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Once upon a time, there were millions of Entrepreneurs overwhelmed by their Marketing and overworked in their businesses. Everyday, there seems to be more things to do and new things to master. One day, I came along and brought Marketing to its essence that worked for 1000s of years: Storytelling. Because of this, Entrepreneurs now find their marketing to be simple--just tell a few stories at the right time. Because of this, their prospects deeply bond with them and choose them over all competitors. And now, these Entrepreneurs have a fun & profitable business instead of an increasing headache.
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GaryVee Does 4 Things You Can Use Today To Get Results."Getting Lucky" is not a viable strategy for acquiring new customers and converting more leads.Most businesses randomly grope in the dark... just... long enough... to luck into some revenue, and NOT fall deep into the abyss of bankruptcy. Most don't even know this is the vicious cycle they're on until it's way too late.But the best marketers have already figured a way out of this fog of confusion (Including GaryVee and even P.T. Barnum).Listen to get the whole scoop.Episode Music: THBD - Good For You.Support the show (
Most communicators bore their prospects half-to-death.But when you use the two Emotional secrets of Energy in Communication, everyone will hang on every word. Every single word you utter will become... enchanting.So how will everything transform for you when you master these two simple secrets?Listen and Discover.Episode Music: THBD - Good For YouSupport the show (
Without attention, great products die.In this episode, you'll discover the most powerful primal way to grab attention.You'll grab attention in THE way the human brain was designed.Let's go.Episode Music: THBD - Good For YouSupport the show (
Luke Baker and Jeff Victor, The SoCal Scents Team, have created one of the most engaged YouTube channels in modern times. In this interview, the two brains behind SoCal Scents share their personal insights, stories, and the values that continue to create the exceptional culture within their YouTube audience and fans.This interview is personal, insightful, and unique.Listen now, then follow them on their social media below:SoCal Scents Youtube Channel: Instagram: Instagram: Scents IG: Baker Spotify: Music by Luke BakerSupport the show (
#040 There is nothing like it...The 7 letter P____ myth. Abraham Lincoln exploited it. Megan Fox took advantage of it.Madonna used it and abused it. But  95% of people never do.What is the 7 letter p ____ myth, and how can it totally transform your life, today?Subscribe first, then listen and all will be revealed.Podcast Music: THBD - Good For YouSupport the show (
#039 Ashley came like a comet to the Social Media world...But what's her real story? What's hidden that most people don't see?The juicy details will be EXPOSED in this episode.So first subscribe, then listen.Let's go!Podcast Music: THBD - Good For YouSupport the show (
#038 Neil Patel became one of the most famous brands in Digital Marketing, fast...How does he use his Origin Story in his marketing?And can his Origin Story be made much MUCH better?Listen to notice the nuances, tips, and nuggets.Plus, a surprise inside!Podcast Music: THBD - Good For YouSupport the show (
#037 One BIG prediction for 2021 that changes everything.And one simple strategy.Those who will use it will turn into millionaires.Those who will ignore it will be begging, homeless, on the streets.Which will you be?Listen, subscribe and discover. Podcast Music: THBD - Good For YouSupport the show (
#036 This story is responsible for $100s of millions in sales.What secrets does it hold?And how can you begin applying them today to make all your marketing more effective?Subscribe, listen, and absorb.Podcast Music: THBD - Good For YouSupport the show (
#035 Identity Positioning Applied Step-By-Step to Marco. What was the result?What's the thought process of a Positioning Expert in a real life situation?I'll take you step-by-step in this Episode through the new Positioning of Marco D'Elia.Let's Go!Podcast Music: THBD - Good For YouSupport the show (
#034 Who did Eminem Stans blatantly betray in the shadows?What is a deep business lesson the Hitler Youth used?And how can this ONE THING transform your affiliate marketing into a Pure Profit Positioning, today?You're a few minutes away from the answers.Listen, and subscribe!Music: THBD - Good For YouSupport the show (
#033 Tesla did something.Putin did the same.It all happened at the 'River of Rejection'.What is this thing? And how can it help you solve ALL your problems, today?Let's find out!Podcast Music: THBD - Good For YouSupport the show (
#032 What "infamous" 30-seconds-event happened to Kobe Bryant in 2018?Did Bill Ackman really get a 10,000% return because of the Coronavirus Economic Crisis?And how can both these surprising stories improve ALL of your content creation & creativity?Listen to this episode to find out.Podcast Musoc: THBD - Good For YouSupport the show (
#031 Insightful Case Study: Look over my shoulder as I deconstruct then re-construct the positioning of Brian Johnson + Marco D'Elia.This Episode will be different.I will deconstruct then re-construct the positioning of two case studies: Brian Johnson + Marco D'Elia.Even if you've never heard of them before, you WILL get more Positioning Aha Moments per minute in THIS episode than anywhere else online.So pay close attention, listen carefully, and let's begin!Podcast Music: THBD - Good For YouSupport the show (
#030 It's an epic battle...Head to head: PwediePie VS Sasha Grey...Who will be the real winner?And what lessons can you learn from this BOSS fight?PwediePie VS Sasha Grey...Sasha Grey VS PwediePie...Listen and find out.Podcast Music: THBD - Good For YouSupport the show (
#029 What did the cheeky woman say to Picasso in public?How does this relate to saving the UK from the Nazis in WWII?And how does this all link to the day I almost died 10 years ago?Listen, and discover.Podcast Music: THBD - Good For YouSupport the show (
#028 What's the hidden link between Elon Musk and the delay of 'No Time To Die'? The Answer is in this episode.Plus: The new James Bond has a lesson that can change your life. A lesson that isn't even inside the movie.  It's hidden in plain sight.Listen and discover it in this special episode.Music: THBD - Good For You.Support the show (
#027 This one wrong assumption can kill all your hopes to become a great storyteller.It's hidden, lurking in the shadows, to kill all your storytelling progress.The good news is: it's simple to fix.If you want to tell enchanting stories that transform your relationships, get you more clients, help you give better presentations, and simply become a more interesting person, then listen to this Episode right now......And click: Subscribe, to join the StoryBonding Family.Music: THBD - Good For YouSupport the show (
#026 Are you doing any of these 3 sneaky mistakes that 95% of New Coaches do? They're the 3 Online Coaching Business Destroyers that beginners don't even think about.Imagine this:The Struggling Unemployed Coach woke up in the morning and checked his email. Nothing. He checked his Facebook. Nothing. Checked his Instagram. Nothing.And tears rushed into his eyes. Another day with no clients, no results, no hope.He just didn't know that a few mistakes were killing his success. The 3 No-Ps were destroying his business. He didn't know what he didn't know.But YOU have come to the right place. Today, these hidden mistakes will be EXPOSED. Today, you'll never ever have to fall into their sneaky traps. Today will be a special day.Pay attention, subscribe to this Podcast now, and let's go!Support the show (
#025 The Coronavirus is causing the biggest economic crisis of our lifetimes.Millions of jobs lost. Many traditional businesses are trying to survive.However, in this world getting more and more used to social isolation, people are buying more and more coaching services.So, how can a new coach get attention, get clients, build a business and succeed in this environment?Well, in an unexpected way, the Coronavirus comes to the rescue: We can learn from the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 these unexpected strategies to get clients, retain clients' loyalty, and to grow your clients base.Does that sounds interesting? Then listen to this episode and subscribe today.Support the show (
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