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The official community podcast of Parker County. On every episode, we tell the story of our community by celebrating and sharing your story.
15 Episodes
Dr. Tod Farmer, president of Weatherford College, LOVES his community. He has a passion for Weatherford and Parker County, and that really came out on this episode of "The Lighter Side." He's a graduate of Weatherford High School, and he took a "twisty and turny and windy" path before finally landing his dream job at Weatherford College. #powerofcommunityLinks:Weatherford College: https://www.wc.eduWeatherford Democrat: Music:
Episode 12: Here is a fun fact about Brock baseball coach, Hart Hering. He threw out the first pitch in the history of Weatherford College Baseball. Now, he's back in Parker County leading the Brock Eagles on the diamond. On this episode of "The Lighter Side," Coach Hering talks about life after playing for Coyote Nation and he shares how his team worked through Covid-19. #powerofcommunity
Episode 11: It takes a special person to win a state championship - not to mention three state titles. That's exactly what Weatherford's Camille Fournier did. In February, she won her third consecutive state championship in wrestling. We got a chance to visit with Camille about her impressive high school career ... how Covid-19 impacted her senior year ... and what's next. #powerofcommunityWeatherford Democrat: Music:
Episode 10: So many people have been impacted by Covid-19. Students from every grade level are not immune to that impact. We wanted to see how the ripple effects impacted a high school senior in this community. We got the chance to visit with Katyln Don Carlos, a senior at Weatherford High School. She shared the emotions being felt by the Class of 2020, but she also provided some very profound perspective.Weatherford Democrat: Music:
Special Edition: On this episode of The Lighter Side, we sit down with Sean Hughes, emergency management coordinator in Parker County. We wanted to give Sean the opportunity to provide the most up-to-date information about the coronavirus, specifically in Parker County. We also wanted to give him the opportunity to stress what we can be doing as community members to get through this madness as fast as possible. (NOTE: This episode was recorded on March 30, 2020).Links and contact information:Office of Emergency Services: (817) 598-0969County COVID-19 Website: Democrat: Music:
Episode 9: Mr. Weatherford High School – Doug Jefferson – came home 27 years ago to take a job at Weatherford College. He has been climbing the ranks and positively impacting the lives of students since he stepped foot on campus. What kept him at Weatherford College for so long? He had a simple answer: "I love it!" Weatherford Democrat: Music:
Episode 8: Rhonda Lynn and Taylor Bonham both served in their respective branches of the armed forces. They are both award-winning songwriters. They are both members of the music group Proud Country. And now they both call Weatherford, Texas, home. On this powerful episode of The Lighter Side, we'll share their individual stories, and how music changed their lives. We'll also discuss how they're paying it forward. Weatherford Democrat: https://www.weatherforddemocrat.comMusic:
Episode 7: Professional barrel racer Stevi Hillman always dreamed of moving to Texas. She was born in Colorado and spent some time in Oklahoma, but she always had her sites set on the Lone Star State. Luckily for Parker County, she decided to call Weatherford home. She fell in love with the horse community and hasn't left. Weatherford Democrat: https://www.weatherforddemocrat.comMusic:
Episode 6: Coach Tim Buchanan returned to the sidelines for the Aledo football team in 2019 - and he did it in style. He led the Bearcats to their 9th state championship. The title added to his already storied tenure at Aledo High School. We wanted to share Coach Buchanan's story, which started as one of seven siblings forced to fight for anything and everything they wanted.Weatherford Democrat: https://www.weatherforddemocrat.comMusic:
Episode 5 (Part 2): We continue the incredible conversation with Phoenix Rose, the founder of Weatherford Music Academy. He explains all the amazing things he's doing in Parker County – with the help of his family, friends and colleagues. We sat down and had this conversation in of the beautiful music rooms in the new WMA building. Weatherford Music Academy: https://www.weatherfordmusicacademy.comWeatherford Democrat: https://www.weatherforddemocrat.comMusic:
Episode 5 (Part 1): Phoenix Rose has lived and worked in a lot of places across the country. Now, the founder of Weatherford Music Academy calls Parker County home, and he says it's the best place he's ever lived. This is part 1 of our sit-down conversation. Weatherford Music Academy: https://www.weatherfordmusicacademy.comWeatherford Democrat: https://www.weatherforddemocrat.comMusic:
Episode 4: After serving in the United States Air Force, Lisa Marie Graves moved to Weatherford, Texas, and started wearing a lot of hats – professional coach and business coach, just to name a few. She now calls Weatherford home, and that carries a very special meaning to her. Weatherford Democrat: https://www.weatherforddemocrat.comMusic:
Episode 3: Coach Billy Mathis is turning Weatherford Football on its head. This Parker County native is instilling a winning mentality within his players and coaches. It's a mindset that starts on the football field and carries over to life. During this Lighter Side conversation, Coach Mathis shares his inspiring story that led him to the sideline. Weatherford Democrat: https://www.weatherforddemocrat.comMusic:
Episode 2: Jennifer Shepherd got to Weatherford, Texas, as fast as she could - and the San Diego native has jumped into this community with both feet. Besides running three restaurants with her husband, Shepherd is a mom, an artist, a philanthropist and so much more. During this Lighter Side conversation, she explains how she ended up in Weatherford and why she's glad she did.Saltwater: Democrat: https://www.weatherforddemocrat.comMusic:
Episode 1: Jack Barksdale is one of the best-known guitar players on the Texas Music scene. The crazy part ... he's only 12 years old. Even though he is borderline famous, not a lot of people know that he calls Weatherford, Texas, home. If he walks down the streets of Fort Worth with his jeans tucked into his signature boots, he's probably going to be recognized. (Maybe even stopped for an autograph or selfie.) That's not the case in his hometown. But during his Lighter Side conversation, he expressed his love of Weatherford - the only home he's ever known. It's his safe place from traveling across Texas and the nation playing gigs. Jack Barksdale web site: https://www.jackbarksdale.comWeatherford Democrat: https://www.weatherforddemocrat.comMusic:
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