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Author: Ethan Canfield and Joshua Danziger

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Two young minds set out to discuss and understand our ever-evolving world and what it means to be America's youth in the 21st century.
57 Episodes
$1400 Stimulus Checks

$1400 Stimulus Checks


In this week's episode, we discuss the new $1.9 trillion stimulus package that is currently in the senate. The bill was previously passed by the House and will most likely be passed by the senate. Listen to learn who is eligible for the stimulus checks and what the rest of the package is used for. Find more of us at http://theyoungperspective.netInstagram: the_young_perspectiveEmail:
Because we had tons of homework this week we took it easy and did an episode about philosophy. We asked each other philosophical questions about life, nuclear weapons, and then the conversation flowed towards American Power projection. Find more of us at http://theyoungperspective.netInstagram: the_young_perspectiveEmail:
In this week's episode, we discuss the power outages in Texas after a winter storm hit the state. The usually hot state was not prepared for the snow and ice storm, leaving millions without power, heat, and clean water for multiple days. Listen to hear how this crisis occurred. 
Today we examine America's most leftward fringe and their recent activity. Antifa was popularized during the Trump Presidency but doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. Find more of us at http://theyoungperspective.netInstagram: the_young_perspectiveEmail: 
In this week's episode, we discuss one of the extreme parts of the Republican Party: QAnon. This is the first episode of a two-part series where we dissect the extremes of the two main parties in the U.S. Listen to learn about the rise of QAnon and what it truly is. 
This week was a crazy one for the stock market! Gamestop and AMC specifically saw crazy gains! It is all because of a Reddit page for of inexperienced investors called WallStreetBets.Find more of us at http://theyoungperspective.netInstagram: the_young_perspectiveEmail: 
In this week's episode, we discuss Biden's actions during his first few days in office. We also predict what he will focus on during his next four years as President of the United States of America. 
Today we discuss Trump's ban from the top social media platforms as a result of last weeks capitol riots. He was banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and more in the span of a couple days. What does this mean for freedom of speech? What does this mean for his supporters? Find more of us at http://theyoungperspective.netInstagram: the_young_perspectiveEmail: 
In this week's episode, we discuss the recent Russian hacks of 18,000 US companies and federal agencies. This is the largest and most severe string of Russian hacks in recent history. Listen to hear how this happened and what will be the repercussions. 
Today we discuss the Georgia Runoff Elections which will take place on Tuesday, January 5th. The results will shape how much the Biden Administration is able to get done in the next two years. We also discuss the severity of the situation for the Democrats with Democratic campaign worker, Ben Kanter. Find more of us at http://theyoungperspective.netEmail: ejtheyoungperspective@gmail.comInstagram: the_young_perspective 
In this week's episode, we discuss cancel culture and its effects. This is a complicated issue that we break down and discuss the pros and cons of each side.  
Gene editing is a controversial topic after in 2018, a Chinese doctor edited the HIV susceptible gene in twins. The technology is promising in eliminating disease but how far should it go? Should we be able to edit features like skin color or personality? Find out in this weeks episode. Our website is Find us on instagram at the_young_perspectiveEmail us at
Covid-19 Vaccine

Covid-19 Vaccine


In this week's episode, we discuss Pfizer's new vaccine and some of its most important questions. How does the vaccine work and is it safe?Who will get the vaccine?When will we able to get the vaccine?
Today we speak about last weeks assassination of the head of the Iranian nuclear program, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. It is fascinating to hear the possible impications of his killing and who might have done it. Find The Young Perspective at theyoungperspective.netWe are also on instagram at the_young_perspective
In today's episode, Josh and Ethan discuss the importance of investing in the stock market when you're young. They focus on three key principles of investing: compound interest, risk, and index funds. Listen to hear why you should start investing now. 
Today we speak to Green Party Presidential Candidate, Howie Hawkins, about the challenges third party candidates face in their election campaigns. Find The Young Perspective at theyoungperspective.netOur Instagram is the_young_perspectiveContact us at
Today we discuss the benefits and downfalls of partisan and nonpartisan news organizations with youth journalist Gabe Fleisher. Gabe authors a daily political newsletter called Wake up To Politics that he sends to 50,000 people. He speaks about how he remains nonpartisan in an environment teeming with partisan antagonism.  Find Gabe's newsletter at wakeuptopolitics.comFind us at theyoungperspective.netOur Instagram is the_young_perspectiveEmail us at
Policy Showdown

Policy Showdown


In this episode, we break down President Trump and Vice President Biden's stance on some of America's most important issues: healthcare, the economy, climate change, and foreign policy. This is the Policy Showdown. 
In this episode, we discuss social media. Josh thinks that the benefits of social media outweigh the negatives, but Ethan disagrees. Listen to hear the pros and cons of this explosive industry.
Today we speak with the founder and president of Youth In Politics, Zubair Hussein. His organization strives to increase youth involvement in their nations political situations. .Find Zubair Hussein at The Young Perspective at .Find us on Instagram at the_young_perspective.Contact us at
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