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Hosted by Brian Ankney, today's guest is Stuart Hammerschmidt from Shore Corporation. Dive into the discussion on water reclamation systems for car washes. Stuart breaks down the factors car wash owners should consider, highlighting scenarios where water reclamation makes sense and its environmental impact. Discover the unexpected journey into the solar panel cleaning business! Stuart shares the story of Rain Wash, a product initially designed for car cleaning, but found its niche in enhancing solar panel efficiency. Learn how this innovation could revolutionize solar panel maintenance, including the use of drones! Get an insider's view on building restoration and the fascinating project involving the cleaning of the US Capitol exterior. Stuart reveals the challenges faced and the unique techniques employed to maintain the iconic structure. The discussion takes a deep dive into graphene, the super material of the future! Stuart explains what graphene is, how it's made, and its potential applications in various industries, from electronics to construction. Explore the possibilities and challenges of incorporating graphene into everyday products.Don't miss out on this engaging and informative conversation about the evolving landscape of car washing, innovative cleaning solutions, and the incredible potential of graphene!
Host Brian Ankney is joined by Logan Lawson, the owner of Sensor Dynamix. Logan shares how his family background in carwashing and his technical education came together to build Sensor Dynamix.
Host Rich DiPaolo is joined by Brian Krusz, co-founder and director of growth and development at Sgt. Clean Car Wash. The conversation revolves around military veterans in the carwashing industry. Krusz discusses his personal experience as a Marine, his commitment to hiring and mentoring veterans, his involvement in and much more. The episode also delves into Krusz's impactful trip to Poland and concludes with insights on how carwash owners and operators can best support veterans.
Jim McCarthy, the co-founder of J Squared Systems, join PC&D’s Brian Ankney in the Babcox Media studio.
Host Rich DiPaolo welcomes John Roush, CEO of Express Wash Concepts (EWC). The discussion focuses on EWC's recent securing of a $150 million incremental credit facility, led by MidCap Financial, and how these funds will be used. They delve into the challenges of obtaining financing in the current economic and industry climate and explore whether there's optimism for the near future. Express Wash Concepts' simultaneous focus on growth and operational excellence is also a key topic, with Roush sharing his perspective on what operational excellence means to his business. This episode also touches on the current state of the carwash market, particularly among leading conveyor carwash chains, providing insights into industry performance. The episode concludes by addressing the difficulties of scaling a conveyor carwash chain in 2023 and the reasons behind these challenges.
Host Rich DiPaolo is joined by Ben Branam from AutoBrite Company to dive into the exciting potential of building or converting to mini tunnels in the carwash industry. Branam explores why compact tunnels are being hailed as the "next big thing" and discusses the tradeoffs and benefits compared to traditional tunnels or in-bay automatics. Discover how mini tunnels ensure effective cleaning and gain insights into what's involved in converting from an IBA or self-serve to a compact tunnel and the expected downtime. Branam also discusses market segments and regions that would benefit most from embracing a smaller tunnel offering.
Host Rich DiPaolo interviews Brian Mattingly, the founder and CEO of Welcomemat. They discuss strategies for increasing member engagement, with a focus on identifying and retaining champion members.
In this episode, host Rich DiPaolo welcomes Darelyn Pazdel, vice president of workforce inclusion for PRIDE Industries, and Anne Mauler vice president of marketing for Soapy Joe's Car Wash, to discuss the benefits of hiring workers with disabilities in the carwash industry. They cover topics including PRIDE Industries' partnerships in the carwash space, debunking common myths about hiring workers with disabilities, the positive impact on employee retention and cost savings, the influence of these workers on customers and fellow employees, and where businesses can find more information.
Steve Savastano, the CEO of ACCESS Rudolf Technologies, joins PC&D’s Brian Ankney in the Babcox Media studios to discuss how silicone-based products and reactive polymers have been developed for the auto care industry. For more information, visit
Host Rich DiPaolo sits down with 2023 NRCC show chairman, Bob Rossini, from the Connecticut Carwash Association.This insightful conversation is a must-listen for industry professionals and enthusiasts eager to learn more about the upcoming 2023 NRCC event, scheduled to take place from Oct. 2-4 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, at the Atlantic City Convention Center.This podcast episode explores a range of topics that shed light on NRCC's history, its significance and the exciting details of the upcoming event. For more information and to register for the event, please visit
Harry Caruso, founder and CEO of Car Wash Advisory, explains which types of carwash owners would benefit from an SBA loan and takes us through the process operators need to take to secure an SBA loan.
Jon-Michael Tinney of Eastern Funding joins PC&D Brian Ankney in the Babcox Media studios to discuss how the company offers carwash financing options designed to help carwash operators build successful businesses.
In this episode, Rex Womble, co-founder of Washmetrix, speaks with PC&D’s Brian Ankney about how the company can help carwash owners. Washmetrix automates the collection and consolidation of data.
Harry Caruso, founder and CEO of Car Wash Advisory, joins Maddie Winer of Babcox Media in our studio in Akron, Ohio. On today’s episode, Harry explains the role of a carwash consultant/advisory firm, what carwash operators can expect from working with a consultant and how to benefit most from the relationship.
Host Rich DiPaolo and Alex Smith, owner of The Car Wash CPA, focus on tax planning for carwash owners and operators.
Host Rich DiPaolo welcomes Mack Ewing, director of strategic initiatives for Turtle Wax Pro, to discuss different types of chemical formulations and their benefits for carwash operators.
Warren Davis, co-founder, president and CEO, and Fritz Seewald, co-founder and executive vice president of Stinger Chemical Corporation discuss how dealers can control costs through chemistry. They also share advice for becoming a successful carwash operator as well as what they see for the future of carwashing and detailing.
Brian Ankney talks with Jason Hayes of Leadership Industries about the profitability outlooks of IBAs. They also dive into how teams can overcome customers’ “Tunnel Intimidation,” as well as other issues and solutions for monthlies at IBAs.
On today’s episode, Harry Caruso is discussing how macro trends are affecting operators and the carwash industry in general in 2023.
John Neyland Jr. of CarWash Robotics joins PC&D’s Brian Ankney in the Babcox Media Studios. They discuss how automation can improve the carwash industry.
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