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Hernani Alves, the founder of Turbo Shine Car Wash and Balanced IQ Leadership, joins us on Wash Talk: The Carwash Podcast to talk about effective leadership practices, recruiting and retaining talent, training team members and more in this informative interview.
An audio reading of an article from the June 2022 issue of PC&D Magazine titled "The Business of Belts" features insights, predictions and advice about belt conveyors in the carwash industry from three market experts.
Following the news of Super Star Car Wash's expansion to 40 locations in the Southwest, the brand's Executive VP of Sales and Marketing Jonathan Kierman joins us on Wash Talk: The Carwash Podcast to discuss expansion challenges and future growth plans.
An audio version of the previously aired Unscripted video interview with the co-founders of Mint Eco Car Wash, this episode follows up on the recent news of the Palm Beach County-based carwash chain's $150 million expansion plans.
This episode of Wash Talk: The Carwash Podcast features an audio reading of an article by Associate Publisher — Editorial Rich DiPaolo from the April 2022 issue of Professional Carwashing & Detailing titled, "Bright light." For insights on lighting technology in the carwash industry, Rich spoke to market experts from Darien, LLC, Mile High LED Systems and G&G Industrial Lighting.
This episode features the president of Suds Creative, Dan Flatley, who provides his insights on what makes a carwash site successful, marketing mistakes he sees in the industry and a look into the new Suds Creative product, SiteSelect.
An audio airing of the PCD Unscripted episode featuring leadership from Brink Results, where they discuss how carwash sites can attract 10,000 members per site.
In this audio reading of the May 2022 cover story, titled "Back in the trade show rhythm," author Camille Renner discusses ICA's upcoming The Car Wash Show™ along with information about where to go and what to eat in Nashville during the show.
In this leadership episode, we feature past guests from our leading women series to answer the question, "What is the biggest challenge facing women leaders today?" The guests featured on this episode are Melissa Pirkey, carwash division leader at Assured Partners Texas, Christina Dyer, CEO and founder of Noble Adventures, Carrie North, VP of partnerships for ICA, Lanese Barnett, Amplify Car Wash Advisors' VP of business development and Anne Mauler, VP of marketing with Soapy Joe's.
Following the unprecedented growth of carwash development and acquisitions, this episode is an article reading of the March cover story from Professional Carwashing & Detailing Magazine. For insights on site selection and design of modern carwashes, Author Rich DiPaolo spoke to leadership from Champion Xpress Carwash and WhiteWater Express Car Wash.
Thomas Coffman, the CEO of Miracle Real Estate Partners, discusses growing real estate trends in carwash such as sale leaseback deals.
In our final episode of the Leading Women in Carwash mini-series, we chat with Soapy Joe's VP of Marketing Anne Mauler. Anne discusses Soapy Joe's membership program, employee relations and community outreach in this enlightening interview.
The VP of Business Development for Amplify Car Wash Advisors, Lanese Barnett, discusses what has helped her be successful as a leading woman in carwashing and her background as part of the owner/operator side as well as the supplier side of carwashing.
For Women's History Month, we are interviewing leading women in carwash on WashTalk. Today's episode features Carrie North, the VP of partnerships for the International Carwash Association.
For Women's History Month, we are interviewing leading women in carwash on WashTalk. While Christina Dyer doesn't work in the carwash industry, her organization, Noble Adventures, can provide carwash leaders with a professional development trip of a lifetime.
For Women's History Month, we are interviewing leading women in carwash on WashTalk. Today's episode features Melissa Pirkey, the Car Wash Division Leader of Assured Partners Texas.
An audio reading of the February 2022 Professional Carwashing & Detailing cover story "2022 M&A Predictions," this features insights from industry leaders Tuck Bettin, Colin May and Eric Wulf about what operators can expect this year.
Chuck Space, executive director of SCWA, tells us what to expect at the show in Fort Worth, Texas.
This audio reading of "Member Benefits" from the January issue of Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine addresses common questions about unlimited wash clubs and features insights from leading industry experts.
CEO and Co-Founder of Spot AI Tanuj Thapliyal discusses how video intelligence can assist carwashes in creating better, safer and more organized businesses.
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