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Author: LaFe - InterVarsity's Latino Fellowship

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You've been entrusted with a meaningful ministry. Now what?!? Featuring long-form interviews with LaFe Leaders and friends, we dig into relevant topics for campus ministry and Latino leadership. At the intersection of Christian faith and Latino ethnic identity, God has a gift for you. // Hosted by Steve Tamayo. Theme music by Alex Waters. Brought to you by InterVarsity's Latino Fellowship (LaFe)
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This week's episode features Karen Hutchins, campus minister with InterVarsity's Latino Fellowship (LaFe) at Salem College and Wake Forest University. Karen is a first-generation Colombian and ministers at her alma mater.When Steve and Karen sat down, they discussed things that surprised Karen about her experience at Salem College and the challenges she faced navigating the ways her relationship with her family changed when she went off to college.Don't miss Karen's insights on commitment and margin!To connect with Karen online, you can find her at Karen Hutchins on Facebook or at karen.hutchins@intervarsity.orgAnd don't forget to follow @intervarsity.lafe on Instagram. We'll share quotes from the episode and great campus ministry resources there every week.
In this episode, Steve sits down with the one and only Miguel Estevez — campus minister with InterVarsity's Latino Fellowship (LaFe) and licensed therapist — to discuss what Miguel wished he knew before he went to college.Over the course of the conversation, we discuss mental health, leadership, college life, and Latinidad. Miguel share his story of life-changing encounters with Jesus and the insights he's gleaned from them.To connect with Miguel, you can email him at miguel.estevez@intervarsity.orgFollow LaFe on Instagram at @intervarsity.lafe
D.A. Horton serves as the Program Director for Intercultural Studies and Assistant Professor at California Baptist University. He is also an Associate Teaching Pastor at The Grove Community Church in Riverside, CA. He and his wife Elicia have been married for 17 years and have three children. D.A. is working on his PhD dissertation in Applied Theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He earned his B.S. in Biblical Studies at Calvary Bible College and his Master’s degree in Christian Studies from Calvary Theological Seminary. He has authored several books with his most recent, Intensional: Kingdom Ethnicity in a Divided World, published through NavPress. For links to Professor Horton's other books, click here.You can connect with Professor Horton via:Twitter: @da_hortonIG: da.hortonFacebook: da.hortonCBUNOTESWe once again name-check Juana Bordas excellent book The Power of Latino Leadership.
On this episode, Steve and Melyssa engage with questions that might have come up for listeners during this season: questions around Afrolatinidad, intersectionality, and walking with Christ in the pursuit of justice.We hope you enjoy this wide-ranging conversation!
We're all on a journey when it comes to our ethnic identity ... whether we realize it or not! In this episode, Steve sits down with Charlene Accetturo to talk about her discoveries and wrestling with her AfroLatina roots (literally).Charlene is an entrepreneur and business owner. She's Dominican and Puerto Rican. She's a worship leader and a hair stylist based in Tampa, FL.NOTESIn today's episode, Charlene and Steve reference Sandra Maria van Opstal's book The Next Worship and its 3 part model: hospitality, mutuality, and solidarity.Charlene is available on Facebook if you want to reach out.
In The Future is Mestizo, Fr. Virgilio Elizondo says: "The mestizo affirms both the identities received while offering something new to both." As we continue to explore Afrolatinidad, we brought in an expert on mixed ethnic identity to help us better understand the experiences and gifts of those in our community who come from mixed heritage.Chandra Crane is an author, speaker, and resource specialist. In this interview, she and Steve discuss the census, what it's like to grow up mixed, what God and the Bible have to say to mixed people, and how we can take next steps in exploring our ethnic identities.Chandra is also the author of the book Mixed Blessing, being released on December 15th from InterVarsity Press.NOTESSteve mentions The Future is Mestizo by Fr. Virgilio Elizondo. This is a groundbreaking book on Latino ethnic identity and Hispanic theology.The book Check All That Apply by Sundee Tucker Frazier has been a crucial exploration on mixed ethnic identity from a Christian perspective. Although the book is out of print, used copies can be found online.Chandra's book Mixed Blessing is available for pre-order and will be released on December 15th. You can find it here: For a discount on the book, use offer code: OFFER21W.To connect with Chandra directly, you can find her at She's available on Facebook at and on Instagram and Twitter as @chandralcrane.
How does Afro-Latina ethnic identity shape political activism? Join us for this conversation with Jennifer Garrett, former LaFe Staff who is a Dominican activist and serves as the Director of Communications and Coaching with the St. Pete Underground.NOTESJennifer referred to the book Black Behind the Ears ( also talked about Raise Your Voice by Kathy Khang ( can reach Jennifer on Instagram at @afrolatinalife or via email at jen[dot]garrett1218[at]gmail[dot]com.
In this interview, Steve and Maritza discuss Afro-Latino identity. Maritza shares her experience learning to love the image she sees in the mirror, the person God made. They also discuss intersectionality, worship, and advocacy.
In this cultural moment, America's experiencing a much-needed racial reckoning. We're crying out and working for justice for black men and women. And "they are us." The Latino community carries a remarkable diversity - ethnic, cultural, and racial. Some of us look brown, others white, others black. And if we look deep enough into our Latino heritage, we find African roots.This interview features Melyssa Cordero, LaFe Director of Collaboration. Melyssa has extensive ministry experience - campus ministry, worship leading, and church leadership. She's a proud Afro-Boriqueña.NOTESMelyssa mentions the PBS series "Black in Latin America" by Henry Louis Gates ( mentions "Harvest of Empire" by Juan Gonzalez ( can connect with Melyssa on Instagram at @melcordero03
S2 Bonus Episode - On Grief

S2 Bonus Episode - On Grief


In this raw cut, Steve interviews Rev. Dr. Orlando Crespo on grief. They cover a range of topics across a broad set of issue. This episode is unedited. We're planning to transcribe it, edit, and release it as an eBook.
Dig deeper into the Beloved Paradigms with Natalia Kohn Rivera, LaFe's Associate Director of Spiritual Formation. On this episode, Natalia answers questions about the paradigms - the Bridal Paradigm, the Child Paradigm, and the Friend Paradigm. She helps us see how these paradigms affect every aspect of our ministries. SHOW NOTES In this episode, Steve and Natalia talk about the book Hermanas by Kristy Garza Robinson, Natalia Kohn Rivera, Noemi Vega Quiñones. This book offers insight into leadership, intimacy with God, and the Bible from a distinctly Latina lens. To pick up a copy or check out the book, click here.Natalia also mentions the book Redeeming Love, a romantic novel exploring the story of Hosea. To pick up a copy or check out the book, click here.Steve and Natalia also talked about Natalia's prayer experience cohorts, one of the most powerful spiritual formation opportunities in LaFe. To learn more, email Natalia at
What's it look like to start to engage with the Beloved Paradigms? In this episode, we hear from Angelica Morelos - InterVarsity's Campus Staff Minister at UC Davis - and her journey to engage these paradigms. This is a fresh, honest testimony from someone right in the midst of it.SHOW NOTES In this episode, Steve mentions the book Divino Compañero: Toward a Hispanic Pentecostal Christology by Dr. Sammy Alfaro (click here to check it out).  To see / purchase the Thirsty Proxe Campaign evangelistic tool Angelica mentions, click here ( Steve also mentioned the novel I'm Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter by Erika L. Sanchez (click here to check it out). Angelica and Steve have also both participated in prayer experience cohorts with Natalia Kohn Rivera (LaFe's Associate Director of Spiritual Formation). If you're interested in joining a cohort or just want more information, email Natalia (
In John 15:15, Jesus said "I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you." In today's episode, we hear from Alyssa Read - Team Leader with InterVarsity at Chico State - on the Friend Paradigm. SHOW NOTES Alyssa refers to "Seeking God's Face" in the episode, an excellent devotional you can use to make space in your life to connect with God as a friend. Check it out! (click here).In this episode, Alyssa refers to a Global Program she's directing this summer. We'd love for you to consider participating (click here to learn more: also shares about LaFe20, a national event for Latino students and faculty coming up in December 2020. Learn more at with Alyssa at She's also available on Facebook and Instagram.
God loves us the way a perfect parent loves a child. In this episode, we hear from Molly Ramos - Regional Community College Coordinator with InterVarsity in the Greater Los Angeles Region - about this Child Paradigm. Molly shares from her experience working on community college campuses, with Latino students, and as a parent who will always love her children.SHOW NOTESTo connect with Molly Ramos or to get access to her paper "Helping Staff Thrive in an Urban Commuter Context," email her at 
God invites us to see ourselves as his beloved, to be the Bride of Christ. In this episode, we interview Ben Sosa - Associate Pastor at The Refinery Church in Fresno, CA - about the Bridal Paradigm ... how it challenges Latinos (especially Latino men) and how it can bless us in our ministry. SHOW NOTES Connect with Pastor Ben Sosa on Instagram (click here)Interested in visiting Ben's church? Learn more about Refinery Church - West McKinley in Fresno, CA (click here).
Your perspective on God and your relationships with him has a significant impact on what you do with the ministry that's been entrusted to you. Join Natalia Kohn Rivera, LaFe's Associate Director of Spiritual Formation, as we learn about the Beloved Paradigms and see how we can engage more deeply with God's great love for us. Show Notes: Natalia recently wrote Hermanas (click here to purchase) together with Kristy Garza Robinson and Noemi Vega Quiñones, an exploration of God's call to live a life of influence. The book speaks directly to a Latina audience and has also been widely received and found beneficial by the wider church. In this episode, Steve also references a great commentary on Hosea by Bo Kim and Daniel Castelo (click here to purchase).To connect with Natalia with questions, comments or for more information about the Prayer Experience Cohorts, email her at
We need healthy intimacy with Jesus in order to have a healthy ministry. This interview with Natalia Kohn Rivera (LaFe's Associate Director of Spiritual Formation) explores the challenges we face along the way. Show notes: Natalia recently wrote Hermanas (click here to purchase) together with Kristy Garza Robinson and Noemi Vega Quiñones, an exploration of God's call to live a life of influence. The book speaks directly to a Latina audience and has also been widely received and found beneficial by the wider church. To connect with Natalia, email her at
God has great reasons for creating diverse communities. In this interview with Stacy Rafferty (InterVarsity's National Director of Diversity), we dig into how our health impact our ability to fully participate in diverse communities and how inclusive teams produce healthy ministry.Show notes:Stacy references a video from Ram. Unfortunately, that video is not available at this time.Connect with Stacy via email at Or, as she mentioned in the episode, you can click here to friend her on Facebook: Stacy Rafferty.
Leading out of our strengths helps us be healthy in the midst of our ministry. In this interview, Rene Aguirre (LaFe's Senior Associate Director) shares his own experience with strengths-based leadership, as well as how this intersects with Latino ethnic identity and Christian spirituality.Show Notes:Rene mentions Gallups' CliftonStrengths profile in this episode. Click here for a link to the test: CliftonStrengths.To connect with Rene, email
Getting healthy for ministry involves more than just our bodies. In this episode, Jennifer Aguirre shares a holistic-dynamic model for health that she's crafted in her years as a licensed professional counselor.Show notes:We're going to include some details on Jennifer's model here in the show notes and are grateful to get a first look at her thinking on this. The model includes 5 categories for a holistic picture of health. Though each category is distinct, each category also has an impact on all of the others (picture a network rather than buckets).The Model: PRES2PhysicalRelationalEmotionalSpiritualSimplify / Serve (depending on your needs)During the episode, Jennifer mentions activities you can do to grow your health in these different areas. You can download her worksheets here: PRES2.To contact Jennifer, email
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