Follow Mitchell on Twitter:
In this episode, we chat with Andrew Stoner and Alex Ploof of the marketing team.  We discover: How they work with creators, why Twitter is the best place to network, How to signal to a brand that you actually want to work with them, Exactly HOW you should pitch Moment to work with them, How to be come a successful affiliate partner with Moment, The future of shopping on Instagram, When you can start calling yourself a photographer…   Listen at Watch on YouTube.  You're a legend.  Love, Tom
Andrew Warner is a legend in the podcasting space. He's been podcasting since before podcasts were a thing. He just released a new book called Stop Asking Questions, that you can get check out here: Andrew Warner is an entrepreneur and host of the hit startup podcast, where he uncovers the secrets of the world’s best founders. Over the course of 2000+ episodes, Andrew has interviewed everyone from Barbara Corcoran, to Gary Vee, to founders of AirBnB. The reason I was so excited to interview Andrew… is because I first started podcasting, trying to think of questions and outline the interviews was a challenge… and it’s still a challenge, there’s no guide or clear direction. I was just guessing. Thankfully, Andrew just wrote a book about it called “Stop Asking Questions”, How to lead High Impact Interviews and Learn from ANYTHING From Anyone.” This exact book I was looking for. If you don’t believe me… take it from Seth Godin… who says… "This is a book about respect. Respecting others enough to interview them well. Respecting your audience enough to do the work. And respecting yourself enough to be clear about what you're doing and why." This conversation served almost as a free one on one consultation from one of the best interviewers in the world, on how how to have an engaging conversation. Please don’t tell Andrew, because I don’t want him to bill me... Crazy enough... Andrew even shared this interview on his OWN podcast, Start Up Stories, which was one of the highest compliments coming from someone like him. Watch & Subscribe on YouTube: Download the free guide for creating shorts on TikTok: Hit for all your favorite tools & resources for creative entrepreneurs.
In this episode we are talking with Josh Horton, also known as Jugglin Josh. Go check out Josh's channel: With 750,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 2M on TikTok. He’s known for creating family friendly content with a focus on world records, trickshots, juggling and having a whole lot of fun in the process. He’s been featured on Ellen, Steve Harvey and Sports Center… And this show, We talk about to what platforms he’s focusing on and tips for each, how he integrates branded collaborations into his content, how much you should charge for 100,000 followers on TikTok, why he is his own manager and handles the business side of being a creator, what the most important part of your TikTok video is and what you need to do in order to hook people’s attention, the importance of having a community of creators around you. This was a fun conversation where I learned how important it is to understand the business side of being a creator.
In this show, we chat with my good friend, Danny Gevirtz.  He's the absolute best and is a fantastic storyteller. If you haven't seen his films, go check out his YouTube here: We break down how he monetizes his stories, why being on camera is his least favorite part of YouTube but what he does it anyway, why he loves using Youtube for his passion projects, the traditional film industry vs filmmaking for his YouTube community... Listen and subscribe to podcasts at DM me if you want to holler. Tools for creative entrepreneurs (like the ones that help me create this podcast!) Have an inspired day.  Tom
In today’s conversation we talk to Jim Mullane. Jim created one of the largest non-fiction book communities with over 200,000+ members called @GetBetterWithBooks. By creating content through Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, Jim brings you only the best bites from the best non-fiction books in the world. We discover how he built this account as a side hustle, how it has led to collaborations with some of his favorite authors, why all self-help content might not be helpful, and we go deep into some principles he’s learned from his favorite non-fiction books. My name is Tom Boyd, and this is the show that explores how storytellers are building brands online.   Watch these podcasts on YouTube:
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