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Author: Bobby Ong & TM Lee

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Learn about bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency technologies as we interview entrepreneurs and thought leaders of the industry in this crypto podcast.
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In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Jordan Lyall, Founder of $MEME Project. Bobby interviewed Jordan on the history of $MEME, Pineapples and its use cases, MEME's trading cards as well as the intersection of DeFi and NFT.[00:00:02] Intro[00:01:22] History of MEME Project[00:09:43] Name shift from DeGenerator to MEME[00:13:00] Pineapples staking with MEME token[00:16:25] Why stake a maximum of only five MEME tokens?[00:20:20] Rewards for loyal users[00:22:20] Plans for NFT trading cards[00:28:07] Thoughts on the intersection of DeFi and NFT[00:33:53] Where to follow the MEME project?Quotes from the episode:“You probably shouldn't buy it. And then it was like a light bulb, 'Don't buy MEME'. That's a meme in itself, right. #DontbuyMEME.” [00:08:48] “You can't stake more than five (pineapples) per wallet that was our intention...we didn't want the whales to just come in and mint up all the NFTs.” [00:17:44]“In the next couple of weeks, we'll launch a campaign, a joint project with Decentraland, where you can lock up MEME tokens and MANA tokens.” [00:27:10]LinksMEME - - (MEME) on CoinGecko - MediaMEME:
In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Stani Kulechov, Founder and CEO of Aave. Bobby interviewed Stani on Aave, its Flash Loans, its aTokens as well as Aave’s upcoming plans.[00:00:02] Intro[00:01:16] History of Aave[00:03:56] Flash Loans[00:09:48] Differences between aTokens from Aave and cToken from Compound[00:15:50] How is the variable interest rate and stable interest rate set on Aave?[00:21:41] Aave’s plans with respect to its governance[00:26:31] Importance of rewarding Aave token holders[00:28:42] Ideas for developers to build on top of Aave[00:33:39] What can Aave do with the Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license?[00:35:00] Upcoming news to expect from AaveQuotes from the episode:“One of the biggest Flash Loan days we have probably like 133 million worths of Flash Loans, a day.” [00:07:33]“If you go into a mindset where Ethereum is a database and basically you can change the database and make it work for you kind of like put away the limitations.” [00:14:10]“We are actually building the version two. It's actually now audited by five different auditors at the moment and we expect it to be released in the, quite soon.” [00:35:11]LinksAave - Watch - - - (LEND) on CoinGecko - MediaAave:
In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Anatoly Yakovenko, founder and CEO at Solana. Bobby interviewed Anatoly on Solana, its scalability, proof-of-history as well as Solana’s plans for Q4 of 2020 and beyond.[00:00:02] Intro[00:01:23] Background on Solana[00:02:38] Scalability Trilemma problem[00:06:34] Solana blockchain size?[00:11:26] Other applications on Solana blockchain[00:13:15] Is Solana an Ethereum competitor?[00:19:28] Solana’s proof-of-stake with delegation validation model [00:23:37] Decentralized clock feature, called proof-of history[00:31:29] Solana’s plan for Q4 2020 and beyond[00:38:27] Where to follow Solana?Quotes from the episode:“If you go to our explorer, you can see that the network has done about 32 million blocks at this point and over 3 billion transactions. And the reason why we have 3 billion transactions already is because our smart contracts is so cheap and fast that we use it as the message bus for consensus.” [00:01:59]“We don't have a limit on how big a block can be. There's a block every 400 milliseconds, and it isn't so much that there's a separate block. It's almost like a continuous chain.” [00:06:48]“The hard part is obviously that [because] it is blockchain, everything has to be harder, right?” [00:25:52]LinksSolana - - (SOL) on CoinGecko - MediaSolana:
In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Chandler Song, CEO of Ankr. Bobby interviewed Chandler on Ankr and their technology, the DeFi trend and his thoughts on the crypto market as well as Ankr’s plans for 2020 and beyond.[00:00:02] Intro[00:01:13] Background on Ankr[00:02:54] Ankr’s customers[00:05:00] Coins supported by Ankr[00:08:09] Ankr’s pivot[00:09:40] How is Ankr different from other providers?[00:14:23] Ankr’s product, Stkr[00:18:57] Microstaking [00:22:34] Ankr’s plans for 2020 and beyond[00:24:30] Where to follow AnkrQuotes from the episode:“We're serving close to, you know, 5,000 individuals on the Ankr platform in terms of enterprises,” [00:03:23]“We did have a pivot but you know, our vision stayed the same. Like from the very start, you know, we want to be the infrastructure provider for blockchain.” [00:08:28]“We're really trying to balance the equations for people who have Ethereum but do not have the capacity to deploy a node." [00:14:47]LinksAnkr - - (ANKR) on CoinGecko - MediaAnkr:
In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Thor Chan, CEO of AAX. Bobby interviewed Thor on AAX and their technology, the DeFi trend and his thoughts on the crypto market as well as AAX’s plans for 2020 and beyond.[00:00:02] Intro[00:01:02] Background on AAX[00:01:55] AAX’s technology[00:04:02] Thoughts on institutional money coming into the crypto space[00:09:08] Thoughts on DeFi trend[00:11:16] Plannings for the DeFi space[00:13:02] Thoughts on upcoming products in the crypto space[00:18:01] AAX’s plans for 2020 and beyondQuotes from the episode:“AAX is the only exchange powered by London Stock Exchange Group technology. We are also a member of London Stock Exchange Group's Partner Platform.” [00:02:02]“So I think DeFi is very important and is delivering on Satoshi's vision, especially with negative interest rates right now and the global economic outlook.” [00:09:22]“I think like, personally that I feel, if you say like trading with a hundred times leverage is very, very risky. But for us, we are a platform we offer different kinds of instruments to fulfill different needs of the users. And also some of them, they have very high risk appetite. They love it.”  [00:16:09]LinksAAX - - MediaAAX:
In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Chris Zaknun, CEO of DAO Maker and Hatu Sheikh, CMO of DAO Maker. Bobby interviewed Chris and Hatu on DYCO, what it does, social mining, their thoughts on the market, and yield farming as well as DAO Maker’s plans for 2020 and beyond.[00:00:02] Intro[00:01:42] What is DYCO?[00:10:29] Amount raised in ICO market[00:12:17] Thoughts on IEOs[00:16:44] Social mining[00:18:16] Thoughts on the market in 2020 and 2021[00:25:15] Thoughts on yield farming fad[00:31:53] DAO Maker’s plans for 2020 and beyondQuotes from the episode:“Now we have a lot of IEOs and so on but these things do not sustain. At the moment we have a hype, right? So everybody invests. Once this hype is over the whole thing will collapse again. The DYCO is designed to be a system that can work long term no matter the market conditions.” [00:03:16]“Now there's a saying, a famous saying, like you can fool some people sometimes, but you can't fool all the people all the time, which means you can maybe pump up a coin for three months and keep the price stable by doing marketing and hoax and bullshit, which we see a lot in crypto, but you cannot do that for 12 or 16 months.” [00:06:32]“The social mining started off as the idea of how can we make people more bonded to these clients and stop making them jump from coin A to coin B to coin C because this is a never ending cycle.” [00:17:47]LinksDAO Maker - - - MediaDAO Maker:
In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Nick Fett, CTO at Tellor and Michael Zemrose, CSO of Tellor. Bobby interviewed Nick and Michael on the Tellor oracle, how it works, the utility behind Tellor Tributes, as well as Tellor’s upgrades in V2.[00:00:02] Intro[00:01:20] Background on Tellor[00:03:59] The main difference between Tellor and Chainlink[00:05:19] How does Tellor work?[00:12:44] Tellor’s upgrades in V2[00:18:55] Who’s using the Tellor oracles?[00:21:03] The main utility behind Tellor Tributes (TRB)[00:25:40] Attack risk on Tellor[00:33:42] Where to follow TellorQuotes from Episode:“I don't think Chainlink is going to be able to achieve that type of quality going about things the way they are using white-listed data providers like they do. And so that's a huge difference. Like with Tellor, we focus on that Bitcoin style quality where decentralized is our number one priority and censorship-resistance is our number one priority. So you know, in a nutshell we feel that we're the decentralized option between the two.” [00:04:49]“The problem is, is that, you know, at Coinbase for instance, they just started an oracle service where they sign the price every so often and you can grab it and say, 'Hey, this was the price at Coinbase.' The problem with that is Coinbase can at any point stop doing that. There's no guarantee that they will continue to do that.” [00:07:42]“Now you have to stake a 1,000 TRB and you can only mine one value per hour. And the reason that we're moving to that is, any sort of minor centralization can sort of be, if you want to own 90% of our hash power, you're going to have to own a whole lot of our token as well.” [00:15:25]LinksTellor - - (TRB) on CoinGecko - MediaTellor:
In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Ivan Golovko, Chief Marketing Officer at LTO Network. Bobby interviewed Ivan on LTO Network, the LTO Network Token, the fee burn mechanism proposal as well as the staking program for LTO Network. Bobby and Ivan also shared their thoughts on DeFi and Yield-farming.[00:00:02] Intro[00:01:15] Background on LTO Network[00:05:30] How permissioned blockchain is built into LTO Network? [00:08:09] Why use LTO Network?[00:17:50] The tokenomics behind LTO Network[00:20:41] How does the staking program in LTO Network work?[00:25:36] How to be a staker?[00:26:39] Fee burn mechanism[00:30:37] Thoughts on difference in PE ratio between tokens[00:36:12] Yield farming[00:41:31] Where to follow LTO Network?Quotes from Episode:“So if you do it on Bitcoin, you're pretty limited to just anchoring. While the Delta network, we build the architecture in such a way that there are different modules that you can plug in and plug out at the same time but in an open environment.” [00:10:20]“And how to lease it to delegator? Literally one button. So you just have it in your mainnet wallet, you press 'lease', and you press the address of the delegator, that's it.” [00:26:09]“Let's start with the fact that crypto is still only an investor base and there are very few users who use. So everything people touch and do, is their belief in the future of one or the other product. Therefore, the revenue has always been not a topic in crypto because they were just not.” [00:31:14]LinksLTO Network - - Network (LTO) on CoinGecko - MediaLTO Network:
In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Ciara Sun, Head of Global Business and Markets, Vice President at Huobi. Bobby interviewed Ciara on Huobi exchange, its role in developing the blockchain industry, thoughts on wash trading, as well as Huobi’s strategy and plans for growth. [00:00:02] Intro[00:03:26] Background on Huobi[00:05:40] Thoughts on exchanges doing wash trading[00:11:22] Plans and use cases for Huobi Chain[00:13:50] Use cases for Huobi Token[00:15:50] Thoughts on Huobi Pool[00:18:54] Plans with Huobi’s derivative market, Huobi Futures[00:21:27] Thoughts on IEO market[00:23:24] Where to follow HuobiQuotes from Episode:“We don't fake our trading volume. When you operate an exchange, it's actually easy to tell whether the other exchanges are faking their volume or not.” [00:06:16]“We're very proud to say that at Huobi, we've been running for seven years and there has never been a major security breach. Customers' assets have been safe with us.” [00:09:43]“Huobi Chain is the first blockchain to support regulator nodes and let regulators contribute to the network as validators. This chain will also support decentralized identifiers, such as KYC verification to meet our requirements.” [00:13:04]LinksHuobi - Pool - Futures - - MediaHuobi: Sun:
In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Seth Melamed, COO at Liquid Exchange. Bobby interviewed Seth on Liquid exchange, blockchain industry and crypto exchange landscape in Japan, their token QASH, as well as Liquid’s plan in 2020 and beyond.[00:00:02] Intro[00:03:44] Background on Liquid Exchange[00:06:31] Thoughts on operating in a regulated blockchain space in Japan[00:04:50] What is Liquid’s focus?[00:16:42] Utility and plans for QASH[00:21:04] Thoughts on exchanges doing wash trading[00:24:34] Differences between Bitcoin CFD and Bitcoin Perpetual Swaps[00:27:39] Leverage trading offered by Liquid[00:31:23] Liquid’s plan in 2020 and beyond[00:35:30] Where to follow LiquidQuotes from Episode:“We think that we have a very special situation here at Liquid that we're really the only exchange in Japan serving both the global markets, as well as the Japanese market.” [00:15:13]“Today when you use QASH as a method of paying the trade fees, you get 50% off the trade fees from trading on Liquid.” [00:17:03]“We basically have a zero tolerance policy for wash trading. When it happens, we find out about it. We warn people. And if we see the behavior, we make it very difficult for them to continue the behavior, and that can include banning their accounts up to seizing assets if we see it happening.” [00:21:44]LinksLiquid - Blog - - MediaLiquid:
In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Professor Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, Co-Founder & Chief Architect of bloXroute. Bobby interviewed Professor Kuzmanovic on what is bloXroute and Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN), the BLXR token, as well as bloXroute’s plans in 2020 and beyond.[00:00:02] Intro[00:01:23] What is bloXroute and why is it important?[00:02:53] Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) vs Content Distribution Network (CDN)[00:09:28] Transactions Per Second (TPS) that can be achieved by bloXroute[00:13:04] How to connect with bloXroute and send transactions?[00:18:14] Centralization risk[00:21:41] Thoughts on Layer 1 and Layer 2 scaling solution[00:23:39] Does bloXroute support the Bitcoin blockchain?[00:24:55] BLXR token model[00:29:46] bloXroute’s plans in 2020 and beyond[00:31:30] Where to follow bloXrouteQuotes from Episode:“When the block is sent in the blockchain system, instead of sending the original ,we utilize these shorter identifier. And hence for every transaction that is 500 bytes long, we send just four bytes.” [00:06:43]“On Ethereum, we did some tests internally on the testnet and we are capable of pushing, I think, close to 1000 or so transactions per second” [00:10:06]“Think of bloXroute as just like improving the existing peer-to-peer network without getting rid of the peer-to-peer network itself.” [00:19:02]LinksbloXroute - Blockchain Distribution Network - - - MediabloXroute:
In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Alejandro De La Torre, Vice President of Poolin, Edward Evenson, Director of Business Development at SlushPool, and Koji Higashi, Founder of Koinup for CoinGecko's Second Virtual Meetup that took place on 8th of May 2020. Bobby interviewed Alejandro, Edward and Koji about the third bitcoin halving that happened on the 11 May 2020.[00:00:02] Intro[00:01:20] Introduction of the guests[00:04:45] Thoughts on Bitcoin halving[00:07:39] The most efficient mining equipments[00:11:26] Thoughts on Binance Pool[00:15:23] Why does China have such a strong dominance in the Bitcoin mining industry?[00:19:45] What will happen after the halving?[00:25:03] The average cost of mining a Bitcoin [00:28:09] Differences between Lightning and Liquid Network[00:34:36] Tokenization on top of BitcoinQuotes from the Episode“For those who don't know, the Antminer S9 is the most successful mining ASIC out there. You can kind of think of it like the AK 47 of mining machines. It doesn't quit. It's pretty resilient.” [00:06:30]“Some people disagree with the term 'inflation' because technically, Bitcoin already exists. It's just kind of like being released.” [00:07:00]“I'm gonna say many mining pools are affected because the manufacturers are all based in China and there's a lot of miners and mining farms in China. So what's been happening is that these machines are too costly to stand out because the whole logistic prices skyrocketed because of Corona.” [00:18:22]
In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Beniamin Mincu, CEO of Elrond. Bobby interviewed Beniamin on what Elrond is, why it is important, its token model, as well as its plan for the future.[00:00:02] Intro[00:01:20] What is Elrond and why is it important?[00:04:05] Adaptive State Sharding Technology and Secure Proof of Stake (SPoS) consensus[00:15:09] What will be the “killers application” for Elrond?[00:18:05] How many shards will there be in Elrond?[00:21:20] How does the token model for ERD token work?[00:26:20] How to stake on Elrond?[00:31:40] Thoughts and experience going through Binance Launchpad and the IEO[00:35:15] Plans for Elrond[00:41:15] Where to follow ElrondQuotes from the Episode“I believe and predict that probably during the next 10 years, we will see that blockchain will probably become the most important GDP multiplier since the Internet.” [00:03:27]“What we are trying to do with Elrond is exactly what I was saying at the beginning - bring the same transition that we saw in the early days of the Internet to the Blockchain space.” [00:12:45]“I see that payments and money are probably the most important things that we will have adoption during the next 6 to 12 months. This is the thing we are putting all our focus on.” [00:17:35]LinksElrond - - (ERD) on CoinGecko - MediaElrond:
In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Dr. Omri Ross, Chief Blockchain Scientist at eToro. Bobby interviewed Dr. Omri Ross on his story joining the eToro team, his thoughts on Ethereum, blockchain and the future of finance, Bancor whitepaper, as well as his works academically.[00:00:02] Intro[00:01:17] Dr. Omri Ross’ personal story[00:04:25] How has things changed since Colored Coins days?[00:07:56] Thoughts on how to improve Ethereum’s scalability[00:11:35] Thoughts on how regulators regulate blockchain [00:14:10] Thoughts on how blockchain would change the future of finance[00:19:25] About Bancor whitepaper[00:25:50] Dr. Omri Ross’ work with the Financial Transparency Group [00:31:25] Dr. Omri Ross’ research at the university [00:37:50] Where to follow Dr. Omri Ross Quotes from the episode:“I think Ethereum is a good start and it's an amazing platform, and I'm a huge fan. But I think we need to see a lot of scalability within this ecosystem to be able to really predict who will be the winner in the long term.” [00:07:25]“In the end, regulations are supposed to really look at the interests of everyone and every actor in the society.” [00:12:45]“What brought me real full time to blockchain is that understanding that, I totally believe that blockchain will become sort of the rails for financial services are going to build up.” [00:14:15]LinksFinancial Transparency Group - - - Papers:
In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Steven McKie, Founding Partner and CEO of Amentum Investment Management. Bobby interviewed Steven on the story behind Handshake, its structure, as well as its plans for Handshake in the next few years.[00:00:02] Intro[00:01:15] What is Handshake?[00:09:00] Handshake’s structure[00:14:20] How is Handshake different from Namecoin?[00:18:24] How does Handshake compare against .crypto and .eth?[00:23:40] How will Handshake TLD work if there is collission?[00:27:45] Handshake’s plans to work with browsers[00:34:00] Stats on domain name auction[00:40:35] Where to follow Handshake?Quotes from the episode:“We're just focused on doing one thing, doing it really well and making it scaleable enough to handle that use case and to be able to just out of the gate have something for people to actually use that could be integrated in a multiple different aspects and with different purity trade off.” [00:05:15]“So whether it’s Chinese, whether it's in English, whether it's in Spanish, whether it's Russian, no matter the translation, you can register that name on the blockchain, and we will recognize that character as your unique TLD.” [00:25:05]“Handshake has grown pretty quickly. So I say you give it another two or three months, we'll probably see a handful of different ways that you can quickly get up and running with Handshake,” [00:33:20]LinksHandshake - - (HNS) on CoinGecko - Explorer - Exchange - - Tools - MediaTwitter - - and
In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Nicolas Van Hoorde, CEO of Delta. Bobby interviewed Nicolas on the story behind Delta, its features, as well as his plans for Delta in 2020 and beyond.[00:00:02] Intro[00:00:39] Nicolas Van Hoorde’s personal story[00:02:02] Background on Delta[00:05:28] Monetization of Delta app[00:06:39] Acquisition by eToro[00:09:20] Stats on Delta[00:13:47] Plans for Delta in 2020[00:16:03] Reaction of the Delta community regarding the eToro acquisition[00:36:06] Where to follow Delta?Quotes from the Episode“I think a lot of services and products in crypto at that time were, I would say run by people that weren't really very engineering focused.” [00:04:18]“Some people or companies might say it's a bit stupid, but it's really a philosophy for us that we don't go diving into user data even if it's aggregated.” [00:10:43]“And to this day I can say very honestly that we've been successfully keeping the promises that we've made and we, of course, do everything to keep those promises. And I have no, I see no reason why this would change in the future.” [00:17:06]LinksWebsite: App: App:
In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Reuben Bramanathan, creator of the Counsel token. Bobby interviewed Reuben on the story behind Counsel, steps on creating personal tokens, benefits and risks of tokenizing oneself, as well as his plans for Counsel in 2020 and beyond. [00:00:02] Intro[00:01:12] Reuben Bramanathan’s personal story[00:02:39] Background on Counsel[00:04:52] Steps for creating personal token[00:10:19] Benefits for tokenizing oneself[00:13:09] Thoughts on DAO[00:17:30] Risks and challenges of tokenizing oneself[00:20:47] Zora’s plan for 2020[00:27:30] Idea for a gratitude token[00:32:21] Thoughts on Unisocks token[00:33:22] Plans for Counsel in 2020[00:36:06] Where to follow Reuben Bramanathan and Counsel? Quotes from the episode "One hour of my time is now decided by the buyers and sellers and holders of Counsel. So it gives me an indication of how much my clients are willing to pay for my time." [00:10:45]"If you are willing to take that hit to your personal brand, then you don't actually have to do the work (forced to work for someone)." [00:17:51]"My objectives are to get more people buying and redeeming Counsel. I don't really care too much about the price." [00:33:33]LinksThe Personal Token Revolution - I learned from tokenizing myself - Personal Token Generator - - Fame - - - Merrill - Boi - de la Rouviere - MediaTwitter - -
In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Leighton Cusack, CEO of PoolTogether. Bobby interviewed Leighton on the story behind PoolTogether, some of the stats on PoolTogether and challenges to grow PoolTogether, as well as the plan for 2020.[00:00:02] Intro[00:01:29] Background on PoolTogether[00:03:34] Stats on PoolTogether[00:07:23] The meaning of Open Ticket [00:10:42] How PoolTogether selects the winner?[00:13:07] The experience of receiving a MakerDAO grant[00:14:09] Does PoolTogether have a kill switch?[00:16:13] Challenges in building and growing PoolTogether[00:18:31] PoolTogether’s business model[00:22:52] PoolTogether’s plan for 2020[00:23:53] Where to follow PoolTogether?Quotes from the Episode:“And so actually something that we're announcing this week is ticket tokenization which basically the tickets are now going to be tokens that can be transferred” [06:48]“So the more money you deposit, the higher your chance to win it. The luckiest winner was that person who only deposited 10 DAI and they won $1700.” [04:15]“We also have a bug bounty program with the top award of $25,000 to award anyone who finds bugs in the code.” [15:10]LinksPoolTogether - - MediaPoolTogether
In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Reuben Yap, Project Steward of Zcoin. Bobby Interviewed Reuben about Zcoin and its voting mechanism, the future of Lelantus, as well as some of his thoughts and plans for what lies ahead of Zcoin.[00:00:02] Intro[00:01:36] Background on Reuben Yap[00:06:39] Background on Zcoin[00:09:40] Operation of Zcoin Foundation[00:12:16] Change in development reward[00:21:15] How does Zcoin handle governance?[00:29:24] How is Lelantus useful?[00:38:09] Health of Zcoin’s masternodes ecosystem[00:42:08] Plan to implement privacy for DeFi applications[00:43:05] Zcoin’s 2020 plan[00:47:46] Where to follow ZcoinQuotes from the Episode:“We have a block reward halving on September 2020 so to maintain that 13,000 Zcoin a month, funding would require a 12% block reward.” [00:13:56]“Lelantus is set to go live definitely before September, but we are hoping for Q2 release.” [00:33:40]“I believe that proof of work isn't really good security, especially for a smaller coin because [of] 51% attacks.” [00:40:29]LinksZcoin - - (XZC) on CoinGecko - MediaZcoin
In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Aaron Gong, Director of Binance Futures. Bobby interviewed Aaron on the story behind Binance Futures, features found in Binance Futures, as well as some of his thoughts and plans for what lies ahead of Binance Futures and the crypto derivatives.[00:00:02] Intro[00:01:36] Background on Aaron Gong[00:02:23] Experience working at CME Group[00:03:39] Becoming the Director of Binance Futures[00:04:57] Blitzscaling culture in Binance [00:07:21] Growth in crypto derivatives in 2019[00:08:50] How the Risk Engine and Insurance Fund work[00:13:12] How margin works in Binance Futures[00:15:32] Advantages of using Binance Futures[00:18:36] Users of Binance Futures[00:25:09] Thoughts on Binance JEX[00:27:03] 2020 Plans for Binance Futures[00:44:00] Where to follow Binance FuturesQuotes from the Episode:“Right now, we have around 16 million USDT in insurance fund as far as I remember.” [00:13:05]“The cross collateral feature does provide users the option to use asset in their spot account as a collateral or USDT at zero interest and trade out Binance Futures.”[00:13:38]“I certainly think the total market size will be a lot larger. It certainly will grow at least 10X, eventually 50X and 100X of the spot market.”[00:22:22]LinksBinance Futures - - Futures on CoinGecko - MediaBinance Futures:
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