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Wake Up, Wise Up, Step Up Podcast

Author: Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP

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How to make integrity profitable, leaders elevated, collaborators productive, happiness sustainable, and society healthy.
6 Episodes
While debates are underway about how coronavirus (technically known as Covid-19) developed, and what public policy in dealing with it ought to be, each of us has a personal responsibility to develop our own empowerment plan for dealing with it. In this podcast episode, Dr. Gruder shares his personal Coronavirus Empowerment Plan as a possible starting place for developing your own custom plan. This episode combines personal perspective, self-disclosure and consumer education. It is NOT medical advice. Create your own plan with input from your trusted medical professionals.
In this episode I interviewed Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and gifted healer Laurie Morse on one of her numerous specialties: guiding women in navigating their menopause journey and preventing or reversing Heart Disease, so they can enjoy vibrant health throughout their second half life. Laurie's latest book, Reverse Heart Disease Naturally ~ The Woman's Guide to Not Die before Your Time, was an instant Amazon bestseller. She also provides 2 great gifts at the end of the episode, which you can access via
In the 2020s, Propaganda-Proofing yourself has unfortunately become an essential self-development skill for citizens, influencers, and leaders. As you discovered in Episode 3 of this podcast, this starts with aligning yourself with FREEsponsibility and the Five Great Truths of Thriving Societies. Episode 4 builds on this by exposing the anatomy of propaganda more fully than you’ve ever heard, so you can free yourself from today’s relentless mindjacking attempts far more effectively than you’ve ever known how to do. More on Propaganda: Watch the video of Dr. Gruder’s TEDx talk on the hidden dynamics of propaganda — The Hijacking off the American Dream — on the home page. This adds more depth to what is covered in this Wake Up, Wise Up, Step Up podcast episode. Then explore the website to learn more about how you can break free from the hijacking of health, prosperity, problem-solving, and patriotism. More on FREEsponsibility & the 5 Great Truths of Thriving Societies: Access the FREEsponsibility MasterClass and InfoSource at It takes you on a deep dive into what you discovered (or will discover) about this by listening to Episode 3 of the Wake Up, Wise Up, Step Up podcast. More on Successful Self-Development: Access a free masterclass on what went wrong in the human potential movement and how to take charge of your self-development during the 2020s decade like never before at It builds on what you discovered (or will discover) about this by listening to Episode 2 of the Wake Up, Wise Up, Step Up podcast.
In this episode, you'll Wake Up to 3 Big Lies that are destroying society and governance, you'll Wise Up to 5 Great Truths that are the guiding principles that can repair society and politics, and you'll Step Up into FREEsponsibility — a post-partisan common-sense framework that integrates personal freedom & social responsibility so you can boost your effectiveness in helping to repair society in your own unique ways.
In this second episode of the "Wake Up, Wise Up, Step Up" Podcast, Dr. Gruder challenges the status quo of the human potential movement. We need to radically revision self-development in the 2020s decade so we’re better equipped to rise above the societal and political craziness, and become more fully authentic, happy, healthy, & empowered as individuals, and more effectively integrious, collaborative, & impactful as citizens. In this Wake Up, Wise Up, Step Up podcast episode, Dr. Gruder unveils a powerful strategic framework to help this happen. You'll find the free resource Dr. Gruder mentions toward the end of this episode at Discover where Dr. Gruder stands on the issues he is missioned with addressing at
This premiere episode of Dr. Gruder's "Wake Up, Wise Up, Step Up" Podcast is on how society got off track and how we can get back on track during the 2020s decade. This podcast is for passionately committed citizens, leaders, changemakers, executives, entrepreneurs, and helping professionals, who are dedicated to lovingly living your authentic purpose without sacrificing your personal wellbeing, cherished relationships, financial enoughness, social responsibility, or connection with Source.
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