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Your Twin Soul Journey
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Your Twin Soul Journey

Author: Monica Grace

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If you want the fairytale romance + a partner who helps you create a deep spiritual connection with your higher power, you might be looking for your twin soul. Sometimes called a twin flame or soulmate, your twin soul is someone who is your perfect mirror and perfect match at the same time, who aides you in improving yourself and doing your spiritual work.
80 Episodes
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In union, the twin soul mirror can be a little... confusing. I break it down here. Get the books:
Why healing brings your twin flame closer and how both religion and science have had the right idea around this for centuries. Get the books:
Divine Order is possibly the MOST important and LEAST talked about concept on the twin soul journey! Listen up... Get the books:
There are 5 Laws of the Universe that help explain how we know what we know about twin flames/twin souls. Going deeper into the question, "Are twin flames real?!" Get the books:
Are twin flames real?! A 4-part series to explain where ALL the concepts of twin flames come from. Get the books:
When the masculine gets hot and cold, the feminine does the healing work to shift the energy. Here's what's really happening. Get the books:
The biggest sign that your twin soul union is here is not what you think. Get the books:
Why these two different ways of healing can seem at odds, and why they never are. Get the books:
Why you want to choose permanence over false highs, and how this choice affects your twin soul union. Get the books:
Your twin soul may look like they're running, but it's just an illusion. Spilling the real tea on this. Get the books:
It sounds crazy, but a tree could teach you a lot about your twin soul relationship. I explain this nutty exercise in full. Get the books:
Waiting on a message from your masculine? Hear it straight from him why he's weird about communication. Get the books:
If your twin soul (or anyone) is ghosting you, blocking you, or ignoring you, there's a very easy way to know when and how to respond. Get the books:
I love to be RIGHT about everything. How it has destroyed my relationships, including those with my higher power and my twin soul. Get the books:
A special episode in response to twin flames going mainstream! Get the books:
Your twin soul is your ascension counterpart... there's probably no leaving them and pursuing enlightenment on your own. Get the book:
Are you afraid of your twin soul dying? I share my story around this and what the true block is. Get the Book: