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After a week off do to complicationS, Dino & Michele bring you an episode full of catchup, a few review shout outs, and get pretty personal with something that happened to their youngest daughter Serenity.There's also a jumbo sized edition of STUMP THE DINO trivia so as always relax, have fun, and BE DECENT TO EACH OTHER
Dino and Michele have the pleasure of talking with writer/ Director Lance Mungia about his Post-Apocatyptic, Rock n Roll road fantasy SIX STRING SAMURAI. preorder now from Vinegar Syndrome and BE DECENT TO EACH OTHER.
Dino and Michele certainly had an eventful week, from Home School Conventions, to date night with the kids at a Japanese Steakhouse and sitting in on a very heated (no pun intended) live debate on BIBLICAL HELL FIRE. This episode may be a bit different but hang in there with us and continue to BE DECENT TO EACH OTHER
We talk about a hectic but enjoyable two weeks. Watching the GREMLINS films with the kids, Michele's play, Planning a day trip to watch a biblical debate on Hell, and a controversial episode of STUMP THE DINOIncluded is also a HuH? Podcast Family review of the new film DOLPHIN ISLAND. AAVAILABLE NOW. Go to for all the info.
Dino is joined by Dub of I Heart Geek Show about the current climate of offense and cancellation.We expose the world's problems and solve them all in under 50 minutes.Remember to listen, share and BE DECENT TO EACH OTHER
Dino and Michele watch some films including the new ARROW release THE STYLIST (out March 1)Also round 3 of STUMP THE DINO movie trivia
Dino and Michele interview director Mike P. Nelson about the new film WRONG TURN (THE FOUNDATION) available on disc and VOD Tuesday Feb 23 2021.Dino also tries to redeem himself on a new episode of STUMP THE DINO.
No, we are not talking about the 1997 Damon/Affleck film. We are discussing our Valentine's Day weekend complete with a trip to Goodwill and the...Goodwill Surplus Store! Whoa baby!There is also the return of STUMP THE DINO MOVIE TRIVIA.So listen rate review and BE DECENT TO EACH OTHER. Love ya'll
Listener Responses. Social media wackiness, and odd banking practices are all on the menu in this episode of HuH? podcast.Thanks to everyone who helped make this a fun episode!
Proverbs 22:6 says "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."Michele and Dino talk with Pastor Matt and the son Jackson from FATHER & SON WATCH HORROR MOVIES PODCAST about raising children with an appreciation for genre cinema.Did we misuse that scripture? Most definitely! But we believe GOD has a sense of humor.
Dino has almost completed his new mini collection of Retro MOTU figures which spurs on a conversation about what we first nerded out over.We then navigate into a conversation about how we respond to disagreement in authority.Thanks for Listening and Stay Decent To Each Other
Dino finally made Michele watch MIDSOMMAR. And she's got opinions. Also in the I'd Buy That For A $ segment Katie Holmes is MISS MEADOWS, A vigilante substitute teacher. Is it worth a buck? Listen and find out.Subscribe rate, review, and Be Decent To Each Other
Dino tries to keep on course as Michele keeps derailing the thought train. We talk about a lot of movies this week, including the WW 84 and Disney/Pixar's SOUL.Listen, Rate and Review and get a few friends to subscribe. Be Decent to Each Other.
This is our 1st episode of 2021 and we are kicking it off with a BANG. We return with the beloved I'd Buy That For A $ segment and discuss the series finale of SUPERNATURAL as well as the Amazon original series HAND OF GOD. Of coarse there's much more.Please Subscribe, Rate, Review and always remember BE DECENT TO EACH OTHER
Dino flys solo this week to give a year end message and a small taste of things to come in the New Year.Remember to Be Decent To Each Other
Overcoming quarantine and Christmas blahs
Dino and Michele talk about perspective and Holiday Traditions. Featured films include Uwe Boll's RAMPAGE trilogy, OPEN 24 HOUR (both featuring actor Brendan Fletcher)and the New Paramount Santasploitation film FATMAN.Be good, Be merry, and BE DECENT TO EACH OTHER
Dino and Michele interview makeup FX artist Ralph Lambiase Jr .We talk, Horror, Faith and What makes a scary horror film
The Title says it all. It's the start of the holiday season. Be decent to each other
In this episode Michele opens up about her new inner strength and confidence. Dino reviews the Blumhouse "Remakimaging" of BLACK CHRISTMAS and some special thanks are given.Be sure to rate, review and Be Decent To Each Other!
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Sean Pratten

Good Episode ! entertaining hosts

Mar 27th
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