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This podcast will give you a boots on the ground look at "wants based" industries. Guest speakers will be actual dealers that distinguish themselves, industry insiders, OEM executives, and retail experts. This podcast is intended for those that work their fingers to the bone selling equipment that enriches lives and keeps friends and family values cemented in the American culture. With the intention of raising awareness, new ideas, and profitability, come and have a listen to Garagecast...Are You Ready?
92 Episodes
Do you need a full-time marketing manager in these times? How well are you tracking your consumers' online activity? Listen in as Neil Pascale blows your mind on all things marketing in today's ever-changing environment.
It is no surprise the Garage Composites has always back organized dealer associations. With a vision of collaboration, elevation and protection of brick and mortar dealers, the NPDA is the first national association of its kind. Listen in as Tony and Sam talk to three of the founding members and learn how you can join today!
You need to up your game in the digital space...your digital front door means more than your actual physical front door of your dealership. Listen in as Tony and Sam discuss the genesis, meaning and future of the digital traffic log
Do you watch your digital door? Do you even know what a digital door is? If you are curious about those two questions, listen to Tony and Sam interview a long time industry player - Aaron Barney. Aaron cut his teeth working in both metric and HD dealerships before he started one of the first white glove services dedicated to all things digital.
Pokey Weiss is one of the owners of Steel City Harley Davidson, a member of Harley Davidson's Dealer Advisory Council and an all around great guy. Listen in as Pokey talks about what it is like to be a single rooftop owner in an age of multi store conglomerates, why having a good relationship with manufacturers is key and how to succeed in business in today's climate.
Roc Northey has been in the retail industry almost as long as we've been alive.  His vast experience in the motorcycle industry started with him riding dirt bikes as a kid and rounds out with him as the owner of some of the most successful dealerships in the country.  Have a listen to someone who really understands how to run a dealership.
Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are what many dealerships around the world run their entire operation with. When it comes to KPI's, Transactional Data is one of the upfront and center numbers that the best of the best use to gauge success and lost opportunity. Listen in to Sam and Tony discussing what Transactional Data is, why it matters and how to create a dealership that has a firm understanding on what they could have sold!
Scott Fischer has been in the Powersports industry for decades and has watched the industry evolve. Whether he is concentrating on his dealerships or his newest venture, Digital Lead Performance - Scott has the passion and pulse of what is going on out there.
Scott Bauer has been around the block in the marine industry and has a great ability to communicate his message. His latest position is the President of Parker Boats - a fishing boat line that has been in operation since the 1960's.
John Greene has damn near done it all. Starting in the industry with Ed Lemco with some major stops along the way...John knows the Powersports industry. Listen in to where he has been, what he has done and where he is going.
You may have been in a 20-Club and had a bad experience...or you may never have even heard of a 20-Club - whatever your reason is for not joining one is, give us a few minutes of your day to hear about the truths, the myths and everything in-between. Sam and Tony explain why you should do the best thing that you can for your business today - join a 20-Club
Do you know what it is? Do you know how to make it move? Why is it so important now more than ever??? Listen and learn why Absorption needs to be on your radar!
Meet Bob of the nicest guys in the industry. Bob is known for spreadsheets, talking a whole bunch and being one of the most supportive members of any 20 - Club he is a part of. Bob has a great history, awesome story and ability to keep you captivated while telling it. Meet Bob Kee.
Surgeons need nurses...Chefs need sous chefs...General Managers need department managers...etc. etc. etc...Listen in as we hear Max give his best reasons why your service department needs expeditors. 
You know where we have a ton of room to grow??? Outside of your sales floor. A few weeks ago we hit on why Pre-Owned is so important to your business in today's world, now sit back and hear where you have a ton of money to make with or without inventory under your  roof.
Kim Sweers has an infectious personality. Her story is full of enthusiasm, challenges and perspective. Want to live your best life...listen in on how one marine dealer in Florida does just that!
2:1? 3:1? What is your Pre-Owned ratio to new? In normal times Garage Composites advocated for a strong Pre-Owned game...during a global supply chain shortage it could be the difference between surviving and thriving. Listen in as Tony and Sam discuss how to get yourself correct with Pre-Owned!
Rock star, reality television personality, motorcycle enthusiast and all around good guy - meet Jesse James Dupree. When he is not on stage with his metal band - Jackyl - you will find him riding his motorcycle, helping veterans or hitting the motorcycle rally circuit. Enjoy getting to know a superstar!
Selling Harley Davidson motorcycles in the US comes with its own issues...try doing it in Vietnam. Meet David Archibald - a man with a really unique story.
Some people are just plain smart. Without argue, Neil Noble is one of the brightest, nicest and more interesting people in the motorcycle industry. This week, Sam and Tony focus on discussing as many facets of preowned as they can with Neil Noble.
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