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Author: Chris Byers

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What difference has your work made today? Problem solvers all over the world often struggle with this question. Conquering our biggest workplace challenges isn’t proven by ROI and data alone. It takes impact on people to truly move the needle forward.

Your work has value. Sometimes, it just takes a different perspective to see how you make a difference. On this productivity podcast, Chris Byers, CEO of Formstack, digs into how seemingly small choices we make can create lasting change. As Chris connects with professionals from all over the country, he reveals how making simple, yet smart business decisions can cause a ripple effect.

After listening to our podcast, you may think differently about who you’ve impacted.
41 Episodes
Are resumes irrelevant? How can we remove bias from recruitment processes? Can hiring be made easier yet still result in the best outcomes? These are questions Wes Winham Winler mulls over often. He believes many hidden gems get overlooked by outdated processes and assumptions. In this episode, the Founder and CEO of Woven discusses how his company is changing the way people get hired. As a neurodiverse individual with Autism, he understands how hiring can be biased. From the necessity of projects to the issues with resumes, he covers a wide array of hiring problems he’s working hard to solve.
Ryan Patel believes businesses can grow exponentially if they just do one simple thing: focus on their people. As a global leader in business who has grown companies like Pinkberry, Panda Express, and Mastercard, Ryan knows what it takes to fuel growth. Although many may think profits should be put first, Ryan shares a different spin that focuses on elevating people and creating social good. In this episode, he shares his insights, strategies, and secrets to building better businesses and scaling people.
Dave Gerhardt is one of the most prominent B2B marketing voices in SaaS. He’s practically created his own B2B marketing school through his DGMG community. In this episode, he reveals some of the most crucial steps B2B marketers can take to become better at their jobs. Through his insights on building community, understanding your audience, facing failure, and setting goals, Dave delivers on his promise to teach B2B marketing in a way that resonates with marketers at any level.
What does it take to build a great business? Tim and Sara Hale, co-founders and managing partners of Coastal Cloud, believe it’s breaking away from the norm. From recruiting consultants with incredibly diverse and nontraditional backgrounds to building a workplace focused on providing a better work-life balance, Tim and Sara share the ways they’ve strategically shifted away from “business as normal” to produce something better for employees, partners, and customers.
When Amna Sohail looks around the room during venture capital events, she’s usually shocked by the lack of women and diversity in the room. In this episode, she shares how we can all play a role in bringing more diversity into tech and the VC world. From addressing your own personal biases to the myth that pipeline is the cause of diversity issues, Amna shares insightful ideas on how we can all help build more diverse workplaces.
How are employees similar to athletes? They need time to recover in order to hit their peak performance. In this episode, Bryan Smith, co-founder of LEON, digs into the science behind employee health and happiness. Learn about the complex systems that impact employee well-being, from stress and burnout to recovery and building resiliency. This episode will help any employee, especially managers, better understand how they can create a work environment that makes employees happy, healthy, and engaged.
Ripple Effect is back for Season 4, focusing on the impact leaders create due to their decisions–no matter how big or small.  We're still asking questions like What choices had the most significant results? What circumstances led to making those decisions? And most importantly, who was most impacted?  Expert guests join host Chris Byers, CEO of Formstack, bringing unique perspectives. As the season unfolds, you'll hear remarkable stories highlighting the ripple effects their decisions created. A wellness professional and pro sports performance coach illustrates how wellbeing and performance align.  A world-renowned authority on scaling businesses shares the importance of a people-first mentality.  A senior investment analyst at a venture capital firm talks about the impact mentorship had on their career. A tech CEO and Founder explains why you can't count on resumes to bring you the best talent.
We talk a lot about the national economy, but what about your local economy? In this episode, Lenderfit co-founder David Taliaferro explains how we can all make a great impact in our communities by supporting local businesses and entrepreneurship. We’ve all known someone with a dream to start a business, and David gives insights on how we can better support our friends, family, and coworkers who want to achieve this goal. Learn more about equitable capital, the barriers holding small businesses back, and ways you can help your local economy thrive.
Fear can control you or motivate you. Tiffany Sauder has used fear to fuel her successful career as CEO of Element Three for more than 15 years. She’s also navigated the sometimes difficult path of being a working mother while raising four daughters. How has she powered through doubt, fear, and indecision? What’s kept her levelheaded and strong through struggles, high stress, and disasters? Her powerful story will inspire you to rethink the role fear plays in your life and how honesty, transparency, and courage can help you overcome challenging times.
You should always follow best practices, right? Not necessarily, according to Jay Acunzo. As a marketer, Jay has dedicated his life to creating content that matters instead of maintaining the status quo or following generalized measurements of success. Whether you’re a marketer, salesperson, or product manager, his tips will help you better understand how to resonate with an audience, build a community, and create love and trust for your brand.
When you become a leading Salesforce expert at the age of 18, what challenge do you tackle next? For Seamus, it was launching his own Salesforce consulting business, while also chairing the nonprofit Michael’s Way. How does he manage such a large load? It comes down to his can-do attitude and ability to build strong relationships. Listen now as he shares his tips for success, from the importance of mentorship to how to not take no for an answer.
What’s the key to becoming a better leader? Dave Gilbertson, Chief Custom Officer at UKG, believes it’s all about building trust. From going on tour with comedian Louie Anderson to helping manage one of the largest SaaS mergers in history, Dave has many incredible experiences to draw on for leadership inspiration. Listen now to learn how he uses vulnerability and humor to bring more empathy, understanding, and trust to the workplace. His unique story and insights may make you rethink what it takes to be a great leader.
Leaving a successful career to launch a nonprofit would scare most people, but not Kalvin Jones. When he realized the lack of opportunity in tech for people of color, he knew he had to do something. So he founded the nonprofit Code Black Indy, which focuses on bringing diversity to the tech industry by preparing the next generation for technical jobs. Listen now to learn how he is connecting and engaging with black and brown students through a learning culture focused on technology.
Have you ever heard the phrase, change happens slowly then all of a sudden? It’s the understanding that transformation often occurs as a result of small decisions that compound over time. I’m Chris Byers, CEO of Formstack and host of Ripple Effect. This season, we’re shedding light on the impact people create as a result of those small, often overlooked decisions that ultimately lead to big discoveries. Every decision has an impact, and the story is: what was the ripple effect?
When you’re building a conscientious business, every decision relies on the impact made. This is how Jeremy Parker, CEO and co-founder of multi-million dollar company, runs not only his organization, but his life. Every step he’s taken to build this modern swag distribution company has been done with purpose, intention, and focus. This trailblazer is not only revolutionizing the swag industry, but helping others discover what it means to align business success with impact.
As 2020 comes to a close, many of us are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel after a tumultuous year. In this bonus episode, we’ve compiled the best advice from this season’s guests to help you head into 2021 on a positive note. From tips on keeping company culture thriving during a pandemic to using no-code tools to be more productive, this episode covers a lot. Listen now and be ready to start 2021 with more energy, focus, and ideas.
When there’s no conference room to collaborate in, what do you do? Mike Barnes, Director of Administration at GOLFNOW, digs into the innovative solutions he’s using to overcome some of the biggest roadblocks of 2020. From working remotely to adapting to contactless service, he covers a lot of changes his team navigated this year. Throw in some tech talk and Salesforce, and you’ve got yourself a jam-packed episode.
How do you reimagine an in-person conference with a 15-year history into a completely online experience? In this episode, Megan Miller and Andrew Meyers of eduWeb Digital Summit discuss the challenges and successes of pivoting an international conference with hundreds of attendees into a virtual format. Discover helpful tips on virtual event planning, managing projects, improving focus, and staying productive while working virtually.
As the world continues to rapidly change around us, it can be hard to keep up. But there’s a new kind of technology that allows any employee to be agile and go digital. Tech expert Nile Frater explains how no-code and low-code software empowers anyone to rethink processes, launch ideas, and solve problems. Listen now to learn how agile technology can help you reimagine your world of work.
When in-person work is no longer an option, you have to overhaul your processes and completely rethink how you get work done. Dr. Mark Walcott, Executive Director Advancement Systems at University of Houston, provides expert advice on how to simplify business processes in the digital age. But don’t think simplicity limits innovation; it actually enables it. Listen now to learn how to break down complexity, improve communication, and spark new ideas that can help you reimagine work.
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