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Author: Rex on the Radio

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The paranormal. Ghosts, Aliens, Hauntings, Satanic Culture, Illuminati, Government Conspiracies, True Crimes and Unsolved Mysteries. We talk about what lies in the darkest corner of your mind...The Other Side.
27 Episodes
On this episode, we catch up on the latest current events and discuss what the future holds for America and the world.
Tonight we discuss the death of George Floyd and the mystery behind the Georgia Guidestones.
We talk to Lord Chaz about his time in New Orleans, Haunted Plantations, The French Quarter and...are Vampires real?
Tonight we discuss several high-profile UFO stories and abductions. Plus, is there a connection between Bigfoot and Aliens?
An interesting cold case involving the story of the Death Valley German Tourists. We dive into what may have happened and the inconsistencies around the case. Join us!
Join us as we discuss Nostradamus' predictions and how looking at the Bible may be telling us about our future and what's to come.
Tonight we discuss the rumors about Dr. Anthony Fauci and is there any truth behind them. Does he know more than what he's leading on to believe? Will he profit from COVID-19 and the vaccine?
Where do victims of human trafficking go missing the most often. Plus, your kids may already be talking to a trafficker and you not even know.
Tonight we discuss Arlis Perry inside Memorial Church on Stanford University's campus. Was there more to it than meets the eye? Was it part of a satanic cult? Are these cult leaders living right next door?
One of the deepest shows yet; the guys discuss the CIA project: MK-Ultra. Mind control and how LSD was introduced to the the government. And could it have something to do with the Kennedy assassination? What about President H. W. Bush?
Operation Mockingbird is an alleged large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early 1950s and attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes. On this episode...we talk about it.
On this episode, Hump has a passion and fire about the government's lies and Shawn brings us down to Earth all while Rex tries and keeps everything under control...but we're in a pandemic, after all...
The Coronavirus being used as a scapegoat to go out of business? And it's asteroid time! Will it hit tonight? What will you do?
On this episode, Rex, Hump and Shawn discuss the possibility of Kim Jong-Un being dead and the "botched" surgery being done on purpose, What are all of these lights in the sky? And we dive into Skinwalker Ranch!
On this episode: Rex and David discuss the warning signs of human trafficking and how you can stop it with your children.
More and more evidence mounts as the guys discuss the different ways and theories the world will end. Will it be the virus, an asteroid or something spiritual?
We discuss the possibility of the Virology Lab in Wuhan as a possible link to the novel Coronavirus as well as the potential for the asteroid headed toward earth and more!
On this new edition to the series, Rex and David discuss how human trafficking is a real thing happening and probably in your neighborhood. How can we stop it?
On this episode we discuss the recent surge in earthquakes, the Yellowstone Caldera, UFO sightings and the Asteroids headed toward Earth all while COVID-19 is taking lives.
This episode we get, a bit scattered, but for a reason. It all comes back to the same place. Is the government hiding something bigger?
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Destroy the liberal Machine Now

San Bernardino has been the meth capital of the US since the 80's...isn't one of you a ex police officer? And you didn't know that? Lol.

Mar 22nd
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